5 Steps To A Perfect Kiss

Friday, July 6th

We've got the most important ingredients for a kiss that will knock someone's socks off, plus can Matt bring sexy back? Ramona has tips on how to regain your romantic mojo.

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The remotest greatest. Only on 1079. Still laying can I don't know what are you. You know tell. Of days ago I asked the guys to give me. The five things you need. To give the perfect kiss that we didn't know French kiss he never said tong and a that was that was done now and now Ottawa's anti. I thought it was a ton of media like women Motorola and nice romantic kiss where they're tong wasn't. But there wasn't a base but if you're tell me what you it is is going to be what the tongue does lessons and her because I was getting up to this entry are getting my reading at entry. And that's what I was asking for. OK so that. These are the first five steps that I before entry before your tongue get actually got a unified thing so no need to give these is already. Well we're already offense that. Dot. Started out with locking eyes act that went out at the and one. Slightly moist and lips just. Are talking about. That law Russert tactics like well you bite your lip or something. And you'd sort of sort of lick it without being. You try to do your tongue you lecture Olympia matter notice yeah Clinton. And we have a national you don't start was. Eddie let him live about that now and he has very dry so he doesn't wanna you don't start with speedy at least bitty bit desperate. You don't want dry cotton mouth lips noted down. But your quick Morse by. Then he gets to do the slow lean until that's good doc yeah I can't ask him. Initial quick kiss with no movement. Moving on to the full contact yes but what the full contact with the first one of the movement he touching. Endured like touching one of her lips like the top of the bottom good when the little contact is like there's movement era and via okay. A little hanging out. That got done bad and then. What do you had something that was on the list just. Nobody had it all together. Our intern Tay today started with creating intimate atmosphere. Hold on baby related data did that and I that. The conference. From. Tip to don't be distant and always keep an eye contact with better move on to battle. Loan closing at some point but don't be distant annually close tour is now listen before. That three read her body language to tail wind to deal with for the kid thrown out bad that I don't know that any debt war. Eight days says please check your breath. Good let's say today is very good to put them up before he got right in an. Uproar and a lighted yet. It's the only little place at step five kisser. Don't read your time down her throat just use an appropriate amount. For. Appropriate. That was Erica and I like that we that we study done being beaten me the real list that is. Matt remotest greatest hits on 1079 delaying so we Ramona had to write down five under is five steps of the tests or whatever room. Doc we ran through docs and take days would would have been in I am on there OK so bandy says the first five steps. I'll look into her eyes now we we have a lot of important night aren't that into your head slightly damp yeah. On bump noses pulled her close to union and evening and it rates apply pressure. Not there to here. It's got so far. And then number five was linger. Between the don't let you know about the way we knew after the if you didn't know yeah I think it's a deal by the press yes there for life if it's just the pressure. I know nothing is a little bit like my eyes and there's some movement yes some slight movement without a lot. Which you got to use it lingering lingering is there and aren't I have to let it linger who lit the that's scrutiny after the death. Or is is is definitely up there. Matt said. Step one stared deep into her soul without saying anything now but can now that every actor. I'm sitting there going to result and yeah. Dealers soul man why anyone who's gonna put soul staring deep into her little pals say you need to route and think about it earlier brain ma'am owner bring. That to make sure you have a hold of her yeah. It was like hey you don't land. Is there. And I heard somewhere or maybe you're holding onto her. Or the front of her genes are the backers the something in Ireland hold on a first ever G in the you know it's a part in I get away ladies and whatnot are no way. And tell them. I. Signaling it right right right. Number three barely brushed her lips with your area remain close lips but not kids. Let he fielder breath then pulled back yeah that he is he enters and get a good thing about. By governor Arnold feel their breath and yet so you just barely barely touches. I. She's like it is she's one of the just figured I give it no way to get your general I get out of that it's sad to get away you know do like write it breeds that are paid my iPod that's near its might upon yet you get the tape they repertoire. And that's just that I was I was doing it early and step five move