Cuddling 101

Tuesday, December 5th

Not only does he give us another edition of Odd Facts Corner, the worst cuddler in the world (aka Matt) is here to give you all some cuddling tips!


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Today to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com Jordan listening to all there. Remote there are at different. We'll tell you it is not a big fan of the cut. And it began the final papers got married and mean person got the relationship. Giving guidance DS percent yet you've got to protect. You know I call as discouraging. As a single woman do you guys talk about what you pretended to lie. We know you were. In the early stages of DD and I think I worded that wrong. It's not only pretended and like title in its that we actually the tooth and ever and I think maybe it's more of we. Can put up with a more because of you're trying to look at her. Having and we enjoy behind why I mean. It's it's just that it's you know a year cuddling where's then. He could get you started did too wanted to declare your independence. And so that they'll do is just it's not like. I think we're trying to tricky wind yeah you'll learn how we're not trying to trick Tinny like being that you don't lie you know. Now I was and I've told you that I don't like and I openly. And neither does sheet. I'm assuming you're she's never asked for a couple. Why she's having regular I think once we shots and housing emea there's only that but not. If it is super important issue and ask I'm assuming she doesn't like literally hand may be holding an event. But. I'd did the most Iowa give you not even grown out of that book. Where you in your vote may be lying in bed watching TV years something post Cuellar whatever. This is and you take your leg over. Just on Iraq and yet coddling. I mean I am just talk a catalyst in the Russian TV you reach a worthy of foot. And you put it like ankle ankle both on your back so back to your ankle the front her ankle and union twister foot under her foot. And it track winner. Kind of message does he get out of bed teachers and all that and that's that's the notes are trapped behind it a leg doesn't listen I get trapped on the 400 pound box you can escape she needs students early golf but it did acknowledge it illegal to sleeping giant Jessica. It acknowledges. But she's there you know she's there. And also. And how important that is the year it's like hand holding with Al all the rink tomorrow and steadiness and whatnot. And and that's so it is a it is a tried and true thing. And recommend yield hook but you'll hook but I know I don't Berry's sexy not just for pirates no no. This is the best one is the spoon. As many benefits like allowing for steel. X. How does that only cuddle and I didn't I can spoon and I can handle it firm based on has been eagle on. Olympic. In an Emma some guys who little threatened bad though Eagles believe that I'd rather be the little I had to pick. Yes a lot less effort. Your best players averaging being the big development and for that I don't know when you're the biggest sooners law like. I feel. Like the big east is he worried about like abolishing weird stuff going on and then you're gonna ask you your your boy apart just out but I would I would like to an errant and Al you got them on the outside. The fact that they need hearing out. Is a problem he was at its biggest need area that badly that would be his biggest worry though you wanna be the big spoon and you haven't slept with a woman. Because NC then you'll accidentally doing things when you watch it because you're action they can feel some movement. Down there and that as a sign we're just talking about Cobb you know it turns other things cuddly turns the thing. Yeah all. Cuddling is that means to not talking about we I just a would you be eating and you have a clinic at its disposal. Debt doubling as a means to him right. Yet figured if you haven't slept with a woman yet or the habits early on he'll do that when indeed been you know do some grind it will bet. And then it turns in the things well but then after that you don't wanna put any more effort into it you wouldn't be totals now that app that's going to be say don't put that ain't good yeah. Zone and then you're up front money open. We eliminate any ideas taught it to you live with whom I guess I would be more comfortable as I got my arms are free on the big studio. Loop over half their furry. Among those wearing I'm like man look I hardly look at what you doing when you look into the big east Indians for. Oh. A money immediately. Here's the league's moon shadow puppet literally telling the biggest wounded possibly have someone laying on your arm. Which which can be. Awful. You also have to you know as part of your name on your arm if you if your your side you're our guy. And my whole it's all I can move immediately got a little bit of monogamy cricket trips. If you're no seriously think about this you're the big spoon like. Look at this picture difference. The her arm as the big spoon is underneath him. And he has full availability of both designs. And is a big spoon you're also the responsibility. I'm taking one arm and wrapping around up both your arms are taking have you nutrients so we didn't get to do nothing. It appeared to be willing. And these