Apple Or Mango?

Monday, April 16th

There's a certain percentage of people who admittedly can't tell the difference between an apple and a mango...Matt is one of those people!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan would speed up all their wish that remote camera review resumes for. Listen man possessed today it was peanut butter today it's true I can't let it go. Are hungry yourself into that well maybe but. It would. I everybody lunch today but here here we go there this is this the deal. We we talked about yesterday but we haven't expanded on an exit for a little bit in the air the 40% of people can't tell the difference in an apple and a mango. You think that's outrageous. Job Benny and I thought it was outrageous until we looked at pictures of manga. Now has become very clear. Why people might get confused depending on what they showed them in this picture. Like I'm whatever game they were playing you know I'm dissemination pictures of these fruits because there are green mango is that are basically the shape of an apple. And if you just had them side by side. And or are you just showed that wanted to say he said to somebody and as the probably just blurred out apple. You know I mean one thing is is out with a we'll study. Was conducted by yogurt company they were trying to figure out which routes people would like. To have in yogurt yes and then a very quickly realize these fools don't know fruits. Think of that was is the point and yes it they would they were trying to figure out like OK you know should be put. Some apple in here and it would put a picture of an apple on the younger. What people now and a bit more like. And try and not a prude circuit using minimal and mayor this is I'm going back to. The main gas yes and your weird head pacts that. Mingle with like the most popular yeah it in a war in the world yes. But yet you can't tell an apple from a man guy I can find pictures. That. Where a mangoes very apple last written he has. Has changed. All that out that's that's where you're mistaken they're very close right Danny you've seen it. Well there close yeah it's flatter. More oblong they share apple they share a similar skin like the green mango looks like a green apple as far as the skin and the collar around it but it looks like a deformed. Apple right but if you're at first glance you might go. Apple did formed out of our eye on what is it like sing a goat is a deformed sheep. Mom I'm just saying it's not as easy as you might think and then crazy because seventy presented people couldn't tell the difference. Sixty via tangerine. And was later joint injury rate for all of pointers and people couldn't tell the difference in African and oh yeah. Could tell him. And and that if you hundreds he'd like to draw all the tangerine Kirby whatever I'm not sure I could draw it in right now. As an icing its round in our injures and Antonin I don't I can't tell estimate lottery look at it and okay. The advisory. At five. Went to the grocery store and I verges a tangerine. Yet. In Orange. And it Clementine. Welcome offense do you think that you would be Ellis Tellme which was which the Clinton they Carmen is that the climate the climate. Yeah commercial. Apartment. You know I got no doubt and that's a tiny part. I had that's an easy I can nail that we we've we've gotten the economic team has before. On the orange. In this orange tangerine and the same thing. And obviously now it's yeah. Now there's a picture area I might have trouble. Arenas fig Newton many. And if you went to the monster storm could you identify if big or you only identified a new form. No mistake because my neighbor does mutate and member I a he gave me much bigger pounded him down a cramp up. I think crap myself you know letting guys off after another direct lesson. Citrus growers cringe at the misconception. That an orange is just an orange. There are ten trees which are cousins of or Mandarin oranges that you know that. I knew that there is a difference being or didn't tangerine Arafat picture because the this the skin of the tea what is the difference is much better than the skin of anyone I'm not sure I would. And I can't greens to be a little bit smaller than oranges but the skin is definitely thinner have you made me have a brighter orange color then and or if you Mamie like it does. Blurt out what you pulled the one in front and adding desperate tangerine I'm I'm guaranteeing you that I'm getting right. You guaranteeing NRA want. Orange tangerine sit in front of vanity on you know not not out on century like gosh. That really. It's a tough team did this is what I'm saying. You're probably easily endlessly like. Amy it hit me and I've fruit. I don't know but I have a may have added to your door and now well know I by double that never had tangerine on the list. So. I'm telling you the fruit game normally don't hear or is dead insane health. Fruit game Allen may have been approved game because it's much harder than you would think much much more difficult. To separate the fruits. And and I would say. I have a lot of my haven't even eaten a guy I've I would never get a great for instance and it would it look like it handle can't look