3 Great Money-Saving Deals For November

Tuesday, November 7th

There's 3 things you can always count on being discounted in the month of November...listen to Ramona's Money Saving Tips For More!


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We are going to save you money with the help of AAA Carolina's. Remember if he joined delayed today you'll save. Real honey okay there's some things always go on sale in November about a couple that I wanna give you a heads up. And that's because Thanksgiving is just around the corner my friends and grocery stores want you to do your Thanksgiving shopping with them. So right now they're already marking down staples like flour and sugar. Summer even offering to free Turkey's already they want you to the door that you. Figure out this is the place I need to do all of my Turkey day shopping fell. Grocery stores yeah give the staples now don't wait. The same goes for kitchen appliances and cookware. Being the end of your wife has been thinking about what that new pressure cooker seeing instant pot be in the high. That crock pot. It's more than a crush on its the next level crock pot. Are obsessed right now the most famous of the grocery stores department stores in places like. Bed, Bath & Beyond they wanna did she win for the Thanksgiving shopping hoping you might also do some Christmas shopping while you're there the kitchen appliances. And cookware. Get them now and I've just been made it around to the craft stores and other stores. The Halloween costumes and decorations if you know you're gonna decorate next year wit and grace that Alexander skeletons and all that good stuff. I had now the holiday is over I'm already seeing. 7075%. Off Halloween gig next year and get degrees savings right now and it brought the guy a AAA Caroline says.