8 Essential Money Saving Tips For Caregivers

Monday, June 5th

As someone who takes care of an older parent, Ramona has money-saving tips to make life as a caregiver a little easier.

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I am a Mac and I wanna sit and I don't like Charlotte's best Max did you meet him mothers' and fathers' day's attack that we focus on our seniors. Oh you're so money saving tips for that caregivers. First of all. Let youngsters help you can pre teens and teens from your neighborhood I'll probably yard work in other household chores. And finding a reliable and trustworthy kid is easier than you think you can ask teachers that you know. Scouting organizations reach out to local faith based organizations. From folding laundry in helping us sight challenged senior read mail even bringing in the trash cans pulling weeds there are so many things dumpsters can do to help. Sometime for free or sometimes for just a few bucks. And also you can do what I get at one point after mom got out of the hospital I used a sitter. I didn't need an agency that charged twenty bucks or more per hour for companion care and running air and providing some light housekeeping. I used here dot com to find a stay at home mom was looking for a way to make money launched I was at school. I hear stylist hired a retired church member has been invited her mother's home several nights a week to give her a break. And you can also shop online because weekly trips to the drugstore or. Grocery store for incontinence products for example that waste time and money he could have supplies delivered to their door and one organization I want to get you to. Which is older helpers dot com. It's a site where volunteers registered. To offer services. For elders ended if you need your help you can get matched with them it's completely freak elder helpers dot org. They rob we have these tips on our website and they come to compliments of AAA Carolina's remember AAA members save more.