Put Down The Stinky Food, Ramona!

Friday, December 1st

Bringing smelly foods to the office is a quick way to get on your coworkers...how many foods on this list has Ramona brought to the station? Way too many!


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That took that Matt remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan was sick on there with the remote I think include staying and seeing people who. Food is nothing is gonna know I was grades again after the warning here is eat lunch at your desk at your own apparel. You have experts de Natale is eating lunch at your desk and healthy. Imation less productive and in some cases. It makes your coworkers like you a lot. Of which would be looked then like your life is messy. If it's crummy that means you guys who sits behind me. I will often wanna have the crummy. Bars I universe trashed it yeah yeah yeah which is definitely a course a dude at your source of veterinary said. Don't look savvy of the caddie and I understand why you're doing it. You to sit where bubbly sees it and you don't want him to come into running. Studio filled with crime and god knows they never vacuum and displace them and they're coming never. And yet I had an Arby's bag that sat in the trash can for three days. And Hillary's are probably get emptied I put no hall. So yes that's that's that's a we live in people. How many split. The limits of a smelly luncheon in the trash can. Oh (%expletive) the lot of them are all also noisy suit. You know I can I say I have when I know that I have. Any food really like big hump hunks of food but it benlate. In the fridge to longer than there might be Nellie you have any idea to dock yes he doesn't take it I'd throw me in the outside garbage. Or I make sure if I'm one of the big garbage bins which I'm pretty sure they're gonna and yet it could be shot again probably gonna empty I had I don't put in an office noticed it again. Taking in my yogurt cup which I mean the yogurt out of him distilled has yogurt remnants Amy I have fished it out of the trash can you in the studio because I'm afraid to leave it. Good advice to start to smell sour by the time. Bobby Sherri did your did you leadership but here's the thing we are probably overly sensitive because other places probably get cleaned on the regular and okay go ahead. Valid point but. Regardless but if the if your food is nasty to other people it's gonna affect everybody's productivity. They're gonna be bugging her about your food playing complain about your food so here the food that they say are too hard to ignore. Leave it at home don't bring him to work all right well Ramona is gonna be on every one of these events shop. Unions say perhaps there are few things I have brought. Member while reading fish. I don't I wanna do bring in tuna I don't hear it in a tuna salad is its own and I tablet. I've died Ivan how long is branches has been a long time it's been a long time you know hole has not been filled and along yes I am not there it is. Inheritance area in -- is a little place at our studio that was designed for someone to privately takes phone calls on the air. But we call to the hole because if you have small include use of its ability to all closing deleted the remote refuses she's I want. I brought it was smelling until I was told that nobody likes to develop hard boiled eggs and how do you think that I. The years it's always been explained it smelling like parts. Of rotten eggs. Prompts you to. In the hard boiled becomes the rotten egg smell gas yet I brought in some double leg then. I got paid familiar by paper melt EE I don't know how many people had a lot treat but that's the now and Mahmoud Al this next what I do. Because recently someone heated up some Brussels sprouts in the kitchen and I know like garbage I don't know. Slate garbage I couldn't pick out like he viewed a blindfold a means they're bringing in smells I would know Brussels sprouts. I only like I smelled the spice of whatever was on the Brussels sprouts. But I can't tell you that I guess I would never got to pick and I don't know I'm hassles brows as I am the hard boiled eggs are using now is everybody has our product and I don't I. I don't rob Russell Brown's one time in my entire life. It cabbage family when you heated up is not going to smell bless your answer. Prodigy can you and cat and the smell like cabbage is very memorable just like spells are boiled eggs yet. Ron anxieties and Alec. Sees marriage the seasoning it's time. Maybe you have some gene that does not allow you to smelled like asparagus. It may be. You are immune but believe me another and it is weird superpower. And guidance and Alice argue raw onions yes Ramona I've had them on a salad Malta not not all multiple. Yeah. Some months ago. And it. With a before and and you walk outside you probably onions away. Or you pick Portland. In order the saudis I know poignancy that in order to sell about I don't win in order labor unions are ruined. Our workplace says it right there and garlic. I don't have big problem David I have to be really really yes on and because I've smelled some garlic bread to people who brought in it's not terrible in smugglers. But haven't you sweated out the next day it's not Lou that's. And he a pungent spice is the target mailed and other words everything monitoring. That's why you're bailing him pungent license you know. Your pungent as my fragrant should cut back. Pack we already mentioned it tuna salad and row have a list is stinky cheese and I