You Turned Your Back And The Kid...

Tuesday, January 2nd

Kids are mischief magnets....what trouble did your kid get into when you turned your back for just one second? Matt also takes it upon himself to try and tell us how to deal with a jerk at work...


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there was no remote OK so I do my tie up and he agreement back they've. Fourteen to fifteen months old. I really to keep updated date and I offer but he's your plan around the markers are tops on them so anything you can figure out how to get the top. VC did what's the worst that happens happens is is is to get required for a while so she Amy walks in. And be wherever she wasn't like this. Rat which is a historian airlines. Have picks up Avery and medals are up to me neighbors dad. Black marker all over her face she looks like he's going to war and the the pictures are up at. What is of an annaly dot com click on matrimony it's also our FaceBook and Twitter. And so. I've wondered that it would feel like the only ones do. Whose baby did something when their back was turned pro 12. A release it would appear to be 12 so tell us what is your kid do when your back was turned. We'll make me feel better. 70457017970457. Alana seven not turn your back but it does it and your busted Pristina what did you do. Well are they apparently aren't your adult and why they eat and completely ready for. It and it all out a lot. Went right are at battle it out that Iran would let her out. O'Reilly right. I am. And not get an out. Dot net but like her feet all day iron. And a bloody eight. But it. Ari cannot let the grand leap that I act and air. I did that odd. Telling you your husband does. Who's telling you that added that the get a vote. Yeah I'm not lighter. I am the man. Out. Are. Act and I like god I look like when I don't know not only at. I. What problem did. We tell right away you gotta make sure everything works out. You can't be all that later mine. You can't be laid out everything turned out OK there's dozens. Yeah. You light a lot. Help me at how do you like you bite at it yeah. Are happy whereas. Where you. Are out out. Christina thank you. You wonder even less than on the edge guess what would happen when women leave town here are some of the things that was the guy like today. Let's stick. Sixty phone call from. The noticeably educate doing year back was turned. Not practice that I am I. Not only accurate but system. In particular I eat out all of you know it's one that caught a ball cleaner at the bleeds. Oh I'm happy I'm looking at port it all over the cart at all perhaps there. That are. At this that in my pocket back not apartment. All of them. Well with their lead paint on the carpet. I yeah I got out Pollack a thing he does like. I'll around it like one of those a yeah that the. Early history that sounds so fun at the time the NASA thank you I tip is Tammy. I tend to have what happened when the one year when the kids back when your back was to what they did do. Well that was not our child and she was 23 month old and the second child was just oranges and called it and thirteen minute lecture allowing everything that a child rebut that point up the second out. And quiet pop it in the ancient Britain baffling from the changing cable. And we heard it called on the carpet. Our three air flow but in Arctic it. The whole bottle. We would eat and just how do you even clean begin to try to Clara. I try and remember seeing dollar. Clean. The amount most. I don't do about it on her right may be ready to replace. That O'Donnell. You're right Tammy. Thank you. On the FaceBook we're talking nothing easy to kid did we are back was turned Jill says my dogs because of my daughters they said wrote on her face. Jill says my daughter and her friend dad around age to cover each other in shark week. I was a permit cat whiskers zebra stripes on their butts entire body a popular towing a pivotal time or Jabber and lapin Sarah says. That regular reminded me of the time in my so it was around five he threw chest hair on his chest and Tommy with fine points are being. Hilarious to see resume a tiny and did it matter little. Your route the latest. Final week of holiday on ice starlets and outdoor ice skating rink at the NASCAR hall of fame get your final laps in before the rink melts away for another year details on hours and more at 1079 the link dot com thanks to fox 46 Charlotte being kept for Genesis. Listen up people is a thing is is it never stop doing your relationship. It is Matt and Ramona which yet do you think Amy screen your calls. Now. Part of poof I'm a I'll sit at the street Michael's you know what to write what I do occasionally call if she doesn't answer boy do I get mad. Now when anybody has an answer. Yeah now because what they help people what do you do it's a downpour put up or down vote maybe they're driving and I don't wanna car accident eyes itching for their phone. Italy's