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Google glass

These Are the Biggest Product Flops of the 2010's

Some products really take off while others just fall flat.
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These Were the Most Googled Things for 2019

What were the biggest things that happened and the most talked about people for 2019? If they made this list, they are it!
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Woman online shopping while at work.

Are You 'WorkShopping' During the Holidays?

Do you seem to be getting less done at work this time of year? 'Workshopping' may be the cause!
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Red unfriend button on a gray keyboard

5 Reasons Friendships End Over Social Media

We've all gotten to the point where someone just went a bit too far and we had to unfriend them.
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Living room with lit Christmas tree.

Alexa Can Now Control Your Christmas Tree

Everything is using smart technology now so why not?
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Woman with shocked face looking at text message

Did You Get A Random Text From Valentine's Day Yesterday?

How odd and random.
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Spooky friends posing for selfie

Thanks to Social Media, We're Spending More on Halloween

Are you spending more cash on the perfect Halloween costume this year?
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Vintage detective looking through a magnifier

Can Snooping In Partner's Phone Fix Relationship Issues?

New research found that getting caught snooping can help your relationship!
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Two young lovers quarreling because of disagreements

Would You Let A Website Settle An Argument?

Are you having trouble resolving an argument? You can let people online help settle it for good with this new website.
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Finger pushing heart icon on screen in smartphone application

Dating App Obsession Is Distracting Us At Work

Is looking for love distracting you from your work, family, and friends?
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