Woman cuddled up in bed with dog

Can Your Dog Help You Get Better Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping? Your dog can help you.
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Family sitting on the couch with golden retriever in foreground at home in the living room

You Might Prefer Your Pets Over Your Kids If...

Don't we consider our pets one of our kids anyway?
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Group of friends are enjoying a meal together.

5 Activities That Will Make You Feel Younger

There are a million and one thing to help us look younger, these activities can help us feel younger.
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Cheerful woman lying on sofa holding a ginger cat

You Might Love Your Pet More Than Your Friends If...

These are the five signs you love your pets more than your friends!
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Pug with sad eyes

Crying Pets And Babies Make Us Sad

The sound of a sad pet and baby impact us the same way according to science.
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Cat People Aren't Crazy After All!

People who love cats have had a bad reputation for far too long!
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Cats Know Their Name and Ignore You Anyway: Study

If you ever thought your cat was being aloof because it didn’t know its own name when you called them then you are in for quite the shock. A new study has found that our feline friends can actually distinguish their names from other sounds, so your kitty may just be ignoring you when you call for...
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Celebrate International Cat Day With These 5 Fun Cat Facts

In case you didn't know, I love cats! If I could run off and live on an island full of cats and just snuggle them all day long, I would. There's something magical about felines. And today is the purrfect day to celebrate all things cat because it's International Cat Day . The unofficial holiday was...
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Dog Owners Prefer Kissing Their Pooch Over Their Partner

We love our pets! We spoil them like crazy and over the last few years, there have been multiple studies conducted about just how deep our love for them is. One study that stands out is that the majority of people are guilty of having more photos of their pets than their spouses on their phones...
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Could Your Garden Be Dangerous For Your Pet?

There's nothing like the smell of fresh flowers growing in a garden. And it can really make your property look nicer and give your home some real curb appeal. But if you have pets, there are some plants and flowers you need to avoid because they are really dangerous for our four-legged friends...
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