in. And with your lips gently wrapped her lips and it's all here at the heart. Yet that has been I. Oh yeah about Monica the travelers. The idea and you any luster is now an and then and then it's on is all you need to send the wrong it is there. Actually about ten steps. First five in the arts went thank you take away making sure you've got fresh breath. And to opt to work back and way back okay yeah fresh breath girls have tea and like we've gone down from standing. Didn't put first no but I that would have been like stepped up or down a five. And kissing as part of just being around like leave the house we're close and it is obvious interconnect okay. I asked them to moist lips thank you gotten Tara I don't from the very much. And I can't and McCain got a little chapstick on all our. You'd use slightly softly. You run you're on across your Scania and doc. Number three to avoid some Matt talks about all the time. Which is the gnashing of the teeth say that's why it's very important to angle the faith in doc. Offered the lead until and do it and the net again well I just too soon. I'm not going to face to face that you guys that are. You know going into it with open eyes you know and not known as before protester. My eyes are closed once I close and the but before a Tisza rom com we were the tail on and Christiane you know rise in my brain and on. You know like Alec signal soon to look into soccer and while you're holding onto repeated idea idea I've been a fine line waves. Began with a gentle soft. Closed mouth yet its eyes on gently applied pressure as gently laying down a man so she met Ramon is greatest hits only on 1079. The link. As time now sexy. I was asking in the studio earlier you know what you guys we hear what you wanted to feel. Handsome. Paired genes has been rested and Galley and wonders relatively news. Talking your ears that when you're trying to bring you put on your sweater. Now not such who do not detectives went dead heat cut out and I feel more professional in my sweater vest don't those sexy. Is it that that one loser that's. Big losers. And it's a mess makes me feel like professional. Like nom. I don't feel sex like I would Wear this out to me sexy. Accidentally sent us. The name of a meg and welcome to sixty effect at eight under knee almost it but it. It's. Italy on. You in at one point one Lucia one. You focus on I'm Yeltsin won at least six. Has built. Every year in the retreat. That's the thing. It's not a thing you know that it is whoever felt it built now look at the Everett about. Yet again then that's okay out of place again addictive use some time and that's about six. And yet I guess. And pains and they. It's the sweats. Really bag packed. Women's empowerment looks hot and those really tight selects. It's a summit on the back. Doocy. Like you know toxic and every team or whatever then. And now colleges. Let them on your and afterward you're. Probably not in the next. About it those people. Yeah back east I mean this is Doug Johnson and now the rolled up a little bit about their. Kat may be yet again. It's one wonder about. The matter is that some of these sixty tips. Help you bringing sexy back I met Ramona. Greatest hits on 1079. Still lay it out I mean you're sexy Britney you're sexy back and the next tip is cute. A you're favorite feature your favorite feature in its home. I'm bald did. I hit 800 feet. As it has it has taken over. The parents what was your eggs now SNL like yours what we were talking earlier about what you do when you won a feels the sexiest and I feel the sexiest when I have my head completely like smooth. Say let's do so is his bald head up yet legs on the secular sort. Of try. Which errors Ramona. That I love my news. But yeah. It's been. Put off the play up to specs it a body part to keep insects. Where like some sort of masters. Surgeons not only my goes yeah yeah WTT easy decision mask covers in the ambulance and Malaysia announced yeah. And ultimately that line of apparel. And a lot of feet. I honestly don't. Have it happens to. Doesn't his body. At Toledo which again that was Italy's Nathalie and oh. If I. Missed it into two. Argument here. You should lay out your favorite feature whether it's here these orders accurately support your shoulders or your legs whatever it is. And makes you feel hotter. Typically get up so that you'll feel more essential. Erica. If there's IMAP just as soon as. I honestly don't says. Was playing up as far as. Beck is in New York it's. And on air on. Meet you. At this event in Israel's. Not know but I do it it makes other people feel sexy. It is not a dancer fake it on your dancing just let go claim well and I your body would be. When you start. Love heals annual increase your body in do and that's part of feelings next. It depends who else is dancing around. IQ to sixty sometime on somebody else grammys. Is off. Or at least not we need to be surrounded by bed in even bad but not really do. That you and I don't but not. Yet dot don't I don't dot it dot can when he's been and is lucky it's. When he is that there. He doesn't really