loosen our free Internet doesn't agree with it. Oh yeah. What I don't yeah. And yeah doing something went hearing. Mail I like my hands to be free that's on like holding hands at and I don't I don't I'm not free and oh yeah. They're hiring a. You're afraid of me to imagine doing the show when your hand hands handcuffed and stonewalling or something it would of course is booting just. Yeah how hard I mean they want them. I had no real lakers cut a hole senate beats this is if we also owns the I don't know who want to be the biggest mistakes and be like a review like measuring expense. The because he would you have that many people McConnell the other big chain together a little bit there's one beginning did you finally get to the tablespoons. Sugar with. Do black people on the show you don't wanna talk about being seen together and yeah minarets into each other. It. Now with no guts yeah. These days and today not that all huddled up latest balloons mental someday I'll I'll get to the magic played the cradle and twists. This bow wow without you get a isn't it still up for the next spot again dad and her them. 1079 they'll link cares what Santa's a link to kids went 079 a link has teamed up with CNBC. To help kids have Christmas this year feel part of imagine this season by sponsoring a local child begins. It's 179 the link not come breaks. Comment Lovett. That in the afternoon and then podcaster there you know I I did not know plan to limit its article are never thought about it that women's clothes don't have real pockets. I never. Have thought about it and or never knew Jim Bernard that it didn't let the national often Wear women's figure might have a conversation no right. Well they talk about women's clothes but I think it's undrawn lines a woman what does that add dang it wish I had a pocket. Which he just had never heard it in never heard women complain on your decision you know they're reveling in your own pocket and the man packets. That that's like it's so exciting when you find it. A dress or a skirt. With pocket. Yeah I saw. He's I think of a denim skirt like a long denim skirt pocket I don't know why it seems like people and colts have pockets. Of Clinton today and earlier period. And then somewhere to put their literature okay right so yeah yeah I did the managed them and like it have that out of Princeton area we're like they are some looked over the fence in his budget. We want to win when talking with buckets in Toronto maple and he he had those women obviously getting cult we have we hope. Police on the spot. I started it you want to do a sorority houses the old women with. Jeans on number they're not real pockets they say not deep at all that's rounds and I'm trying to deep. Marketers say for cults. Is essentially go all clothing was made without pockets surveilling the small pallets. Daniel boon or some on the waist then out 400 years ago. Men got pockets. Not women. And early again on it we do in the designing a gambler yep probably early eighteen hundreds slimmer silhouettes came to status of women. Could no longer where pockets under close. That it Wear them over and close the pocket even got much smaller like we really need you know a key and that's about it. And songs anyway keep women powerless. I believe that there are no way to secretly carry items around we are for them to travel independently or conduct clandestine affairs depth specific. Lincoln had a knife that was an ice and in raiser they wanna get people like me hooked on handbags. We're on together and getting give me amazing pockets when they know that I'm gonna spend a couple hundred dollars on embarrassment Levi Strauss is making and I vs everywhere rig there. They're all connected together the push for pocket equity beer is seeing. Is a body into my hair is all like a big giant men and women not a thing. Eighteen hundreds. They ditched that constructive or constricting corsets and got some come to closing his trousers. Which of course featured pockets but then. In the twenties Coco Chanel said all of those pockets. Put little pockets in women's jackets again they were little and you cocoa cocoa concluded social. I didn't know I was tied to put in a women's jackets but their leg bag in the pants and and that. The blue jeans. A key around seven which allegedly was always seventies were Wentz are wearing blue jeans in the regular. Iran it's hard to believe audit in jeans were just some really big. You never wore anywhere but went to school and for playtime right so. I had so they they say women's clothing still predominately pocket lesser just a tiny and a date attempt to find just a very shallow pocket. So they say as many as I did all they are talking about few years ago making. Pockets bigger problem because the iPhone six debut different mix plus. But there had their chance I would they did like eight I they should go is that it's it's bad for that mails we've got to carry everything on subs are Sherpa. In a got always a lip gloss you got her I indeed he got her phone. Maybe panties in its current hey. Eddie weird and Andy's apartment. There is isn't it easier. I mean they've needed hi I am tech and I read it there until it is yeah. Asia I got a man he's there and also the people in our NBC have gotten into trouble. That would be one of those numbers