or etiquette and here at the doctor. And hospital or my wife is saying that they. That great and why they don't need to pick up that I don't get but anyway go ahead and put my supposed to do I. This is a little silly but. Even if you've been married for years 'cause all says that. You should never scrap stop screening your man's calls it and waiting ten minutes before returning it why. Then we all mysterious about. Where you were when he asks why you didn't pick up ridiculous keeps the mystery alive he doesn't take you now granite ivory so annoyed. All I gotta be Matt. If you just did the play with me I'm Cong attempt shall keying the kids are on fire and it. I. It or at the bit that the broad. And me. The kids are on fire wood to the idea I think and I should scream your home. Yeah calling her but I just I ask her that maybe you'll hang up and called 91 when like you're supposed to body it's something I need then what. Caller I am it's something it urgently bring you didn't. I am late to get out houses he put don't Clark he somewhere where they held the cards he's you wait ten minutes to calm down ten minutes late wife and I can't. Find any food they look. At Steve what do we call me back. It's pretty. Yeah. I don't look good I got lost somewhere. And army getting phone number to calls of its emergency summit called the lead and woods emerged they need. Don't typically get up the first and was a good yeah this is called 910 no I'm OK not. But maybe they're the second one I need to tell I need to come home right away now you waste ten minutes a kimono right away for saw her on a bomb bomb bomb on the I I'm big time television. Any sort of a candidate it. I almost got a Mac well I. Yeah. I do get insulted by billions and. Okay I'm at Wal-Mart and I'm buying food you don't needed to get it and I'm buying the last item and it doesn't make sense to me you want. Could green beans and you see these hold or have to look kind of green being a lot of nice. But if they are a little K okay and another motel. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona Qaeda and how you guys deal with a Jersey where did you guys and apparently dirt gets you have to deal of the work you embody the telephone plus at this date not to mention names. It's that if the journal of organizational behavior whatever. Here's what you do they sect. Laid on the table. You larger than a mile an all out again I. Rudeness is a sneaky subversive way for a week insecure people to impersonate someone with actual strength. Remember that's adamantly that. He knows sometimes these people. Might not even be aware that there are not you know being business like they might they're demanded standards they may be suggests you know doing it like it's those debate. Church seldom look in the mirror and say whoa I'm a bit of a a lot of Michael Jackson's song comes some so hold that mirror to them. And a new more civil individual may seek to be in that reflection bit Amir equity are thick and everybody at front it. Do you think that really easy to be big people like yeah I think sometimes sailors. To be kind of object. I think sometimes we like a really I didn't did but I didn't now. England and Israel when they've been at. Any net and a sniff the ass but that's that's a snippet that's not yet. They're the ultimate equals here I'm thinking though a person who's exert a lot. There Brett everyday average eight to enter that number I did this to work in some cases. Depends on the person let's under the gun like you beat him these super bosses and stuff may not want your beard I would end up. Till Boston I I have. We got a poster I guess I should bit of exert tells another exerted and take. The act and I. I'd be here the next day welts as a right here laid on the table all the Mira el Amir sometimes. And I all I use them I've Turkey's blogs if you are one not my bus now to say it's. Organize your actions. There's another thing they say. Yeah you're not the only one of the things that being nice is a better way to do business are you talked co workers. And then you start and he cut the jerk off from the herd. Yeah. Idling having that word directly tied it again you cut the church. Always from the herd if you get the Jericho way from the herd. And then. He disease that he does is it guys do not answer to alienate them is what kind of it's not answer routing emails avoid meetings with them but it's a hostile environment. You know. Who ran out. Not. I'll cynicism a minute because you got the president details. Benefit if you wanna hear what I said. Pod testing and go back and rewind it I guess that capitalism and finally dot com. That it gets off there with Matt from. Right back to its dealings jerk support. Ten was given to me when I say it's really laid on the table. All the miracle they don't know Libyan dirt organize your actions which means you cut the dirt away from the group's. Yeah try to say that way I don't think