Intimate Issues

Happy couple after a workout together

Short Women & Tall Men Make Happiest Couples

There are so many factors that help determine if your marriage is a happy one.
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Woman looking at phone

Your Ex Might Marley You This Christmas

What in the heck is "Marleying?"
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Beautiful young couple expressing their feelings on the street

How Much Does It Cost to Be In A Relationship Per Year?

Want to be in a couple, that will cost you!
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Couple fighting during a holiday meal.

Average Couple Will Fight 7 Times During the Holidays

You won't just have to worry about fighting with your family this holiday season.
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Couple having serious talk by Christmas tree.

4 Signs You're Getting Dumped for the Holidays

If you're not happy in your relationship why stay with someone for the hoplidays?
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couple sitting on the floor and quarrelling

These Are the 5 Things Couples Fight About the Most

It is completely normal to get into arguments as a couple and these are the reasons you'll likely disagree.
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young couple standing on the hill and watching fireworks

'Fireworking' Is The Latest Bad Dating Trend

There always seems to be a new bad dating trend and this is just the latest.
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Sandals, A Perfect Place for A Worry Free Honeymoon

Romance is in the air all over Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Offshore Island in Nassau, Bahamas.
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Sly boyfriend using mobile in bed

10 Ways You May Be Micro-Cheating

What's the difference between cheating and micro-cheating?
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Vintage detective looking through a magnifier

Can Snooping In Partner's Phone Fix Relationship Issues?

New research found that getting caught snooping can help your relationship!
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