Ramona Needs An Emotional Support Squirrel

Wednesday, November 15th

A man in Florida is currently fighting for his right to have an emotional support squirrel...how can we get Ramona one of those? We also go on a rant about all of the holiday complainers out there!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk there was that remote. Every day. Three he's thirty years Spain again union has not sometimes at 6 o'clock and get a couple hours after this week. A reporter from the CBS affiliate in Blaine and named Ashley Thompson was out near the intersection in Lawrenceville Georgia last week looking for people to interview about the traffic congestion. Around the area. Yeah that's 124 year old guy name Eric rivers walked past and she asked him if he wanted to talk about the busy traffic on camera. He said guessing gave a very and insightful interview on camera. But what the reporter didn't know was Erik had just robbed a bank about fifteen minutes earlier. And after the interview was on his way to rob. The Roland why I like the way he feels is scheduled. A lot of downtime it has terminated as you. Have downtime will be without any given a Brit order them. Down time that is helping with society and he's got a freedom to use the bank robber has tightened so that oil okay that part. The staff for the first bank some walking towards the news day in and they told the police they reviewed the interview that the reporter ended in spotted Erica in the footage. And they tracked him down and arrested him get away would like he's he's if you have a right hand heal all in all he did five. Bank robberies. It seemed like he could not get away with five. Because he does he disguise he he just wanted you know Brian Kennedy his main line began he wanted to show the world. Reich I can be on TV and you'll catch me go to prison he's like an on and on the DNA. Eating anything and celebrity his stupidity I'm sure will be rewarded appropriately behind our. Another month a Florida man is fighting his Condo association. On the right to keep his pets which is a squirrel he registered as an emotional support animal I vote mountain and hates girls. Ryan Boylan. Said he rescued brew reduce the squirrel last year when he found the scroll trapped under someone's car in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew viral viral part of yet. You know wag. And I'm sorry. Squirrel rescue people who thought but I have nots. Anything. On any given nature blog. Or natural resource is a web site. Telling me that squirrels are endangered and indeed a wrestler either our dogs are endangered endangered but the dogs are in need of rescue dog. Themselves. Carol had been the south. Are ever since the beginning of world times sick when they wander out there. Killed and. But I Condo association became aware of the pet squirrel away and it was not chased by a dog. Up a tree on the property. Boylan says she's just like an inside a house cat knows he's not an outside. And regular. He got a doctor's note saying he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder stemming from a car accident. The office of human rights contacted him mainly Condo association and send an emotional support animals. Are protected under the fair housing act so he is probably going to be able to keep his. World I mean if you're anywhere in the world do you keep like cat out of the line is the line is where. His pet squirrel is hang out outside. And thinks that it's a cool. And and it runs up my leg or chases I don't that would probably doesn't that maybe it's Beltre and apparently they think. Wait a minute I bad a score went up my leg and that could very terrifying espionage. Yeah I think who has been to Penn State knows. How dangerous her leg squirrels. Become when they start demanding food. And Devin media take out government get through school. I stop walking around campus eating popcorn cult yeah. No ha ha what I do and I guess this is not an ordinary parents. Executives. It's been a raw kernels cut warming up now. You're walking down the street in which bad popcorn you just heard to. And here today with a squirrel running up your leg and hold your popcorn not a game it's okay. Put it and it did at the Bundesliga not odds are slim and I've been. Yeah I. The drug and domestic needs we're at and think we need to see. And it didn't see themselves exactly. Ever stopping it and not trying to the message. Okay no dancing and all the birds. And cats of when you actually. Domesticated themselves they say it will mean dog's internal holds Nicholas uttered you're out there on me in the years my dog you know turn until wolf that's Arafat turned into tangential. Defend themselves they can defend himself out there for a little while it's I mean we're idea big servers animal things got only thing and I angles trying to defend himself against his ugly haircuts. An ugly Christmas sweaters I don't wanna I mean. If your answers animal has to be should have to go through some sort of test yeah prove its string training in right it's a bite out what to do ever. I've seen a couple of not cup I've seen innings I eighty service dog. Who doesn't appear to be trained in the same way that. Service dogs. I have been trained yet so the behavior is a bit distracting Nikkei naming their own service dogs the dogs and I'll be trained. Two. A help to corporate people who have disabilities. The dogs who'd been trained to going to hospitals. To visit patients there's a very special process. That they are. Going through to get the certification. So that. So they're behavior in a bathroom habits right. Man are some brings it dog to work it's not potty trained lower I don't Chandler had a daughter happens. But it happened stupid producer we head as his dog poop in his but it wasn't asserted that an intelligent and harder restarted is keeping data is. Untrained don't ask. Did you teach in yes I'm against there are around you John Zogby and knock out you know I give you another kind avenues not. In about