grapefruit there's a difference there are probably. He didn't have a problem there it. Is it so I just saying where you earlier you tell the difference between a catalog and honey do. Yes yes. And I'm not down but it was the it's the worst part of a fruits that. I would I would want them. Out in little plane and I honey does him well honey do as a filler and IR Miller is only hearing nay Purina forgot yeah that is like the last piece it's hard to really offer loans and grapes and strawberries and oranges death. You don't want them honey do monitored useless. Data and I was telling you about the prickly fruit and you guys couldn't guess for the prickly through laws. Because you can try to tell me it was damp hair in what is a prickly pair it with this but it but it isn't that one and I forget what I said it was. I had to punch up the Harris teeter fruit section. Demps and yeah I'm gonna make a game like a game board. Where we play this game people get at him a million and it'll be right next to that can be Elaine game. Anyway it doesn't end for toddlers but it doesn't I'm not this'll be an identifying them. I yeah I can't quite did you come on the. I am. I really do think I am not forget my prickly one was dominant man in Palo board but I like I would tell the difference is you can't allow but I must Mellon. And I don't know I must and it's okay never mind public you your game because hopefully I'll be looked ugly fruit you know that is. Any you know now see there this doesn't. They got no lines. Should stick but I don't. It was my prickly DM one OK guys are gonna have to look it up for ourselves but it's not a pair I just I of that right now. Canary Mallon all key wanna know you want a K I WI NO. Amuse your friends that see that can guess what that is public have that pinot it would appeal as you know it is. So many things out there this girl's gone crazy with fruits and vegetables. The Didier may be an apple. You'll always decelerate and now this kind of I don't know. The first. Fresh off his number one songs all on my mind. Anderson he's just taking. Country by storm. 1079 to only presents. Anderson niece for a special exclusive acoustic performance at the the comedies on on Saturday April to labor. In town that acid is the acoustic show. All electric showed the underground leader that. Winners qualify that we. In airfare home. Tickets to see. Anderson used to live at red rocks interfere in Colorado on June 20 no worries if you don't win tickets to both shows you can still register a 1079 the link dot com this CD comes to gel and and they should they're red rocks in the deer deceit Anderson he's. Acoustic performance almost. Crescent to win the trailer so look here. Here's in the east. The electric on Saturday April 21 only from Charlotte's best mix of 1079. At the tacky dirty Jersey sure would be amazing and it absolutely was they lived up to its it was every. Trashy thing I thought it would be there was it was huge. Well I'm removal was that dearly 2000. Yeah yeah about ten right. You get into a van ago now I don't automatically knows a little and I don't think errors awful episode either. I even tried to watch Snooki and jwoww when they had the year spin off show and not get why you are Jimmy letting a bottle baby. Endured I heard ever gambit there. In other is. There was big ones like the Osborne's and people like that. I'm not sure they were. At the Jersey Shore but it don't always recent buyers remember that when being cute but other coming back on MTV it is going to be ranked. Guy Jersey Shore our family vacation. You're you're gonna tune into this. I just. Just to see what they look like now and we're gonna sooner or thirties now yeah. So. It was OK situations still Abidjan where his 2009. I think it's tried it changed the personalities that we came to love is you don't think he's a mom now that surprised they were out probably the right. I think though. It was 2009 at dot and remember the Italian all upset. Guido and take and entertain people are sentiment. Avenues of today every right. There he cannot have said they had maim more problems manages a game that is true is about half packs. When it first started at 2009 they were again paid actual money. Which is hard to believe if you thought maybe I you know I delegates get actual money there are getting a 200 dollar gift card. To the shore store which is they're required to work there or wherever it imported into sewers still aren't met but you would think there'd be some sort of late Aaron all water use and other. Did you get. But I you know I mean like you'd like to think that dizzy at minimum a show would have to pay somebody sucked but I mean it's it's only general lord yeah I guess probably food but if you ask me the time I would assume they get paid something yeah. You know I edited it to be paid. Basically zero. But for them that issue isn't that great job may be getting it might of been filmed as up I lit. Well it took off. That was season once the whole season one and it is as they are paid at that gift card. The cast members all we got the same pay by the reportedly paid 30000 per episode season three. A final final season about a 150000 dollar Reppas