Are You Ready For Robot Love?

Wednesday, December 13th

What percentage of people would totally date a robot? The answer is disturbing...we've also got tricks to make any man listen to you and all of us would love to be George Clooney's best friend during the holidays!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then remote. I had mentioned I guess it was. They're both gone off there may be down doctor hook up with the virtual reality. System that we can have a big. Guess that dates and date and hearing. Instant personal you don't know what doc is doing well that's true station went on to sandy and again I want I would. Ventured to say doc back me up if you'd like to you don't know what he's doing this station. That's true I can't see him from the waist down. Behind the counter. No I don't he's like yeah I'll I'll fundamental ideas hands unions and gay did not like that and. All the things the doctors around out there now a lot of them. Now why would I want Arnie don't know what other people's jobs are so right. Now and it doesn't really see your eyes. I don't know get women meet in the parking lot when you leave OK but I'm just giving them options in bed for some reason virtual reality. Is not an option. Option but it but it will be a better option soon but the boy eighteen to 34 year olds about 2.5 percent say cool. With friendships and romantic relationships with robots instead of humans. So those people are sad and why maybe they aren't a very very beginning once they get a robot. C'mon people like women are using devices. Anyway now it's pursue that I mean all you got to do is build a person around. But that's a general. All you have to do is it as the what Edwards is a make you right MacMania. Only these boyfriends and husbands all this kind of what I want to do is build a person around our device to your toys. What ever that's kind of a robot. Right I cannot deny him men are more likely to agree to the robot then the wind and not them those men are set but how many are they might be a little Saturday may be the be made a happier I met. God forbid. Some and have any human Amy are no longer together and you are relaxed rocker some your usual. Too tired do anything self robot and. There's a robot available. And it's cheap enough did you actually blustery you're an expert yeah if yes why not. Fine of 50% off why would I be against that it was a little irregular but all of regular flu it's. At a. At a compared to your friends robots that you do for you should kind of works now why are we at night. Wright matter and I'm I'm where I not tell anybody about it that would do I mean at that point apart become like a thing rubio again. Well Matt can't do and it. Great I don't like 50% off robot till 1020 years I'll might be the norm out. And 20s30 in the in this is for the wedding ring business out of this you still be merry and eat a slice are you by robots side effects. Are all well I don't know machine and I'm not you got talked out oh believe me it's not cheating robot yet not to RBIs. The guy. Who has a robot girlfriend didn't have. Another girlfriend or wife to contend with. Well it will ever be seated into me in not giving it all what do you what you meant what he wants it more in the white is willing to give or vice Versa. They have robot on standby in case some identity and I guarantee you they're not you won't have to worry about his life anymore and how about the woman who I'm not going to be using distinctive public. So if. Amy should you know you just so tired all the time I'm getting the robot NO problem. And most of my game proud. On I don't know if it hasn't robot dear Amy yeah robot man yes closed above is being Latvia got. Holidays somewhere to do with a rumba. Something like that. Led by 2030 most people have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse the warned today but I think you'd be earlier might be earlier. Great to its wizard. Wizards haven't been looking at. No nudity born on a computer or through VR glasses meters or not that much of a difference right I would not know. I mean what would you just. Judge judging wise I do it nudity veto governor I've heard I know people haven't heard amazing. An eighth. Word amazing is over you know it this way this is. I guy drive those cars mayor's right this is like amazing. That yeah it's the next frontier when he none. Running at 350. Yes you may not apply next. Here that's the next frontier money 35 majority of people own toys that interact. Virtual reality. That spots sex spots appear in high income wealthy households 20/20 five and then robots become very popular with human. With with doing it the fifty. Within ten years away from rich people having thanks Roma yeah yeah I what do you mean I'm sure that there's some version of I'm like he. And seems to have be on the top that's. A good they are you know when you read about stuff like that they seem to be up. On board quicker. We are when it comes up like that. I'm good for them and you're not. What do you meet ignited dating profile he says. Like robots. But. If he's not talking about his rumba. Yeah yeah design robots in general when he's not home. But huge huge jump right it's not about sex robot. Net zero yeah that's because you're older and ten years of these mile gang yeah he sent up a little. Yeah exactly what kind of surely aren't robots look at what the public just being an robot period not to do with action. It robots unassuming he's a very Smart scientist. I don't go nerd and just hand. There and yes it's true picture plus I am