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10 Things That Make Us Lose Our Patience

According to a new study, technology is why we have less patience!
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You Might Love Your Pet More Than Your Friends If...

These are the five signs you love your pets more than your friends!
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Are These Really The Scariest Movies of All Time?

What movies do critics think are the scariest ever?
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Women Are Really Good At Remembering Event Details

When it comes to the details of an event, women remember things better than men according to a study!
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People Who Post More Selfies Seem More Unlikeable

What does posting all of those selfies say about you?
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This Is How Much the Average Date Costs in the Carolinas

Dinner, drinks, and a movie can add up quickly!
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These Are The 20 Toys Kids Want Most This Christmas

You may want to grab these toys before they sell out this Holiday season.
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A tired young woman is having a cup of tea and is resting her head on a table

Would You Give Up Some of Your Salary For Better Sleep?

Are you so sleep deprived that you'd give up some of your salary for a better night's rest?
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Cute baby on the white bed

Baby Names From Early 1900's Trending In 2019

If you need some baby name inspiration you'll need to go way back to the early 1900's!
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Group of friends having fun in the club

How Many People Does It Take to Have A Party?

Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but how many people does it take to have a party?
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