Mental Health

Justin Bieber Reveals How He Maintains His Mental Health

Justin Bieber is opening up about his mental health and what he does to manage his stress. See what he had to say about the technique he uses.
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Gadget detox concept

Do You Want A Digital Detox for the Holidays?

Parents really want a digital detox according to a new study.
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matt & ramona thanksgiving

Matt & Ramona's Thanksgiving Show

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In this episode we're talking all turkey day, all the time (with a little Black Friday sprinkled in). We discuss the best and worst foods, how to handle the stress of the holiday and more!
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Stressed woman shopping for gifts of christmas with red santa hat looking angry and distressed

Top 10 Reasons We Experience Holiday Burnout

You can get burned out at work and now the holidays can cause burnout too!
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12 Things Caregiving Has Taught Me

"Do I like crab cakes?" "What is your breaking point?" Those are the two hardest questions I've faced in my life and both stem from the most challenging job I've ever had. I've been my mom's caregiver since 2004 and those questions have forced me to face my biggest fear. I am slowly losing my best...
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Study: 78 Minutes of Music a Day Improves Mental Health

There have been been plenty of studies that prove the health benefits of music, but just how much of a daily intake do you need to start reaping the benefites? 78 minutes. A study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy found that listening to music for that amount of time helps maintain good...
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Woman in Christmas hat holding head from holiday stress.

Study Finds Continuous Christmas Music Bad for Mental Health

A little holiday music goes a long way!
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Women meditating during yoga class.

How Much Physical Activity Do You Need to Prevent Depression?

We know that exertcise is good for our body, but it's also good for our mind as well.
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Woman holding alarm clock with surprised look on her face.

Late People Are Healthier and Happier

The early bird may get the worm, but they aren't happier or healthier than those who are late according to a new study.
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Happy young woman showing drinking glass with water at home

Can Drinking More Water Make You Happier?

You may want to hit up the water cooler more after you read this!
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