never had a problem with a coworker bringing in stinky cheese now. While not doing now love. And might have been in their pants there's X what I thought. A little tunnel and I don't know. I have not investigators say this thing advance to next phase. He doesn't think he pain well listen. I there's an advocate Steve. And there we thought. It as. Other similar. An implant a epithets at you yeah yeah it's a different strategies. But. Only rich people have sink ET's. That he sees the rich people. Or a fancy person thing probably. Is elmo's. Those little who's running the load. So tired of Clinton Brandon yeah stinky G book about Danny described it as artists. Which one of my all time hated words. So they column and I'm not blaming Britain for using it I just usually know when it's his artisan of trying to but I don't want it. Yeah artisan bread now I don't think I do. They get what I just think it's at that says it isn't you just faint paints. With a red tenant and take advantage of people hundred tickets and seats you exploring he would have food they say made in the traditional. Or non mechanized way using high quality ingredients terrific as high quality ingredients and figure out yet again. I ask you lots and process. Not acknowledge a bank. And are like artisan like ya come CR artisan wood carvings or something it's like that guy is by hand yes I don't see why you'll crass I. I don't purchase. And Penelope will make you. But I'm happy. Yeah. I just don't you stop and it made a handmade. Data where it artisan. Now I don't seek new line artisan there's that matters stop listen and it's on the way up 77 everybody wants to stop that exam Iraq. And it's an as artisan works you'll. He's it's how it's off the army all homes and leather and never got an old person all the. Sounds a big article undeclared there. Diets or call the boredom boredom and let me just luck so I used to allow analogy you go to two exits it's still the same fast food you don't deal would Amtrak egos he walks around says. Imus Jean yeah. You know hands you know it's funny yeah I mean why are you doing this as an agony Maher spent all of little bit on my game our special some with the brands made the machine. Indy. Apparently you can do about it out of the learn a minute. 1079 delaying treatment settings and it's nice legs because we have. At present that even tell you was saying yeah this. Means to an all time. On December 70. Before the show. Throw in a wizard seed we're especially glad. And serenade. Charlotte. 079. Top that. Say. Or a minute I hear dude doubted your review has about faced McManaman FaceBook page matters not how it cent drop. Why don't adapt kindest personality types. According to that Myers Briggs personality said they called the Mac. Is the I and PGA. It stands for inter version Finn thing thinking judgment. Which currently insensitive. Inch pro version aren't and I incentive I introverted and ever since then things along gently tensing as sensed things and chances are. If you belong to this personality type people content you. Mellow. Trying to me me me me not mellow. I mean I don't think you're an unkind act Arnott and kind at all sometimes things you say rub people the wrong way. That's on them it. Now but I I think a kind of mellow. No Ernie know you are turned up all blacks. Try not to be turned up and he's out I just let it go it's because. You can carry it that frustration is not a you know why I'm just gonna let it go on just gonna let it. Do you what do you do that's not you. Someone who's proclaims there are tornado every other day well that's I'm I and com. Yeah that that. OK now they mention it. And by a tornado Matt will send us a text message before the show to let us know what to expect you know he says. I'm a tornado yeah ha debts trouble in the orange zone yeah gas. The text has the word anal anywhere and it net debt is red zone. That it does rain that is desktop. I used to have come slot and that's a four letter word that we all fear amp amp as well on there but yeah. And it's not you know. I should explain it's a code it's okay right. Amigo. And I made it out. And I I live in Atlanta. Know what to expect. Yeah okay similar yeah Mellencamp not Ella. Our front Carmelo and watch TV people told you that you're an old sold now. Now old fashioned old fart. At this Matty downer that kind of vague. Think your idea of a nice day is spent inside at home except some great. Oh yeah and how much he enjoyed eight you know Netflix and killed yeah. Ain't gonna bake cookies or do you craps and Daria but come on you know when I grow any accounts either. Right. We needed to its next there's a certain appealed through in the. I was saying. My mom was in now hospital over Thanksgiving holiday I spent a whole lot of time part of brown on the computer watching TV right in honor I enjoyed it a lot yeah I was expected to be eating iron giant I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy it but it sounds like they're saying it's a great. Characteristic. Is. Would rather be inside and outside. I'm redoing your family enjoying your why did you bring up I really yeah. America could you help punks and all of the PlayStation. I everybody tin. To go to you when they want someone to be realistic and responsible and you're the first the approach. Many need advice on insurance or taxes or child care. And. You're not an idea and I'll come to me at littered with her certain things that add to yeah I am allowed it would. I don't let that made. You know. And I'm not yet