sixty seconds but it involves boots. Dogs. And say anymore citizens act out. This Friday as a magical outcome ice skating experience yeah. Wanna seminar and the link dot com to see this special mention hours for the great thanks in Piedmont natural gas and fox 46. You are gonna tell us the best decade to get married and our decade not like 2010. And Powell and earning money thirties will reasons why you should get married in your thirties verses you're twenty. You got married for the first time in your to a gas horrible mistake. Danny got married for the first and hopefully only time in his they're pleased and there's a legit reasons why they say it pays to wait. A lot of good reasons. For example by your thirties you most likely had so you're wild you hope so your code so one was done by thirty. Well what is your auto loan and your son was dumb when you got married now we don't know you know no no I wanted to so more yes I did. Nobody willing to be sewed but and I cash. I. Knew I don't have any day that does so I'll tell you what though yes. Always get married young. In your twenties. Then your thirty's. You're divorced. Then you. I think she I don't know a a job some knowledge I. You don't I knobs and you can't sour notes can even married and you twenties and watch out for Baghdad it isn't you say by the thirty yemen's youths you said earlier votes but not to a mariners ace. Yeah I'm saying that he get married in your twenties get divorced that you might start selling vote yes right so you started so when you got married. You couldn't find. And and so you weren't selling and I got and you didn't think there was anybody does so win about his opinion that divorce yet and decided to start so I soda and you thought you might want to sell yet. Coach someone for a few months they're off. A little. I'm and they became a lot of magnitude lineup that's a a bit and I doubt that he thinks do you think he'd spent an island day. Should benefit and control that's a bit and not at. Noon. Different women would you say you went out with before. UN Amy got together. Just went out yeah. Between nine degrees in Italy and time that you got divorced and you started selling twenty. You would out so a couple of months you fit in like to any ticks. Is a. Only seven days a week maybe. I. But he says that that. And amassed at. The meeting is that you impact and any news in his view that while there. In your two when he is it's about self indulgent you're creating yourself by it thirty you know who you are. You know what you can offer a partner and you're probably not going to the outgrow each other. He didn't tag I AM and I haven't seen it happen where they have one person who. And it takes off and they're doing means and the other person kinda gets out yes. All right sure apps and you're you're good you compare yourself anybody from 2131. Should be pretty big difference. And the kind of person or not the kind of person urban. Way that they think in the way they act. And it. Because of that you know what you want you've established a little self confidence check maybe I might not be so Richard Gephardt might be alive. IE you dissolve competence it's still haven't found that's guaranteed and a number of idiots like you so called those couple of months he had around with them so ladies and yeah a little cut it and I was trying to get build up. And Amy and along carried out. A. I didn't have confidence was there any and they say. You know by your thirties you hopefully learn how to manage money. No guarantee on that Padilla and because you're more secure in your career. Yeah you've got the time and energy to focus on your relationship right is a lot of times in your twenties you're marketing hours it nobody else once the word you hit years. In hard hit to clubs. We're talking about your current analysis and I thought. Error yet the combination is tiring. The clubs in the party and in the we're partying and what are you don't have time for our relationship you have maybe. Are not a really solid one ending you've had time to live alone. Am I don't I musher ever really lived alone very much. When that while you were so when you went live when anybody rank numbers people's living in my house flopping. There artificially roommates but they were great with I don't about the homeless guy your base original little. I do like some like Y eighty McMahon would sleep there are a lot of times and aiming her name in news slighted by the way is what it is like chips and a test that he's. That yes there's people there all the time. Do you think that you would have just been better off if he waited until you're thirty offers Mary yes or at least waited till I didn't merit a while married. These wins best and other late twenties in LA twice a twice. But stay single those early twenties Albion relationship. Just sewing notes of your relationship for 20s28. If the debt that stories saying stay single the one. They're that's saying stay single yet it says he just says figure not saying that you can or your oats. But he says you six episodes or what's your twenties are sat. Between. Like did not gaining at all having a boyfriend or girlfriend and be married a free for all. Anywhere any happen any tack you say just free for all all the time mentally ready to settle that well GAAP. Don't be a long term relationship. Just so euros for a couple of months like Matt and good. I would estimate seven days a week. Because article says Marty sell drugs buy time to thirty and you didn't human relationship for an entire twenties. In some euros and the list you have no experience in the long term relationship highly regarded. How did you do you get help from as. You know to sudden now you're Luka for life yeah yeah a guy you view. To them years relationships. In your twenties two year July went off two on one off it's changed and if so. CNET U Gallagher what we're going and then bring your single to Tony three app into any forward at Tulane six. It you're a relationship