Human Interest

how smelly are Ramona's feet?

How Smelly Are Ramona's Feet?

Matt doesn't believe that Ramona's feet don't ever sweat...let's hope he doesn't ask for proof!
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your epic freakout matt & ramona

Your Epic Freakout

If you've ever lost your cool, this Matt & Ramona podcast is for you!
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ramona grandfather

Ramona's Hot For Grandpops

Ramona saw some pictures of Doc's grandfather as a younger man and boy is she in love now!
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matt got in the wrong car

Matt Got In The Wrong Car!

Matt must've zoned out again because he found himself face to face with someone while trying to get into their car!
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bandy's back is whack

Bandy's Back Is Whack

Bandy explains why he's been missing from the show for a while...his soul isn't the only thing that's old!
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matt can't stop calling strangers

Matt Can't Stop Calling Strangers

Matt can't help but keep calling a random stranger...listen to find out more about the latest Matt & Ramona mystery!
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what kind of thief are you?

What Kind Of Thief Are You?

We're on the hunt to find out just how much people are willing to steal with a "What Kind Of Thief Are You?" quiz!
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how to clean boogers off the wall

Keep Your Boogers Off The Wall

How dirty are your coworkers? Matt & Ramona can't believe an office had to tell its ADULT employees to not wipe their boogers on the walls!
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ramona group text

Don't Add Ramona To Your Group Text!

Ramona has found herself in yet another crazy group text...listen as she tries to escape the madness!
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bandy mr toothbrush

Bandy Is Mr. Toothbrush

It's safe to say Bandy is a fan of dental hygiene...not only does he get yelled at by his dentist for brushing his teeth too hard, he also has a bunch of toothbrushes stashed all around his house!
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