married I wanna robot not Abner I disarm partnered just. That's a nerd but what's different you don't build robots are doing anything amazing. Thing fill up a. You know that Canada. Maybe I'm hard for that matter not dock is that Anne and her religious the nerd they're just not this partnered. Low level on their I don't know what I am lead to him we're not dumb nerds are Smart but we're not just got a smile and a okay we're we're not the Smart like the kind of Smart nerd. Does things that are really Smart with. Him you know the kind of mirrored zed don't do is Smart thing Norman learned socially awkward. Mattered then a nerd who's brilliant. And like doc makes you know as a lot of great things in the computer and builds up and you know he's an engineer or something. And reduce video we just awkward just nerds like that editor out old schoolers. Like seven these nerds business and an easy viewer nerd you're just a nerd and like in the nineties the nerd became really Smart to act. A gang wrote an article mattered until he 100 times it's it's just. And he gets an and a step on the world. I didn't have really high so let's see if he did not lead down and I dragged myself with dean was already the toy did so you know telling me something I don't already know them. I'm still taking pride in my nerd MW two you can. 1079 they'll link cares. Send this link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we teamed up with CN TD for CNET willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and burn till village on December 16 and nineteenth to drop off your gifts and enjoy special activities for the whole family get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the link dot com. Right man look at moves not our fault it's science my lady friends and my man friends. Science and here's why we do it according isn't science stats whenever scientific based on size matters but not as much as you think. And now rumor that meant Anna preferred medium to large presses true. But less sexually restricted men which I'm not sure what that means seem to care far less about size yes lesson. Restricted or you don't have a tight guess let's actually do get brandy. Gang. You consider yourself more or less sexually restricted alike. The lowest sexually restricted I don't know I'm assuming that. You aren't. Very choosy. I do not restricted to a certain kind of take your I think yeah I think that I am not sexually restrict. That I mean I am now I'm restricted to my life. It doesn't ever did it as though. I'm going to. Restriction that's a choice that's right. Non bisexual woman also must unrestricted incident. Prime time. Men anyway your honor sergeant Gibbs actually restricted I didn't as a bisexual women are the most unrestricted. So also. We'll take man boobs or woman that triggered this this actually missed I guess. Restrictive people may invest more in relation to make a greater rejection anger when they're jealous. Whatever it is men and women most popular is the seat on average so if he got the double to Dong does. You don't have a double to Don there's Olerud doubled the dice for you how much money you make may influence your boob preference. If you like small dose Larry probably loaded a lot of money. Real men with fewer financial resources like the larger ones. One man who are well off like the smaller ones. I don't believe and a biological level and yes. Rich people have a lot of big move Franzen and do boob job breast implants cause money. But maybe they're not made it government aid receipt. Maybe not going from he would double the have you seen any real how well I'd go or no real plan. The big ones are good there on TV they're all loaded. But they're but they're they're doing now because they are. Hungry for fame and attention that everybody you know that's that's their thing. If you're just you know the white others to yellow some company years you're not. A state and then in the safe ranged. From what affect you it oh yeah don't speak about something like yeah I didn't get a boob job I'm guessing the CEO is light is not. According to Il period. If she's a woman is not gonna. Go double date is not. Newsday in the in the rally at an average he's gonna stay that beast the as the Pepsi range. Or get a lift in her something like that. Rich in this sense. Prestige in the city do not just. You staying at any given country club. Yes monogamists the got a double triple the right that's an answer. My sister second. As far as a different solution when. On what. So and they think Adam biological level wealthier man that innately sense they don't need the big winter they don't need the extra fatty reserves and just to get a steak dinner. I can't I believe I seen. But biological. Oddity in any year retained Matt if you are wealthy guy you have unlimited resource as you don't have to worry about. Beating your woman. Right it's like you know it's like the old and classic old grin and an ad in and you are Abe. Horror guy you might need a woman with a little more meat on the bones because there could be some leaned down the jackets. Well you know I guess it is because rich people get tribe or something sometimes the media woman. It's like the queen or whatever that much of that and me because. Actually where. When I for. Her husband is from a sticker woman is a sign of wealth of wealth that if you have a woman with a meat on the bones. You must be and a guy with a big wallet. I got there there there are fat ass being goats have fat ass games back in the day les has a bedroom. I always imagine with