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matt harris allergic to dogs

Matt Isn't Allergic To Jill

Matt finds out the shocking news that he isn't really allergic to his dog!
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Chihuahuah and Pigeon

Unlikely Duo (Chihuahua & Pigeon) Become Best of Friends

At a Rochester NY animal rescue & rehabilitation facility, Mia Foundation, $6g was raised in just two days thanks to pictures posted of an unlikely cuddly pair
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matt vs. coyotes

Matt vs. Coyotes

Imagine loud noises coming from the woods behind your house. Matt dares go outside to investigate what those pesky coyotes are up to!
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matt's the creepy neightbor

Matt's The Creepy Neighbor

If you're Matt's neighbor, watch out!! You just might find him creepin' around outside by your bushes...
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Kittens in a Christmas tree

How to Pet Proof Your Christmas Tree

Keeping your Christmas tree upright when you have pets can be a bit difficult!
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matt ramona podcast; don't bury pet in backyard

Should You Bury Your Pet In Your Backyard?

Losing a pet is a tough thing to go through, but science is now saying that burying your pet in your backyard can be a health hazard for other animals. Also, Ramona's ruining the studio with her glittery Thanksgiving decorations.
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Yes, Ramona's Afraid Of The Elk

We're not really sure why Ramona was out adventuring in nature knowing darn well she's afraid of animals, but an elk warning had her completely on edge!
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Pets taking over Santa's cookies and milk

These 5 Holiday Foods Are Not Safe For Your Pets

They may beg for these holiday treats, but they should never have them.
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Woman cuddled up in bed with dog

Can Your Dog Help You Get Better Sleep?

Having trouble sleeping? Your dog can help you.
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Family sitting on the couch with golden retriever in foreground at home in the living room

You Might Prefer Your Pets Over Your Kids If...

Don't we consider our pets one of our kids anyway?
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