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Close up artificial green Christmas trees for sale

Real or Fake? Which Tree Is Better for the Environment?

Which one will you be putting up this year?
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Red unfriend button on a gray keyboard

5 Reasons Friendships End Over Social Media

We've all gotten to the point where someone just went a bit too far and we had to unfriend them.
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Turkey Sizzling in Fryer

3 Safety Tips For Deep Frying A Turkey

If you're going to do some deep frying this holiday, follow these safety tips!
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Stressed out woman during the holidays

5 Things That Stress Us The Most During the Holidays

The closer we get to the holidays the more stressed out we get.
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Pets taking over Santa's cookies and milk

These 5 Holiday Foods Are Not Safe For Your Pets

They may beg for these holiday treats, but they should never have them.
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newborn baby sleeping on parent's shoulder

These Will Be The Top Baby Names for 2020

If you're expecting in 2020, these will be the most popular baby names.
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Woman looking confused in a winter jacket on a couch.

Are You Washing Your Winter Clothes Enough?

When is the last time you washed your winter jacket and other items?
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Couple fighting during a holiday meal.

Average Couple Will Fight 7 Times During the Holidays

You won't just have to worry about fighting with your family this holiday season.
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Living room with lit Christmas tree.

Alexa Can Now Control Your Christmas Tree

Everything is using smart technology now so why not?
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Person handing gift card to another person.

These Are the Gift Cards People Want for the 2019 Holidays

Not all gift cards are created equally, apparently.
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