Dua Lipa

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DUA LIPA invites you to come with her to “Studio 2054” for a night of music, mayhem, performance, theatre, dance and much more on LIVENow. The “Studio 2054” show will be a night like no other – this is reality and fantasy exploding together to deliver a brand new multi-dimensional live experience. 

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Shot live in a massive warehouse location “Studio 2054” will be a celebration of the unconventional and unique and will see Dua move through custom built sets; surreal tv shows, roller discos, 

ecstatic raves, trashy rocker hang outs, voguing ballrooms and diva style dressing rooms. Accompanied by a cast of musicians, dancers, skaters, aerialists and acrobats, Dua will be joined by a host of surprise superstar guests to deliver a euphoric blast of happiness and good times. 

Featuring tracks from Future Nostalgia, Club Future Nostalgia, and her debut album, 

“Studio 2054” is a kaleidoscope of the past, present and future; real time and the imagination, adrenalin and excitement - all merged to create a whole new way to enjoy a performance. 

Welcome to “Studio 2054”. Get ready to sit back and socially-distance from you and your friends/family/neighbors  andenjoy free music from Charlotte’s best mix… 107.9 The Link!

More Info

 “Studio 2054” will be streamed via LIVENow, home to the best live events, from Friday November 27th at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Standard tickets priced at $13.99 are available. Bundle tickets priced from $20.00 and give you access to exclusive pre-show behind the scenes footage and an invite to the After Show Party with Dua in attendance and featuring guest DJs on the decks – both from dualipa.com/studio2054 , LIVENowand Ticketmaster.

Studio2054 is an American Express UNSTAGED event.

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