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Koala eating leaves

How Can You Help the Animals Affected by The Australian Bushfire?

Are you too heartbroken at the destruction the brush fires are causing in Australia. Two thousand homes burned & over 12 million acres have been scorched. Personally, I find that the impact on wildlife is inconceivable. An estimate reported by USAToday states over a billion mammals, birds...
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woman in crowd stressed, touching face

Feeling Sick? It May Be Stress

Not only is stress contagious but it could be making you sick! Stress is known to lower your immune system, so if you're always sick it may be time to get your stress level in check. Check out these ways stress could be making you sick here. 3 Ways To De-Stress 1. Change your surroundings. If you'...
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Man Distracted at Work

Want to Avoid Distraction? Consider a Distraction Journal

Do you find yourself easily distracted? It seems like when you have something important to do there's always something interesting you can find on the internet! In order to keep yourself on track consider a distraction journal. Youtube Channel The Financial Diet has a great video on the subject...
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Man bad date

Men of Reddit Reveal What Women Shouldn't Do On a First Date

Have you ever wondered what stops people from getting a second date? Some of these stories are hilarious and extreme but here's why the Men of Reddit didn't ask for another date.
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Woman dressed up and feeling lucky

Eat These Foods If You Want to Be Lucky in 2020

What's your lucky food on New Year's Day?
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Woman eating lunch at her desk at work.

Could Your Job Be Making You Gain Weight?

You may be doing everything right, but your job could be hindering your progress.
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girls open gift box at home feeling displeased

5 Stores With the Best Return Policies

Didn't get that sweater in the right size or color?
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Gadget detox concept

Do You Want A Digital Detox for the Holidays?

Parents really want a digital detox according to a new study.
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Hungover man with coffee

7 Tips for Preventing a Holiday Hangover

You can anjoy some drinks, but if you want to avoid a horrible holiday hangover check out these tips!
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man using a megaphone to scold his girlfriend in christmas day

Average Person Gets Into 12 Arguments During the Holidays

More stress means more arguments!
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