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North Carolina Is One of the Smartest States

North Carolina is one of the smartest, but what state was the smartest?
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Ramona & Wheezy's Caregiving Special Is Airing on PBS

WTVI did a feature on Ramona and Wheezy about caring for an aging parent, and they'll be airing that episode tonight. Ramona's slightly embarrassed because her shirt had a stain on it during some of the interviews, and Matt called the boss a bad name right to his face!
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The Local Link: Eye On Tryon Is Back For Another Spin

It's back and you can take a spin!
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Suggested Gifts For Santa's Link To Kids

Below are some suggested items for different age groups. If you want specific item sizes feel free to reach out to for further assistance. All donations will benefit Kids First Of the Carolinas . You can drop off toys or monetary donations at our drop off parties on...
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Billy Joel sits at a piano that was dedicated to him during an event at a press conference honoring his 100th Lifetime Performance at Madison Square Garden on July 18, 2018 in New York City.

Billy Joel Performing at BOA Stadium in April

Bank of America Stadium is going to host many concerts in the future. The first one of this new era, Billy Joel in April!
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The Friendliest And Unfriendliest States in America

If you are planning to do some traveling in the future and want to take a trip to a place where people are friendly, I have a list for you. On the other hand, if you're looking to avoid rude people, I also have a list. What do you think the friendliest states are in the U.S? I would have guessed...
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Charlotte Has Some of the Cleanest Hotel Rooms In the U.S.

This is a nice change. I feel as of I am always writing about how dirty things are in hotel rooms and where the most bacteria lurks. Finally I am giving you some good news about hotel rooms in our very own city of Charlotte . They made the list of the cleanest hotel rooms in the U.S for 2019! We...
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Polite Drivers Are Causing Traffic Snarls

I would like to consider myself a pretty polite driver. When traffic is backing up and someone is trying to get onto the highway from the on ramp, I let a car get in in front of me. But isn't that what you're supposed to do? There are times when I straight up will not let a person merge in. I drive...
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The Bachelor Just Launched A Live Stage Show

Did you watch last night's Bachelorette ? It was the Men Tell All Special and there were quite a few awkward moments for Hannah B. Last week, Luke P. was sent home after he slut shamed Hannah for sleeping with another contestant in the windmill. If you thought he was gone, well you were wrong...
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Warning: Water Bottles Can Start Fires If Left In Your Cars

There are a lot of different warnings and tips going around because of the extremely hot temperatures most of the Eastern portion of the U.S. is experiencing. While you need to watch out for yourself, kids, family members, and pets you also need to be careful about what you leave in your car. If...
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