The Reason Why Chocolate Is so Addicting

Having a craving for chocolate is common, but can you be addicted to it? There’s a reason why people crave chocolate so often. Read more on why chocolate is so addicting for you.
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matt tissues and handkerchief

Matt's Got A Pocket Full Of Tissues

Apparently Matt's too lazy to throw his tissues in the trash, so he's been carrying them around in his pocket!
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Drew Barrymore Reveals She 'Cried' During Her Weight Loss Journey in Before-and-After Post

Drew Barrymore is getting honest about her body on social media. The actress revealed that it took her ‘45 years’ to get to a place where she’s comfortable in her own skin following the birth of her two children. See her post.
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Salma Hayek Responds to Fan Accusing Her of Having 'Too Much Botox'

Salma Hayek is clapping back to a fan, in a nice way. The actress just responded to a fan accusing her of having ‘too much botox.’ Here is what Hayek said.
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how to clean boogers off the wall

Keep Your Boogers Off The Wall

How dirty are your coworkers? Matt & Ramona can't believe an office had to tell its ADULT employees to not wipe their boogers on the walls!
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Why Some Married Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds

For many people who are married, going to bed means sharing a bed with your spouse. In a different case, experts have reported that some couples would prefer separate beds to get better sleep and help marital problems. According to 2017 National Sleep Foundation survey, almost one in four married...
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ramona's eyebrows need work

Ramona's Eyebrows Need A Little Work

Apparently Ramona's gotta get her eyebrow game up! Listen to the Matt & Ramona podcast to hear her rant about "Eyebrowgate!"
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leg cramps

Leg Cramps Are The Worst

Ever dealt with leg cramps? Listen Matt and Bandy discuss their disdain for the legendary "Charley horse" on the podcast!
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top 10 daily stressors

We're Too Stressed To Be Blessed

How stressed out are you? Matt & Ramona talk about the top 10 daily stressors that impact everyone's lives.
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ramona's got the crud

Ramona's Got The Crud!

Doc got sick and then passed it onto Ramona's sick and she's not happy! Listen to her vent in this episode of Matt & Ramona's podcast!
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