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Beautiful young couple expressing their feelings on the street

How Much Does It Cost to Be In A Relationship Per Year?

Want to be in a couple, that will cost you!
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Santa measuring his waist

5 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

You don't have to pack on the pounds this holiday!
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Awkward encounter between a man and woman

5 Questions People Don't Want to Be Asked During the Holiday

There are certain topics you shouldn't discuss and questions no one wants to be asked over your holiday meal!
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Stressed woman shopping for gifts of christmas with red santa hat looking angry and distressed

Top 10 Reasons We Experience Holiday Burnout

You can get burned out at work and now the holidays can cause burnout too!
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Two women fighting over a shirt in a store.

5 Ways You're Annoying Retail Workers

And you may be bugging other shoppers too!
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Woman opening a present

This Is What Most People Really Want for Christmas!

What's on your holiday wish list this year?
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North Carolina state of United States flag on flagpole

North Carolina Is One of the Smartest States

North Carolina is one of the smartest, but what state was the smartest?
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Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl Wearing a Tiara

These Are the Biggest Baby Names of the 2010's

Every year there are tons of lists for the top this and that for that year. This year we'll have those and the lists for the decade too!
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Family gathering for the holidays

You'll Need a Break From Family After 4 Hours Together

We all have our limit.
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Woman online shopping while at work.

Are You 'WorkShopping' During the Holidays?

Do you seem to be getting less done at work this time of year? 'Workshopping' may be the cause!
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