Who Plans The Vacation?

Monday, December 4th

Matt's just too anxious of a human being to ever plan a vacation...poor Amy!! We also talking about meeting your ladies parents for the first time and in Bandy's News Nuts a guy gets a Waffle House all to himself!


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Connect to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only got. You're listening got off to a remote. This year rate and comment and Chan yeah podcasts judicially created right. They surveyed in the marriage therapists and asked them. What questions. They think would have held their clients. Before and he got me like all end up first date an. Any important one was actually about vacation. No sex. Now owners date now a lot of lag it worked out by your it was about vacation in Maine where you know I think education. Where you go on vacation last vacation did you plan everything out before they go look at well. I have I've about believe that you lot. Look at that I'm glad vacation and I went I about whether you planted or what but the little. Because. Vacationers give me anxiety. Right so I don't want out of the gate teller about my anxiety. Number you feel like this question leads to. Some very serious questions about your mental health right it was a data guys get all freaked out about vacation. And I tell you the 1 June 24 to 48 hours and still for a down don't like you very much in the last reply I don't like there's only a three day sweet spot kick you. Something there I believe that although it may come out. Comedic four. A woman on May first day we you. Woods milieu rings I smell it should I guess he pretty. Do you Wear your anxiety on yours I Leo I'm proud of the way I didn't like it or not wed. The item you're. Your run on and verbal cold a sad thing you talk yourself into a corner or. When Iraq can back him or he can't keep that that's exactly the eye contact I. Bathroom get diarrhea I didn't get back. Area past I would get diary I would text of in the that's important diary of an ankle problems and that's an Atlanta nor oftentimes I. You have to worry about this question revealing now you're anxiety again now but vacation is something in general people think about relaxation. So they don't wanna know that a date I I think bad and. And I sure a lot of people. Going on vacation and having everything scheduled. Causes anxiety and and for other people going on vacation. And having nothing scheduled causes that are nice medium and between downtime. But not if you are in whining extreme Warner or the other. It can cause problems for you is a couple wins you wanna go on vacation or even planning think. That's why and I believe execute for Danny rice that we have would have to lie and say and say all. IE best case scenario would be if the woman is planned everything we can't say that you know NC the first day I got my goal would be for you to plan everything. And just tell me where to show up and went. Can't say Jennifer steadily and. Well admitting that you're not much of a planner but I don't love people who are published by double what she's got to find out which is yours if you want lineup. Now if you say. Not much of a plan or but I love people who are did she knows Hamilton and abuse say I'm not much of a planet but I love women who are I'm gonna run it past him barred because. I'm not much of a plan that's rock that's why I'm I'm alive my guess ago. I don't. Implementations had thing yeah let's do this moment in Vietnam by an island Ly New York good night. A miserable I have no good you don't know a lot of now you're like silent says I don't does a person that. Now because if you are planner. Then you'll be happy when you find I don't like duke if you're not a planner you'll be happy when you finally do. Christ's cross a bridge we need to do you see her. Now I can go either way. I'd go either way I'd prefer that they planet but they want me to play and it will will work up on call somebody I am dealers. But. You're just adding a supper did that counted and that. Not a design that is not a deal breaker is so why did and do it. Of therapists say that question dump it feels a lot about your personality. Mean and what no it doesn't look. When it comes to vacation planning pretty much you don't your lifestyle that is not true because OK can I tell you how what's your and I tell you or not. I. Like a 100% of your social planning vacation or not. My wife. However I'm very routine guy. So like I bury much when a lean certain point and literally I wanted to come to work and it certainly Planar and that wham planet and when it comes to those things like. Problem I'm Mattel ran again and only time I've zen like trying to navigate. Didn't. Yeah and I hit the. That didn't ironed out now don't. This guy he likes to play. The plant. Some. How durable good yeah. Now I would make a call or something that we would be what we mean it would be miserable miserable I don't go anywhere I've learned that if you wanna go anywhere in America. Clothes she's thinks all this guy's a winner then I will get a hold of travel agent or something and that planet. He wants bigger phone call and