David Beckham Reveals Why He Fell in Love With Wife Victoria in Throwback Video

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are officially the cutest celebrity couple. Victoria posted a throwback video of her and her husband to Instagram.
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Rachael Ray Shares Advice for Long-Lasting Marriage Ahead of 15th Wedding Anniversary

Rachael Ray is gearing up to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband John Cusimano. Read more to see her advice for a long-lasting marriage now.
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Harrison Ford Reveals the Secret to a Lasting Marriage

Harrison Ford and his wife Calista Flockhart will be celebrating 10 happy years of marriage together in June, and now, he’s opening up on what his secret is to a healthy marriage. See what he had to say.
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The Reason So Many Young People Are Putting Off Marriage

Why are so many young Americans putting off marriage? According to research, 37% of young adults are postponing the milestone because they’re in debt. The poll, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Laurel Road, sought to gain insight into the relationship dynamics and financial habits of 1,000...
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Man Claims He Burned $1 Million in Cash So Ex Wouldn’t Get It in Divorce

Divorce is a nasty game, and this Ottawa man had no qualms about playing a little extra dirty. While getting divorced from his wife, Bruce McConville apparently sold some properties and business behind her back. He then took the cash, totaling $1 million, and completely burned it to make sure she...
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Man Pranks Wife With Huge Tattoo of Her Snoring Face on His Thigh

A British man took a joke so far that it “crossed the line” and left him with a permanent mark. James McGraw wanted to get even with his wife Kelly for giving him a bad haircut so he decided to get a huge tattoo of her passed out and snoring on his thigh. Wife horrified after husband gets 'ugly'...
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Ramona Holloway performed marriage ceremony

Don't Get Married By Ramona

Ramona may or may not have messed up while performing a marriage ceremony...ya girl is just out here ruining relationships left and right!
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Happy couple after a workout together

Short Women & Tall Men Make Happiest Couples

There are so many factors that help determine if your marriage is a happy one.
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Beautiful young couple expressing their feelings on the street

How Much Does It Cost to Be In A Relationship Per Year?

Want to be in a couple, that will cost you!
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Men More Stressed If Wives Earn More Than 40% of Household Income: Study

Husbands feel higher levels of stress when their wives earn more than 40% of the total household income, a new study finds. A survey conducted by the University of Bath suggests that the American public perceives men in marriages as financial providers, even at a time when women’s contributions are...
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