Who Will Matt Eat On The Island?

Wednesday, December 6th

In this episode of Off Air we're all heading to Human Resources after Matt reveals his if-I'm-stranded-on-an-island-I'm-gonna-become-a-cannibal strategy. We've also got the four times you should never say "I love you," and are you someone who keeps interrupting people during a show to ask questions? Stop that!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening got on there with them. Beat him. It's not that I would spot by spot detonating a great world like. Like to think about it see it I wouldn't do it a try not to do it but when I'm on a plane. I do take some of these things in mind. I'm but as I've told you before look at who as you steady it's their right. To use tax. I would say he's not a branded a few times. But I do like I debt would go all cannibal. If we crash some where I and I Lander. You and around and look for coconuts I don't know man forget the bag they may into the meat eggs and I know perhaps he could finish and a man. And I'm not saying he had his buddy Don and I. Mine I'm glad he's here. Take a high cut and Augusta. In golf with us. Do you guys have people but what I'm saying is that I don't think it had any problem beepers. Became down. The people on the shows seriously now not an Asia that you were not going to be trapped similar the man. Is it in my camps and tonight I let kids several times. And uncomfortable to think bit. While we're on the plane he's like it bill we've been part as well log by. Where is definitely hurt us that you are eating band as I go do the little mini bottles on this gas. I think has matched that the end of the nice to watch them Ramona where I'm trying to think Tilly and does the party. Like they did. Yeah yeah. You know I look at it. And that included torture Emily. You gonna get the rock and a finger yeah yeah. You can't there's going to be a way of ironic thing I don't I don't know I've investigated. By. That please just tell me how hard I'm not investigating this when there might be a must be a way to eat another year without killing a low lying on arise they're legs not chop them accompanied him. You from the knee down. Would be like some that you eat at the Renaissance festival yeah what a big effect using regulating my incident cabs. Need to be out it is they'll. Feel like you have to keep me alive I would probably be vigilant in Italian who are advocates want to have leg. That was sad glad today's web Lane's minutes what are by but. I. Hello all we share my body was another view. Over. That whole journey jolly. Yeah and bags you know this. It makes you sick gauge yourself. About never wanted to investigate this they're allergic to you know. What are you don't vote I would urge the blue madness. You go back in each yourself. And I'm curious I've dirty brightness. Says they usually talk about cannibals like eating a whole person but I wanna be just slowly down and they can meet you and you live long and you both did food right. And you'd know those eating yourself that you're you're cutting eating each other. Not your reading each other but it did was what I shipping do you need to pick. And we say you still have meat you still have energy. But you're not killing eight I think I'm onto something. No you're not. You know that apple never travel would you again there's an actual. Article on how long can you survived by eating yourself. And as it is an actual article I'm back met here where the calorie count. Gas hello I'm I'm not money on that first. Limbs can provide an impressive 68000. Calories. And a longtime Atlanta survivor going for around 39 days I'll. OK so my ear armed. Now I'd ask he'd just killed me I'm one of the features. But still it's better I would get to tell purity to my house. But I would cut off my arm and share with you guys. If you could promise via via not gonna bleed out. This is that the it might. And I don't understand why guys aren't thinking about. I created a whole safety as a private plane crash but I think gas cannibalism. End this through hard to resist. Arteries as it again and I understand you guys never thought about it you watch the movies of the crash and Andy's. The Ethan Hawke who's in that somebody like that it's a lie I ally than it was even hawk an eighty mile path. And where the real life soccer team I also saw castaway were. Tom Hanks managed not to eat himself. Well. That was a minaret. Article negativity and himself at the Donnie. And I don't know. Yeah and I was just. Very very lucky ticket and it get him on another month or so people. And yeah. And we use he lost Wilson if he would have beaten himself Wilson could have survived a little bit longer a hearing today the Molly model the volleyball also has a volleyball because of that classic it's more intimate. 