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4 Beauties In Dire Straits – Pet Of The Week

These 4 affectionate kitties (2 M, 2 F) were left with little food and no electricity in an abandoned home in the neighborhood of a superstar newsman from sister station WBT-AM. They are temporarily staying at another neighbor’s house (who already has 4 senior kitties) and goes on a trip soon for 2...
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Pet Of The Week - 3 Desperado's Who's Mommy Passed Away

Three beautiful & gentle kitties have been left homeless after their owner passed away. The family has listed the house to sell and the cats remain there for now. The house is being emptied out and I'm sure the commotion and absence of their "mom" is very disturbing. The family members want the...
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Kissing Your Dog Is Safer Than Kissing Your Significant Other?

Some people love dog kisses. I am not that person. I always assumed that a dog's mouth was full of germs and yuckiness. Let's be honest, dogs do like their backsides. And some have been known to eat their poop. But a dog's mouth is much cleaner than we all originally thought. You probably thought…...
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Fun Fact: Starbucks Has A Secret Menu For Dogs?

Do you consider yourself a Starbucks aficienado? You are that friend that always knows the new drinks and secret menu items that are must try at the coffee chain. But I bet you didn't know there's a menu for dogs too. Starbucks is not just for you and you friends anymore. You can bring your… The...
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Happy Caturday From Batman, The Cat With 4 Ears

If you know anything about me, it should be that I love cats. I love cute cate videos and happy ending cat stories even more. While perusing my timeline on Facebook, I saw a story about Batman. No, not the Super hero. Batman the cat from Pennsylvania. A video was posted a few days ago… The post...
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Canine and Cupids with Camp BowWow

Family and furry friends from all around Charlotte came out to Sycamore Brewery to help raise funds to support local animals needing emergency surgery. Funds went to benefit BowWow Friends and here are pictures of people having fun at the event.
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