is emails that sets or. Establishes a hostile environment take strength from others and day issues say politely G Burt. I like you're don't think that people. Can't say it like Ernie. You're being too. Your. Car and eat it stand and make a black bird off the other club's history. You write it down and collect any added that I just. To give you an example. A lot of bullies who does Oscar de LA has brought all the grouchy and it went and it's manager grabs inserts a different thing ending. It's amazing how many bullies and push slightly backward turn out to be towered. So I haven't some alcohol may as as as a good thing. Say them only the weak get pushed around people right hurting isn't Butler applied to add. A bit and add up. And don't sweat the small stuff and the way to deal with a jerks. A rude bosses try to buy two kinds of people the very weak and the very strong you map that choose to be a very strong. You can do this by studying zen. That's they say. Don't sweat the stall small stuff do your job leaving got to the door picking them up on the way down daily battle beating your guts to do we even got to the the car. It got the only guy. Out I think they're saying. You don't need to fight over the little thinks it's not worth it. It is it is and amassed yup that's a daily battle. He DD jerk when she to be emotionally involved well. You'd say no we will not so it was just we're doing our our job. Yet yet DNA IDS yet he's got to just not be emotionally involved in this ajar to. Now they're at. Oh well. I'm only doing it gets. Diebler who wouldn't like it. I honestly I didn't I don't studies sends I don't know apparently leaving guts of the door and then and and announce all you do you focus new jobs to meet face to face a deeper independence from BS than you ever thought possible. And finally dealing with a jerk. Leave it at the office it's like signal a fitness plan is when you've got to discipline yourself. Like he got a separate nights from day if you. Work at the day and united whenever there's a fifth and don't let it get TO I mean when you are calling them right. Yeah what's your work it went deeply believe Warrick leave it there really master be diligent argue got to leave the jerk I don't. Dragons are all over the place they'll take it your own rights are separated and some way to separate it would be like. Maybe when you leave work it wrong or something like that indicate you're not work anymore that. Well it says maybe have a drink just one but whatever. It's it's it's a way of shedding your skin every night and becoming a much happier man or woman drinking. While not drinking it's I just threw that in there as to how does this. Which led remote. Yeah. On the top ten like starters. Go to Mac and Ramona dot com and what does this stuff there. I said earlier the team was what couples will be doing for ten minutes is arguing Thursday nights at 8 o'clock ten minutes. Police are you Thursday. I don't ruin their weak yen. And there with other people. The week and yet you weekend you know yet. Monday you'd just be depressed to fight this as an official. On Thursday Tuesday when you bite your tongue. And anyway so they it is Saturday and they say it's actually the little things that happen. In the tape and all that is. Where that yet that start biggest fights I've. It. Now. We don't light all that much. Record. A school like. Lightly bicker and today we don't throw down like we used. I mean like physically he's. It mean if we don't hate south what do you mean this stuff with an average active period. Coupons directly uterus. We would we would we we don't like Dan we have David don't have blowouts anymore smarts and the kids. Take that Whitman that is it has to be retired don't really care anymore mark. Held by Medicaid and. Like how you bet that was it I mean for impaired news debate and. Less if you fight then you're missing some TV state rather watch. Losing sleep neither one's birth that are upsetting. It I was gonna stick so that they say these top ten things that sex couples off. And did you date as they said ten of them basically autumn in the things happen in the potty. And so Lucia I if we ever. We. Really fights about that do today I. The bath. And. It slashed. Its path personal look its second best don't you feel the Irving rice and I feel deceit first. You if you feel the scene at least and a brace myself I don't have dropped a race I don't. It like it is kind of bond did that after her surgery I don't go like. I reach back there and I'd never let on I ever touch that. One is over fears doubts and old are. Yeah. Sentencing is neat. And an. All meant at least that would and that would help. You with the ball in his last data US. Right. I'd every got a team is counter space on there biding a counter space in the bath now. Yeah they're like. Trying to get to sink in house team and bottles and there. There are easy to cook. Now it is so there. It. Used. Razor. Note