1079 delaying chairs we send this link to. Two kids wanna seminar in the Lincoln teamed up with CM PD to help kids on Christmas this year it's part of the magic of the season by sponsoring a local child and all the details now just head over 10079. To linked. Com or four times. Not zealot you missions they'll obviously should not CNW we're talking about saying it. Well the very first first time so I guess you shouldn't say editor not in love. I'm one of a gamble hopefully when your ready to say I love you you mean that's on a list now how about to get everyone goes without saying somebody get her to bed. That morning should also go out how about after you've had that out. That there you go out. Do not say it posts. Cuts are becoming lot of times people say things they don't lean. Yeah right after they did I think that's when we need to make clear that up though I mean it just needs to be made a rule anything you say within fifteen minutes after sex stated he never be like can never be. Mentioned again. This is finished fifth so you sworn to secrecy just sort of secrecy. Digisette would say things we don't need means so. Just you have to ignore everything I'm given a fifteen minute windows it would every want and it should never brought up against jumped bespoke about OK what beside that love you his in his forbidden. Anything mountain and that little I don't think that happened I had this so our kids and I write to you don't want to rat yeah you never ever really that crazy after sex. I it's a blur the cry laser like you know sir you are sorry sums I you know what I like you do is put that in there or whatever airline pilot indigenous literary or rude to make it real responsible as Keating and got on the victim and went ten minute when you have ten minute window. I think you should mean you express. Undying love. Mean that he'd abreast who I love you instead of I loved that OK okay then I give you that definitely better. Divulge everything that will be important to know let's go show earlier this current note. I mean tearing up can you give me during nothing can be used against the person or should be a during the Clinton cannot even Jimmie did you meet during. Is this like in a court of law school. And you're like is it certainly using it as a court of law right there really isn't quite a lot of Disney murdered someone they can you can't testify I guess. I sent plumes. I think Darren. And murdered eighteen people you cannot music. You know anything about or anything like yeah yeah. Oh yeah and is that. I believe and religious lives why are you discussing odor. About this. Just get excited and it smells and somebody went. I was to go the other way of Arizona. A. Mills I'm saying from the beginning today and AM beginning. Ten minutes before Dylan ten minutes after. Delegate to you get absent silence radio silence. Talk but nothing can be brought up again your city not what is it TV I don't give me. I don't know I don't know why I'm not and I don't I just as saying it it's what you just said. Can't say hello views on say it again go without without bag anything else got to go without him. I want a lot of you just keep your mouse and Bluetooth not look itself against them on how people do what they did do something like I'll I wanna be. Your girlfriend I wanna be your boyfriend or I want to be. What's the word I monogamy as he yelled I mean it's the same thing can't hold that against immediately blurted. Oh game we have and boom people have no. I'm learning new lady I didn't. I don't think that happened ever. Thought about it may mean how could. Yeah. How crazy are you. Is there getting their clothes. Managing rules for dating little thing in mud a couple big big helping out society and all right hamsters societies and ignores them and yourself valid as well. And blurred the line how I'm putting other people out. Going to be monogamous. I yeah. Not get it. I'm that they are do this and everybody now yeah that is channeled against him yet again real average to do not say I love you. For the first time when you are tips seat when you have mitigated intoxicated in any way yeah I mean then eight not romantic bottom line. And even young little did he get that down no way to yourself and if you had an aspirin for ahead. Many different one before I don't know if Hillary can never say it's insulin than a mile and a half sorry dad take medicine at the. Why you do after you do if you do slip it up it's up to this the person that was told a lower club. Within 24 hours a sage you meet it. Not another rule app. With some of the drunk person says I love you the person hears the island view has to say within 24 hours did you mean that when you said. Both bills they do you mean that within 24 hours and then in Benton it's it. That applies nullified a lot of resentment. I thought that was another secret we had to pay the with you can you can. And they are eating you. Wave Doral event and Albert is at a private like twelve hours. I only set that and 44 hours and time they're sober. Acid you've been right out of breath the lines and. I say if you under the limit how you know me you love me yeah it's a yes. Any confirmation. Love the Red Line to break out of breath lives there and wait 24 hours a sobriety. He got ruled out. You need a confirmation you can't just assume he meant she and a number three don't attempt some grand gesture you got it and ask them. But they know you're 100%. CU straightforward. So don't try to you know for the very first time. You know write it in this van. Door you know oh with a top wind