An Apple A Day Makes Matt Insane

Friday, January 19th

Usually apples are good for you, but for some reason they bring Matt so much stress!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. Hey kids gather around the radio. It's the evening news Baghdad on because it is time we'll are Max and all the facts. Now and he added addition. And I told you this that you are. Intuit two words the number of words that most of earth has for TE. The other being shot I talked essentially any human in the world news of one of those two words and they will know it's T. Trade routes and export the word giants treaties were Edward T and so that's why you have only see John drop through the mill anywhere. Gotta admit you like that. Idea that you did like that night elegant and what are the. Yeah. I'm so honored to look at it out in Greenville is a look at it dives you don't average to its high. Now you're a cool way it is my relay are Coca-Cola. Wanted to raise the prices from five cents a bottle 1953. So they ask the Treasury Department amendment government wanted to make a seven knapsack point. Seven half. And points or Coke batteries priced at ten cents when they just say eight cents I think the man had a sanity particular Saturday it's a good point I think a seven and a half Evan and I have a taxing. All pars and asked echoing. We don't want the bank Nickels or pennies or anything anymore yeah dimes I mean. I. Well can you mend it we had a seven have sent I'd be somatic Coca-Cola. So that as is even have to do the math. Yeah right right we don't need him anymore as it is. Apples to be stored for up to a year before their soul. That Amy about these giant apple is as likes apples which again. And I'd add that men and apple are historically if there's some giant apple you mean to produce such as if that's. But it was gigantic and my point being that there's no way they can eat that apple before it goes brown. You don't have saying easy when you. Like cut off a slice across a slice you don't last very well. True so it will limit on academics at last a little bit longer but like I know it's impressive to bring bonus bring our bring on this gigantic apple for. At a Ebert. Supports the big media have been the most before it turned. Why do it. Not my thing then. You would have if Regis a a a peak of cheap. You. Buying another level that's that's of important down the Babylon. A well hey if I don't want to know how much caution would have been the talk about it for a bit is that it's a good apple does. And I took me aside nice that it would what kind. I don't know hundreds aggrandizement but I'm glad that I wouldn't have prevented it until the top of the death. You thought. Well this and I had a couple could end. This all apple at half of them ended the whole thing. He. Of that editing and this was the thing supposed to ask your dog that you guys and it really bought an agreement. And then. As Jamie launder it was out clause. That's why Obama to hot not too worried about the prices at this apple again as apple. No I didn't and those. How bad sides cost. Half that price until I went. On. It. But you know my side. Not show you. Everybody got numbers on the line that you guys like how about for sure about that guys like Ali I would by the gap knows this. But they are okay gig at any cheaper than men are cheaper it's being angry and outraged about the price of Apple's. Anybody's added it and I guess yeah. I want to say bits like the bright red apple I don't even know how much surprise in the regular apple I don't it. And I couldn't look at opera didn't you and to me the name of it but I am assuming it's like under a dollar. Apple. Hasn't. Bolts guy anyway. Half hat. Female fruit fly. Eyes like dead gated home with incest. They. You know they may their Brothers and at whatever pages and let them do they don't they don't like to do with unrelated. They aren't. Wreck on last guest in your fruit in there about bloodlines pure. Yeah. 27% of American adults lie to their Dennis about how often it lost. Guy. Used. Now. You. Could I floss like like ten years ago maybe I added lost much. Now I've. How police say I carry plus my friend Dennis. When I see how some battles like commercial uncle my friend Dennis does not want to while pull out plus out of my pocket just I don't know I happy. I'm that he admires you guys like it and didn't release of them mumbled the way but I'd like but I haven't you should not. I think I don't have one got a blossom like but I have over I've been accused of over flossing before. Have you ever accuse overflow you know we're not an optimal. Not even if Israelis addressed it what you have flaws you didn't know let me. We'll leave channels in main users I don't you know you've taken flaws into another level I'd reversed our drivers and why an outwardly a I have one Aaron hammer and Eric and immigrants why. Like you know when. Why. Are you still seem a little because I have a space for I don't like having food anywhere in ninety. The law. I'm all back in Ohio as well could be the moonlight Evans deputy did not do what you didn't get in there if you don't have Pontes what do you do. I can get all along with a life a delicate focus on men have to have it. And in a lot of blue regulate my whole black hole and it does tent that Alicia fill that hole or looked at it. Your friend addicted about it it be I I have rotted out but he hasn't really been that can do something about that. The environment. What's the