on the user. Nerves. Again and every that momentary idol again I'd ask me. A bit different but it's resentment and pars. Well apparently got a bad. Yeah. To me. That's a bad influence of all right so. The people played not flush the toilet. That's. It is no that's not ridiculously flight. Now is being advised to sorry like I just paid a matter there's nothing at all. War is a definite guys are just ready man and war yet not great it makes me think. The deal with the all the time how's the team and people leave little time because. If there. Whitney are not all the time it happened on sang a lot but it would act because here's why we it one match from our house for a whole family. And when you less the toilet you couldn't get hot shower and wait for sale but at times you'd the blue and then take our genius. And experts to the modern techno. The. It's a should. We assume that person. And a backpack and company coming over your house. You know Natalie. And I. Oh. Oh. And number nine people fight about awarding stuff I could see him be with. Arguably. Leaving wet towels on the floor on the bed. I'll. A leaving dirty cops around the house at a podium dancing writes that. It doesn't. Like it. One. We some guys easily Lee's house coffee cup but. The bad news that left there and I think it. Like may. Not. Leave your. Orders. Now it's okay out the last few not replaced in the toilet roll. One out. It's unacceptable. And TV channels now oh. Yankees it's gonna fight. Fight ticker. Someone I mean let's use that show returned bigots want on dirty marks in the toilet. Do you want the dirty marks that's what a toilets solar. We spike number that. And stubble on the sick I am amazed that use it could. Yeah I'll look at my girl on don't like him. One of them and finally. Seeing things go low you can't say on the radio you were listening to off there with that Ramona about the car act. Like that flag pit. That's why he's. To close Smart cars actually back in two. Drove one car back in the other car to both need. It hasn't worked on judgment to Florida to get the hell out of there. Let's and Teresa when you're inside the I was as I get no he's gonna get out yet. Teresa on FaceBook says that hurt at the same thing they beat. Three times to three different people backed out of the garage into the cars. And he said she says not Searle was worse they kept doing it week apart you there at three times yeah Dana backed out of the garage with the car door open. And spent the car door back. All time Jamie did the exact same thing AB did last week back at a driver right in my husband's rock. Not much damaged and so I told my two year old it was in the car would be when it happens it held daddy. So what it probably not now daddy so what does he do to get some runs and abdomen says and he hit truck go back and I. How those girls managed to find the right words and they need them right Christina joins us. Hi Christina tells the accidentally to do when. I was acting and again it was bumper to bumper and it was in Pittsburgh. It's. Stop and then create her about his second and then speed up and then at every stop. So we're doing that and our way era and I hit I great and the girl behind me accident. Though I got out of a car pileup in the girl with an extra and I had ever been an accident or and it was expected. You are right order settled out of my car company image app act and an app act like girls that are in the car yell at me. Believe he didn't need to track record got hammered that that are urbane and is ready and so I GAAP. As we're in the middle of the go out and traffic. And as they're yelling at me hiring him right in the cart annals. Even at our fine in the minivan it. Yet the minivan and I was any legal talent so when I get an idiot I I got out of the car I didn't even know my name I had it looked at my driver laid eggs. That guy had a line. That was a brat on the back of his car. And I heard it was critical all the way the wind you'll. Home Mike hill author RPI has. And that goes out it. Some earn earn ailing insurance. Your friends and yelled matches that it wouldn't religious slur yes Royce or your friends but yet they're about. Right fault and it then I am Reseda thank you iris I. Back in the seventies and different that I work and it acts more concert. And some it is I'd get it in the back in fact it was but. So what we had to pull over at Scott and so angry and dug out of the car and I can't reading my friend is terrible lap. Point at me and I'm like what's funny if she goes you're headed. I'll never I had Aaron as saying. I'll yell it's warmer the air with your head I had it. On us. Don't think you have experienced an arrow in your head take good god is at a bank to Rosanna. It's a Nancy next. Nancy. Are out low went was accidentally Hewlett full. Well I went I would. Going to party and I was at a stop light and they're angry at Iowa act and this old lady ran a red light. My car