controller I love you that much they can create some. I learned to people up and large selling. Lob diarrhea. And the. This is Steve ye it the other person has already said it you we're having to. Pat cash right they are you from time. Meet that it is can't talk for. It was sore throat and. In case it used to that would Cheerios and has its 10-Q haven't been nearly the other person's. Then and now there are no no no no no stoke it isn't sure days in this setting is into. Yes it is the Jumbotron on that. Because someone like you Eva he said you don't wanna be the love aggressor. You don't wanna be a person who's out as it first now now no I don't know it context I was taken in but I I would. I think I but I. And new wet hot potato and I don't think that that's that's not know how unsafe and I want I think I was the I love you aggressive. But I would justify any popular dog about it I was a lot aggressive. Aggressor in our conversations nobody I mean and I did telling me I loved her first. I don't know I've tried. Yeah isn't it mr. zapatero definitely trip I'd tablets are amateurs and not to I don't don't don't go out on that date. There's and you have. And it might not miss it. He started trusting you. I'm confident and he and declaring. A cup tax act. That maybe a little and a stop yeah and going out on the event ended up and I think you're crazy or anything. Right there you'll look good weekend is that don't over think it is the last of also there with Matt in remote it's. Pulling tricks again and solicit you without sounding crazy and banking is the headlines. Any time. On the first of all realize you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it during. Hulu are angry at what they're saying is certainly some Michigan due to try to get a person was. You some me time to get trying to him down and explain immunity is not listening to Tom over and over again you realize. That he's saying you're not import enough to listen to. Lesser demand is just out of control. Battle that that there may be whatever you're asking for is just ridiculous. Too much out of this and that requires me to get off my cal. When you ask your partner for something. You feel like. You're not asking for a lot. That's when most people those same people right exactly like he you know what all I'm asking you out. I'm not nagging you every day you're not only your ass I all I'm asking is for you to do blank. Now anybody asking and Jenna Leah I'm asking in this known yes it means. Had a romance from Max level prime minister say that it cannot remember. The beginning of that sentence all I'm gonna ask yeah through next time you got about I. On listening to team up positive lives all your ass games with a story that's you're done grass do you elderly people a positive. And supportive well. Today and read what you said it's on that. But then you're done after that. I do whatever I want. Britney is you've got here all in the match I heard just ahead arid just at the back words it's about. Don't ask for much now because already you're now you're you're starting Meehan on my heels on on the defense. Because. In theory is that this is not gonna go on and I can its its newly com. You it's a pretty soon we not ask for. Leg. Ever onetime me telling me that Amy wanted more hugs. She wanted to leader acknowledge. That's the I can't and he is doing I don't mind paying the bet definitely donated time. Wasn't acknowledge or didn't finish the sentence like it parties and get togethers and things like that she waited more. You know from become a little laurel and every once in awhile. Area. And I I. I didn't resemble around him. Yeah it's as though she got a job of that but so yes I I don't ask for much though is definitely though. That is very out of its passive aggressive is the word but it's very. Just imagine a boss saying. You'd be angry at your boss said it. I don't ask for much. And I don't think a guy can never say that to his life. I'll I got to ask and I I don't ask for much sweetie. But Allen will be able watched our football team every Sunday. Yeah yeah that that is I think I ask for a lot I don't think that he had also announced. Yeah they want us to say it. Well I have to go to that one well first mauled talked him and it's good time. Now he's watching football and its friends there Buddhist taxes is never good times not to let it partner no that. You don't like something that they did they say while you're eating dinner as a it's and dinners a good time this has an errand to sit there looking for your son to watch on TV but I ultimately ending down Flynt being. I had a good time gas area it is like Gallagher said of our. As we are spending when I come downstairs in the morning. That's a great time warning you know like. Yeah the first half a morning Sirius rather I'd rather hear about it in the morning then right before bed 'cause and I won't middle sleep consulting group. All anxious about what you're asking right my gun on. Fix is ready for your anxiety to work her. Perfect and I don't per world she just text it to me at some point during the day. Yeah just sit here and direct Cain you please do lettuce or not mammoths are deleted