the funny thing I have a freedom I went my friends from college was visiting last week. And she came in said in the studio and she was absolutely floored. When Matt pulled out. He is mix. Not knowing which film was which you have an NBA you have to the computer and started doing your research is your. Thing under the pretty computer isn't the end of the pharmacist. She saw that I should. Do. And that's a better all they know it is not. I guess who like don't sell I hit well there said. I'm trying to figure out what these aren't in my day are frightening to date right guy and other people person people are going to do for Imus to get response and the right one and number responsible. It's because. I. Forty. And this might have supplied Keizo realize ever got to pick him this morning. They always have to have that. Good at that's Matt Wise and we just had whys behind you really lies. Is why it is wise they lack of supplies crazy pills there. That is wise and to consult someone like you for and India could just pop and having about not know which is weird I don't tag on the five person consult with other gay ears when I don't know until it. You can't take badly to change imperfection or unpredictable. Unpredictability. Out of your friend you know it is not my round against any of our friends ability irregularity makes you feel say. About to say the job is done properly. Or if you can't dig deep well isn't going didn't end up causing you to get irate. And daily basis that's all of us. To all of us on trotted and except for doc. I take that on the date now on on that got better. I've gotten. And just a minute ago I didn't do too well. And I'd like in my head I think I'm getting better like in my head. A team thing again I'm aware I. And the way that that way my response to your email is by 80. Yeah. Rivers I I am what are. And that is growth and that's coach man it's just it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Jobs are self. These things on big. You are. On FaceBook teenagers are for thinking thirty year old thirty year olds act like Tina. Hernandez death so you need to. Change it all around man I get that. Change status is. The you know don't normally do these share this if you think down cute. Comment if your happy where France. Sent a message that year closest friends and next ten years and next ten days you know. Miracles happen or something. We stepped chain mail messages back and today actually mail. They are really annoying but this is really ignorant to. A tier states like that change if you send some crossed like fifty people. And and and also we don't want a public the one what's the one. Let's see how many friends are really you are reading this as. Alex that's sort of says something like that post a comment on how we met there are things like that are just post. I wanna see who really who reads my post or something like that yeah I'm cleaning out my friend yeah there's cleaning out my friends list a gal thirsty for attention are you yes yes or worry. I'm sorry Christian friends but when you send me to cross and tell me that I needed to share with. Eleven people in the next eleven minutes and already get blab historic. Is beautiful women day you've got to share this with twenty beautiful women. I'm not sharing any of it no and I really don't take my Jesus is going to base. His blessings on whether or not bypass of the around face he might endear him OG. These us. Now we should feel alleges Modi Seattle one. OK. In an II. I'm low level offended by that. Of the of the are yet to Eric. But I can only be blessed if I'm. Sharing some on yet again yet yet there's a there's a low level they need but I don't add up to date there pummeling the middleman they're claiming it they're like the middleman into FaceBook messages dominion and yet you want to be glad. Yeah I've got to go through that had a bad and the gatekeeper is because you'd did not assess. Guide it just doesn't make me too angry I don't really see it that much Padilla knowingly over enthusiastic. Semi delusional sports fan who Reza. A sports take or rant or something like that at about how there. Team as the greatest or how Eli Manning as a means he boys dispersant Rick wrote and here I don't see that often you'll ranting about their team or not. I would say guy I go the other way around so receive much they love their team US. And and there a status update shows that they don't know a whole lot about their team yes then I guess and yeah veto yes yeah it gets. These guys would know about that one media I don't I don't do much about it might say like. Eight. Something after victory in my put Eagles banner up for something like that for a couple days but I don't go on rants about sports. And now. I ran off the air right now not based EU unity in two yeah yeah oh yeah. On obsessively posting about babies weddings and or engagements. Yes you don't need Aileen everyone else does you're having a good time with your personal life it's there's a limit there's a limit. Marries a limit. They are allowed the post about it courts can easily but I just a disaster and they say I don't need to know every step of you planning your wedding and today we went to takes the cake. Well today we picked out an invitation only that out today at night. But yeah I think. Which is the most frustrating part of being the friend. And Harris. Amber and many below Brian. You had no details amber yeah I felt very left out as a friend because idol like those details I like to know. Wing Jiri going to