Mental Health

Happy young woman showing drinking glass with water at home

Can Drinking More Water Make You Happier?

You may want to hit up the water cooler more after you read this!
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Mother and children are choosing dairy products in shop

Too Many Choices Causing Choice Overload

There are so many choices, but so little time.
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Person holding their stomach

An Empty Stomach Leads to Bad Decisions

What do hunger and bad decisions have in common?
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A tired young woman is having a cup of tea and is resting her head on a table

Would You Give Up Some of Your Salary For Better Sleep?

Are you so sleep deprived that you'd give up some of your salary for a better night's rest?
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various beautiful green plants in pots on white

Are House Plants the New Way to Help Anxiety & Depression?

Can keeping plants help lessen anxiety, depression, and loneliness?
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Cat People Aren't Crazy After All!

People who love cats have had a bad reputation for far too long!
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5 Reasons You're Burned Out At Work

Ever feel like calling off from work because you are over worked, stressed and feel burned out? Now that "burn out" is recognized as a diagnosable disease you'll soon be able to just tell your boss how you are feeling and a doctor will be able to write you an official excuse from work.
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A Quarter Of Women Feel Uncomfortable In Their Skin

Do you feel good in your skin? Or are you constantly thinking negatively about your looks and body image? Almost a quarter of women feel uncomfortable in their own skin, according to research . A poll of 2,000 women found six in 10 blame their lack of self-esteem on not meeting typical beauty...
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Putting Up Your Christmas Tree Early Can Make You Happier

The kids aren't even back to school yet. The NFL football season has yet to begin officially. Oh, and Starbucks hasn't even released their Pumpkin Spice Latte yet so why are we talking about Christmas? I don't even know what I am going to dress up as for Halloween yet. It's still 96 degrees during...
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Social Media Affects Boys' and Girls' Mental Health Differently

It’s no secret that social media can have poor effects on our mental health, but a recent study shows that the effects could be different for girls compared to the effects on boys. The Longitudinal Study of Young People in England aimed to determine the negative effects of social media on younger...
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