that is like help but notice prospect on the service. And I'll be bringing women's yeah that's. I know that there you can come to arrest him and then keep it did the F out of and you love. All there was. And. It's Saturday around three American here's one from the week residents of the village jury get a speedy Tony Ireland claimed the fumes from the local Pfizer factory which has long produced a certain ED drug name Viagra ever heard of it are arousing men folk in the small town. Soon started dunes yes that's the fuses the thousands and there's other theories to like it's in the water and mud. As local bartender Debbie O'Grady says one whiff in years. This class act she's a decent amount on should I used to teach how did it mean nasty but it beatle lived in that tenacity. Going to be around perpetually pocono out of your pay and don't perpetually well thank you don't. Perpetually Coca what kind of pants that wearing man you would even know right now about smoke at the Sutton yeah. So. I I. And yeah. Nobody noticed hey that's the truth that yes that that tiny tenant in the yet but I'm saying. It's not like you take that little cubs. And that's elegance that. The B I'm saying that. You're just don't take the pill and automatically born knowing arguing going you've got to. Have something going on me it's got to be enhanced them and got to work yourself up on got a lead turning you on right. It's not like and it may get. Turned on like twenty times a day. There's different team being. Like turned on to the point boy you are you trying yeah. In your system pastel I don't think I don't think I would I and I know for a fact it's the both. Not around all daily herald a sign of the anger in the area yes yes yes yes yes yes. I don't think I think back it actually probably be a very good. Florida's. Oh yeah you know I think so too is so wouldn't wanna go there he and a little you're the only well. Only ask mr. Salam. Women who wanna go there. Are women who want to take their man mayor Bill White and he didn't use Viagra but he won't let you are hoping that. Maybe just some thing is clear and I don't think I not think in the long roadways time. Okay well with your main romantic vacation and a good and it went my teacher won with and your staff. I Leon went that difficulties are at it and I'm gonna make does not expect can't hit him. The so when he'll distribute them if I'm not sure yet. At an Oregon perfume convention. As well as and sooner. I don't know maybe Henri would Wear one now your dog tricks when it's done it's well speaking of dogs the town's mayor Jane list Toomey says. They are having little state of excitement walking around dogs found me in the dogs and of these people are crazy it it on his head town is Nancy. And you'll want the league about. No. He does not look good how many dogs aren't there. Be a lot from the value. Yeah. World to get grapple with a sick about it. Amber that's already happening all the time in rubber dog rebel leader he's now oh my dog ate he never has is live Stig. Grab his belly and every time. Bowling Green and about it. Think it's true but I don't I don't know I might add my thanks solid hitter vaginal at the time God's when he does it's. It's not like oh another. We are. Now. Ultimately I think is overly. Big and yet there is that there is different and demand would be too much to date on all that they can't forget. Like his story three of his own advantages and it is supposed collided doctor now if you're a pattern. Now the mayor on our also has a different theory he thinks the Viagra. Has somehow gotten into the water supply. And he saying this as a former employee at the Pfizer factory written he's convinced it happened at the very beginning when the factory open because they were so closely regulate. I was bitten all over everything and Pfizer and message says I can't get it through their thick heads. Yet another hit it yet another. A piece of evidence that the residents claim the village experienced a baby boom after the Viagra production. Began at the local factory around 19980. The baby's. Lot of babies had made on night I ninety catch your proof not not a Celek has some guys via damaged India by agri lot Ehrlich I'm you're not able to. Complete. The baby. None of these if it is if you go on all day in the women's relay whatever so they rent lest maybe maybe because. If he couldn't is stiff for no reason that it could have finished. I don't know man I should. Maybe they can't finish these Atlantic. Top men and hello hello hello Ali horribly behind. Is. I'm trying to give you guys science. Well. And this town needs to be studied these columns I doubt it's addictive you just usually met a lot of sex matches was inserted it did it too. Look at these are ranked girl in a decade and really let me. You this if you're a lady of the night in my own move their business would be booming right or arsonists and saucy co Ed traveling up the this didn't. Thinking in the youth hostel to. What are your hot girlfriend. I saw the movie and music hostile. And look at how bad they don't turn the data for its. Off there was met Ramallah yes and boy get mad and around the farm and mart empire big guns this could. Solid banks are. Clinton and starting a fire in your bargains after the bad things are at a bar in the arm Byron