All Hail Leftovers!

Tuesday, May 8th

You won't find two people who LOVE leftovers as much as Matt & Ramona!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there with the remote leftovers like I got lumped. Sometime what did morning we this morning's. I used to read about it today giving the oldest and it gets to that left over and I got home and left over was not there. I was not a good idea I was very angry very. Really disappointing it's Wayne New York counting on leftovers he has and love left over. I could make one pot of something and happily eat it all week if I like and I get mad when I and then I'll come home and yet all the chicken salad. Also he's going mom's gone out so isn't him over at iiroc ordered the classic chicken salad. Well yeah that greed and pledged he would act and I'd like I talk sometimes forgets. How does that bring my food to work they shouted. Forget the leftovers. And I am so disappointed. Because at some point Amy's like these to all night LC these empty Tupperware things oil. Payroll thrown out a job and no that's our rob usually yell at me and my brother claims. To like left and I think that. But she doesn't eat so how looks gorgeous on the nickel wow that's so we had last night was awesome let's have a begin tonight I come home until the night. And a move for that soup just wanna throw it right to Bush's order of lots of things that made him idea. Next week bets they suppan so sit an air gap I have. Then what I know with my fair share I'm trying to save some so she has some for lunch we can have some for another dinner so I don't have to cook. What did you tell haven't you learned key to throw it away you've learned you've learned to mightily at all. Your savings summary on the same anymore burning into Asia and had now I left her decision. Here's the problem I'll come home. Excited like all we have an alphabet soup so that boat commander can have that squash soup for dinner on. And I feel bad just eating it by myself. I have to make something else around her dearly and volatile so I wound up. Mickey some thing else for her in eating that with her sorry just isn't there. Say sorry ladies or avenue night. Now I yeah. You know the that might my wife when I first batter hit it left overs now she's finally it. In my. Twelve year old I don't understand why hasn't she does not like leftovers limb like eight hours ago this 512 hours ago this is fine I don't understand. This happened. And end the problem is for my mom though she doesn't wanna eat it but did she doesn't want to throw it right yet that's the story her life but things. When you take a look at that leftovers. The experts say as long as you properly store and refrigerate them they're good for days pizza how long week. Three to four days not a not a week on week I wouldn't want the gold after four days personally didn't have any pizza longer than the second day. Yeah. It out of that pizza in two days now. I got sometimes I'm busy united busy. Or forget about like having on Friday night and I don't really remember and on Monday and they claim you can keep cooks seafood for three to four days I'm not trustee cook seafood behind more than two days where you just like they think it's kind of shady. And I haven't really had the. Opportunity but I wouldn't be afraid that I know of. My mom thinks that soups and students out of class on it lasts forever there's only two weeks later she's like. Don't play. You're not eating it you obviously don't want it few weeks. Chance yes it would add many antiques I mean no the adds heard her saying now league best case scenario they're not saying had to die aim. This is when it's safe to do it asked apes may oops and stews are only good for three or four days everything corn maze and basic aches pork chicken or day to four days settings for days. Basically. I think Atlanta up to five days. Your rice some pasta dishes break out and meet a yet to begin on the that again angry five days I. And they an egg chicken and tuna macaroni salad or you roll McKnight I'd be looking back refrigerator you see something now. No in fact that happened just less why. Like spaghetti sauce I don't flight mom and Inge should be recognized anymore I don't what is this. As you think I sure as is is it whose. And and I think he now if we grant that doesn't anymore. Time for written to Ghana recognize it but I don't know one last eleven days your free curators should have a complete clean up how you left over holidays makes and a half ago. It on day six of the seven days you est sometimes that doesn't work that's strategy. Bob I. I would just make it easy the garbage day Latin because I figure. Here's why the seven days in works for us a day. Bottom line are garbage days are Monday. Yeah I haven't cook since Friday. The game we don't have any zoo's staff and all of the most we have made some restaurant left over Friday can begin and the restaurant left over goes very fast