everything back to me Albert tell your wife travel agent he could. Suddenly in this yeah me acting email delivery added generally we hear your market is too big of an issue on the first day. I wanted to look me ours. I. You eat it they go about. Our parents. And it has we're still in Europe and a long time based on that. Did you not mine yeah yeah Ebert Ebert of the village of movers and unveiling my true self. Didn't and then it's not me uniting on yeah I have to decide until I had about what you didn't you lessening economic you didn't. Yeah the lie that. Now forehand or DG go with the flow all too big events is Atlanta. The float. Because they wanna planner. I don't wanna go that long. Ago the flow and it. What's paying these scenes are named afloat. And that was he doesn't want any days but I. And I've met with the Amy and I know the Amy what are your plans I do it's not like I don't I don't think. You are. I don't go with the flow I don't okay Imus under. Can't go with the flow I'm saying go with a two meego the love means there's no plans. I'd I have planned as didn't make. The go to the floor I was and interpreting as I don't even know where I'm mister day could make them nobody liked to have them that's the problem. It's an opportunity to hook up with a lovely woman who wants a guy who calls the flow let her play. I finally ran out numbering and she says to me a similar though he wouldn't look and just turn it back on her and then you answer whatever she likes. I just don't know that you know like sit out you don't say I didn't I can go into. I thank you go with the flow I mean like I can go with a plan and out of her due to planned and lay yeah. Yeah. Actually after the morning. 1079 no link chairs we send this link to kids wanna seminar in the Lincoln teamed up with CM PD to help kids on Christmas this year it's part of magic this season by sponsoring a local child get all the details now just had over 10079. To linked. Com all right Mandy prisoner's neck. This Owens out of South Carolina Alex Bowen says and he couldn't sleep last Thursday night. So in a hungry and slightly drunken stupor he walked to the west Columbia Waffle House. That morning and found it in TM customers and what he thought was employees as well. He went up to the register and waited for ten minutes for somebody become sound bites runner turned the lights were on lawful house was open. It's crazy he went back outside to smoke he concede one insight. And he didn't notice there was a sleeping employee in the corner Booth for the and I'd act. Which is still running this. One employee and doesn't seem right. Now I don't have I've ever been a while allows one employee you know you gotta have the president said dental players on the court and the circuit air and I placed at least two and a I've already summary and show. Yeah probably. He walked back inside and waited a few more minutes and then wasn't he says that he was the king of the lawful house and it was go to. I'm you act. So I didn't go alone. Go on and I'm making my own food that is great yeah equal let have like a lot of how's your basement or something. In. That I want someone working at. It's true I don't even know noticeably he wasn't drunk people wrote any candidate that. Other 10 o'clock in the morning the enemy of Waffle House I mean. A big sorry job grill in short order cook at. No my greasy things Ria that Woody Austin yeah. I'd be for you don't want the actual wall files map clientele not to mention I just wonder shorter cut in a big grill yeah. This could well he fired up the big grill and started making a double Texas bacon cheese sting mail was next. Engles who would even know how to do that all come on let's get hot I can take care business with the even bigger grilled cheese that's not true. I haven't made one just because then there's been no necessity if it and I did look at abundant. But I mean meet. I've I've made she stakes before I can do this yeah I think he couldn't. But some economic cheese steak and they'll she's gets an extra pickles and they're not gonna go all the way to like Fries. When he was done he cleaned the grill and collected his ill gotten saying Winston left the Waffle House. He says I give all the credit to my old friend vodka. Tracks. Normally do something like it nasty your fragrance did not get it or not your friend a Waffle House that might be. He stopped in this lawful house later that afternoon to check on the store. To make sure no was this he's not he says tonight he said one of the employee says the story that very happy with your exploits that are. I doubt I'm sorry it is open it is fair game if it didn't now and now we can't steal a lot of seventy make him. It into the well. He says I guess the Waffle House is this gonna have to take an L on this one are on it and give the employee five dollars Rooney returned for his sandwich. On. The national lawful house spokesperson said the sleeping employee was is going to be suspended for a week. And he also said that in speaking with mr. Bowen. There is no slight and his action pass and that it points to our greater issues that we will address in the future I'll