biggest kids biggest strengths and biggest lenders have in common. Maybe it's. 079 delaying going to keep you. Boy did you scored the biggest hits from the biggest artists because. Nomar. Serum. Hand mold when you win and the biggest hits on the linking. You can walk away with the biggest prize all of on the big screen. I'm spending spree. Code of 1079 the link done on the the biggest hits big screens. Expect capital music group. And Charlotte's best knicks 107. So I still so have you heard the old adage before about how you pick. How young of a person you can date aid a little age math if you will now because it is cut your age and half. And it adds that I've heard this before. And I never heard that let you relate your forty Geithner agent have. Want me at 727. And forty and 27 sounds okay you're forty employees have in your mom I got it sounds okay. I think people would probably be especially if it was a woman and a guy there's definitely a double standard. Other people would definitely be talking behind your back in that probably and and also the god spending in the looks of the guy they they could talk badly about chip elect god obviously all about money now so he had a hot 27 year. He's four year old sagging man so dollars and one out there is always about that. I was about to say no matter the age and he was AE. Not stereo typically attractive 35 year old answer. And he married a very attractive thirty year old people would say that's true about the extra that would not people go down to mini shelves there are people and something to say. It's true. However. Any usually unkind they say the age differently of course they. So called experts are saying you shouldn't have an agent mine it doesn't matter to all of it all lobbed however they say specially guys 125 they're not. In general mature enough or big time relationship or just in life in general. So let's say you're 38. Do you believe that you think is just what they say about if do you believe that age 25 year old man and a 25 year old woman are not in the same place. When it comes to emotional maturity in relationship readiness yes absolutely in general of course is except he acts of ours are I don't know where I was just wondering if you like this is what these CAA now you don't need it's it now and I believe it. And I I thought I was not ready oh now you're the duck and it. Reserves are prisoners like gazillion. Guys under 25 in jail like seven women. Okay I'm exaggerating but it has been Seattle got a good guys this kid's imprisons us. It runs in the majority in their impulse control and all that stuff you know is not great yet 125. Maybe 830 but I got a so I think it's basic rule of thumb. The the half staying here. Plus seven. This article says evens out becomes less of it paying as you get older. Except in the yen. Would at this 30s42740. I don't know ago. I don't know that seemingly give. It's really interesting when one of my friends. She lost her mother when she was quite young men and one of her friends. Kind of caught the eyes of her father. I'm all the reality yeah. I'll be very good friend but this is kind of a friend friend like the same age as her via roughly the same age as. The daughter is allowing along with a fodder yes let's say the daughter age 35. And her friend gazed. I pray on the air right around there. And daddy is flakes 60s65. My sanity. Like an hour and thirty viewed thirty everybody it really creeps her out that this for under duress. And her dead was taking a liking to her friend yes you like. I look at what is being up. There are seventy and 35 that's added and I actually think he likes forty and seventy actually it's odd to give you sixty and sport. Maybe 6045. An ounce and which get in the seventies. Every guest made yardage dating type ones you get net especially get the eighties you can't database that is that it. Let's just went about. It has its anyway if you opt I get a year olds and start date some skeptics are just waited. Well today he is a sudden thing that just likes to start date somebody unless you just evidence that they should be at least that are seventy you take a ten years. You got to be twelve years the most when your rating on each and don't give you and earn eighty he had it somebody intercepted it. Yeah that's the rule make him any eight year olds listening got anybody elsewhere mineral. Bankruptcy. Not a million fifties are now you're you're even in sixty thinking goes can you give goes fixed. He something eighty and 65. And have laid off the planet is expected it to society Annan on credit related six. Stadium write this and I've got just think it's reached a point. You just didn't go visit to the point that it depends on how good a shape you are nearing its true I'll just say in general. Okay like Kirk Douglas we despise under one you have so he sedate someone 58 or something. I'm not here a hundred like me I gotta think in the ninety's. And you're denying the easiest thing in the eighty's I don't know how big debate in rulings were people in their hundred. Dating is even on their mind on doing a ninety's. Why that would not being hydrazine go any age years. It is obvious just what problems doing it brightens like Amber's the Motorola. Is just. It's about sex yet probably are companionship. So why you dip your talent and nineties and Matt BA fine right now shrivel up and unhappy. Don't know. Theology go to this sixties if your under. Are you know my girls. And girls brilliant guys girls out there listening right now. The first rule of my mom. Or my dad died MR I think they're like is 77% of let's thank you and your parents or somewhere in that vicinity. 