where every gather around a bit of art and put on a show. Okay gather on the fire in the bar and Carmen monoxide. They on the very first one of the first items ever sold on eBay 1995. Broken laser pointer fourteen dollars and 83 cents lol so the founder of eBay calls gangs as you know why do you buy it and he says that. I'm a collector of broken laser winners. I'd love minority is today wow that's a stupid question in Houston today. In order to bear and a but see that's what's broken laser pointer he seems to have somebody that what did you buy it and what does. Asked to Hollywood hits a broken late and you got. I want it didn't work and you has 1483. Well and I swear I. At that point it was so early on May be your try to forget the marketing angle is like nick that they do you sell any big and as well yeah by any thing we could sell all broken laser pointers on this thing. But the kind of dumb decision move I would have made it back. When their hungry I'll happily eat another lobster Ben who wouldn't mean who are needed I like at least human. Tired. Zone and it must not battle battle in the first option to. My first option that I'm starting with a and and they are Sosa then the pain. Okay I'm starving there's one other only one of the person OK and there are no flew immediately and the world or plant no animals now well Amanda on that. You definitely doesn't get pneumonia and asthma and commentary. Yeah. Candidates and it is apparently now local. I'm not out of there and yeah well I am I dead meat and you of the Miami and here again it's not as good to hear you and has deteriorated as did area. I dogs are Smart they dad's going to this experts. The dogs are more than twice the amount of brain cells in a region linked with thinking. Planning and complex behaviors. Number or neurons and has cerebral cortex that sit baby dogs 530. Cats to fifty. Million. Guy Humana sixteen millions and so you're not surprised that Smart out. Now because the last cat that you saw. That was the lovable family pet on a six count. I can name like. The dogs that have had their own she lows and can't name you fairly dull and have their own shows Sabrina the teenage wits. Out of eight cash and al-Qaeda lucky but I saw a cat on and on the you do to him by a piano. I didn't do that dude husband and Matt liberties Martin and out of all the family dogs on all share volume while there. They need attack. Right I don't know I don't do what it supposed to do jump jump the shark when they bring a dog or kid than now and yes dog now it just says they're done. You could be viewed on a dead dog and a never force later but our job and play hard lately they don't do dogs. I mean we. Enforce it should it now but there because there's no dogs are married to drown cats. I like the seventy's gonna the last big time dog was Frazier. I can say 099. You can't come above one in this but where do you decade we do for the dvd they bagged only animals well actually there was a fantastic TV down on downtown -- on downward dog be canceled show it was ridiculous. That doctor can a TV just. You know good wholesome she's got an existing not even last more than a few episodes that'll thing on TV and film who wants the wants wholesome do you have. Believe you're not a family it at. Does not talking about Ali what is the effect to advance word yet. No lodged Clinton if you watch him. Violin answers I don't wanna live yeah it's like saying I honestly not that good wholesome comedy is something that tugs the heart strings perhaps her mind turns. Brain size duke oracle nor on ratio which we are talking about when most intelligent animals raccoon. Rain the seismic cat norm density that have a dog. Racked whose babies. They are Smart little Landon. One Atlanta on TV sitcom is miners. Gas and her like other Smart has also been very sneaky. And theory creeping on the more comedy hit that's why old dead engine why it down there. Racquet and doing today in the news statistic that. It should have been due Eleanor and whenever I tell you it was a guy I can't stand not knowing now coon in the news he did some. I've ever seen it trained raccoon is during the program I showed it Disney low gas varying colors Mara coup. Always drunk pop some nevermind. Yeah. I thought I sure didn't isn't. Everything things. Possibly mariners aren't that the U had a general idea and so he. You broke in and trying to Berman gunmen on this story about them police guarding. The president like Ben you had a direct hit a way to loses her. Close about a lot of things. Your route the links. Alan Benes is favored couples tradition. Labor. On. The anniversary of the first text message this week. 25 years ago. Engineers sent the first 119920. Mary Christmas. On a commuter and set it to a cell phone. Akamai on and you person's got to be better at that. It's perfect I can. Again Oakley saying that if saying it is here and district Christmas in Aaron says that want to. It was the first photos send like a picture Simmons weaning the that was the the first thing he tried I would hope that I think I would like to do it and be a screen here. In this is our class isn't that sort of a different citizens to take it because people did that it weddings in at least that was the portable. I can't it'll take people a year are hiding hide and I I didn't do