taste. Very happy exterior or use selecting your color or you can't choose the all Mars the moon and I'm going to keep his opinion didn't know what a shirt Trudeau like. None of that matters to guys that he had all that matters is that we married the love of our lads like we don't tell you don't care about was a detailed audit our house passed. They didn't do a rosary Carole little leaner and may be enough. I'm here and you're talking about I don't like that stuff averaged what we said you could clearly about to do every day as cold if you put your. We can't do multiple times a day. But you can't do multiple times today the little things about your kids are engagements or anything out multiple times a day. Art and that's why they're your play and I can't multiple day they have big key and aren't there is not a baseball did your post about does understand and that. Really your friends via is that multiple times they can you say that's a race. And and it it's a wedding album just one. Like what it called an attack cattle out accountable album out now. Is finally put up your. Your wedding photos and an album does it out yeah ethnic all it wants. Coca one. I won album give you a new picture every day here every hour every hour problem that. Sending multiple invites to year art show your improper show your bans gay gear whatever. I don't need an invite every day. Now when you first announced reunites and then a week or two out if you think that I might have forgotten how might be procrastinating. That's the Abbott it. I'd be tight with your fuel on a nightly is something you know use FaceBook I say and down text. XQ yes I'm not Hillary buyers I don't know like that because my face a couple of years ago I had a cookout. And I thought it would be really easy to invite people via FaceBook. Instead. Email that's an idea next. But so many of my friends are like. I saw the two invited like forty people end. Anything on FaceBook that has more than like five re only invite I ignore yen that's weird. I get a front it's true because I do the same thing I see it I'm invited to some that with eighty other people. Yeah I generally don't even investigate my county or just some blanket something or other. I really branded like OK okay I'm doing miss hey I'm going out here do you wanna go with. They don't know and then. And Amy's nursing thing at graduation as advertisers on. Occasion headed out. But edited an. If you re use FaceBook differently somehow my friends who. Do a lot of social media. When they they're getting multiple imitations all the time I don't barrier is an invitation and I he is still check you know. When's the last. And you clicked on them mints on year of FaceBook debates are we ask united having editors events exactly so that's why you know I'm probably at where I think notable doctors that it. There's a place called events all right whenever. You finish anywhere anyway I don't treat FaceBook or your personal blog. You know every five minutes I woke up I had chicken salad twenty that suits me. Fastball and it is 1 AM that are quit with the farm bill and candy crush invites. Stop that nonsense. And delivered notice via battery either I don't I think is locked. Humble bragging we've always talked about bad. Friendly people we don't know. I don't know about the you'd I I think I mean I'm Hugo friend somebody you don't know it is today. Accepting. It. Right anyway all yeah with the remote and Mike did the relationship with fire Vernon. About best and thoughtful tax delinquencies. Receiving it in the end of Baghdad the last 66 you're like really I don't know yet. Being a mom remind. He's at a series of past work laptop dour armor all that thanks. And before that was. Where that was thickening tonic. That we needed treatment. That's a big innings yeah. I won a little bit. They'll play the way you want to. And that's the kind of things I do I had their annual widget duffel texts are you going to be home for dinner. I. We're romantic. An up or therefore out a final last yeah does just normal you read about dig deep and to my tech second found when here. That's when it dies. Right now. While your phones are in your hand today and it's below on your way. Wife's name you could send her a thoughtful text. Right. Now right now I'm talking about things yeah I can't focus on fossil right now I'd have to look for a late. Eight we're talking about sending a thoughtful tags and IA. There's so much on the use of the vote this there's one. I just love you can't didn't talk. Same time I did final one that was cutter nice and romantic mono evidently can be. As it went. It is on the line and no late he sacrificed. He says. Remember remove the l.s on the shelf when you come on this is a very good. I hit our anxiety pills in the underwear drawer but there's. There's there's there's there's some of the great things gone there's conversations wow man thoughtful thing. All right. Writes I talked about is on the air I don't they we've talked about giving the pedicure which we used to do and I was. Young man and that was it I was just the start of the relationship with Amy. Aha this year. And you Aso to food whatever I had on the beat. You wouldn't want it to protect your feet you when when a touch Komansky ranked. I have a point in his beat down even though it's never will and it's very tired for. Your man to do your feet. Is that well you're exactly that's why UN having their say it's ugly I don't I'm not they and I mean I've had a lot of confirmation. And they well. Obvious