Why Is Tinder Sending This Couple to Hawaii for Their First Date?

By: Sean Mack

July 14, 2017

Here's the story of Josh and Michelle, and this story is "so 2017!"

Josh and Michelle matched on Tinder, where they began the process of messaging each other in the hopes of going on an actual face-to-face date at some point.

That was one year ago.  They have yet to meet.

Recently, Josh tweeted pictures of all the excuses the two gave each other over the months...which included such excuses as midterm exams and...uh...President's Day? Of course, they were kidding hilariously throughout the thread. Pay attention to the dates in their messages: 

Well, the fine folks at Twitter found out about their story. So they offered to send the couple ANYWHERE in the world if they would agree to actually go on a date. They were given 24 hours to decide the location for their date.

After some consideration, the couple settled on a trip to Hawaii. So... off to Hawaii they go so they can finally meet!

Welcome to dating in 2017, folks.