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matt harris cookie shop

Matt's Workin' At The Cookie Shop

If this radio thing doesn't work out, Matt's probably getting into the cookie industry.
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matt harris whole 30

Can Matt Just Get A Sandwich?

Matt is not a fan of this new diet life...
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wheezy pumpkin

Let Wheezy Eat The Pumpkin!

Wheezy's got a weird craving for lunch...
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amy harris chips

Amy's Stealing The Chips

Amy joins the show to share her awkward shopping story involving almost stealing A LOT of chips.
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mason jar shortage

Save The Mason Jars

The pandemic is really hurting the nation's mason jar supply!
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matt and ramona favorite pizza

What Are Your Favorite Pizza Toppings?

What are your go-to toppings for the world's best food?
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ramona potluck

Not A Fan Of The Potluck...

There's some foods that you just shouldn't bring to a potluck!
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matt cooking on grill

GrillMaster Matt

Matt tried to play off that he didn't know how to work a charcoal grill.
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matt harris pizza night

Pizza Night At Matt's House

When it comes to pizza night, Matt's gonna do whatever he can to make sure he gets more than one slice!
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ramona holloway lactose intolerant

Ramona's Giving Up Cheese For Lent

Ramona loves cheese, but it doesn't love her...will she be able to give it up completely for Lent?
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