5 Things All Men Should Know How To Do

Tuesday, March 20th

If ya wanna be a man's man, you need to know how to do these things!


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If you're a true old man's Maine and these are the things that you should. Be able to do it. Can right I'm already feeling poorly about. You should be able to shake hands properly. 72%. Of people think that the way a person shakes hands there's a lot about that make sure your handshake says all the right things what is your handshakes say. Com I get real fancy. Mr. Aiken and buyers who ran an action okay. It's figure out guided ticket didn't. Was sent me you did lawyer into the deep wedding and others there on the com. Okay you're really tank and a somewhat you know I've dug out. That looks real grass and I'll be honest with you but if it works for you not just taught that. It. That's going to be an old old thing. Has its fish. It analyze. It you're dead fish or your next strong summer it's wide gap. All right I'd be able to carry out basic carbon mechanics. And practice oil place I go to a higher place go to. Place a Fuller and comfortable. Keyboards and their oil well. Houses that are basic thing you should be able to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver whether constantly change. So. A Heimlich maneuver has not changed at all. It's a little joke now and there's a glimpse at some new thing might you know who you don't want him to sue you apparently there's some sort update but I. I think. Haven't I've been certified but I think I could. It happened earnest you know you should also be able squad dead lift and bench press properly. Massacre. And just yet as a goat to drink and know how to order beer called. But that's not a manly man I guess it.