auto club louse yet take responsibility while balls are the guys leaving did you to bid suspended. He gets could be. NN NN NN I now know used you need to. To be suspended. It. They left all alone so anybody alone should be falling asleep now. The issue be following the typical liberal lately are securely guarded him did he sell. To our security guard out there to closely vetted on the on that don't give restart and I. Be that a couple not our current security. The for a while they used and somebody sitting in the chair outside to get well but and that guy even after you beat the warned several times would not wake up while seabees has done is dead a couple of days I didn't know we know a lot of people. I sent earlier is mother in covering a guy sleep that don't smother the fence murders other whatever it is the gathering is wrong related through blood Chile. Awful that this outbreak amounts. ER a Florida hospital when an unconscious man. Would they do not resuscitate chest and two was brought in. Linda I was on his where's Jesse I was across its Genesis and do not resuscitate. That's a good idea. Reports. It's more yeah. If it's a joke. I'm assuming serious attack you but organ donor on hand here if anything anything could that the that Al is medical issue medically just keep listening area allergic to as a reattach to the hospital staff was greatly perplexed. And unsure whether to honor the main stat to or attempt to save his life through emergency procedures is not finding is that it. Actor real thing he Simon do you sign news. I don't give those signature if under I don't know I don't know up in the in the icu team decided to respect the tent to. And wrote up an official DNR the seven year old patient passed away later that 97070. And habitats you do not recessed so that semi romantic. I gagged yeah seventy gaffe you do you're not making a lot of weird like the runoff. If from 15 AM I have do not resuscitate your column resuscitate her and how to on seventeen have you never says they get it. Vienna she's. Always so it's good to monies if you're in your twenties and yet do not resuscitate and got third place that is a joke. An alleged irregularities. Has how fresh is it is. I don't pay. Package until they got in their twenties when acts ten years later they might or granite. You can't tell how well you got a different way. Get a clever way. What is your. It's crazy he's been sicker she adds he's been sick for a while or anything like that does this and anybody can he may be that if we got adding. Opening is tattooing your allergies. You weird and where he put an. Enemy like everywhere apart by your face. It had to go under but talks need to put on your. That's just what you are where you had the or are you swear you won't Wear got a. Alert Brees has now been going regularly to peculiar you know the icy shell and it. Has he shelved the sales down as a resort in and out of there you don't need an enemy's list. You are eating shrimp my friend that's. It's more glass and more fun it's put back. Our eyes Jimmie and their parents and his applies to his parents. And really it's those whose back goes both ways but don't show up at the hands. When you're meeting the parents you say well woman spring against maybe two or. I know I did not beta did not. I'd never crossed my mind to be honest no I am I've never even dating never running gifted aired its now I've. I got to sleep tonight now series Elizabeth. I did bring against and it wasn't really appreciated. And you love to get just people don't want. Just is my love language as a as a when my love is rejected demands it and after an apparent what did you remember what you brought. I think I brought a candle. And they say it and now I. At its mine whose you know. Front candelabra is much older and financial Ole Yankee fragrant you know is my honor the dead candles so again patty. When electricity goes I'm sort of pretend right wasn't Yankee candle to Yankee you know but for heard either Yankee candle and electricity goes off. But for her receive it the only thing you use candles for when you don't have electricity you're all people. This particular. Older woman not really my line to get her flack I'm doesn't think you burned candles. I'm a candle burner gap or Pope hurry. Some like that I I love to warm glow of candle and the send other people not so much. I can say you're saying life is like I wanted a lighter drapes on I needed Jack. That's what they're saying you need to check like my parents pay his parents they don't drink yeah they don't wanna bring whiners. Outlined would be I would that would tie be the one thing I would bring. Yeah objective judge Emmet G average my parents parents daylight Rendell ordered am on Wednesday that could be very as and that is the thing. I was watching this movie called the namesake very good movie. But I marvel this Indian man was dating. A white woman and she was putting together a gift baskets take for him to meet. To take to meet his parents and I think everybody loves truffles and she's put in all the stuff from this. You know obvious that the Indians in the basket they're looking at it like it. And