Matt is Super Dad

Top 5 Superpowers Parents Wish They Had

90% of Parents Would Want a Superpower to Help them with Parenting
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Matts Tirade Tuesday

Matt's Tirade Tuesday

Today I make a stand for Parents of “Picky” Eaters.
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avery can't sleep

Avery Can't Sleep

Parents know the struggle of a kid who wants to stay up all night...
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parenting during coronavirus

How Burned Out Are Parents During The Pandemic?

Parents are worn out from having to keep an eye on and spend time with their kids around the clock.
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Will Parents Have to Choose Between Jobs and Kids if Schools Don't Reopen?

As coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country, many schools are grappling with what reopening will look like when school starts back up again in the fall.
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avery harris dog

Kiddo Pretends To Be A Dog

Does your kid like to crawl on all fours and pretend like they're an animal?
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6 Eco-Friendly Activities You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

Have some fun in the sun this summer with the whole family! Check out eco-friendly activities that don’t break the bank, are educational, and allow you to social distance without leaving the neighborhood.
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9 Summer Activities You Can Do Outdoors With Your Kids

Whether you’re going to the beach, lake, park, or even just the backyard, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your kids this summer. Check out our list of products that can help you have fun in the sun with the family!
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Parents Hit Peak Stress at 11:54 A.M. and Don't Relax Until 8:39 P.M.: Study

A new study from UK paper towel brand Plenty finds that overworked parents hit ‘peak stress’ time during the day at 11:54 A.M., and often don’t get to relax until 8:39 P.M.
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Coronavirus: 6 Expert Tips for Homeschooling Your Kids

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many schools to close, making many parents into amateur homeschool teachers. Here are a few tips for parents who need to teach their kids at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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