family enjoying their holiday time together, decorating Christmas tree

Is November 1st Too Soon to Decorate For Christmas?

Some people think holiday decorations can go up once it hits November!
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A sign marks the location of a Costco store on December 12, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

The Growing List of Stores Closed For Thanksgiving

These stores won't start their Black Friday sales until it's actually Black Friday!
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Ramona's Afraid Of Pumpkin Guts

Just when you thought Ramona's fear of everything on the planet could get any weirder...she tries to explain why pumpkin guts freak her out!
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shopping trolley with a number of toys

These Are The 20 Toys Kids Want Most This Christmas

You may want to grab these toys before they sell out this Holiday season.
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Putting Up Your Christmas Tree Early Can Make You Happier

The kids aren't even back to school yet. The NFL football season has yet to begin officially. Oh, and Starbucks hasn't even released their Pumpkin Spice Latte yet so why are we talking about Christmas? I don't even know what I am going to dress up as for Halloween yet. It's still 96 degrees during...
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A Quarter of People Start This In August?

The kids haven't even gone back to school yet! The NFL 's season hasn't official begun. And pumpkin spice lattes aren't available just yet at Starbucks . After all, it's still Summer. But according to a new survey, 1 out of 4 adults are already thinking about the holidays. And I'm not talking about...
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What Are Your Easter Plans This Year?

While the first things that might come to mind when you think about Easter are church and/or easter candy, this holiday is a money maker. The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $18 BILLION in 2019. Here’s the breakdown: Food: $5.74 billion Clothing: $3.27 billion Gifts: $2.87...
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The 5 Worst Easter Candies

Did you know that Americans spend as much as or more on Easter candy than they do Halloween? The National Retail Federation says we’ll be spending $2.49 billion on Easter candy in 2019. Not all candy is equal author at looked to rank the WORST Easter candies. Here’s are...
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Holiday Leftovers That Are Not Safe For Pets

Is your fridge full of all of the Holiday leftovers from your Christmas dinner? It's a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with all of them. Your pets may be looking at you with those big eyes begging for a taste of that Holiday food, but some of it can be very dangerous for them. So...
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10 Success Tips for Your 2019 Resolutions

Did you know that a quarter of people will fail or give up entirely on their New Year's Resolution after only the first week? Is it a lack of willpower to stick to a diet? Or maybe we are setting the bar too high? Here are some tips on how to successfully stick to your resolution this year! I read...
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