Be Positive!

Tuesday, January 2nd

Matt's wife is trying to make him a more positive person, but that isn't working out too well...


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My wife is stressing down and why she. As he's on the stick of B saying positive things yeah like when I come home from mark to have positive thing that's just how positive for her and. Let my common sense has given up Amy it's not gonna work you once fives. And and so she text to be a few minutes ago and you had a lot of positive things happened today they did or just cluster on the tournament pressure and you tell. I know really why you don't have Biden did things as he's asking yes I got a negative thing I've got to try to overcome. And grateful for today are you rate. I'm not I don't did you go baseline and that the amount the Arab friends noah's dad you've got to be unique all right Allan thank you just. That Danny was helping you grow better.