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 matt harris cooking

Cooking Is Hard For Matt

There's a lot of things that stress out Matt, but one of the biggest challenges of being a parent is coming up with things to cook for the kids that isn't just hot dogs or chicken nuggets.
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matt & ramona thanksgiving

Matt & Ramona's Thanksgiving Show

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In this episode we're talking all turkey day, all the time (with a little Black Friday sprinkled in). We discuss the best and worst foods, how to handle the stress of the holiday and more!
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Are Goldfish Crackers Just For Kids?

If you hang around Ramona enough, you'll know that Goldfish are easily one of her favorite snacks...but Matt's convinced that only kids should eat them!
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Why Won't Bandy Invite Us To Lunch?

Bandy's as antisocial as they come, and we found out he invited an acquaintance to have lunch. He's never once invited us to lunch...what's up with that?!?
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Ramona's Way Too Obsessed With Gum

Ramona loves chewing gum so much that we get it for her as a birthday gift every year. But sometimes she takes her gum obsession a little too far, from stealing other people's gum (sorry Max) to paying way too much for gum from the vending machine!
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Foodies Will Be In Paradise at Sandals Royal Bahamian!

Kelly caught up with Paul Bauer, Group Manager for Food and Beverage Standards, at Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort. Here at Sandals you can vacation in Luxary with 5 Star dining from all over the world. Find out how you can get in to win here .
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Ranking The Pieces Of Fried Chicken

Leg? Thigh? Breast? Which piece of fried chicken are you going for first? Ramona also shares how bad luck hit her and Wheezy on their trip to Ohio.
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Who Hates Pretzels?

This is some very shocking news that we've discovered...Bandy isn't a fan of pretzels. As a matter of fact, he absolutely hates him. Is he the only pretzel-hating monster out there?
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Ramona's A Quesadilla Diva

None of was want to be associated with Ramona after she had an embarrassing diva moment at a restaurant involving her quesadilla...
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Stop Fridge Shaming Ramona!

Ramona's getting tired of y'all commenting on what's in her fridge...let her enjoy her shelves full of nothing bug condiments, bottled water and Memaw's chicken salad in peace!
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