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Woman with small child doing housekeeping while man sitting in couch

Could House Chores Be Ruining Your Relationship?

How often are you are your significant other fighting over chores?
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Frappuccino in takeaway cup on wooden table

Starbucks Will Cut Back On Limited Time Frappuccinos

If you loved drinks like the Christmas Tree Frappucino or the Unicorn Frappucino, this is bad news for you.
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Models walking on the runway at the Gucci fashion show.

People Are Gluing Fake Eyelashes On Their Eyebrows

And this week's bizzaro fashion and beauty trend comes from the runway of Milian Fashion week!
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Billy Joel sits at a piano that was dedicated to him during an event at a press conference honoring his 100th Lifetime Performance at Madison Square Garden on July 18, 2018 in New York City.

Billy Joel Performing at BOA Stadium in April

Bank of America Stadium is going to host many concerts in the future. The first one of this new era, Billy Joel in April!
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Mother and children are choosing dairy products in shop

Too Many Choices Causing Choice Overload

There are so many choices, but so little time.
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Furious businesswoman throws a punch into computer, screaming

What Are the Most Annoying Phrases In Emails?

If you are including these phrases in your email, you are likely driving people nuts.
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Two young lovers quarreling because of disagreements

Would You Let A Website Settle An Argument?

Are you having trouble resolving an argument? You can let people online help settle it for good with this new website.
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Scenic Mountain Road Through a Colourful Forest of Maple Trees in Autumn

5 Fun Facts About Fall

Today is the first day of Fall although it won't feel like it with temperatures around 90 for a high!
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Finger pushing heart icon on screen in smartphone application

Dating App Obsession Is Distracting Us At Work

Is looking for love distracting you from your work, family, and friends?
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Food waste in garbage can

How Much Food Are We Wasting Per Year?

The average American is throwing away multiple spoiled food items from their fridge each week.
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