Finger pushing heart icon on screen in smartphone application

Dating App Obsession Is Distracting Us At Work

Is looking for love distracting you from your work, family, and friends?
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Bandy's Online Dating Love Story

Online dating can be hit or miss, but did you know our own Brent "Bandy Boo" O'Brien met his wife online? With Facebook offering its own dating app, Bandy's wife called in to talk about how the two fell in love.
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Couple of young people drinking coffee and eating cake

Just How Much Do You Spend On Dating In Your Lifetime?

And if you think you'll spend less on dating once you settle down, you're wrong.
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Sexting button on laptop

Google Docs Is Being Used For Sexting

Because sending dirty messages via text is so last year!
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The Ball Is In Your Court, Ramona

Ramona has another weird encounter while trying to date, but it turns out she's the one being the weirdo this time.
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Do You Trust Facebook With Your Dating Life?

Not satisfied with connecting you with friends, now Facebook wants to hook you up with a romantic partner too. The social media platform has announced it’s finally ready to launch its matchmaking service, Dating, in the United States, according to CNN . The news comes over a year after the tech...
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Women Are Really Good At Remembering Event Details

When it comes to the details of an event, women remember things better than men according to a study!
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This Is How Much the Average Date Costs in the Carolinas

Dinner, drinks, and a movie can add up quickly!
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Unrecognizable sad woman holding torn picture of couple in love.

Why Do Divorce Rates Go Up At the End of Summer?

The end of Summer is the end for many marriages.
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Photo of plastic bride and groom torn in half.

Divorce Rate Is Dropping Because People Aren't Getting Married

Yes, less people are getting divorced, but there's a catch!
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