Muhammad Ali fights Trevor Berbick (left) at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre. Berwick defeated Ali in ten rounds by unanimous decision and was Ali's last professional fight.

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'What Really Happened?' Podcast: Did Muhammad Ali Stage His 1981 Heroics?

October 25, 2017

Was Michael Jordan forced out of basketball? How did the life of pop star Britney Spears so quickly turn into a train wreck in 2007? Did Muhammad Ali really save a man from committing suicide?

Each episode of this riveting new podcast investigates a moment in pop culture history that we think we knew the truth about. This first episode is all about the time Muhammad Ali saved a man from jumping off a building 1981. But… there are theories that the entire thing was staged by Ali. 

  • One theory is that he staged it to break into news coverage of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration because years earlier Reagan had not allowed Ali to flight in California after Ali refused to serve in the Vietnam War.
  • One theory is that he did it to make a statement about the Vietnam War because the would-be jumper was a war Vet.
  • One theory is that he staged it to prove to everyone that he still had the ability to box, and was still “The Greatest” (he had recently appeared on TV showing signs of slurred speech).

So, was Muhammad Ali a hero, or was the whole thing a hoax? Find out in the first episode of the “What Really Happened?” podcast with Andrew Jenks, executive produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, available now on apple podcasts or wherever you listen.