minions angle and let's go let's go singled to thirty and then that's and you know what mile. OK okay all right as the perfect sat life according to man and that's a perfect set up. Off there with Matt in remote. Love that you're listening device gets couldn't keep track can amass more than just. Plus. We are talking about working on Friday after Thanksgiving. And what do the stats bear out on nests. A lot of people have to work. Thanksgiving Day and also the day after USX. And a new survey asked people to their companies were giving them. Forty week. Yes. They do have to work let. The people. Who do have to work schedule within the golf is a little backwards trying to get no respect but again it's a lot of podcast we just don't okay. Now I thought it started. Our iPods as people thank you thank you thank you without you we could give go to our numbers decline and share okay. A new survey asked people of their companies were giving them a four day weekend over Thanksgiving Day Thursday and Friday as paid days off and in any answers via. Most places are being pretty cool about it. 97% of people say they're gonna get paid day off on Thanksgiving. Can I if not then that's fantastic. 70% we'll get. Both Thursday and Friday as paid days off OK I wonder back and. But he is not only full time employees Robert part time people. And bad part time people are probably looking forward to working because of your part time you're probably hourly commodities and a half or something like that and other people who do have to work on Thanksgiving 85% we'll get paid extra. Are we gonna do that. This again this year which we have done. Forward. Decades of US bud Moore priestly go because of the media and the stories about the people complaining about. The fact that people have to work on Friday. Because of the agreed of people having to let. God Black Friday you have to work on Thursday. Asks every year it's a story and here or there it annoys me. Did Bob every year everybody in this room because everybody in this room at some point has had to work. Either Thanksgiving. And or. Black Friday and you know that the weird thing is they usually the people that are complaining. That there's people working on those days are people who are not work. The people who are working I give them a break maybe that guy that crap that people should bail out of there fairly yes well guess I. I enjoy our Thanksgiving parade. But the only family member I did this year Thanksgiving wish is my mom because she rides in car with me in the parade well. Working the parade a police officer. Our promotions team they work. Let's face facts you really wanna spend all day with their family. But ended up and I have to people like yeah there's a lot of people like I worked pretty much everything's giving of my career. And pretty much everything. And they say well we're covered about I doubt about people who shouldn't have to work yet we understand that our hospital people I guess what. You're watching a football game. How old and complain about people working your complaining about people working and decided about a football players and the coaches. Thought about the people working concession is under way in hell and it. Our city a lot of people yeah. Who do quote unquote non essential jobs. Who'll work thanks and it you have viewers are against it just don't shop on Friday don't sound. I don't turn on your TV and yeah it's pretty dark don't turn on electricity. Yeah it's funny don't go to the movies after words don't run up to the grocery store if you forgot about. Primaries on us yeah wondered how big gas sell well predict whether it's gonna be a story this year and a. I think they know he's probably not going to be as much of a story because a lot of malls. Are backing off. Of the Black Friday sales that start in the store on Thanksgiving Day. They've backed off a bit out of that. That's a lot less popular let's SE however still say there was still beat a complainer. Right and I are exam is an odd check in at the same basket. In diet is might come back in my judgment and yes I'm judging yeah I put them in the same basket as of people. Who's a bit everybody else is taken to Christ out of Christmas. Oh that is The Who can take the Christ out of your Christmas is you. Food had to go to. I don't. Like how do you know anyone's a drop them like iron. The store and people complain about stores putting Christmas stop our early you can drop the Mike and out. Please just stop quit. Saying they're pushing Christmas signs earlier and earlier every year no one's pushing anything on the offense has just relax and a big deal to see Santa isn't a big media alert your neighbors listening to Christmas music the day after. Halloween. Now and not feel how does that ruining your life is that making your Christmas workers are putting all those three in the same box and kind of person and the people who pay xmas. All I know it and learn a clue and figure out what they act. Exit means it's not taking Christ out of Christmas it's just a different way of saying Christ filled. Up our act. I know. Many times I looked it up my name is Brett Brian and I am America's Craig is Christians to. I'm very let's let's Levy cranky do we seriously want to keep in mind what we've just said here. And see where we can find. When they start complaining look for articles and weeks and stuff like that they started. About the early Christmas I'm Doug about like the complaining about the work saying all the complaining about right I'll ask again dad went to be good nuggets who couldn't find it completely or is that that's undergone debts. But where my wife is ready Thanksgiving dinners that. Seeing things how low your kids safe on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramona don't have it now rate the podcast at. Contact Sherry yeah KAL that stopped that is gives us 330 here's one woman who act sister doesn't. Clinton's full minute flight found out he was cheating and caused an emergency landing. It's