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She’s spunky and spontaneous, sophisticated AND domesticated. Kelly Meyers, 107.9 The Link’s Midday Host, has been a household name in the Charlotte market for years. When she’s not talking about it on the air, she’s blogging about it online.

She soaks in beautiful weather and the chance to get out and enjoy nature. A lover of all things outdoors, she also enjoys the inside – her home in particular. She’s a self-proclaimed wanna-be chef. “I’ve been told I am a great cook, but rarely follow a recipe. I use them for inspiration and then add my own touch. Some of my best dishes are my pierogi bake, pulled pork tacos, and decadent cake truffles.”

Kelly swears she was a decorator in a previous life and she’s addicted to HGTV. She’s budget minded and enjoys hunting down a sale. Did you say “bargain”? Get out of Kelly’s way! She’ll knock you down trying to score a deal.

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