let me all the way around. Opposite direction. A problem like that costume party and I was dressed like a vampire. It's. We can put your stance you know my op act that that editor America Europe and I have. Aren't there where a lot of courage and credit you're gonna do whatever I think. I. Brought it out and get that Nancy. Story. From Chet come on up and and dawn and some others so I was where these where is stories about accidents coming up. This man and Ramona and no links bringing another great artist to. 1079 million prevention and good night I can't even remember April 7 that the flu. Grammar he brings his. Good parts of Florida Charlotte when you're. Now at 179 no link dot com. Didn't stories about when you're an accident just felt like a full land let's put it Chad's right gap. Checked that tells story about the Jackson admittedly Donnie. Also our Jim Lane road trip back from colleges that long ago and play it there was late tractor trailer had turned over at a couple trained. You big record drug heating up right on the road and start away. So a Democrat you older and it was low road I'll let an angle up dirt ball player. And then also if you'll just right elbow where they were. Where the wreck was sure. And what it back to the road quality is bigger market get around you aren't we. I would Greg and there was that big in city. I ran drop off the front of the try to look export will drop out the front of an alphabet beer and I would sit mayor ordered our degree angle. Taken down. All the people there are too little time. Goodman who I'd get a wrecker up that all of it. Likely. Oh you're not elaborate but let me go left bear fruit so your hope but what you. I think that's great called it ridiculous I can't yet but I don't think you dream of seeing some habits are dead and you know yeah. Ted thanks Matt when they go off his shoulder right in this is Don and I Don. Hey what do I currently wreck I. Went are important dark I. Hit a car. I've got popped the clutch. Yeah I do a little bit. Copy lecture and cost point and no. That carpet straight into a building. And yet beats all the choose to be. A little. Sick. I would running after the concert and I would flooding that I'd like stripping down an LSI LNG the caucus. I want my Bartlett might or at least it's important I know nobody thought. Building a quick. About Don thank you we about the topic. About feeling the full Internet. A car accident a lot of times is due some state that we've had some good stories get some more this is Bard does about the accident here in the major feel stupid. Well about my son has just turned sixteen trying to get garbage vikings and half an hour after he got a life we were picking up Father's Day present from my husband at a golf course and just giving my son you know a mom knows best lecture about pocket god shaped and the and I pulled out are things in our car. A mile from the Sunday at the end of your office keeps me a lot of that's entering rehab if it is we are. I get out on the golf course and I'm the people that we probably takes forever yeah ignore it and does. Just so happened that there was a cough also out. Or animal control because I duck had gotten caught. In Hornaday Pfeiffer and on the lake area for the cop shows are actually from animal petrol. This animal control EU thing is we've had duck. Need a little. The actual car car right. You out there looking under the vehicle red shirt up and we're trying to find him out. I've got the call. And we end the people that we all Martha got illegally great mood throughout. And you know we're doing everything and not about that last night as if this weird animal control is looking at. This is the list. That is and then you and your son meanwhile saying thanks for the advice and drive and yeah mom great all are there a way to go mom and they let their own your are great story barb thank you. I Greg. Actually tells that accident story. Well me and not I got a good job got a but it app it picked up her white feet there really liked it. And let stringent album out all cooperated. We're ended another pick up truck. I. Wanted our article what they've asked the up in the shop. About two weeks. They went and got out I was on my way to work about certainly not peace. So what it did in the body shop the pick up the truck which could look great like never been starts. And headed up or. I don't have later this seat for a while all arbor into the semi truck and then the state database that. For years. I'll call vulnerable. That did say holiday. I yeah about how perhaps what are their semis here I had all wiped seller through my god true if there was at the end of that car did you. You know I've career I could contribute about our members but certainly not forgotten that was great I'm burned Serb leader rep well. Greg in the doom thank you good luck. Thanks for listening to. Got off there with met Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.