some big piece of meat they were full figured we shouldn't that under the Manning got them that their full figured out. AMP you don't wanna stay there don't you boobs and empty stomach as he can't help but there. It's you know. Boom preferences broadly related to available resources and that when manners they shaded that are less drawn to huge Packers so. We're hungry. As stairs boos we can't help but I can't and his assistant here. I'll have a for big at a restaurant. The waitress comes over right server has big runs you sit there you're hungry. You one order but all you can do miscarriage test no doubt you could tell yourself that you're hungry that's exactly batted. It right in line. I know what your wife gets a push me. Barack editor. Ridiculously gigantic and we lament that. But also here's the thing people like big breasts and be more sex. And others yeah that's it thank aren't staring improves here's a good thing for everybody. Might help you live longer. Was text and big people like big present guys like big press tend to be more sex OK well I okay yeah I diesel dentist and here it is I'm I'm good because it they have a more sexual ally eighty. Reference maybe. Staring at booze can help you live longer so. Ladies let your man stare for awhile. They found a studded bracelet positive thinking. And helps your blood pressure and stop his German study which they can pay needed. You look at groups for ten minutes a day and man's cardiovascular Alps where great. An extra day. Remove zero outlook. Spirits companies groups for ten minutes. Aggregated travel you know you bet you do get on TV this area. And as a touchpad even it. Says their boats is OK but here my rebounds and he can you can use your virtual boulder. On the new assume that's my wife's. And I would assume that if they are your wife's boobs you will be considered a total creep. If it's a real person as a as a TV or on a computer screens. And it's in its okay. Packs. Being a dad changes are you think about boobs I hope so. While that they've done a man who did not have kids one of them were generally in a larger moves that dudes had no. Aspiration to be a dad worked ten with smaller pairs and air you reference to prep resuming your cleaver hungrier the other things imagined it just that you're thinking. The media marry somebody big news but something you know biological everything claim goes on anything about being your babies in going to be milky. Under the senate and you know as of that system makes sense against all of its show this edited bigger mess that you're listening to all yeah. And remote there are. Frank. It lets you access without having crazy act but I guess sometimes I but I enterprise. Act back. Hope to one of the things is. Smiled the state and I just talked to for a little bit. That's different and we need to talk they say welcome I know will that may be different that's cute now won't make a difference. It needs to read the outcome Kyle I talked to you for a bit as opposed to we need to talk I know what's. I don't need an ID need the gears yourself ads this just come right out and say get thrown in Japan and should practice and the practice some and all it does. We have offerings I wanted to make sure you're paying attention. Well I I literally am literally if you're sitting next on a year or right you know if you're not the other room I was find. You won't. I know that they should be a memorable. It's saying oh that's another one on the list says it it is serious conversation you gotta explain to hand before you even start. They did it you know it is important. This is not a casual thing this is this is a thing that we needed our relationship to it. It just got to throw away thing at the plant that I have the egg failed ball. We're set. Man Jack well maybe just get into regular citizens is I need to listen this. And the Pitt tells me something's important. No dollar rescue we talk now signal again then where are awake we got nowhere. I'm gone back to what I was doing but you hate waiting on an argument secured debt I say yes yes. Yes I have always said is blurt out whatever you got a problem with about me. I thought that's. Let's see what else would get on this list that are ridiculous or maybe you'll sign on board. Explain the whys of things. Hani had been feeling unappreciated and over exerted over forty hours a day clean house take care of the kids. As to the point where I'm feeling like I'm running on empty could you please take me out for a pampering day. Natalie different than saying and you espy. Odd as you on got a gym and the reason why the united if I have to tell you why I deserve a spot de orbit every day. I'm over it already vying to explain to you all that I do they took. I knees and anytime. I need to hampering yeah I should not have to explain all the stuff that I'm dealing read a bit of I have to explain. Now I don't even want. While you and you want it. I mean I would think that one of the what kind of guys and they can't get as the holiday yeah what kind of guys like it was a real guy needs explanation when they say you got to do a man. Bill classic avoid view and never always used as we we've. Emphasize the positive things about him even if you're criticizing him. For example will be nine's honey you're the best man I've ever been with OK and not believing your work clothes and a bathroom has got to stop so. You tidy appear desk why it's tidy up the bed so Heidi. And that is here and though calling the best mania have been let down I don't believe you. Golf. Hey there yeah. You