Iraq says at. So they are back and they're they're doing all right financially. Which is. Right it created. Adam biggest I would never suggested. Thank you did. Dancing With The Stars she's a worth paying for five million eyes spoke he I was isn't he and others to. That's enough right on dancing with the DJ. Rouse now. Worth. Two point six men and. I'm back I think. Cynthia Pauly. Today from. Clothing and. She had to do like a little holding the line I'd bet on things Miami as she was. Sammy sweetheart. She's still she's worth over nine million and a half and surprising Polly. I'll tell you not come back. Them they called Lanka are SES every sweetheart yeah they called or something. Others beat Charlie got tacklers on that. I don't think they're gonna have an inflatable one affirmed in in the new show or something. Rodney Harrison cookies being ironic got a two run he's worth one point eight million and surprisingly is EU. He seemed like he was destined for trouble. Is an endorsements clothing lines WB stuff. Denny I remember giddy and he was more the quietly three million. Three million. It'll talks are just throw out. Dina. Oh yeah she shortly under the dirty little hamster that's the line. They have had dirty little hamster and the new show apparently has all the little joke about it they have. That is Andrea. 400000 she's worth. Angelenos were nortel's Angelina she's worth two million. To millions news in the first two seasons away sheet. And Amy app frat or whatever. Like three million I mean do this is let's Craig if you just it was it just that'll be bald billionaires know. Well Larry my I would think they'd they'd earn whatever they earned and then they would go way. It would go away and they would be because it they reported kids all the needlessly around who has drink. And argue and you thought it was just an. They didn't yet to come across being real bride dated. That you would think that whatever once they did start making six figures for episode gone we'll begin. Yeah I am going to the gym gaining. Yeah and doing it and he he out he yelled to him. So I guess they they obviously a very good agent I would thank you they've they've they've are laid that thing and multi million dollars. House said it's. I'm wonder they've got to be. People who are just known for reality he'd like the real outsize they were already well. Yeah I think the people who weren't well it were born well the and then they became multi income net. Not that many. Yet yet empty road rules and things like that maybe that real world I don't I'm not even them. In most of the real world and on early technical and on to do they're not many I ask gangs that have are elated and says. Wealth. Beta and I both agreed we would definitely do. Well yeah it'll even like the biggest ass ever you want to look like. The right Roger early twenties you're just being a jerk off. And I got someone came to us now that you are the funniest group of dysfunctional human beings ever restraint. And we wanna do reality him McLellan we want you look really bad. Well I can do that without acting giving their own and and we and also birdied. What are your early twenties in Dublin I mean that these. It's obvious now would you do it now bans are to make me look evil are they making Milan when they make me look like it even in the jerky. Notre Dame paradise and OK constantly getting paid it. You just do it didn't say much for getting paid. Out three and they'd give you had your vision or money. A KM in Hallie Alec fifty million like Pauly. Don't need it best how much your Australia and a thousand dollar her let out a 100000 of those. A 1000004 yes yes yes yes oh yeah. Yes now in the link I can explain to people you know that was edited weird yeah SF I didn't mention is going to be not to tell after it's over africanized over. Okay your media tour of course everybody heavily be on believe me and it had a plan and they showed us get a referendum is a replay all of our hot doesn't reject it. It's off there with Matt Ramallah. Don't you remember this story I gate. I just talked about a guy who had her I'm not talking is that you don't stories they the people are listening not used to Ramona and Andy. I know you been updating us nonstop it's been in the UK papers people. Amanda and England Lamar chambers refused to about drugs he allegedly swallowed. In a bid to avoid prosecution. Two accomplices. The prosecutors said he significantly curb its food intake and simply didn't quote go when the urge struck. Our guys lawyers says that you and it wasn't on purpose he just couldn't Elvis couldn't go. Don't tell thing on it again troubled resist. Couldn't vote he's constipated okay or. That I was defense that finally picking the the police just drop the charges battered. We we don't have tired of watching your not a fluke so that they they released him after forty cent imagine a man power that it took this stadium to watch around the clock 47 days where you're joining the the citizens brigade there whatever has learned a year job that is evidence police academy and everything's gonna be you don't want to watch the guy hasn't proved important it is going to be a citizen's police academy and