easy to do I it would be so mad about an emergency landings namely you better be well even if you're near death panel. The medical American medical need medical emergency guy I can't abide you acting out on an airplane now no matter the circumstances right. About all the plane. That's at. It's tough to sit in out. Closed area with a person you're furious. Exhorted Schieffer how does she find out the Qatar Airways flight they were traveling I was forced to make an emergency landing in India after she started to repeatedly hit her husband over the head. With their carry on following the disguise. Mountain. The woman made so unlock her husband Smartphone by pressing it against his thumb while he slept. Off. I. I would wake you know what you're getting in my thumb on sleep if I get. I don't know if it's I don't think you get them I don't know lawyer keeping you're gonna. Blow a view. Have been. Home to. While you were snoring. Not true very things I'm sure have happened now I could talk to your children. Nene have you do all kinds of things while you're at now pick. In my hand on prominent way to. Mass in my thumb so is seeded wake up Bobby. Yes she began go into the photos and videos and found their neighbor as the star mania them along with her husband in many compromising positions and then lighted tennis tried to intervene but were unable to calm her down leaving the pilots would no option but to make it be. On that emergency landing. The couple along with their child. A man come on hold together and don't hold it hold it together really kid ever address the people on the plane yeah and for me and I'm on that plant more corn and acted they were all removed from the plane the family spent the day at the airport but no police action was taken the woman was drunk. Time was held at the airport until she sobered up or the Stanley was allowed to board another plane so no arraigned. I wish it was a Marshal on board it teeters on the I think. I ain't. It's hurt the wrist and had it reminds you yeah I mean because every. Now and I don't know and Scott furry guy hit man with a carry on repeatedly does it take much intimate on he got was seen by many money out the place pixels money I don't care urged them to the Batman is this just hold on Furl Ohio beat them in like aren't gonna get drunk on the airplane. Especially why your kids there and don't try to confront your husband on an airplane and calling an emergency landing entails some details being deal about it the old. Asia you've probably just like doctor Hebert a Lawler something. Now I haven't got a heralded and also camera because you can you know there's still saving people and yeah. You cellphone cameras at the top cause of stress by outside of my employees 42%. Unclear goals. That that that says one. That's amazing. A commuting bad manager over the next I would say bat out of five bad manager Woodman numbers on one right hand. Then that's only 16%. Difficult co worker 14% to long hours 12%. And the rate of burn out. For its employees of nearly every age about 50%. America 22 or 72 if you are burned out and now. This is interesting to me. Be kinder to the mom always kind of retail people may yet just enough older and down. Beggar at the groceries in and I burned out 1516. He'd criminality you got along time ago kind of crafts. I was surprised finest 20% or 21% of people who work attacked. They have unlimited paid vacation and sick days. I'm limited. The 9% outside Texas they do and there's no what does it. But I assume you work in the regular okay big time hacker code Gergen I. I am or somebody and ask pressured signers on attacking people done on what it's like I do believe our IT guy as. I'm limited the case does go sailing and kayaking you president. Killing concert series presents a night you don't want and then. The united EMI continuing. 31 second. Details of my feeling dot com. Yeah. I try to hold an end but then I feel really big coming on. I'd let it go because I've heard it if you try to hold in a big sneeze could give you any injuries. And I'll holding it is me or senior is a pot I don't do that the day it is the year and a half. Are off paying me that I don't know whether to stay you know men are that is why you thought you say if you had to pick up pat Burt. I have picked up his. Just. Calm down and think that. I'm just a it's a lot rape and your partner single. Okay. Now. Now the size and to have to cut cat bird that part of that it's not. Cart is not scary times day. It is saying I haven't heard does not say he hasn't heard it I I am not to understand my orbit. As you you sit around and hit all the time. A lot and you say and I I know what a wide because you'll say skis B and I'll say what was that we've done. Just received any time to view and I'm like I don't know I'm Sosa bluster on this crap and it's definitely notice. So bit yeah under the edit it on the hit a bird can't pick up you say excuse me and I pick up the mean idolizing black and heck. Examine that and hit like say partly words you. I don't have to do bless you abide. It is a half it's half of the horrible is used to. Let's me my heart and and by the way the old bless you originally intended to ward of demons running your body. No evidence that really be true. No demons in the I know people starting because of that. Whenever it is it was it was back into the Rome days and they're being Christians lines and stuff so us by about pagan ones of anything else. So somebody somewhere. Passed me the person. It is hard hole to. To start this home. Movement. But it. It's going to be tough the first one but I think if you say well. You don't start it are you on board now. I'm starting at Spain. How you can yeah I'm starting this think down the changes. Yeah I'm starting his whole adult today. Let's cameo signature instrument do. That's the problem I think publicity yeah. Really does the last half. Thanks for listening to our fairway if that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.