when you're the best down gallons or to damage yeah. You made birdies and angry that he had a lot of there's a lot of salads. Well I think that you took a job. Because they're a little bit more like I was like a lot of things that's allowed yet you're cold not going anywhere but really bugs me when you added I do I do that at. Mike I definitely do dale listened this isn't a huge deal. Right I don't but I needed just tell you you guy keep the garage door open leaves blown in you mind yeah clothes don't get so it's I don't get snippy and snotty with me but I'm telling you something along its Libyans not like she's gonna start crying. Don't get snippy I don't say something like that don't discard your nerves. I liked leading with I love you. And it's you know this isn't a huge deal by. Again I say don't Raleigh risers in the mean end models they don't be the B word now say that say it's not he's PO I. And their defenses are down yet and get him like these and not back yet and I get so out of he says the same game yield this isn't a huge deal all I'm low on gas because I'm assuming she got a problem news you know doing dumps the SE RC comes in me you know. Can be the worst thing ever like we're getting a divorce. But if she doesn't sound like it's the opposite way is it. Worst case scenarios all of time and outright tell me it's not important and I know it's not she's leaving me and that's what it's an. Like to have that little bumper to know how serious. It is that in take out the garbage hysteria clear something like that don't mind saying. Just beat before you get upset if we wrote we rise is just a little then I've told you about before. But your mail and I'm like OK that's cool and it's reality radio or schedule all off there with Ramona there are some reasons that as you might feedback you got you guys. And why you're getting this. Plus nonetheless that's analysts retired as an exchange yeah Bobby's under Julia Mori is pleased I'm happens. And maybe don't like yes I'm fit. As cheaters happen. If she's holding onto a garage. Holding on anger little difficult or woman sometimes to the elastic orient. Now it. If she's mad you. It prevents them from purely freedom escaped during sex sometimes a guy is sometimes. Plow right through that anger and move on campus then maybe you'll feel better. Afterward now I've that I've I've I know is someone. Who like well. I hectic we author edge. Of a lot better. But any match. I don't he's a proponent of English that. They say that's a problem. Do something nice to get like don't know movie and in talking about your issue afterward. Tonight it's a way to break the ice it would break guys is say why are you haven't actually others angrily saying I have of that movie in your sugar you and Evans are. I've heard people talk about. You know women withhold any need to punish their man but I think for the most part it's not about punishing him is about her feelings. In edit me and I mean there. There have been women who straight up say. That they're not going to greatly added I have revolved heard that there isn't a grudge the woman is she's upset about it yeah here yeah I mean they said that. And I'm not I remember that about you watch my r.'s. You'll ask did you wash my car is Jeremy or physical. Yeah on the streets to clean cars that. If she's not doing great battered bodies in my negated on. As you might be avoiding it because you inadvertently said something. All lawmen did you know that it is pretty. The burden and you don't tell me about it. All of it takes you say let us know she's not having any more sex anymore that imply late weeks. Not just we. Or something so 23 weeks later years they'll and you haven't broader not you haven't totally lie yet that site now it's on you at that point. And she are you to be your own body hang ups and prevents getting and the mood as she's outwardly outwardly want to make a change to get healthy debate about a body. An offer to work out whether or meals there which are expecting your idol yet but you may not suggest that her body is the issue she has its elbow yap. Or she complains about it enough he says calling you know I just and that feeling sexy. You can't say well what you could do is the right bishop but it back Amy says something. I had known business afloat when really very weird about that. It said that as but it. If she is bemoaned her body before. Had several then. I'm Don rubber rub his legs whenever. And she began. I mean it's not he says the same thing to me I'll be arguing this ballot appeal for Roger to my house like he got paid the last. The government and Odyssey each other about that. Yes. If you think it's a birth control pill it's easy to blame hormones again. It's not that's not mess that is probably not the deal's backers matter back. Studies have found the birth control not a strong factor in libido and long term couples. Relationship backers who are the real deal. Your performances slipping could be why. Yeah disturbing as he sees many women in their mid thirties. It teller that their partners a great husband a great dad but it's terrible and bad. Out. I'll and that was just working error of her well that led to the therapist says. Have to evaluate how important it is for you you both for a fairly right now that skills that we never bedrooms deals for the time being. But in the long haul. Related to deal with it but right now and is. No she's saying suffer through it if he's a father of UK that's with a visor that's the priority right now good husband or at least temporarily