Holiday Shopping

National Retail Federation says start your holiday shopping now

Believe it or not, Christmas is less than eight weeks away. And now that we’re in November, the focus starts turning to holiday shopping and doing it in a pandemic.
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ramona skinny christmas tree

Ramona's Sad Little Christmas Tree

Move over Charlie Brown, Ramona got herself a Christmas tree that looks so puny even Lucy thinks she's a blockhead!
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Rob Thomas

Throwback Christmas Song: Bebe Winans & Rob Thomas Perform My Christmas Prayer

As you know we've got our Deck The Hall Ball with Rob Thomas coming up soon, just to get you in the holiday mood check out this performance from 2015 of Bebe Winans & Rob Thomas performing My Christmas Prayer! Video of My Christmas Prayer - BeBe Winans You can get your tickets to the Deck The...
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What Are Your Easter Plans This Year?

While the first things that might come to mind when you think about Easter are church and/or easter candy, this holiday is a money maker. The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $18 BILLION in 2019. Here’s the breakdown: Food: $5.74 billion Clothing: $3.27 billion Gifts: $2.87...
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Little Boy Writes Not-So-Nice Letter to Santa

I remember writing a letter to Santa Claus every year as a child to tell him what a good girl I have been and what I'd like him to bring me. I was one of those kids with the insanely long Holiday wish list. But I'd like to think that Santa thought I was one of the most helpful letter writers...
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Little Girl Goes Unconventional with Santa Request

What's the oddest thing you or your child has ever asked Santa to bring for Christmas ? Video of A Christmas Story-Evil Santa I was a spoiled little princess so I can only imagine the insane, over-the-top requests I had for that Jolly man. I think one year I asked for a horse which seems practical...
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5 Cyber Monday Fun Facts

I'm not going to tell your boss if you're currently cruising online for all the Cyber Monday deals when you're supposed to be working. I would guess that I too will be looking for some vast savings too later this afternoon. Here are a few fun facts about Cyber Monday you may not know. 1. Cyber...
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3 Crazy Things on Gwyneth's Goop Gift Guide 2017

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to once again outdo herself. She's known for saying some pretty absurd things in the past. And she's also known for endorsing and promoting some pretty extravagantly ridiculous items too. Her lifestyle website, , finds itself in the news at least a few times a...
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The 5 Most Dangerous Toys for 2017

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you're buying toys for a child, you may want to consider this list before starting. Every year a group called WATCH, World Against Toys Causing Harm comes out with a list of the most dangerous toys for the Holiday season. Some of these toys also...
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Man Has Been In Best Buy Black Friday Line For A Week

We are just over a week away from Black Friday because it begins Thursday for many retail locations. The Black Friday deals are rolling out already so shoppers can prepare a plan of attack well ahead of the store's opening. Some retailers are even offering the deals early online to entice consumers...
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