Bad Dialogue In A Hallmark Movie

Saturday, December 23rd

Ramona's a big fan of cheesy Christmas movies, so here's a compilation of the gang making fun of the Hallmark Christmas movies airing this year!


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Merry Christmas. It's bad in Ramona Wilson. This is how I like to mock hallmark Christmas is. You love them don't you do you can't get enough of although lifetime is coming on very strong this year but decided at a segment you wanna sing it Andy. And dialogue and I'll home movie it's really. Dialogue and I hung on June 8 here's them example. A bad guy. And you just find it bad and everywhere and I'm passionate and. Here in particular I really BP and all wine and roses and I. And I can ultimately have that Chris has been given its India no I didn't get it. Didn't realize that tanning books this job. He's laid off. It's tight there. And I could afford it. So moment phone call restrictions yeah actually looking. 'cause this morning. You move up the vipers for her and she was how ecstatic as it stands. Proudly writing background neighborhood. And then I ran into Kelley Angeles. Crips are there perhaps you know it's kind of apparently she hadn't just donated I think I. Talking for Christmas. Can kind of be fun to. Get all the kids together and make fun of me company handout Haley has. Had. And I never go to that site again and eight days. I wrote a line. And had a bad yeah. You may not able to watch the lakers in the market don't and I can't. Run the button. Do you want. Oh. Eagle. Name and then the guy goes. She sounds real turns that's. Ramona today. On the art Christmas. Sale of that and I absolutely didn't practice today oddly my home buyer Christmas. Movie weekly jail today. I was only slightly better. Again but this is that every all art movie wrapped into one. When he fought more days till Christmas need to step up our game I think it makes no. Guess long this stays within picturesque limits I love the way he slowed and the sales Christmas is and although the numbers it's the biggest selling season of the year it's also a holiday can we don't think Samaria amends I'm marking Christmas that I don't celebrate it. For less and I got to treat it with dirt from neglect it you are not that cynical and I profess to know that you are downright nice. Christmas was around the you know house. After my mom died the holidays just kind of lost their mean I have presents. And on the sentiment. I'm behind me how being canning thing and then as the joint that helped get holidays. Yeah and some basically. At every them up for this conference is again. A busy. Is this woman. Who's down on Christmas. Meets a guy who runs his own Christmas tree farm yes and then he's Christmas town I think it's called again and he's struggling because all of the other big. Christmas and so she decides the market part is small business yet so they can succeed and live happily ever after. And while the yeah. My big bronze beyond sitting their talking that personals there's just drops in her mom Dinah Chris is serious it depends on. It. Is. Also some guy by the Kohler he's like a Christmas to my mom to an acute. Don't rule my anchors is glad I don't care I just have to market Christmas I don't can't thumb. Google and I think his beat a guy is small town and they did and probably make you like yeah. 500000 dollars a year shut your own it and you know it's people which I did my bond and agree I'd better. Yeah insanity. Home. Literally. All marveled at that point your lie to get it. Kids trysts it's bad in Ramona TD hallmark. Month. The movies for your joining ammerman and of course I like his and your way areas we have every race of this week. Continue to crank them up another adventure in cheesy guys. Love you know hallmark movie. Easy guy alone again I'm not moon made. Increasing at a song together and I'm not gonna appreciate those are illiterate. I need for Christmas and anything you can find them behind the head. If any other story. Homeless gravy. Tell me and listens to my heart again. He had a season people that have great. And finally. I'm just hope it's not too pleased. Because my little brother is amazing. His name is Jenny and he's a wonderful ball I hit at a so maybe someone can find him and bring it appears. This isn't just focused. On how much I love them. Here out there somewhere and watching men's. Please come home. Isn't that's clearly like. Please. Cleese comes home. Well I'm glad mystery and and that emotion. You consider it to its. Engine manager. The loser brother who. It's that you on the greens become. Brother and a guy can go anatomy and threw behind yeah. I don't want the yeah. Everything better. But yeah they they see on TV. It would be under. My other routine now we'd light it up at. 80. Set I hear you didn't. You as such and who booed anybody who needs it now let them even. It says this season and make fun of all markets these why would you want to. So. Bad dialogue you know hallmark movie. On your eyes already I am I area. Solace. Well that is an Scrooge himself worrying and love I didn't know we were going ahead of them they found a match for match the that's. It's good news and we get some good news we don't like the luminaries but it isn't it's what this little story doesn't have a nice you don't know them. You know why don't. The difference between us Bob is that I don't live in the past. Yeah that's right it was just Susan debt. Goes walking around expecting the worse and that's just what I thought what you want an. Kennedy you spend as much time believing in something good and hole I don't think I thought of that. Look at my life. It's pretty readable even hope. The ground