okay. I'm zealots like eighteen years eighteen years and yes outlaw all I don't well yes you better. Describe about your priority originally are people who don't ever had sex. As a leg and just in this to win and it is nice Aaron that's. But it bothers you not to go to therapists that you've got to talk about low on another way why don't you like this is just my lot in life. I write yet you shouldn't Disney if care is another unhappy at not having sex fifth and she does just derided. And out but not ride on it. Then students. That that's wrong with that yeah. And other reasons you might want not to have anymore is that. If you've been together for a long time. Down the road even the great lovers are not great lovers should have it's he says the long term we're women and man are likely to get bored. He should try exploring new thing it's. You know new kinky things now that's it didn't act and the half so that's that had to do. In that field it he has guys who are. Used to our routine. Are open to trying new things I don't know I certainly am and a bandy is. Over. Am a little. Well lay it out he told me. Now with me but you don't vanity MT imam benefit. Now as that of an any pants. And being as that's fist up Teddy bear like on it. The no I I don't know if it's most or not I I don't. It's hard to say because I I I think sometimes I'm cannot fail and or givers means. Who are willing to try Newsday let's keep our ladies and dinners a lot of things I hear about it whatever and I'm like an ever cross you know whatever. But I'm willing to you I'm willing to do for instance. Like clean out tomorrow I'll just little things that. There and about things on a magazine again a yeah where IE Mac. I always knew her that I would do all 99%. Of things I couldn't come up with in my head. At least one. It was. If anyone out there twisted head so yeah a lot of math degree was presenting a very small 1%. We'll hear it as you talked about some dignity and I don't think you little blurred together. It is a just yeah do him so angry yeah that's true etc. and that's why. I guess once at least once yet he asked. No matter Mona all that they did it. 1079 Philly and Atlantic records and combined to bring you. Hello Curtis CNN arrives early with this president on Sunday December 17 as an all time low and special guest secondhand serenade spread. Holiday cheer for Fillmore. Get your tickets while they lasted all Ticketmaster outlets. We listened to 1079 delaying your exclusive source for tickets sweet greens and VIP experiences. It's an all time low Christmas from Atlantic records fox 46 Charlotte there's still more in Charlotte's best knicks' 107 now. No link. OK a couple odds and ends here to get to the first being am I giving here is our first ball and he missed my invention the other. Little while I came back into the studio with this new invention in a mine and and you up. You know again I can't with a new name weren't too many well all right you're well on the ideas we get this straight out like something he came up with after he. Spent a lot of time of the bomb but hey man may. And I smoked. These great ideas when guiding the opposite of like maybe I've got some like smoking dyslexia pot smoking dyslexia are becoming like a genius announcement there's a law. But I like this idea. You know you get you're cell phone and you liked auto auto club but people are saying hello the same time move that is really frustrating a given ad. Because you like you would come and spit on GO I settle local. Now I'm not going to remember it being now hostile on the sofa but you know it's a lot of people aren't. I am very frustrated I think it's happened maybe once or twice in my life so my invention is there's a light on and that says you are connected so you can just waited out like hello. And wake of the lights on so you know there there you don't say hello hello hello hello and save a lot to say about it. Until I got Aggies is generally a lot. Okay how about this one. This is more of etiquette. Okay the phone drops called drops oak and whoever made the call is responsible for calling back. Otherwise the person was called in consider the conversation over yes I agree that our. I disagreed doesn't happen that often anymore nobody did yet all the responsibility in the end the call drops yeah you gotta combing back and they say. Yeah how did you know you're the one who has the crappy phone. Or you're an area where you know you always drop calls doesn't matter to did you irresponsibility. Now I think you know got a call back in eighth. Especially if the information you needed to share wasn't shared yet but if they're lucky shared. Leading by a column back now does know how practical. Just like yeah. But I Marty told you and I need to tell you again my column. A 100% with you yeah that's a good bye yeah wow that is about that's that's that's a root. Route is going to reduce call back and say I sorry about that divide so let into the arena and these are. Another called up but that's everything I had to tell you have a good day and no closure now I'll give me. Text message yeah thing in case our mind now let's hope I don't go to no good talent Stein to tell the conversation. Now you. Need gap value on the need to have that confirmed that he got in the main subject to what the call is about right and got out all the info you need move along and the person who made the call. Also any advantage they say your phone's breaking out. They got a call you back. If I'm like or maybe it's your found there's. A. This solo. In the book