we don't see any evidence that they really do that ass because culturally. You bring that they gave you find out Bailey. Learned relied on to find out they don't train but they don't drink though yoga for yourself. I knew right. But it your mom they say like at the mom's a coffee drinker you get a Q mug and a Starbucks gift card inside and I think gift card so it also the reason it but didn't say. I still think that's. A gift card person you're meeting somebody that's weird yeah I enter a loss like you bribing them to lunch my ten dollars. And why should give him a nice. Ground coffee and what does is that X is that like vehement ten dollar gift currently are. And hours that's not an opportune everywhere I doubt he has to be seven wade. You might guess that is worth ten dollars bet. Gift card out active duty just like couldn't cash in an envelope and he's gonna dad loves sports again as sports related magazine subscriptions. At. Financial. Year and so we will would you like get an envelope hey about a way. Television is where sincerely Kevin UH yeah. It pops I don't. So all worst insult mice however it is another do nothing. They'll use absolutely. And I think I guess you'd Iran answer flowers something. He needed to do something much to check it out what are the fact make your significant other don't get it. And add bring currency pared back. You say Matt bought this gap needs to be in on complaining yeah botnets you know ran a nearly nearly. I'm dressed to impress. Yeah over dressed better than undressed app that's that's that's obvious I was up in a little bit. But then again I mean there are some situations where maybe the person's real like country liken it be like who's this meant yeah yeah yeah those people and you have to read does lead to a situation yet like yeah you're going out camping yeah coming and assume owned a failing picnic on the Acela. I never read it to you live not. Yet some cases not. Do your homework. Then that what they mean by that is have a conversation media lady about what not to bring up around the Panama Nancy Ruiz that thing. Never heard of mantle of opponents and now I just looked it up you never Nancy boy I think it's inappropriate as days. I was no doubt I had never heard it in fact in looking at. Picking up on dictionary.com. It says offensive. Informal offensive that thank you are just used in the sense of I was using it as they're very country and they don't know. That chance and it eased slightly a feminist. Science what needs to examine it yet. To like the guy in the pain to dances at the picnic and about my Saturn emerald I'm meant to bar governor. Say. So I Wednesday at a basic. They don't say Nancy bloody yeah. Or dress up too much. Ellison lead is safe seat bully instead unnamed and we know it's unique. Is that rhymes with fancy. Guys Pacific. Do your Hummer writes about that is an enemy ms. that top of their ballot where that they only stands in politics. And social issues like gay rights gay slurs at. Get there that feel for their sense of humor. Heard what they like vulgar language age. Dated they hated you bring up page. And find out topics that are good to bring up. Yeah that's nausea defined now that he's in the hunting and fishing you can talk who have I batter her mom loves judge yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Awesome his column I was a judge he's a on the guest judge shows begun yeah she's jeopardy. You could whip out your phone. Yeah I am ready or. RealNetworks and bring him bringing the home game is pretty important game if you find out they like wheel of argent new low and demand they'll do it to yourself that. Yet this horrible. I'm mind your manners obviously the jet to find out specifically what. Is that cope ascetic with everybody. Likes wearing her whenever. Help and on the right out around the house goes a long way I and it was right in their clean it up First Amendment and good man spent but where did you bring about a feather duster yeah. I'm doing it this is a stop and take him but you know anti semite sailor no big deal but Amy had told me that that really wasn't the way he. The men as she perceived anyway and they would argue that. In their family had never done and some and and guys to buy them have never done that. So it was a I always do it you have to tell me it would not him but he donated some places it is a big deal yeah but the guys helping amateur. Oh where you alienated by the guys for breaking guy code now or not by the women. I haven't both. And alienated and loved yes and I and and I asked this one tests. You're seeing people outlets embarrassed. And I might add some bands if you Don. I know IA agent and I now I don't mind it I'm less aggressive and some Willy Nilly on on in. A dishwasher I was originally nearly isn't it a bit of the Tom Ed don't civilian dear and headlights dad do the conversation. Bandy said find out. That sort of staying. Use your. Bring up your own interest to do they don't use to be like yeah. A twin of year of their daughters and they pay sincere compliments his parents are excellent BS detectors not not that. They're gonna pay act Pam compliment you should. To