ball. Could you believe in anything else and. Talk about winning afternoon. Yeah we are going to the luminaries. At the bottom of the. In the words back again America. Again I doubt I'd have there at the. You. And I'd sit it out there knowing the rest of the story. Out of bounds and we saw how. They leave early look at the negative. The largest. Trysts. It's bad in Ramona and dialogue. On aren't movies. Bad dialogue in home I didn't they've been recycled board would ask sack when in the past but this is where they're trying to be gates area. Basra sludge and is the ballroom looks amazing and good then it's coming along. Okay well if you need any help I'm actually a hotel expert I've lived in another ten years still barely got. Payloads are number one complaint and number one complaint. Hangers. King yeah has not expecting though there's never enough payments. OK don't get me started those those middle one that likely sticking with things here and I think he'll coffee outfield on how about it so I don't like the soap. Don't think so no additional small and crying like you're getting your hands and knows what about negative goodwill and other white like. Okay. You already know my Christmas wish for the future. I wanna know is its feet. Other than hang itself. I think it's time that week. I'm on my name. I'll request when she went on it. Am I got my anger comes from and find some Shanley does not like well. A. And back and it's the it's meant when someone asked him how is at the and because the story. Yeah as they used to be dates together then he broke off went travel. She got engaged and other guys that's hotel reference. Now he's back in the small town thing about hanging up his answers that the left and end buying is on the hanger and doing some wacky comedy. As a. Little else. This all along is there's going to be I am now yeah yeah yeah. Cheesy. It is just do it okay I will set up but it is that this guy was that. He's a nurse or an idiot doctors and she's I Apple Newton. Business executive Andy to be the secretary. Senator. And detonated the dealer that's. Not at practice though he really wants. It's. Off. You're buying me off. Jack. She's a corporate giants. Do you really think she'll be interest in winners and one that's light to her to do my case she may be hurts perhaps it wouldn't happen. Had at least she'll never realized what. Shameful under and nothing to you listening piece for yourself. But more so the captain. If it's not enough. I can go higher I don't please check everybody has to us. You know what Charles. I get the feeling you wouldn't be standing here in front of my pretty how's this low rent neighborhood offering you hit an obscene amount of money nurses were so sure she was in it don't mean when she finds out. Who I now. And do you believe July. All this time acting like I was in her the big huge backseat out of shock there. Critiquing that. And maybe. She wanted to see how the other half lives so so why I was like some social experiment unions and keep her occupied enough if we took out. Bullet through Kabul seems. Bowling. I am. I am such a two count. I thought I bottling. It up a should could and it. It is terrible. Tiger bowling. It. Is not DelHomme Mike Shanahan says tag. Light out. Christmas yeah. It's. Met in Ramona that I love you know hallmark of days ago this one by the ways saucy. Because these people are in bad debt. When this happened at. No way you are saying your face. Com. It was an. He just didn't. Then there really if you picked okay and pro gun. Pitches and it was due. I mean these two pretty bad government can control and she. That's what happens sometimes. Not really actually do anything. But that's a great guy just content. I think that have been here. Skated for the pain. Malone. Still I'm still happy Jews did you participate. Imagine the damage. And then talking about it. That's the wrong end and it and he goes straight as abusive alcoholic dad from asking about his performance. But he's just keep the variety. Of the IW. I did tell my battle. I was there at the all time Boris and I seen that movie whenever it in and he's he's like I'm afraid. Afraid via. Iran does not have. And that when it you know ordinary. The sellers list that is Ramona sing it Randy back and dialogue in Oklahoma blueberry film comes the first part. What would you like for Christmas and god and to whom could tuna. Surely there must be something that fit. I can get you. You're just trying. To beat you don't have to be trying. Yeah complete. I'm sure unity and from. Yeah well. Did you. Read there's a yeah. Randy yeah. You don't know ha ha ha talking about women and you rumored Thursday. The end. Depends on now rate thirteen year old star. Dating him. He gives one a boyfriend gap now let's fast forward 25 years against wars yeah. That make you feel it's coming here. He's promising ten. It's. It is anyone's right. You blame. Yeah. You don't want to do is I can't aggregate sand and every day and then my friends you want it. He hasn't won instead hitting that note was cracking. And it did you O'Donnell's experience. And then and the guy analyzer is high that now and got no links there's hidden behind a tree and he drops the out ornament racism caused her attention. Not talking and blocks away but here's what happens at the end. Thanks to. And I need to write and I can me. We just beautiful it's. Take a good. And I might be difficult to exchange centers. Yeah. It. Oh you'll go bulls into an apology may be doing anything about it heart and I and I'm breaking out there right. That it Ramona you're trying to call weekday afternoons at three Merry Christmas from Charlotte's best mix one who's sitting. Elaine each.