I am do you realize I hold you who bite your phone is breaking up. And you can hear me. It's still my responsibility to call you back I will say this though OK I'm and it's. I don't know I have a redundant if you if you are the first on to acknowledge that break up. It is your responsibility to call regular person assay or your phone's breaking up that you got a call back my phone's breaking out because SARS. Knowledge and applying it. The flag excellence you melting you don't think he's just home now it's good enough and lowland gorilla admit to. There's gonna keep knocking over the front okay that's fun fight through it but that's on you but that but especially some it's gonna snap. And break it and say OK in my phone are you back like to be you can say it's your phone or I don't either way you're responsible if you acknowledge that breaking up of the loan. These are rules man is like texting is so great I know I know match edit the corners are just wrapped up with this as an asset. You like the light on your votes have Allah bug light and their bad problem to ask us a bit. I is that the other day I was so mattered aiming at with Christina BT I don't hello hello. Taylor at the same time what it. Sees thousands obvious you'd hear me assure you weren't angry about something she called an eight. Back all the putts. Back golf. It had been granted and that's hostile phone calling. Well that's that sometimes that's the way life goes. You've stats that suck it up and phone calling world. And also this little tidbit. George Clooney who. Of course that was cool is extra cool. He calls of his friends ever on 2013. Fourteen friends. Put out a big black designer but of black designer luggage bags out sitting at a table. When he says listen I want you guys know how much you meant to me. And how much you mean him in my life. McCain LA has slipped and accountants of fortune I like that all of you tonight and be where I am today without all the news though is really important to me that while your. While we're all here together and I give backs when you open your suitcase in there with a million dollars and twenty dollar bills well. The site and a twenty dollar bills. This dirty money laundering and debate the taxes where the money. Yeah that's pretty that's pretty good right there would sure that it. You're George Clooney kind of ran again I don't wish I was 221. Didn't want reasonable confused by that and now it seems like. You couldn't put it in you Kim. Claiming it you do not claim you are big Texas and I don't worry about a thing but that's a lot of money then maybe just look. And I and I go get me a million dollars anyway you need somebody didn't do it in a suitcase on the. Twenty dollar bills and a million dollars that's up to top my head's few thousandths. Should have a look at I don't know but. He set all I went on to say one of Purdue was Randy Gerber whose. Runs much of restaurants and LA anyway he said he's loaded he get his charity. But some of the guys reliving that paycheck to paycheck at least 22 of pounds. And though there aren't what to indicate a slice it and I thought yeah a million divided by Tony. Matt. In my hand related and they could affect acts that. That would have been of these sand zulus. Are more and let us. I'm saying 50000. I'm saying it. If I'm George Clooney thousand twice and I'm worth 500 million dollars I'm reading my friends money. After my first hundred million. That the land I'm torn over I'm going over a million to yap as he of their friends and been with me and helped me launch my career you got to see 500 dollars are you given a dollar and eat when your friends are not pan out is easy sentiment. Now per hundred million I don't know about a hundred million. After my first hundred million I'm gonna give you more than a million probably to me in the Wall Street gimme something like ten million. No lines and that meant that. Hunter Mahan yes and Edmund you're getting more than a million dollars and. Or maybe. Maybe some loophole that Clooney was Arkin in get to sell 500 million. Just get reports in a given. It'll come on two or percentage of give credit on that floor and the a guy makes. I always thought he was cool. Because a lot of very funny actor Richard kind. Who believe it or not being needed at that I had a look at mob but when you see his face he's dead he's been and everything and you get a funny voice recognizable. Character makes me laugh every time. Anyway he's one of his best friends. Which I don't want it seems weird I think pot people would act out happy he's. So he he has friends would take an RV across the country every year even when he was loaded famous George. And I think that's cool that's pretty cool it's critical you know George Clooney's Armey is nice yes yes although I'm like why me first masters on the navy. We're really weird to see RV pull up they are part of me irritated I'm Richard about it. I'd be more amazed by Richard if you do. I would laugh. 1079 no link cares. We've saved his link to kids. We want you to help kids in the area we don't see it stands in right now we're hoping that someone will be willing to place Santa tour. Three year old Darien. He whines a PGA mask he's into superheroes. And he could use some learning gains. His parents just got separated and they're living conditions are. Coming up most of us will never understand so if you can help go to one listen I'm building dot com and type in the keywords seems. Thanks for listening to our fairway if that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.