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funeral etiquette

How To Not Be A Jerk At A Funeral

It's kind of hard to rest in peace when people are being rude at a funeral! We go over the proper etiquette tips to make sure folks are paying their respects the right way.
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doc's wallet, 107.9 The Link

Doc's Wallet Is Still Too Thick

Matt's stunned that Doc carries around a wallet that has way too much stuff in it...will Matt be able to shame Doc into finally cleaning it out?
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matt's the creepy neightbor

Matt's The Creepy Neighbor

If you're Matt's neighbor, watch out!! You just might find him creepin' around outside by your bushes...
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Woman dressed up and feeling lucky

Eat These Foods If You Want to Be Lucky in 2020

What's your lucky food on New Year's Day?
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Woman eating lunch at her desk at work.

Could Your Job Be Making You Gain Weight?

You may be doing everything right, but your job could be hindering your progress.
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2020 New Year Resolution

10 Tips for New Year's Resolution Success

Soon we will kick off a new year and a new decade!
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girls open gift box at home feeling displeased

5 Stores With the Best Return Policies

Didn't get that sweater in the right size or color?
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Gadget detox concept

Do You Want A Digital Detox for the Holidays?

Parents really want a digital detox according to a new study.
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Hungover man with coffee

7 Tips for Preventing a Holiday Hangover

You can anjoy some drinks, but if you want to avoid a horrible holiday hangover check out these tips!
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man using a megaphone to scold his girlfriend in christmas day

Average Person Gets Into 12 Arguments During the Holidays

More stress means more arguments!
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