36. And they started dating somebody's got to win guide. I'd be sad you're coming in with rules via the blows your area on that your mom. Picks up a nice 45 year old there does bop and that's fine but today are going to he's admitted today she wants you begala I met this nice younger man he's 45 we plan to get married and it was weird I'm going on you better does Bebop and with yeah. Are you gonna date. And so I. Don't know how to mix. I don't want to see you guys grope each other on the counter sit non. I'm not a lot. Now. No one he comes over for Christmas dinners on the nineteen out of that you need to see the groping leap into the Pablo you can. Nobody. I mean Q what's your mom's seventy suddenly you wanted to fifty. I'm ready to do I don't walk my mother to have a sex life of any sort of have a dating life. I. I'm day by CBS but it wouldn't be weirder oblivion is like a fifty year old. Would be a larger cut out for years 75 year old mom. I think she should be with a man who is ask 67. Or ten you know ten years ago on yeah. Haven't had just pop in your younger we're not just. I just bumping a felony act and. Not just having my mom and so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Let's talk a little. Money you know I always. Whose efficiency and yeah golf course. One of the things that is. When in doubt right now. People on the L they stand on opposite sides of the car Luke leading three or four gravitate to the corners. Five or more space evenly hands and arms straight down to avoid contact. And there you go on and impersonate yes guys like that yes. Space personal space I like that this. You use that thing is divided squadrons loan and it lets you overflowed squadrons. You gotta stay in yours. Wragge yeah. Mean I know the difference in the elevator between smiling and spirit. Elevator the perfect place a series your phone or the door earnest and just let ago. Era down to smile when they walk onto the elevator and then you look down. Yes that's exactly what they say. Give everyone a generic nodding smile. I am normal student validate your Internet space lazy when it sets. They Tito good nodding smile. If eye contact or Menem a map that shift your attention somewhere else anything else. What he said. Yes researchers have found that elevators men tend that you know I content of any wind won't do a quick glance around. All the more reason not to go back for seconds and I contact. During his second only to passing gas and the elevator and out knows. Well yeah. That's I can't Deming tactic I guess and a big thing about the elevators yet on those buttons. Power dynamic an elevator. Cars vita between the normal powerless riders and about master yep if three or fewer people weren't elevators no need for a button master. Get your own get a handle yourself in 12 or three people do your own. But for more squeezed in there. Guy or gal by the end latins has to take care about. Ayman Al because sometimes. You get on an elevator and there's definitely. Someone who is hogging the button area you can reach I have to say excuse me in order to get by Christmas I'd like. Excuse you because. You know years surrounded by your lugging juror. Your children or whatever it is yeah. If I have to say excuse beating you should be willing to play but you'd like to me that I want I guess if you're hugging the button ereader that I walk on you say what floor are you going to. Yep that's got person made the initial. Bad etiquette thing by standing up front by the buttons and they should have taken not offering to hit the Clinton bush I and act opposition been that. It you enter you don't know about that in and you didn't go straight to the back of your lineup and I could carry it the minute applying them. What would you go into the got to have to say excuse me you're doing and yeah yeah now have. If you stand by the but as you all are fast. The button master and you must ask the people must say I agree that what plummet taking too. And don't say. Something cute like as you wish that are brats your service in adults have never heard anybody say I haven't heard a giant ID chat are now. Oh and now guys lady if I am my master aideed played a role play well. Fluid number do you need to read review and she had to make everyone feel uncomfortable. But I think that lives out let's say Danny's on the elevator with me today being he's wearing. Blackened red managers isn't alone now and I CAA bid as it but you don't do it goes. Fourth fifth floor please don't fifth floor where you'll find it. Very handsome dividend in plaid shirts. A key. And out of the where's that. That was one of the big etiquette things as we just don't talk it out yeah and maddening it's not six floors sixth floor. Manila here. Geez. Yeah particular message now commented the bug net adapt and and barely arrived more pleasant for what goes Lesley Schneider now on comfortable path. I'm about how uncomfortable that Jersey jeans fit slower yeah among comfortable. I guess I'm on Donald's a fourth Indiana does it force on get out of here next button available as decent person boards the elevator okay much as they as the rule. The person close to the bond is bastard. But master but the vice button master has to move over to the buttons when given the opportunity. That see here audited. Or