insincere ace that come off as always go win that meal is delicious yes meeting at their house yes. Make comments about what you reserving their own two artwork daily pictures garden keepsakes. Well that they'll collection when Yemen and that's MBS but I Cardoza. What is being around gremlin gremlin as an adult and some dialogue Ingraham the Communist tumbles. It was plugged it doesn't. Problem for me is when people try to use. How's it bribed my mom or bring a gift to my mom that they know she loves that we live together and it's something I don't love gap like another bail for rebel collect. Laden I got to totals yeah you're listening to all fair with mess and Ramona now right guess which Uganda and off payers. Next the cot next to one. Yeah at all and I save a bunch of negative long birds. All right my favorite little fact noises lobsters. I guess says we don't eat lobster faces. Now we're discussing ever ever looked and I've ever Google what animal in the week it's a good. And nobody Ed demos basically sat on their computer the FA has argued. And do he wanted to because. We came up when we're gonna he takes now. I don't know anyone speak I've never even heard that Everett of pigs eat. To get the I've never heard of bigs out as a delicate. Ethically amerigas I mean I don't I can't I knew that was a good thing that you brought up like I. Really couldn't come up with a any animal bases we which is strange. That's supposed to drink and you want the economy why waste it all right Tony right. I'm pans can spontaneously become roosters. Switch into a dude that would be. Don't be revenue it yeah on it happens and in the air more rarely you know who who can switch sexes. Nemo. Nemo the clown fish really necessary email or an end. Inside of me mode to neither really be boy or girl. Nemo Disney now. Attitude it. I've never really thought of Nemo that what are you have to. Well I don't. You can't think you're right these are generalists and he says my deploy it to I didn't say everybody should see no no I've never really thought of it. Like el Nino is a boy's face in the movie hits in the movie dad's always like oh my boy my lord my son mind all but. You know. I honestly don't know what's behind it you have to India hasn't even name boy Disney characters and my name's Simba. I hope not I don't you when they end up and I like using married name animals. Male animals isn't a boy I'm going like an 02 units about it. You can't get biting him a boy. Okay boy like character. And I L name animal male I'm gonna go there and be yeah boy and didn't really hole. I'm gonna go name well. You're you're crazy old. About his son and hopefully I give all they've gotten you this way then he and you can't Edmonton I think if I don't you guys Wonder Woman kicks butt like that guy does. I can't say she's wonder man. But I'm not assigning you might say a am assigning Virginia I've just never thought of that name a little bit. Girl aren't what we're just never thought oh well yeah but the darn boring it's the beginning. So yeah he's it and I'll life. Hey didn't I am not allowing him I and moan that weighing in him and he's seen again when it. So zero is the Nemo the clown fish for instance change from male to females part of the standard meeting processors of animals do that. But to have a situation is different because her sex change is not beneficial to the species. There's not a benefit just like decides one day. Barrister that I did the other times it's as a symbolic or something. Cool and I'm a bald eagle nest to wait two tons. And that blows my mind. That blows my mind that salvage something big by alma on the unit that isn't the only Internet. That's all the assembly we need to type in this new deal on a lift why would you low lift in the eagle's nest of winning and team and it's either that or it's sheet now. ECH idea and then as a foreigner PP. That's good and now. Let's see what else we got a George H. W. Bush as he died for this by guess airs. Is the longest living president is 93 years on budget days and Gerald Ford was 93 in my today free pass from. And probably and probably still be still relevant. When it's aired because I'm doing adding to the Americans. You know I don't think your kids six and 93 and a funeral meant. Newton just impossible. The white estate in the US's main. 95 white at a 5% white or my 94 point 90 why the least white. When he five point four. That makes it didn't happen and just let you know but facts are different joints. I also would this I am glad it's not mean her mom but I I would probably go on. Montana. Not know guns and. Now now it's all right. It. The phrase red tape comes from the early fifteen hundreds from the holy Roman empire. We use red tape to steal most important political documents in decisions. On the back door right shocks me that they would have tape yeah he seems like more of a modern day death. A minute tape back and was like a. No he's calling a truth of that amount omelets and that's strange. And had to be sticky yeah. On one side and sticky bow I don't know they took. Papyrus and put 30% of all downside is some light at night it read it again I don't drag load I finally have to. The wild boards and southwest Czech Republic are radioactive. After decades of Chernobyl dead radioactive wild boys are right. Movie that's it and get on net and I said it right at primary yet radioactive Boris that's fast and they're already like. Crazy enough to something you do we now gets it into their running luck AM hunt can. Or my goodbye video game. 1079 going to be checking Santa's nice list because we have. At present that even cellulose and yeah is it. An all time. On December 70. Before the show. Throw in a wizard seed we're especially glad. And searing pain. From Charlotte. 