because I'm eating whatever it is that I brought home from the restaurant. So Monday for the moms not at either restaurant left over anyway throughout. Monday it should all go in the trash and start all over it I don't know when the last stated I don't know when Allen is an act and that's why I don't write it down you should if you don't remember when last you. For the safety of your family. And for the comfort of the people who were you when you tell me that feeling good that's not gonna if you could got his break without going to the bathroom that you need to get rid of iMac kids. Mac and cheese videos what what these seats I think I think thanks drowning out on. Boil any water main one it down and gosh there's stuff. That's a class act five days of IMAX and that's K can you spare a couple of dollars and you spindle. A couple of cents to 54 more to boil some more macaroni and ends like what they'll be at a regular spaghetti sauce I can last forever spartans aren't doc what do you say treat these are done. Three days gain got it took the Smart man liberal the iceman. A lot of things that are easy to deal but winning money which Charlotte this. Is the easiest we want to get you ready for summer with some easy my. Every weekday from 7 AM to 7 PM think it is to win a thousand dollars cash every hour be listening to the bottom of the hour for the keyword and texted him immediately to seventy to 81. Messages generates well he's easy money from the station that wants you to have adventures all summer. Seven now. De link. Man domain your relationship might be over. You'll write these articles on topics. The blazers break up left and right like as a at a bar marriages though we've learned that divorce rate has dropped since the days. At all time low. But one of the things they disagree with this thing is and your relationship is over when something major happens and they're not the first person. Lou. And I thought. That well let's say it's at work and my Gannett. Called my wife firmly to tell you guys. What a difference. If you have to call somebody like that say something good happened at work. And think wow I just walked out of the boss's office and he wants to give him million dollars. Now once he gets beyond work. If you call. Your friend Cindy. Before you call. Amy that's a problem if you called. Your our work wife Morgan before you called your wife Amy it's a troubled quarterback on my brother. IA Zandi should still call you white what does about football you. Well if it's a good football. I guess it would be OK TJ it was being India or your brother first through our. Amen brother it's a letter telling you based a race. And I don't wanna tell you well yeah. And there's ways around this collage that always surfers. If I forget some V honestly if I forget the glibly teller. You Brasilia as I was completely you know like you'll teller or something eventually you're only that your number on the rating tag. Yeah it's about my own hell I also notice that when I postings about things that happened here work out. Checked FaceBook to see who shared it with your wife cooked up and I know she's finding out about it for the first time probably. There's now because I know you about the Vegas what aim. Because you know I don't bad days I asked asked you what we did on the shelf five minutes ago you can't tell me. Yeah I'm pretty sure that by each time you leave here. Wondering if you can make it home or not without having to pollute the fifth and added their run to the bathroom is scooted out whatever it is he we try to remember. Do you remember the like you won't say we talked about this it was funny. He loan. Yeah. And and say no okay so all I hear what mattered a good show what did you talk a bit that was funny and you. I can't really tell he's an Indian and I don't know what it's all I'm saying and in die in ice I I have notes that I keep that I can gamer and a shift assignments. Check the funny when you while you're doing or else you'll be like we did 340 again has that other matters. Do literally three and a half minutes ago. Before the sun yeah it did anybody in his room. We record these podcaster in commercials and Sox. Guess what our last podcast break was about low light bin Laden. Am not an honest somebody asked that this great and how they give big. Home men. Come to mean it's not gonna come the same way and that was that that was probably ten minutes yet ten minutes ago. And I think was at the bay and another was the baby and I still don't know it shouldn't matter seemingly minute are all like usually it's yes sometimes you here. Rare compliment sodas are meant that you talked about 5 o'clock that it was a Larry's like. Oh what was and he had an. How much as those diamond home I'd like quarter to five and you guys red areas so that we talk about and sometimes it just keep laughing like no I'm serious I don't know I want and I'm saying over and over again. On so yes and