this yes. I went text. Get to my own torrid pace and speed that's the ultimate thing yeah but it's just something to say I usually. We sit down before about the turn the TV on loan us today write anything immediate option editing grieving yet as you do this every day. Well depend Alexander and some rushed in to have to average beer straight at the TV job but I would say most days yes most days yes. I would say practice I don't do I don't wanna get this beta show started and then you start yet anatomy yep. You give me blank I will tell you this I never the one saying anything before right start ago. So I think it's time that that does have a top four we start this it's it's referring to her. And on time she's tired or whatever and I do well. It is a guide that might my finger is right on start but I might even to decide who are watching what you wanna watch. Major things can't cued up pretty ago now for a presses button. It. BitTorrent president Biden is the magic don't want you have violence there has you have princess but you must be salient guess sodium in need of Ijaz beat her lover I hold your birdies and tell where at least until it was over and Lexington. Texas that no she can't motion detector friends or anything either. Nobody nobody it's through radio silent guy but if it. And lapin is to start texting and I'll go over there's all can you remind that I was doing the texting somebody or something I don't know and I'm wondering why they didn't tell marshals say just tell me what I'm text Gaza UAE texting somebody that knows it. Now I you have probably done in a minute. I'm like. I'm not gonna do it because what's gonna happen is. I'm at the pause at some point anyway either to tell you what just happened or to re wind is seeking just happened either way let's. Let's get done where this. Additional light so it a comedy or something it's no big deal just a negative Nicholas sound and cigarettes and it is they radios silence. You may not communicate with Nolan know. It's radio silence me for surge shows you know I get to think. Other little bit of the there's there's in Metallica some background types seller not a comedy some like that that. Cup man that's a great role. Radio silent on what I was. I'm fine if you wanna use your phone and text somebody though we're not going back over what dissent. At your own fault. It is you have the opportunity. Yeah you just getting rest room in. Blue claws for rest covered a lot of rest rumored drinks survey at six feet however. She can. Seek food and water hasn't been used in restaurants yen but you can see the TV from our rest RR one bathroom and the program. That's not a guaranteed stop they'll look at the paper anyway could you miss them. You just miss. I think. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Over eight and government please our on my desk. And Eliot. I had never even heard of just priestly negro may get mad at them it's. That's your lady growth led negroes there do. Related rosy but the real thing that's it has to be because that's the caddie SC TV like the Calgary news. Headline was a lady grow. Hailed online for Tampa on price changes at the Calgary airport. If you get out lady bro is a rose girlfriend who was also killed and give participated bro tonight pending approval by the rose. And what makes this lady bro is first and I hosts she'll. Okay he's able to hold their own in the company of males she can relate our conversation and grow night. And even offer further stimulation into the conversation. As he broke a keg. Grow. Well kind of not really trying to get into and out your way conversation you ask him out of you know that anything to these sports fantasy football Bob movies TV and. This other. Definition says lady Rosie girl. Who except for lacking. Private parts of the male would qualify as well she's into student drinking. Bleeping party working out and killing with no. Amazingly this is the female friend again. That's a guy and a female dude. Did female would like a female and a female would you characteristics like it's like it you know a careful and they rant on (%expletive) yeah you're funny you're going to allow. Yeah a they might bleaker cajun Phnom bodes well she likes to bet that but because she's one of the browser and writers that broke out. Rose don't do gross student. The boroughs of willbros. Oh I don't know why this is a lady broke but anyways he's anonymous woman. Let the pricey pack of tampons and moments restaurant Calgary airport. Today so. Because a permanent price drop on feminine hygiene products. Last week Carly field posted a photo to read it showing that someone had left the box at Tampa on tampons airport bathroom with a note. Said dad none of the Tampa on many machines work in this area are forced about his fifteen dollar box on the Arab target being historic change. Relay not acceptable please take one at any one. He'll that in her read it caption. Eighty burrow in the bats in the Calgary air put out trees you'd hit it and it went buyer role and at the airport is chimed in this that the main this team Jack and Philip many machines. The story gets called relay as it just at a price of tampons at 625. From