079. Top that. Say all right here's some things no whites have Ber wants to hear. First of all you remind me of my mother. And your edits compliment but it might not be even if she loves your mother in law they've no my lover mother in law but. You don't specially announce creepy when she's naked you can't say life. That be weird. Did you really did say that they had to saint Augustin Yemeni attempts. We can't say that shot when you're about. I have relations. Blue humor I even my mother and I am putting all my clothes are now. I don't think you big time and don't call me but it rang out whenever boobs and I doubt this reminds me that maybe. That's about it. I think yeah head like that woman should Hongkong line what line. Just to be safe and you're just isn't buying up in the basement your nation and it can't read these. You need a call when your friends think girl I'm leaving you you know you're familiar for me this is the address this holy days. OK how about get over it you don't otherwise get over in nano now I even know she should. They can say to us which is being funny thing. I Danny's wife says Iran does expire and then I listen. A runner I'll get over. The same kind of thing. I mean if someone for you to let you know that you. As we say become a tornado year pet Arlington. Is depends on the day means that I cannot find him it's he's an out of my mind night live you know could be just a Craig has gone down or it could be. Why you always losing your teacher any at this game plays all the time. And is admitted nice or it could be all you ought to control why are you accusing the did you want to get into today's. So little bought options and you thought. Al them. But usually it's just that it would react if there and it is not supposed to say your wife. Is that which you're wearing. I think I would say that that that's that's ridiculous I I'd. And they're series he was where it was being a minister we are going to this that. Kind of like minister. Her hair the awards being. And I Warren outfitted that I wasn't comfortable with because I was trying to fit and and it was very Joyce Meyers at a women's conferences like being a and when I came downstairs already values like you weren't that. And I was so pissed because I was already feeling. But he was severe sensible he'll love my ease doubles to let our comfortable again and already it was not my style and many made me feel even in that. Less confident and then I didn't even want to go and I had a bad attitude on line up guy. But you know. At that weight incorrect at a bad attitude towards him but I was very nice everybody out of pocket at. It did well my wife has tried to trick me before. To come down and something either really inappropriate. Or are. Uglier whatever really inappropriate you have like some don't eat and talk like that they Oregon do. As a mom I don't quietly Kenya against Italy and have some like Adam believes it is it also anything that we just received your inattention and. And I'll say like a game her big Jameel like. And stuff. That would call into on anything and you can walk out would no shirt on I'm not saying you really don't avenue shirt on and his undergo a. I. I don't believe this really. Born things like. Usually it's a no. Dressers I had big leg just rushing around and right before I leave their house mammals say oh you don't your dresses and it. Or you still have curlers a hearing here but you would not give your wedding heads up no. Ever ever. Well I might say something like its interest in some like that the I mean it's like Carlos and Aaron on might say something that's supposed to be on admiral diocese Golan Wal-Mart topless not read the nine alert our way. She started telling me bowler now and I won't even that overall yeah not my problem if it all I think as you remind me my mama got a. Not Atlanta. Who exactly it is easy to do little to Kmart topless I thought I did and I. 1079 no link cares. Which saved is a link to kids. You can help the children of the Charlotte Mecklenburg area that day. Taking part in our annual and is currently can't we would love for someone to volunteer to play Santa for eight year old Brooklyn. She loves dolls and essentially Barbie in monster high. ND he wears a size that encode and you really need to code and her mom has been working multiple jobs and keep the family afloat and they need. Our help but 1079 the link dot com and type in the keywords. That's realistic are fairly remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today it 1079 million dot com.