Model with light nude make-up, white background.

People Are Going To Surgeons to Fix Their RBF

You don't have to live with that RBF after all!
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Person holding their stomach

An Empty Stomach Leads to Bad Decisions

What do hunger and bad decisions have in common?
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Why Taking a Nap Could Save Your Life

A midday snooze may just be what the doctored ordered. A new study has found that people that nap once or twice a week could lower their risk of having a heart attack or stroke, reported the New York Post. People who nap regularly may be less likely to suffer a heart attack
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Woman puckering her lips.

Dangerous TikTok Challenge Involves Glue & Your Lips

If you thought the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was bad, just wait!
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Woman cuddled up in bed with dog

Can Your Dog Help You Get Better Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping? Your dog can help you.
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Business woman napping at desk.

Take A Nap at Work! Science Says It's Good For You!

Taking one to two naps a day can decrease your chances of heart problems!
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Young woman hang up hand weights.

"Gymtimidation" Keeps Women Out of the Gym

If you've avoided exercise for fear of being judged, you are suffering from "gymtimidation."
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eating lo mein out of chinese take out box wih chopsticks

How Long Are Leftovers Safe to Eat?

What foods last longer than others when kept in the fridge?
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Group of friends are enjoying a meal together.

5 Activities That Will Make You Feel Younger

There are a million and one thing to help us look younger, these activities can help us feel younger.
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A tired young woman is having a cup of tea and is resting her head on a table

Would You Give Up Some of Your Salary For Better Sleep?

Are you so sleep deprived that you'd give up some of your salary for a better night's rest?
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