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would you rather unibrow or back hair

Would You Rather Have A Unibrow Or Back Hair?

Matt & Ramona debate on which part of their awkward bodies would they rather have an unusual amount of hair!
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breakin' up on valentine's day

Breakin' Up On Valentine's Day

Ramona can't keep a man to save her life...even her insurance agent is trying to break up with her!
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ramona's eyebrows need work

Ramona's Eyebrows Need A Little Work

Apparently Ramona's gotta get her eyebrow game up! Listen to the Matt & Ramona podcast to hear her rant about "Eyebrowgate!"
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doc's wallet, 107.9 The Link

Doc's Wallet Is Still Too Thick

Matt's stunned that Doc carries around a wallet that has way too much stuff in it...will Matt be able to shame Doc into finally cleaning it out?
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ramona's 2020 new year's resolution

Ramona's New Year's Resolution

Clutter and hoarding runs in Ramona's family, so she's trying to turn over a new leaf in 2020!
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Matt Harris Charlotte Hornets

Matt Embarrassed Us At The Hornets Game

From this point on Matt's not allowed to represent the show out in public...Matt decided to be Matt at a Hornets game and now he's kicking himself!
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bandy christmas gift newsboy hat

Bandy's Early Christmas Present

Bandy's wife got him an early Christmas he feels obligated to wear it all the time!
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ramona skinny christmas tree

Ramona's Sad Little Christmas Tree

Move over Charlie Brown, Ramona got herself a Christmas tree that looks so puny even Lucy thinks she's a blockhead!
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matt harris folding t-shirt

Matt Harris, King Of Folding Shirts?

Matt has the nerve to call everyone lame, but he's spent way too much time watching videos and asking certain family members the best way to fold a shirt.
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the annual matt & ramona christmas picture

The Annual Matt & Ramona Christmas Photo

This show is notoriously awful at taking pictures, so it's crazy that we were finally able to take a decent Christmas photo for once!
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