Holidays Joyfully brought to you by Christmas at the Billy Graham Library

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Matt & Ramona With Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas Talks about Favorite Holiday Movies, Music and More

Matt & Ramona sat down with Rob Thomas before his show at the 107.9 the Link Deck the Hall Ball! Rob got into the holiday spirit with us and talked about his favorite movies, love and creating music.
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2020 New Year Resolution

10 Tips for New Year's Resolution Success

Soon we will kick off a new year and a new decade!
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girls open gift box at home feeling displeased

5 Stores With the Best Return Policies

Didn't get that sweater in the right size or color?
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Gadget detox concept

Do You Want A Digital Detox for the Holidays?

Parents really want a digital detox according to a new study.
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Hungover man with coffee

7 Tips for Preventing a Holiday Hangover

You can anjoy some drinks, but if you want to avoid a horrible holiday hangover check out these tips!
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man using a megaphone to scold his girlfriend in christmas day

Average Person Gets Into 12 Arguments During the Holidays

More stress means more arguments!
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Santa shocked looking at computer

5 Things That Tend to be Overpriced During the Holidays

You think you're saving, but you're not!
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Santa on the floor covered in gifts

Are These 5 Things Stressing You this Holiday Season?

The stress is real this time of year!
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robotic vacuum cleaner with red ribbon and bow.

What Are "Take the Hint" Holiday Gifts?

I've never heard of this term, but I think most of us have given one or even received one in the past.
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Man asleep in chair after eating holiday meal

We Spend 9 Days In A Food Coma Per Year, Study

Tis the season for a good food coma!
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