it but I I was I knew Amanda and atop pad on one. To the first text message was sent. And it took awhile to get go and it was 92 and job that wasn't lot of cell network coverage. And phones they had the buttons so that was a pain in the beating a year then ask. And then the Smartphone game. The US alone the via messages. Twelve point five billion per month in 2006 to 45 billion in 2007. Yes 78 putts on an 81 billion around the country in 2073. Day even tees low with. The amount of testing that I see going on with my younger cousins and my friends kids. That's a lot. 781. Billion messages in this country. That's pretty. That's pretty big but they say might be gone at some point in experiment hasn't ebony is responsible for 780 billion. We hit big were wondering. If you would be better. Bedie won that the DVR vs the explicit text mess. Which changed your life more which could you go in and out and I and I. They had talked to guys in two DVRs has to be the one. Every assisted text message led and I. Because you think about. Having to be home. And watching a movie when it started. Yeah applause a TV ship oh yeah low rather than. I don't have a phone conversation but I think a lot of people who text he wouldn't call is when tell me there Wednesday you know. Not the Eagles or something like that and I get yeah. Even if you expanded it to murder Smartphones vs the DVR I'm still humble over the DVR is Smart oh yeah artillery expanded to Smartphone an ERS has. Paradigm my Smartphone. Yeah. You guns and hand. There's also the issue Ramon has an issue of ending a while phone call we know that. She's always battling on the phone walking and his agent model by its claims energetic down however he already that you claim you can't just get rid of people sometimes I don't just hang up like you do because sometimes people need a little oftentimes you speak to older relatives now you're not always talking to older relatives. Keep talking. If you don't even know if you're not there he's I've just some friends that are. I had I know some lovable hang up the telephone hostage takers hang up on and. On but also that would who'd like how do you ended on a texting you say did you wind does the conversation end. What's the message in this bill the worst of the worst of the worst. Era being part part of a group message that never rains. Now I don't and a loser and the knowing yet I I I think I just I did I drop out term. But I did I've done written on that amount. And I've even seen people and there's no good way to do it as it's hard and he didn't say uncles say. Please take me off of this group message. A little reminds you that an and that just seems so root idea and wanted to be offer of liberal group messages and it just seems so. No way harsh I would have to go. I yeah I'm now there's no averages that I might even on them and a group. Things. In but I've there was a group email my good directly to the person. And say I'm man on the nose for a good person it has. Please email them directly by email the whole email saying just the person started off. An email or mail to replace yeah please remove me from an. Yeah I could just cinema prime it tanks well. In my mail the lottery your email and available under. It is a weird that is a weird thing I've got one going on right now it's kinda hang. Hang in there made for the next person make the move and that's my parents are the absolute worst and going out and it yes. They either in the atlas talked to you sooner they give you the thumbs up the mood gee isn't that Saturday I think like. I like that implement it because that is. That's an additional way shin that is true that tells you okay we're done extra is that we're good at like that. Comes up does say at all. Thumbs up saying nine million dollar words here that's true it's all gonna you Ramona that is team in need to thumbs on the right so nobody design is patient detect everything never say anything after thumbs up unless they say something you got a reply yeah. It's funny that you don't we're thank you know. Yeah thumbs up is done necessary until now has over thumbs up thumbs up definitely set to data as it. That is a good parents are wise text he's been seen on the mile and a mean can sat down or like now you know on demeans. Now when now the all you do is press the button and say I'll direct answer pointer all that whatever it's bad news and you get back comes out. And they did an employee you give it a product is it Simon Ingram on nine Hilliard and having surgery for cancer comes. You can and that no one wins like. Prayers it's not like anyone's escaping after prayers what do you say after cracker. Edward and prayers no sane and they're pros who's no that's. 1079 no link cares. Which saved his link to kids. You can help out children with the help of day each element there police department and 2179 delinquent. Don't know what incidently dot com to find someone like this child itself. Like Robert just six years old like elastic terribly. He likes cars and they goes in he's hoping to get a scooter. King Robert's family. Their family of 41 town got very sick piece here in the medical bills. Anthony in in a really tough spot if you can help please go to 179 the link not content type in the keyword Santana. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.