there's his look forward that. So the people have you know minds. It's like a science side. They. As they dug deeper into this and and Avery yes yes they've but the only person who really wanted to dig deep was you lending was calling how stuff works or science or some anyway. On so is this proving strike. They found out that it's a crappy idea pack doctor Alan Stein professor medicine John Hopkins specialty is like Rupert. She said it is technically possible refused to dapper today. Really. All these years I took it seriously shut my neck all these years you've been doing it Willy Nilly. I could have been refusing contractor refused for a little while but I can't own you know you you leg this ill and you and act but they'll be told you how many times I had a group. You do now but I tell you when I do but like. I like right now little rumble and I'm not telling you just did this isn't one of those raw roll the dice Steve I get home and so go on here. Non hopefully you'll have their resolve this guy to go over the holes and then there's no way what did Tony five minute trip to Florida yeah that's not. I would have gone 24 hours honestly. You need to know that it. Jesus is technically possible refused to update at a certain point to the likely result would be development. A massive solid hard packed stole in the colon or what they called the business he stool ball. They're calling it definitely sir I did it. You know let's do business and Thomas may goods and don't you go to these efforts he said it's the document but then to be some leakage around the stool ball. And yet immense pressure like you know and then you get some. Correct all sir and some cuts or T airs on his features that are like a paper cut back. And very sensitive area at all. And if you if you hold off let light here years to get a little dysfunctional because of that. He delegates that down on comfortably couldn't even you might have trouble walking around him bending over. And as and you hold dialogue you might not get a bounce back. Could take months of therapy. Against in a proper working order. On an even money no way good therapy if it sometimes you lose sensory input. Several weeks because that if you losing 23 and that he means you don't. Can't figure out what you're going to not. Go so you prove it so you put your can't. Ed Ed and say that now yeah this guy. And I've amazement. I'll spend it where you guy like me or my wife of guy and I on vacation they've gotten days and I'm next time I'm just Alan gold ball. If. That's on thing and that's Nam. And he goes well he comes and not where you'll eat I'm a couple times a new day Yang but you knock on Tony brown and oh yeah. I know you've gotten days. I I mean share a week if a week it's much it probably yeah. Again I ever find it very difficult to go on vacation that's my wife says to pursue yours takes a lot of stuff to make it happen well at. And that evidence that everybody on the matrimony yeah and our family got to keep an Wright's eyes ounces to get through Diaz today the got to explain that that the that it does that Farley's in my X ray come back down. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. See here videos of the FaceBook page memo replace a page lies can follow. And oh there's been different things in the week I enjoyed the giant bird. On top with some guy. That was buddies is. A link in alerting adding and it's big gas bird. And business it is kind of I can't believe the guys that. Completely freaking out and in his black guy take it. Not even trying to shoo it away. I think you descent squat there and tell you know. Well no matter how it anywhere in our sins that you get way worse yet in any you know way I could get worse you start movement clause and I just tough because Tom and about their heads yeah it is ready to pieces right right and also is the video of the Michigan weather man yeah he justice finally handing people complaining about the weather truth Arafat. I'm getting that point here. Anyway Ramona Holloway is he is. Native she lived that life is at 3030 announced it is separate. Is that what it is now and I everywhere and these are a bit dirty thirty relationship destroyers. Innovation called dirty they're very misleading. They are pretty tired. Dirty. What else round third master. Clarity. Parity. Obviously Germany Murti anymore and manipulation. That's. As he should think they're reality or truth. To give which you want I'll give an example when what you want is to be able to. Watch one football game ago every son and that's that she won. But you tell your partner that you watch. Two or three football games every Sunday early on and realized early on in the relationship even though that's not what you do you tell her that Sadia. You can pretend to negotiate down to one. Look at. Not that says that it's bearing her feelings. It is here am I wasting their reality of the situation and usually she won't I would want my perfect world I'd want to watch theory. Yeah games I'm not doing it and so. Yeah anyone. Still not happy but. Yeah I do I'm down the one she would say otherwise but it. It doesn't Matt I'm looking at it while I comply with the kids is still. Spending cap yeah