brokered out. And he breaks that so tonight does just like a Little Rock being backward thing and I Ali breaks out his in think choreography yet. Remotest greatest hits only on 1079. The link and it's game. Many varying. For a hot. And we blankets. I'm radios fastest growing game shows and he's. If you win it's when it by an alligator gets deleted data speeds at second the latest deals had they not have dot com and visa gift card. Who are contested first contestant is Rene Rene is engaged and enjoys playing big. Low can read and gave it Rene you. Thank you. Beach one day and economic if you who else to have great about it. They have ten on the line Tammy dinner relationship keywords and textiles. Enjoys riding horse says Heidi you know relationship. Is this Facebook's. Yes hi Tammy. Doing there aren't doing your area. Game is that riding rapids. With a little bit yeah. It is. Write its. How the I thought that it says that it really could. Hey we select the item from a catalog and as you'd guess the price a Burton and closes about going over its one point and two point win the game. First item up for me this is the big. Change the answer a voice recorders like Pope Benedict the sixteenth to. That Benedict the club only redeeming quality is that it comes with a teaching attachment that kind that easy to find in the bottom of your pars at 3 AM when you've known to light now needed gentlemen. I'm actually think the Benedict the phone keep seeing cost Renee. It is. I think that our habits you jammies. Are OK and I Manning and actual retail price of the Benedict the change. And. Have you okay. But it's not over yet it's my friend or another idea pointedly. Art it a bit of lives I understand. You users second item up for bit. Lyndon. He had originally wanted to copy it up a dog eat alone. Yeah it's wanted to make your friends feel definitely weren't as well by by them prior view Barbara hog. Iran and that my puppy love doggy slow and a much of the cost Tammy. First. Let me. Well I think iMac. How about you Renee. Where my math actual retail price of the puppy love fragrance. And. It is ridiculous. You guys delicacy personal most of these. They're okay. Who's crazy and Jimmy didn't. Great grandma and now yeah yeah I was very young are you would rule on a berth isn't out. I thought that I OK I'll let you know how are we. Sorry. I have politics in this is an. Array. But yeah. And we're ranked with women in these guys the cigarette. Did you mention and thank you replied. Remotest greatest hits 1079. The links are going through these types of guys that women fall for short term they're great long term maybe not so much as some of the advice which you can take from the statement guys a little ridiculous. That the tight they successful type suit balance is where's the event where we go at it. It is and a suit that says success Taipei. Beaten until you go and of the Dayton offered a law to protect. The arts he had certain short term gains cited is that the that be anywhere around 910 days it's a great their partisan as good as it. They've she likes it because he's sensitive. Expressive. And good giving compliments yeah yeah so what you can do your due it is not an artsy hipster bandied doctor not artsy Ornette. You. Do complements. Maker feel valued but they'll do false flattery. As they can see right through it and don't do like the usual. Guys ask rate by at whatever rate was at the same thing as you get right to boo boos. It our favorite body part in a I'm pat pat. It's it is over something like you know all a load your clothes. Yeah your shoes news here yet but hearing is that you are on the I'd compliment and anyway I don't. And when I come to work with a new hairstyle news day. You've got a new head if that's a good thing I'm doing doesn't. Let's just a mob. Not to the native friends that. Why is it art history could grow a little we are goatee and not neighbors and horn rimmed glass so that's a good look gloomy aren't easy lessons are hot that's not really a personality thing but you can look like other things we're suit. The fixer upper OK we've gone to the ridiculous here. The fixer upper good short term she loves and is a broken man now and appeals to her maternal health movie instincts really with the fixer upper he liked it short term very very short and right right right well here's what doc and Danielle though you are takes routers because. Hello I. This the apparently nothing to learn about it as we are right now at what's it can take from doctor and annual Arctic or ups or shoppers. It is due the show up occasionally show vulnerability. Without being emotional victim that's that's draining you did during you'd be a physical pain like. A baby you rub my. Shoulders that intense workout today well. Regular baby yeah yeah yeah like yeah. Is that they are fixed rapper. You did I'll put it but you're not events are up for you can laced letter help but like for to overall and a common pain. It can be nice I. I'm okay I'm a little baby you'll help me when a subtle. That I had Ambac and that at this conference everything.