too it's ON one time she took the shopper thing a partial offer I don't know and has special thing it's dead skin off. And she slots so hard I wasn't paying attention should be of some my foot was a heel was bloody. Whole time she just told my daughter that story the other day as they gave me a coupon for a patted prophetic or you know turning them down now does not let another shall offer to cook didn't abuse laughter so bloody let's just. Her use the pant leg and seen on TV today and have a headache as I get aggressive with a brush my teeth from polishing my shoes and runners and rubbing my deal. I think got lost the tip of my heel. A lot of blood but it does you don't now the renewed integrators I would imagine if you were the selloff burn up the sloppy NB kind of satisfy. We get to blunt. No I do anything until somebody's bloody hot. I don't think I nothing that I didn't really heard not a mean dinner a little bit but not a lot. And yet as like not to and is being sliced up development. On. This is I don't inducement brings something when you go home from anywhere. When you travel bring something home which beat paying users who lives a flight attendants every week CNET brings. She does do that to die in as. She always brings me something and I feel bad because a lot of times it's like a teacher something from. It says the name of the country on net screeners some and I'm like oh thank you literally American awareness. On better talent and he got us where it. I only know where round did you of the eye and I'd. Bikes and I think that sometimes it's from countries and I haven't been to and so it's like phones looking right wearing alive and yeah what are you gonna lie. See Jerry yeah never been alive but he never quietly yeah you know what exactly. Should get a specific one like people tower shares did better than neck yeah you know what I've I went to this idea but. Like in Italy and Italy they sell stuff that today you know attack the arid and I'm like you can't win unless you're Italian. Even Italy yet where doctors now ministers and that's a very. That. Steel and their culture gap the old church sponsored summit around out there think just as Italy you gotta be Italian. Now yeah yeah that's I. I think you do has really dumb. The first of all the person is he Italian now I just and as Clinton there AME ball all great year that Byron Nelson a big deal. And millions of people who. There you can't. You just can't do a man. The more I think about eight to keep families any country can do your. Did you Wear pads as Mexico and Mexican and other police Hispanic or remember in the New York or New York now now. Disney World yeah same thing at. Yeah it's yeah he's a good rules. Souvenirs so if I go someplace. And Regina Sullivan back to someone advice to get under my mom back a teacher that says Myrtle Beach to tell you where it palace she actually went to my right now right now regularly go to the somebody has my five year old horse going to the souvenirs to remove any where you've been. So. To remind you wouldn't diminish the white somewhere cared about it and now now I don't and always brings me souvenirs. Now not lucky. Because souvenir maybe and I do I Yani once Soledad brock's wanna look at it remember that you got to go on a trip that I adding good to go on. Yeah ask and then sometimes he didn't mean let's give me an. And as I'm honest I hear right there right now these are your unless it's some animal. Yeah honor and it added color yet that's yes that's yet gone. Ike is not in my life goes to Ireland brings you back some whiskey now that's awesome. You don't have to you don't have to edit and eventually be on I. It's not just no way I was you are driving me into something acting did. You know that it's not acting did it here in America but you get a surely it says Spain magician BJ did you have actually been Ireland on. I have settled. That matter more us. 1079 they'll link cares we send this link to kids want to seminar in the Lincoln teamed up with CM PD to help kids on Christmas this year it's part of the magic this season by sponsoring a local child and all the details now just had over 1079. To link dot com. Are you a Netflix cedar dumb dumb dumb. Who did you watch your show again should not. If you declared it's your show. Then you you can't watch it having a song like do you think most couples have a show. Yeah I would think most. Oil in multiple shows he had literally eaten GAAP and I have my shows that I watch she has her shows that she watches I'm done a lot of problems and a great. I mean that it is sure the what are you what a year to show liquidity shows you shared together like this is not my show this is not. Amy show this is our show well your chance Ricardo and little slot. To be about right now strange are strange and now aren't we we we are we need. Re light the flame a TV logic is conducive to a stranger things return to bang that may be out on their licks it. And we're trying to finish separate Donna then. And urged China to back in the Walking Dead. It's your show it's your way right now all it's the punish her. We did stranger things. Game thrown uses only Lotta yelling at front is on. We have lots of shows who lives in Big Bang theory together. Let's see we owe it valuable do. Yeah I mean there's some really on when you have twenty minutes time the Brooklyn 99 and now. And what's the last man I. When not on earth yeah man standing manner and we like his enthusiasm. In herb NEA and set up they watch says without