fifteen dollars. Socialist south are long final box on I guess. We year or at a convenience store when you're at the airport you have to buys everything more you are paying for convenient of course yes however. That is freaking highway robbery fifteen bucks yes. I mean I I know everything's going to be high. I'm only four bucks team three times in bank c'mon singularly to break asks. As for someone like that. And I like what binds and trailed makes or magazine and asks Al when you're by anatomy an airport you are in a band spot additional spot act. In less time I'm gonna sit next to that. The mass that could be so let's let's get that fixed really get a free ticket if it happens that. Let's get that I figure and big activities yard germs for. And like afraid of things. But you would be OK with taking an out of this. If I was desperate. I mean if I went to desperate desperate death I didn't have any money I didn't have my card with would you say fifteen bucks or Munich I. For eighteen bus and why are you really yet about idea. Cannot now to make a different they weren't a boxer is laying on the counter. I mean in the wrapper and patent. Selling that the only way inbox out of box when I am using them is if I am add so you're there take fifteen that yes they would. Is that what I think most women would rather pay fifty and when they cost out of a machine using it like. Most of machines are so old that they only charge you between a. Five cents and a quarter really a while that would be cheaper just ago they are much like fifty. Pretty much wanted to do that that I get a bus station somewhere he got a good bunch and can do your brain and I like the generic is its ear desperate and we thank you that that yes. But you would pay. Julia could be seen used toilet paper anyway edited that would analysts at an act. Used toilet paper well it's an effort. We're in the whole different places. That's all neighbors for years on the outs and a candidate yet cannot write whatever it is the sound like I'm getting there and into effect. I got to the day you leave. One burst makes it really rob wrong comment. And this is newspaper article says 50% of the population he sees things its its us. That's just doubling. Untruth not 50% about every lady needs and a similar mean a lot of ladies don't have them about at some point in her life had a 50%. It's a matter monitor and them are like estimates. When I was denied the link been checking Santa's nice list because we have. At present that even cellulose and yeah this. Means to an all time. On December 70. Before the show. And throw in its third seed we're especially glad. And searing pain. From Charlotte. 079. Top dad sit. Most of us think that our partner is more attractive. Ly a long shot will you do good things and not not really much much longer it into law. 9% think where potter and the person were without wanna meet them. I think I know some of them. Well there's there's so I don't know they know that. I was talking to laugh my mom about this. And that is that how imagine walking around thing you're like yea damn I am so much hotter than that purse. You know I think there would be I assume it's women and then my mom said well. Of course that was a lot hotter than your stepfather. She say I tried to get in the I look better but I can only do so much on my guess how they. Melvin an ugly do you image G confidence in herself and. Knowed it looks are important don't they got married gonna floppies were still turning heads well. I that is a quote. Oh well set of pictures that I believe it or not. 56%. Partners more attractive 35%. Both about the same. And it even though both of you have beautiful wives. Like. Beautiful. And I wouldn't say that you guys are. And equally you looked in the looks department like yeah attic recently. He re. Spent time with a bunch of other radio shows. And it was one radio guy. Who. I mean it really is really nice guy super find out not close let you know you don't look at this guy and think. Yeah he could ever model. No no you mean before photos or some sort of length. And truth of a tax means. But yeah match it I have to say it was even I and I don't put a lot of stock in looks but when I saw his girlfriend. His girlfriend. Look like a model like yes it was bear Johnny and Mary guys irony I don't believe it end but yeah this. She eat. Was aware that people thought she was too hot rumor yeah that's true what she felt that they look the tell us keen I don't know how. There's something problem the problem as more via a thumbs up and does mark the yellow and low blows opposite. Because she was like a temple people would think that is good and yeah okay. Then I remember looking at her. The first night we we met this need be removed it together no one assumed they were together now not even close she is. Like an eight and a four. Something like that now. See my wife commented I'm not gonna go crazy seat for obvious why amber heard someone else say an aid in to ask that I was given some credit. And middleware blur unbeaten on the higher attractive level business of radio guys it's gonna. And a one category. We are about marriage yes I've seen some TV commercials