I. Instead citizens that are hard now we're getting crazy. Well it depends on where I am. I give a lot of football as some guys. And it's the playoffs and that is one the same received word barn and live to scream and out of the mark I'm I'm gonna tell them on my call my life. Or even about gonna call somebody second B error. First but first. Ink in my life's not like it there right solution put down on a underestimate her perhaps she will say caring addressing those it's a court. For me he's the only thing the only thing I did like putting kids at. Yeah and now I and mom is that all. In there doing a little cliche goes under the same thing on things she cares about right sizzle song remains we do about caring yeah because I. Number Amy's cuts cuts that are chase how much are we went in Els amateur wanted to get how much you lose computers are sometimes a trick involved and that's what did you. But that's the 1000 dollars how much do you look at that 50000 to get one yeah you're exaggerating there's no solid tile the moment. Honest doesn't dig a little deeper out I just played their best to attack bundling of 151000 dollar tennis but bully. I'm not donor. Accident and do it but I Henry that'd be dotted. Yes that's that's just a little bit out of my press. Also there. Hello I always want to thank you for listening to the podcast and rated and Jarrett you can do that chip. Had UK we're all over 25 there. Buzz heated thing on his makes you feel. Diary to adjustments reflect on it yet. Wanna eighteen as to 1980. As 1980 years in 1942. So in essence here telling a intelligent today remedy eighties will be the same as us and eighties and arm parents and remember that far is. Yeah and it there's room for spots that'd be like somebody saying right at south. But it doesn't seem like it does it Noah because he's still here ABC news's. Yeah you still hear my daughter nobody wants oh we are models until he started his eighties and nineties and now yeah. My daughter knows eighties music Luke it's been in the eighties we weren't listening to forties music but in IEP I remember. You're going to be running in a car with my mom in her listening to her. Little Richard muse he can they were in a fifty is that you have paid the all these right but yet forties like two that's like way early forty Ned Goodman and. Yeah I think once we changed over. To rock and roll for lack of better term then it became a whole new ballgame it reset. I'm musically everything. And plus our parents are migrant parents aren't. Really I guess they Polycom and forties but mostly a comment 50s70s. Back the future part two. Now entirely takes place in the past. Past and future to hear them over the six cubs win the World Series. Yeah I think it was one mean fifteen or something when they go into the future that you find that they had 1942. And then in the forties Bieber listening to Bing Crosby Perry Como Ella FitzGerald Louis Armstrong francs or not they had a bank Crosby have dinner. BS can energies bottler Bob Hope was huge Benny Goodman the Andrew sisters I had all of them Irving Berlin. These aren't we are on heavy rotation in my at home and. There are teens and high school today. Who were born senior mean girls was released. And Domingo they are you mean girls. They should not government ideologue mean girls things really get on I repeat not wavered Tony. People born. This year. Is seniors like people born singer Shrek came out start college next. I now. 9/11 as a man that has taught history books that paste it. And its seventeen years ago meanwhile I remember exactly what I am doing when it happened like our parents are number JFK you lower. When I harbor or whatever area. I'm ready guys let's read that it is which anybody. Little Atlantic hatton now I'll fly I had I had was Joan Hart now over the Carolina array and breath Broderick early firstly grants. IPods and 04 now museums that dated technology. And I were just talking to friend on Saturday as it was playing with an old iPod. I'd like I am I did was an old iPod is the ice analyst I'm trying to figure out how to. Get them. Stop off that recently a map wide eyed and try to play along. Yeah I did joke. And really figure out now it and if I just say here to editors here after a guy tonight. Most that would mean music. A hundred years ago agreed. However longer the iPad pot plus maybe. Twelve years ago or something to see now easy you know doesn't work and don't work anymore. Again he loaded you do anything to insist it's it's obviously gave her what to pretend. All of a memo link like they just pretend they're doing something. It's God's name. Like Ashlee Simpson Destiny's Child ever Levine put those out of our press if you ask attacks Ryan Cabrera. The kids graduating college this year born the same your Spice Girls released the first album. Low. TLC's waterfalls not consider an oldies song Nelson ninety's. I'm. Amber. Saying to myself and I was like to