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real vs fake christmas tree

Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree: Which One Is Better?

Matt and Ramona debate one of the most important Christmas traditions.
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Matt & Ramona With Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas Talks about Favorite Holiday Movies, Music and More

Matt & Ramona sat down with Rob Thomas before his show at the 107.9 the Link Deck the Hall Ball! Rob got into the holiday spirit with us and talked about his favorite movies, love and creating music.
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Rob Thomas

Throwback Christmas Song: Bebe Winans & Rob Thomas Perform My Christmas Prayer

As you know we've got our Deck The Hall Ball with Rob Thomas coming up soon, just to get you in the holiday mood check out this performance from 2015 of Bebe Winans & Rob Thomas performing My Christmas Prayer! Video of My Christmas Prayer - BeBe Winans You can get your tickets to the Deck The...
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When to Get the Best Deal on a Christmas Tree

Can you believe Christmas is just ONE MONTH AWAY?! Did you get your tree yet? Usually, it pays to be early, but in this case, getting your tree on the later side will save you big bucks. You might think that Black Friday would be a great time to pick up your evergreen, but it's actually when you'll...
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matt & ramona thanksgiving

Matt & Ramona's Thanksgiving Show

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In this episode we're talking all turkey day, all the time (with a little Black Friday sprinkled in). We discuss the best and worst foods, how to handle the stress of the holiday and more!
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Bandy's Christmas Tree Is Already Up

Bandy is usually a Grinch when it comes to everything, but this year he's jumped on the bandwagon and put up his Christmas tree well before Thanksgiving!
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Ramona's Afraid Of Pumpkin Guts

Just when you thought Ramona's fear of everything on the planet could get any weirder...she tries to explain why pumpkin guts freak her out!
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What Are Your Easter Plans This Year?

While the first things that might come to mind when you think about Easter are church and/or easter candy, this holiday is a money maker. The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $18 BILLION in 2019. Here’s the breakdown: Food: $5.74 billion Clothing: $3.27 billion Gifts: $2.87...
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The 5 Worst Easter Candies

Did you know that Americans spend as much as or more on Easter candy than they do Halloween? The National Retail Federation says we’ll be spending $2.49 billion on Easter candy in 2019. Not all candy is equal author at looked to rank the WORST Easter candies. Here’s are...
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Ways To Prevent A Hangover This Holiday Season

So many holiday parties and so little time. And with all these holiday parties and gatherings more often than not there's alcoholic beverages involved. And if you're really going to over indulge you know the next morning you may have to deal with a dreaded hangover. Hangovers are no fun! But this...
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