Pop Culture

A Quarter Of People Admit They're "Almost Constantly" Online

Most Americans find it hard to put their phone down.
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8 Must-Listen Podcasts for Pop Culture Junkies

Whether you’re just looking for the latest or scanning for iconic hosts, these are the podcasts that will give you the latest in the world of pop culture - from movies and TV shows to best-of moments.
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Muppets Now

Bandy Reviews Muppets Now on Disney +

You know how much Bandy LOVES all things Disney...
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ramona holloway cluttered desk

Get Your Clutter Outta Here, Ramona

Ramona has a habit of keeping her workspace a mess...will she be able to clean up her act before the show moves into their new office?
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matt harris folding t-shirt

Matt Harris, King Of Folding Shirts?

Matt has the nerve to call everyone lame, but he's spent way too much time watching videos and asking certain family members the best way to fold a shirt.
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ramona group text

Ramona Started The Worst Group Text Ever

Ramona's known for being an awkward texter, so she made the horrible mistake of putting a bunch of complete strangers in a group text to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Everything went downhill from there!
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matt and ramona on WBT AM

Matt & Ramona's WBT Takeover

The Matt & Ramona Show spent the afternoon broadcasting on our sister station WBT , and it was a busy day! We jumped on their airwaves to help out with John Hancock's upcoming " Hey Kid, It's Santa " bike drive. We tried to kinda get you into the Christmas spirit, but Ramona was the only one...
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crying at work isn't a bad thing

Do You Cry At Work?

If work is so stress that it brings you to tears, you're not alone...we talk about how a whopping 80% of people admit to crying at work.
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Matt Loves To Hate Soccer

When it comes to hating stuff, Matt will go out of his way to tell everyone that he hates two things: onions and soccer. One of our coworkers is a big soccer fan, so Matt couldn't wait to ruin their day!
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Ramona's Too Cheap For The Dry Cleaners

Ramona's upset that the dry cleaners' prices went up, but the increase is so small we had to roast her for being so cheap!
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