Matt Harris

Matt Harris is the Matt part of The Matt & Ramona Show: due to Matt’s love of free t-shirts, cargo shorts, and his overall lack of fashion sense, he was recruited as a victim for TLC's What Not to Wear in 2004. Matt has done extensive work with various charitable organizations throughout the... Read More

Ramona Holloway

Ramona Holloway is the "other half" of the Matt & Ramona Show: a three-time winner of the Alliance for Women in Media's Gracie Award for radio comedy. A big believer in giving back to the community she volunteers her time for numerous charitable organizations and has been recognized by Cystic... Read More

Brent O'Brien

Brent "Bandy Boo" O'Brien is the Disney obsessed curmudgeon of a producer for the Matt and Ramona Show He has been with the show for over 15 years, growing from a bright eyed young lad with a head full of hair to the balding stressed out old man we all know and love today. He is a self-professed... Read More

Bob Lacey

Bob Lacey is the long suffering partner of Sheri Lynch on the syndicated "Bob and Sheri Show" heard in forty plus markets in the U.S., and in Europe and Asia on Armed Forces Network. Bob began to lose all sense of good judgment when he voluntarily left a cushy job as a reporter for the lifestyle TV... Read More

Kary Bowser

Doc is the socially-awkward producer of The Matt & Ramona Show. When he's busy not talking on the air, he's running the technical side of the show. In his free time he enjoys playing softball and obsession over the Canadian drama Degrassi, no matter how cheesy it is! Read More

Jennifer Steel

You may recognize the name, she’s a Charlotte Radio veteran - Jennifer Steel. This broadcast maven left behind the hustle and bustle of New York City and settled into the Southern Charm of Charlotte along with her four-legged friends, Mistygray and Demi. You’ll hear her on the LINK in the evenings... Read More

Kelly Meyers

She’s spunky and spontaneous, sophisticated AND domesticated. Kelly Meyers, 107.9 The Link’s Midday Host, has been a household name in the Charlotte market for years. When she’s not talking about it on the air, she’s blogging about it online. She soaks in beautiful weather and the chance to get out... Read More

Max Sweeten

Max Sweeten is the caffeine addicted internet obsessed director of the Bob and Sheri show. He has performed with various improvisational comedy groups and acted in over 30 plays and appeared in national TV commercials for Sears, Ford and Aanco. Max also has an extensive resume of voiceover work for... Read More

Sheri Lynch

Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster who fully expects to panic and be eaten first in the coming zombie apocalypse. A Philly native who was raised in a remote corner of northwestern Wyoming, you’d think she’d have a little more game when it comes to the undead. Especially since she’s carved... Read More

Todd Haller

Todd Haller came into the world as the "unplanned" child of Jackie and Herm. After a brief stint of "studying" at Arizona State University, Todd continued his unplanned lifestyle by joining the exciting and unpredictable world of broadcasting. Working in Charlotte, State College, Augusta, Kansas... Read More