when those commercials they succumb on TV to advertise. Some artists who was no longer relevant and here hits would roll across the stream tree gap and then everyone's while one of what play I thought you know your old. Winning already that you love it. Is advertise being at their old hits on TV right. And sure enough I saw our commercial for Mariah Carey why yeah I like the old school where the Essex road and I like it. Oh school year and I I know people advertise like then yeah it hurt unload those commercials Roanoke asked why I liked him and are specially a compilation. Yeah I'd like it much different romantic kids yet commodores the moody blue McEnroe. Oh my brother and you've got to get its own. Only play the song and that was it was highlighted in yellow on the play a little snippet of it and yeah. It'll be wise yet but the one there about the plane come up. One was. What was the chemistry is an. Like a pig in my man or something like normal. Planned for this sold them the sole Pablo my grandma brother you've got to gauge home if your. No not bad but yeah I'll I'll turn it up man it's freedom run at Iowa. And actually it might add an additional land had the terrible I mean there wasn't planned but hey he's kind of let me. Listen to return or over Iraq if you tell. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Pain easier came Ares here and Mars got a thing for yet these are the things that you and your partner. Should have in common. If you want a successful relationship. And. Atomic uptight it's true or not an army and starts with having a common vision for the future. Mean we have a common vision and I ain't rich retire talking to a friend about this recently because she invasions. A retirement filled with travel to exotic lands. And her husband in Beijing's retirement. Ahead here around the house and gardening. Oh you're good that's. Just envisioning actually be able to retire yet. That aren't on the go part time job just to supplement to come out of that when do we get that start in an all clear. Here it is same vision for how your lives. Or how you want your lives to unfold financially. Spiritually. Lifestyle lies and with respect to children. We don't do it a lot of those. We do you know on the hit I don't know who haven't we haven't talked to some of those. We'll be talking about children yet because you've got to get the idea look at me critic gonna talk about those just in passing the the kind of lifestyle you lot when you retire now she always must travel on much of it. She told me what you wanted to do and I'm my own family unity argument it's ever going to be money and Pippen got 200 rather operate and we'll have to link in the Monday. Definitely it. It's like come up yeah placed. Again be asked. Limping win. You could share a vision of but one person AM might have a slightly rosier Beason then the other yeah but yet I too would like to do a BCD. But I seriously doubt it's gonna happen. I'll see you again negative. I'm not good that's the way it is I'm saying could worsen IE my friends Matt and Amy had basically the same vision. One person can clearly see it happening and yes persons they get that would be nice but at the mine. Right right now no I don't even I don't come honor I just. Does go along with the local. As the Cleveland a thing or just those diamond. Hope. I don't rebound that sends him and let him arrogant and was a day so I mean I hope they do is assessing and whenever. It I don't deny it I try not to deny. I try to go degrade it be great like that. You're growing the most are I would say that. And our attention to judge you say that's details. I just got sucked us dry and you're not get a unity Edwards 48 hours eight some cold and wet mud by the knowledge that Edgar down liberal radical the. I thought. A you would like to have to step easy like you would like to see the world trying. Amy's rose colored glasses and I and I do agree with him off and think god for her rose colored glass yes I. I haven't occasion. And shook. Could I at least have a play along game I've played so you can thank you yeah okay let's get right. Yeah not just. Yeah I expect that the only sometimes I sentinel squash him all the times and hasn't been somebody that I hesitate sometimes as a whole stream. Let's look at that yeah there's always do you that is woodlands and. And a little bit confident but you know even if you think any team in and day out. Percent other got in on every. We know. In the limo and gets. You there can be hired to his mother and a fresh out of means it's much USB they all need out. Every time we she wants to take it day obligation it's always a thing. I don't want to and I'm like you know I save million that they you know I never know what's gonna happen and I'm and let the guys down or whatever and select. You know Lester and ended December and got a fourteen days left who's who do you think I'm like I like to be safe. Signing that's