Woman looking confused in a winter jacket on a couch.

Are You Washing Your Winter Clothes Enough?

When is the last time you washed your winter jacket and other items?
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Women meditating during yoga class.

How Much Physical Activity Do You Need to Prevent Depression?

We know that exertcise is good for our body, but it's also good for our mind as well.
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Is Your Doctor A Psychopath?

Research shows that psychopaths might make the best other words, the four of us on the show will be getting our medical degrees very soon!
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Little boy playing while dad looks on

How Many Calories Does Being A Parent Burn?

Being a parent is hard, but there's a payoff in the form of burning more calories.
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Photo of plate of turkey and all the fixings for Thanksgiving.

Just How Many Calories Do Most People Eat on Thanksgiving?

Break out those stretchy pants because you'll need them on Thanksgiving!
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Person holding drink by plane window

3 Drinks to Avoid on A Plane

Before you board your next flught, you'll want to read this!
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Matt's Feet Are Kinda Nasty

Matt usually has a lot of issues going on from the waist down, but today he decided to take off his shoes in the studio. Keep your feet to yourself man!
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Tired woman pouring coffee on counter

5 Ways to Fight Daylight Saving's Sleepiness

If you are struggling these tips will help you.
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Woman holding alarm clock with surprised look on her face.

Late People Are Healthier and Happier

The early bird may get the worm, but they aren't happier or healthier than those who are late according to a new study.
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We Can't Control Our Nose Hair

Matt can't control his nose hair, and Doc reveals that he's finally joined the nose hair club!
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