definitely become of them looking at home vacuuming and then bend down as much. So yeah but everybody is a bit manipulative. It because you always want something out of something. You know does give somebody something without ones some old completely selfless acts like happy wife happy life for whatever health caller Nat staying just sank deeper happy that you can be happy. At that or you or your open that perhaps you want Bieber happy enough so that she won't leave you as you do all by yourself again right it could be that. Or just don't tell me help somebody. Basically I I've brought you guys called the don't think that I model gratitude. It manually go you. But I nonviolent way with this and this river Madonna Reggie got a committed. I employed or not the daddy like Benedicta you got a grudge or go shopping and had a I indictment I was blatant about it I. I want points today as I want to acknowledged Sunday he's got the call and a favorite Dan Ackerman Nolan in the yeah to be the most horrible thing ever I remember him that fry it and badge you know 28 yeah. Now I want to detonate. The the equally reprises arrests or rather than the of the trade and I've read in a reciprocity. OK what else is that dirty thirty are you cannot trade Doug don't have Scott Hebert did it. Unger were on this country not the government. In this country. He's arrogance. I'll wholeheartedly. Believe. Because when you think you're better than your partner. In intelligence. Appearance. Influence personality traits. Yeah. It doesn't speak well for you but I'm smarter than her it comes to sports and she's Smart to me when it comes to nursing. And putting taking blood and stuff like that. So we are got something that's a Smart missed a skill unkind and knowledge of that particular thing that's got intelligence a guy that doesn't speedster IQ okay just OK Steve you just to a general they but I can be specific. I Agassi yes and so much smarter than her in whatever. Many us smarter did in that particular thing you have more knowledge of this particular thing but it doesn't make you think our air again about that mine now you are. Let me just now I know which is sanity your overall smarter to make you smarter if you can fix an engine then if you can do brain surgery. Bet kind of dies but yes I understand. I here's the thing I've also anterior talk to a lot of couples. And if you talk to ease. Your part. They either think that. There on the same level looks idea. Award they give their partner to benefit the data being hotter of. I've never heard anybody. Say they thought they were as attractive as their significant other. Ever and I've never heard amazing they're hotter than every guy rivers said if it comes up they're like yeah she's hotter than me but it doesn't come out and come up. I never heard guys say he had no I went down a shelf but whatever. Don't know there are a guy that's that's the route that I mean I I've only heard one person say that they went down a shelf for their partner even women. Yeah on yeah I think but when civil marriages gone on for twenty years there might be somebody says yeah. I'm better than I am better looking and I'm now an age when Alan episodes ago whenever really. How to get a divorce and a good that happens. Which it thinks the guy you know she met amusement now get a big belly and she's like it was you daycare arms out as a guy and now you know I wish yet and I'm I'm like. Instead those people are probably hitting to a bad place that's why these are called in relation to get who are telling that to a bit friends and now here because the the one person I know who bugged her husband. About how he. Got a big badly as they got older they get married for fifteen years they are no longer together now and he's with a woman now who loves his belly. Yeah but you should be ought to talk about. It that's on the ITV's have a big growth on your for it should be able to say don't we take care of that growth at the same thing as you know. And we take care of that growth and long and I you know there's a communal I don't think you know now to me a year and a comb over the and a guy and all. I have. Little itty bitty. Where you may or hill today. It's forty years and are still literally base into something that changes. The he has got that he has is today does the comb over twenty years. Everything is when we close it older pretty much everything nobody yeah but every she you know it doesn't changed and I'm gonna grow hair when you married him much about having here anymore and a little ahead alien or hurt Matt at a hearing what he's doing a weird. Hairdo the team and look at Horry doesn't wash is. Meant parts that are whenever there's certain things you've got to point out. You're stopped taking showers to do whatever and you know it and Russia's deep anymore it is. Where's the horrible clothes and Palin and I. It's still mayor you. You know I mean today maybe dozens you know he's got this really long. Air. There are some like that it now that he's got a giant robbery in his. Yeah there's things you need a good mile disk assistant that's a lot of money. About your strawberry and stuff. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.