that your ready. And how hard on the eyes yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah narrow it down to a certain demo every. Do videos begin dude you need to get I don't know being. And that when asked to rate throughout attractiveness as your attack of course most common answer right and 40% so there are five. 25%. SATA six or seven. And he has been terrified right. One bends on the day mood today and I'm feeling six ish but I tried on this matter. I'm new to woods and and I put my summits next at the I think what has but he was. Now organs are you really think your sixth. Minute I'm a silent on obviously didn't didn't hear the cell looks like babies got a couple now. I oh. I covered demo and it kinda hard and my demo in the demo like tonight for my age like my age I mean. It now I'm at 22 year old William S and we're all comparing Asian okay let's hazard and then I had to put myself on the gets some. Hot nineteen year old and a tech era but never in the age category I'm a promise up and sent. I think you can do with me not to climb eight on my best day in navy and that's that I'm on. You for a woman when I say. All my best today I'm talking about you know Baghdad on. The good crowd the stakes. Couldn't I didn't got a full face and may god didn't V got hair on leak. What's good days for a gas. I mean. We just like in my case I might feel negative work makes people better about it went running something like that and then some. The clothes that are closed nights are new England and our national endowment you have on today and I'm just having a bad. I'm sorry but I like the outfit but I just. Battle some nice dark. My skinny jeans but slim fit there you go thank you reverend I was. Or at attractive brown wing dancing Geico collared shirt. I am budget it's all about Elsinore tells my smile this podcasts. Segment is on his cell amount I was trying to boost ourselves and how he is in order to. Okay maybe trying to let again. You'll follow. My do you see it. And I'm not evident that it does it took for me yeah. You now don't even ask okay don't even has numbers tell you what people think. About themselves 40% say a 525%. Six or seven so that's what 65%. Seven or below. And in December saying her 90% ten. And then 2% zero. Then that. Or eleven especially Latinos are the benefit visited in his nose so he had only 9% put them at eight or above. Is zero. They were just messing around L. You need to gets manicures and allowed the 2% of anger at ten only really candidates Mary cavern they allegedly. Well as I see a picture almost Ottawa is all seven. OK I don't eleven point five you go back in ninety inhabit no one read their partner at less than five though. 24% at 5316. Or 723%. Eight or 912%. Said tan but he adds that. And so. I'm gonna let anybody break themselves but that's doubt you here it's so I said yeah on the ten even if they worry me. Victoria's Secret model you're gonna pick them apart table year you know I'll give you got a great body to great facing gray hair but it's a attend if your read them right yes on. That fact people don't wanna be with a ten Eli. Only 11% of people argue that ten. I'm. And then I don't have that self esteem to the view that is ten out of the house Iman and I wanna be that Kabul. Like we met at everybody's like don't care he lives in her. Like it at all. I don't I would like I added I think it was never forgot Eisen and yet women not at a seminar is not integrity is intact. But I'd say generically speaking for people need to be intent. So you know it's like forty years into the math 46. Up 57% want their partner to be a seven or higher. Did that headset that's. It's a good that's good number but to say you want your like that did the ones are wanting to be below five green. Battle to think of themselves loan Zimmerman I mean they just want them to worship. So they go I want you know I I'm only I guess six or regulatory the worship me. Worship should hit a fact they would have for their goal is I'll let I don't know other goal it anyway. Let Ramona what number you think she has. I am now at least at at. I don't need to now he's because someone says some denying that I would I think underlying theme today as an ailment to move amid a go home and you're on. It's so low number so long and yet that's so yeah don't really low number because it make you feel bed. Don't leave behind number because it'll make me feel bad to write that number now Gary D'Amato present risks. 1079 no link cares. Which centers link to kids. Gonna accidentally dot com find out how you can help. It's an area one was shot maker at least articles innocent. And you can place in upper rise he's eight years old and he's hoping net Santa brings him. Remote control car may be some older scheme. His mom was diagnosed with cancer and here he really hasn't been doing well. He's got three Brothers and sisters. And down mom found out with this pregnant that he had cancer and he really could use of how. This holiday season. Even use your family your office can get together and help out rise reasonableness and I really dot com and type in the keyword saint. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.