don't talk on the Alley that's obviously don't don't talk on the phone and elevated it should be obvious. If you are on the phone boarding an elevated got a sale text read back that you used just you can tell senate elevator. No he held it off now use your phone all day long yeah and the car he had taken a call plus years I've found late night. I try to get off the phone before I get to the elevator and got trying to wrap up garlic at camp about to get on the elevator and of the person gets talking they're gonna get cut off eventually because elevators. Using your cellphone and got to learn. I read notice all the time he came to iyas Kindle even an elevator you can't say give out an audio there hang out on the elevator hang out OK okay okay hang out OK okay hang out. And here at the front of the elevators that about the with the people back exit. Two people that two people standing closest. To the door the elevator to stay about a Carty each request to stop at old doors of the one and the people can accept. And when the cars approaching your destination you say my floors next hole your body heads up come through a man who heads up. There and I I want you to say when it gets there this is me excuse me excuse me I think I do have to say you do have to step out not just tries to squeeze right about one arm hole. Yeah got to squeeze out and. Most people don't do that I think that's a very grand. Under you know gesture this step out a hold the door. I I and hiking down on one hand the times if someone has done a step I knew what was it round. An entertainment it's the the worst place that is the absolute worst place is. An airport. When you have to use an elevator in an airport mom and I can only have to do that because we use a wheelchair when we travel. Ending your stat people have all kinds of bags that ten years in there. Editors and there's no way for us to get out from the back unless people step out you can't step doesn't have seen people like try to make the assaults. Gap ball and just step out. Not a big deal and a quick tip pressure on the elevator and you need somewhere to look I suggest staring at the pictures Cheri Barry who she's still the elevator Brazil will. On the commission a labor she's a very handsome woman and deceit admire her. Sure the beauty she. John you know what it does but I wanna be a picture of reality and I do to an extent are a lot my problem is I stare at the weight limit. And then I look. At. I've yet to figure out isn't it later Leno I'm Adelaide. 17. Need to do is load moms get another 170. Lou that's a 200 pounder I start. You guys are jumping up and down. Tonight and we can break it exact I think it's all there with Matt in Ramona stairs are of waste of alerts. Was your license. Fee the united one's spouse stares. Sometimes hey I want it still it doesn't cut it. So have you ever tried that oh yeah we tried all assigned to each other our style any wanna do it again yeah and it doesn't work. Works works sometimes and I don't minutes. Works probably just the same percentages. Somebody lighting candles or whatever. Pretty good I heard that system but that here's the thing about it on this list it is. That's okay for some people I think because that's maybe the way you operate. Because this they don't play pretend. Don't get is some sort of character to flirt. They you don't ignore these characterization normally. Possess. Up that was supposed to be sexy you don't wanna be cool swallowed. Funny your Lou for your none of them as they exit your regular life. You'll just confuse her not really turn her on. I can never do the modern family where Claire and bill fail. Is it their anniversary of something about go to ball armed pretend to be like a spy and that whatever. I can't even imagine. Imagine. Trying that oracle which specially pulling it off. I just couldn't do it. If you do it without laughing yet and does this losing it and and trying to be sexy is just I can't. I think that's a idols purpose right so we can't switch to. So mob of Nell. Or at five comes off there's not a slob bone in my body wore all blue right now. Can't come up with no ambulance and it works like I don't care if you have sex with me. Issues erring on ball carrier and militarily. And company to get a little bit in Tanzania Rwanda interlude I only got a shot with funny. And Aaron but you have goes down on. There's there's someone says something humor is or are you know somebody Shahzad naked we don't lasts. Don't the in the do you know how is that why have you come in our group like Mir back. Visit as a group so I don't know it's another group who I'm also focus on her. I eat. Despite sun something something I guess something out of it validation an exit on the flirting isn't just about you know. I contacts smiled letter talk that in erupting leaner and listen what you sets particularly in too much lean and that would be weird. And even even. Leaning in a little bit might thriller off. It ties. We're regularly to what's going on here are you you leaned back on the back at the kick back check all rely I mean I got mad at dinner something may be but we're just likes to connect it generic. Across from each other and accounts replies the TV show. I don't crawl over their lean and stay in my spot music colorectal. Did you imagine that links her to remove it is a little right I love my ailing leg or yeah. Now air act count are our. Similarly. You know any of those sexy moves that six pull on TV like the