of that here's what's it had a lot of wasted. I don't you yeah I just share it might be. In the podcasts but it. What I would say I was open I tell you guys went up. Think it if she doesn't listen to spartans. To he's an opinion on what our dreams. Ivica managing along. And they know we will keep all his bodily fluid to instant the thought. Idea hasn't grown that crap on it a little bit yet she said she wanted to see let's get this Utah trip which is different. US led to a got a huge tall and pretty things and staff and I am I don't have mountains and you know whatever. Yeah things in Seattle and has that things could ever go to new town like. It Denver and you saw the Lincoln did so and you tell my sister and myself I just said you know. You know you're you're different than than people you like the beauty of doing it. Our kids are gonna. I'm gonna. Don't give you that I. You hate me and clintons know like I got an HDTV I have never left UD I need I. A good guy pictures again it. I've written by and tear it actually she's a friend of ours she works with the tryout equestrian center and mineral springs North Carolina. It's like an hour and a half away from Charlotte and she invited all of us economic hang out see equestrian events. Head to. Yeah it was not a computer like it was it and now other world like little long ride. I don't now if our mad and then our key and me. My goodness. Leno but I am I gonna do it would be that. Rip can. Dog that hour and happens not a day trip that's three hours roundtrip I don't they get to patron. That's close throughout already. Three hour round trip plus you're staying there for lets consumers and it. The year four hours we're talking. Joy ride is not a day trip free you once it once a three hour roundtrip let's get to it that way. Know that that's asked. That's an overnight it. You're kidding right now I'm not kidding. I went out and happy veteran of the Palestinian house. At least a pioneer and now I'm not turn around me somewhere. You know. What I understand why you don't get to Belmont might as well mandated the similar. It was like forty minutes it is here that we stay the night. Apple amid are covered wagon and library and a bad news to me if you're gonna close our affiliates on the bubble are at particular but I thought about. At the bubble. Tell me you're joking no I'm on the bubble on our hands about pops not doing too. I can drive. From here down to the zoo in Colombia and South Carolina that's a day trip but you're anything over tip that is the I'm ready attack Roberts at the Jimmy ever to now over to like him I go from here to Charleston were spent in the night. Mean. That's three and a half three three on the bubble. You know hundred date too I might give you now happen that's only what some of kids not from me. But that the two hours definitely not a date. A lot I will. Three hours is IMAX date three hours and I are talking six hours in a car. Gregory our event today. I had me doing day shopping trip row. I'll leave it and I needed to rally. Are you candidates too far it's not that are yes too far and tires mean a thing and about it but it does. Melinda I got the basic. This works the rule of thumb making this up on the fly here Amadeus the amount of time your in the car. Should be more are should be less than the time you spend at the event. Right so that's not a good that the trip to Raleigh that's what's that like two and a half. That's five hours and a cargo to spend six hours. On top of that doing something and so now you're all good lord. Good lord I. Dozens to me now. And he's economic data hours that's it and that's I guess you weather's crazy people would drive body yet today. Record is good looks of the leads like drives up and looks leaves interns around. Yeah now yeah rallies two hours and 49 minutes in my house knows all. And you know you're kidding me what to put in perspective. Of all the places you go for six hours that are also yeah and then spend the night. It did six hours of that has been the not eight. No this round trip six I get a three states embargo three. So a Mazda six and seven day trip to the beach you would be so out no well. To the big. For a dip and closes these might beat Charles two euros earned probably Tulsa Myrtle Beach is further yet brilliant is further now. Wow no way am I doing a six hour trip just what was the point. So yeah personally am making basically you're making it a twelve hour day. That's an and that that's that's set right. You're in the car for all the time that while you're actually at the plate you're thinking out of bridled going to be. Just cancel that out as until it does is no way it's six hours for six hours it doesn't add up. Thank you out so well. Imagine he goes somewhere. Ceremony busy Ramona she's. We're taking this trip probably. You don't even know that you know are three hours and car. Yeah it'll mean. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.