me. It's just the dramas follow Ali after lunch and I can watch the comedy any tax when he met out. The problem I have a guy I was dating. He wasn't and TV at all that adds once I get to watch. And I try to get him hooked on a couple of mice is Ed does it work and I could your show a sock and I'm. Well I was watching some very good shows that our hearts like teen age are not edited he'd go dancing near what it was and teenage girl dancing and prancing horses that are. That's the only thing in the printing elites of note that targeted cooked any idea shows bring it dance moms are you are you think you can do or how about your body your Friday night I'm done every show gets canceled Eli. That was your bringing back to painful memory that is downward dog underdog and a little black keys this. Look black eagle like geez isn't that a yeah. I I as well. To 75%. People watch the next episode without telling a part of which is hard to get away with because it indicated. On the television. Whether or not you've seen it so you have to be when it starts. Where she gets in the room is he won't. Otherwise you see here either resume or Carolina chapter whatever. Why Purcell watch a whole season. I'm Ryan leaky 25%. Of the consider Netflix infidelity worsened sending flirty text messages to another person. Now how a band has asked how alert you when a detonation. And you know how flirting at the campy and when it matters since the flirty text to another man. Am watch a TV show without you depends on how are being. Whole season a game at browns did no no no well yeah I'm talking a bandied cutie my husband's alert. Hutton now come on dude that's wait that's way too dangerous for the whole team like drones. Of course where he had been and it shouldn't be an element. And and that according to people said that they watched the program minor part of backs entities and about what happens next. Your relationships on slippery slope especially underwater viewing that completely in the early in the lord's. Other when you're watching our show and then you're teasing me about gas. I teasing it during it all week really coming up coming up on them they spoil it all for what is out. And it's great in this guy dies in five minutes. I had. And now and I've falsely they have the right to continue. Matters of waiver. Okay. No live in our house you have to pause and we well I can be the pause then when is it okay if that is true habits wanna years that's ridiculous we have lake show also like there's kind of shows recedes just kind of in. And there's Chile guy but it we're both full and yet doesn't matter Slepian stop. But there's one show like much regatta and would you like to have an answer offers you fall asleep on the show I'm a movie. Off in the and you know why you resume watching it at your major now now not movies definitely. Falsely that's it. Yeah analogy falsely do you don't you might not remember where you left golf via I don't know. I gear no no that there aren't in my house some movies always accountability for your slumber served on a movie you gotta give us a movie continue watching movie after some of doing. Watch TV showed you yesterday kids. Did you think you how applause not a movie. You have the pawns even if it's a we're what do you why how. And when you render him like Tony I. Gonna pick it up the next day you'll have to all of those rentals not necessarily about I'm outraged. You you've finally I sat I'd totally on your watch at the next morning or somebody yeah. I never the one that falls asleep I'm barely sleep and also she's the one. And I'm nice enough to pause it and we'll read watch and we didn't really nice enough but you can't take gentlemen a huge amount of. Now this year but you can't make that the rule and I will send her do it at some point. Fall asleep you get XP. During her return to figure rival teller. And I got edited TV station omelet or a minute 48 Hewitt only sentiments go ahead watch markets and ten minutes later but. Not a whole season not holes salary anyway. And why do you ever had area or watch it without even try to explain what happened. Now as are hard and fast rules that tell a knock on that's not harder backers in my house yet letting go sometimes I know I'm going to be busy and like so. She tried to explain stranger things have Miette the other day in the episode I missed. And they start to watch and I'm gonna watch it let me watch it again so it's okay what happens is is synopsis. Am I again some but I site fast forward ago look at what happened in this scene all of a tale that in our next. Uttered at a Disco scene by scene we have to pretty quickly but she explains he seemed to only wecht she'll forget. It's vital. It is too. But isn't piling through it like three minutes that. 1079 delaying care. Would say there's a link to kids. Similarly dot com is the perfect place to find out. Bob Sanders linked to its help you when a child in our area and nieces and help the big and Christmas special. And the like more most horse your four year old Trevor loves all patrol and Thomas the train he loves superheroes. He wears a size five code and his family is in need. Travers mom single she's working multiple jobs to keep. The family afloat. And she could use are held in every Huard can use a Santana if you'd like to place into pitch forever or any of the other. Hundreds of children he go to one of seven mine the link dot com and IB Ebert Stanton. That's realistic are fairly and check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.