crawl over to your man you would be like what the heck are you doing girl I know just where our relationship is wired him during some people are. Wired differently in LA I am but my ex husband when I. Tried to streak for him it's treating is. Just the worst streak is not sexy well. And streaking is never Dennis sexy way never done that. Baseball games and good morning and told me any New England. Are you good. I saw Internet perhaps. Out street now. Does that well. With the streak. Everything's bound to name gone crazy I assumed it would be OK I biggest Greek food would be a better alternative to basketball but obviously it was. Are you watching a game you went through it. While I take somebody seriously at that point three years in sports coat handy man hello this street was going on when it wasn't watching basketball with day like. It mere finger thing I might chase. And outside streaking anymore now to chase as loan which is it's it it's completely different but so. The street GAAP net that's audited now a song turn a gas. So let's welcome all of you what's good sexy nudity for you what the move could you pull that your wife would consider to be good sexy let Maine new game weighs some drastic. I'm don't cripple authors I've just in bed naked. And he barely pulls that and. And I I'm an does file maliciously be paying doesn't guarantee any errors and I flawlessly PP you know just aside there's nothing I can do make it there would be sexy in my life now you right. The most guys yeah I've got to have low self esteem and we need us to. I think most guys are. Are sexy Erie near boxer briefs he had a right women. Yet. We're gonna Mora era to connect with and staring at her eyes back at a bank presidency and they get but he properties of these copies flopping around. You know that's it's sizzling rather at that and. I'm not sure what to bump and round yeah but the but he got is the getting. It's more laughs and more fun it's affair with a match. Shot a couple of CME standardized throughout usually in these things I don't. I messed it up yeah. The first name mentioned is that your system. Yeah they they you. Sometimes people say I like all right go ahead run around a dinner whatever and it's get out of your system that as I says to me. But you know they might be unable to fight the yards ran around the house naked remaining Arab Macon potty talk to whatever. They don't say get out your system Regis yeah I did do a man. And potty talk about. On around naked what did you do it man exists in I mean that monkey off my back yeah yeah now there's a. That was actually delighting and having their behavior reinforced. So with a veteran leaders address the problem behavior practiced the positive opposite behavior. As there is keep the clothes on for their nightly sprint or something like that it's. A bit. This in the saying yeah and I my daughter. Not that the elderly and it is seven and younger. Just had a thing about wearing Knight down that under any leftist Saturday. Why are you telling this I don't know unless line. I'll. And then she like you know you need people visiting and she kickback or I'll wrapped. I'd say dip your system ended up coming out I said gadgets and other well Lou. A little low and future. It would be best to be just the clothes on our people visit well I. Our energy do you think the kids like app which have been job's not to address. And I underwear you know they got my dad and everybody got together at the first like forty time to things you Wear under the main. That we have to check cap the timing on. Poses in front of her nephews who are like. Eight miners under that big is her. On by amazed all of those guys everyone delete this podcast. Listened to it so there's no record everybody's addict. Where everybody's had a snake it's a anywhere I. Go. Death and you have come within the. Other adult did that lets you might not be some back. How did you watch. It yeah jobs Amazon bears that were in my pajamas. Backward amount we didn't win fallout here and Tony had depth so you can bet the kids to tell you give an audio system. And it did you. It took me a yeah delegate there's a lot of kids out there a lot of parents who understand lot of gay bowl and asking kids love unity allows it to. Yeah really weird Yahoo! and even out and unity like yeah. All right so another thing you shouldn't say it is shouldn't on the bag did. You might feel like same idea bad as it's it's a chance common bags yet that's that's. Not caught a good behaviors by. I if a kid being crappy. Here one is ever accepting parenting advice from Sacramento I don't care if you read it straight from appealing lead and I know why. Silent on the event. Advice sat at Matthews isn't it we're good things they're afraid if you don't really even though he did. Things mixed up and head Euro country. Always always always creep I'm an expert at the age yeah better educate your legs back and it could be dieting goal but come and review it is wrong. And then underwent an. Isn't would have to read. It got is that these kids got onto. We depend on the public about it the head of the things I. Whatever you pay. I'm like no way I do anything. I'd right right I think a pretty much but somehow as a as summarize it like it is eight. And Eric and let the guy who says he was some arriving. That's your eggs work right now. And I think we speak expert. Thanks for listening to our fair with a metal remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.