Awkward Date Scenarios

Thursday, April 12th

How do you tell your date that they have food in their teeth? It's probably a lot harder than it sounds...

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona first big scenario but it can also. Any kind of early maybe it's a business thing or whatever. Your data something's stuck in the you were maybe it's. Business that your boss there. Someone salesperson your willing or whatever as a they have it as something that he or on the face or in their hair. Where where do you go what do you do when you would hear. But they got food on their face or in their Aaron their teeth. And he wanted to indeed tell how long do you mock grilling is this first day but I guess as either first date or it's I think we could say it's also at maybe a first. A business meeting of some sort Rea first meeting. This about this meeting I'm definitely not saying to a client you've got something to her state. First date I think that high that it exists if it's certainly. Then kind of gross me out a little bit and I think I'd be trying to kiss me later. A number analogy but what it's on the face and hair did you Michaela coming at me later on our own capital at face hair. Am now on the act could face here now I've they are good theory here. They say on the face or in the hair. Right away assay data showed little cutie he got some spin you do look Judy because they see Ed does seem in many and I've talked about this or that there's there's. It's almost more intrusive. To say or something in your teeth in your mouth when there is a got a little. Buzz and cheek or a little something in your hand be united as he had a little flies. On your feet there I hear. And iMac and Mac and bring attention to what I'm a bird poop side. Have you ever to Branyan. I know you don't know if you don't know you always known killed birds a Hamas. So here's some things possible. Ideas. Doolittle gesture where you make it acts for obvious that you're checking your teeth or something like yours yet your teeth. Which may make them look at their teeth. They don't do it try running a napkin over your teeth aggressively let's before excusing yourself to go to the bathroom and him a chance to deal with their own. He tissues beanie gets very. And I like that drying your teeth off with a napkin in the paper cloth is a Manuel it's a little paper not a clot while on TV's. But I doubt it I'd do it on a case I don't like it. You do that vigorously at the table and then you go to the bathroom. And it's a little weird that it may be how do you and then they have to go to the back. Are you get to say sweetly. You have a little something your teeth I feel so silly telling you but I was thinking you'd wanna know. That's something like that would amount of hits on their face do you pick it off for them unknown yeah me now so let me. And Bentley were you able. Picks something awful to try to pick something off of MySpace or out of my here. Let me know it's there idea I'll take care admit it you gotta sometimes I'll say you know what it's OK I'm fine. And I don't I don't like people that happens a lot because I like people touching OK you know I am about guy and we think he's been out there. The last time dirty at the moment and her only your banner here. The hour. You know this is ms. clean with sooners. He might just prompt add. The food my hair. Whatever you're entitled to just an adjustment. They got food you've got like gravy in an essay in my fingers are very important. I think it happened right in the is gravy paired with. Did you. This yourself together and I don't know where they've been so I prefer they not be in my hair. There's dirty coupled with a look at yeah. I mean it's ridiculous raiser at my arc out dove he's got dirty fingers you I'm grabbing your. I don't know in the moment now in Atlanta haven't written as he can be together. Especially vis everybody loved it. Do you agree kind of entity saying that related. The president does this affect the fact that you tell how long. How does so I know how long in do you. We to tell your guy about like. Nose hairs. Or are you before you dated somebody is artsy in recent dual trimming of the nose there or you're there order. Trot or whatever you bring it up are pleased to bring that happens. Landscaping. Like the not taleo ladies and long night and I was there hanging out at you you do that like ID three. Good. He receiver pull it out and hit it if you lose you know and I don't to me. And on the act at that point I got a suggest some. No let's say you're training but let's assume because they have images and those first I'm like you. Like for any advice of the one thing I know I can do if I just one intentionally drive you crazy yeah I can say who met you have a nose gear and you go. No I had yet sooner you start probably your nose hairs now makes cry then you're I've figured in your eyes start watering hole miniature a fishing for nose hair other round. Arise and yeah I'm I'm I'm glad to prime time runs on those car and ran into. I scissors so. You've made me really sensitive to visit the person with those gray nose hair yeah. I would be afraid that they could react like you and then there's nothing you're okay and the end of watch them struggle with pullen Mal and cry in and and then we can look at it that they're not I want you to tell me I know I want to be united on the back I can't do I can't do that tonight. I'll make me Sally to have one Saddam the there. I got to know my little scissors I'd ask him my car at a so I can get on it more practice and see it's more glass and more fun it's also yeah that's Ramona now Wednesday's ceremony gives remote joy make over at 4 o'clock here's. One of those great moments. Bad. Here's the thing if you don't already have somebody to hook up whereas. Have the bad that you grandly because of your viewer your loneliness that's what it's out on the personal and really didn't I come on. Don't get me started it's it's out of. Sometimes I got here I am doing not they they don't have anybody to hump they win us. We answered the very beginning which is perfecting your pick. Well what Federer is get on FaceBook and look at Pomona following a news now that's not it Cutler factor talked to pick up line I have to go with a tailor made line of his something you read on a T shirt. Something you read on some web site that offered you great pickup lines don't use it yet beautiful body because older lure. Familiar sounds the nor uses sounds that she easier and more desperate you're going to Sally. That beauty of life we're dating now you have all this information at your fingertips of what are good ones what are bad ones how to say things you know about our that we as a I don't wait in we couldn't be a Google any thing is Ted is just Lou do. You have all this information at your fingertips do you really believe that because you have all this after read on the Internet you'd. Beyond that now yeah he's super duper Romeo Rondo because. I never was a pickup line person I never did she was never cheesy pick up line person. And out here I wasn't I'd first like copyright and I think you. Talk about that a little little's. Who's uglier game yes viewing your wing man you're like me a line that was one that was my pick but here's the thing I think the guys who use the cheesy pick up line have to have confidence right. I don't think somebody with no confidence is is going in liked that. Right I would think so anyway because if you're going in with something over the top. You either have a law you I would they give a lot of confidence or your loser. Because normal people. Guys I know or ever ever have a patio with a basic like. And there are loads on news or whatever and you don't realize that I leg and it's. Been. And yeah. A final hour again knowing but it went in revered. You know which are signs that some might I don't even know one good example and not pick up line that you and a Mike hasn't he never like. Yeah and our habits then you are very every line ever you just tailor made him for the situation yeah it's the same basic alignment. That he updates for this situation right. And you know. Well he's he's really had it in an area that edge and general PI and you Brennan not through the years or heard another you know that it's just smile and I'll they don't work. And you can choose on something that she's doing at the time like you know you see her. And bar and she's dancing while you look like you're having a really good time yet on Datsyuk on the name's Matt. Buick soup Alex Cooper and his had to pick up line. Like you had a good time now I I you look like never a good time to force disease is now. Here's what's it just like it did to. Let's force an annoying is win big guy makes it seem like. He's coming to rescue you because you're not having a good time yeah and how much have you yeah Gary your drink for like fifteen minutes. Yeah. May smile. It's worked though I'm mad when I wanna help the ball Clark get off the wall and who don't say it again. But I've I've seen people I've seen guys turn that frown upside down really viewed as I have. Criticism. We may get its feet make it a kind of like she's a total loser because you've noticed that you don't think she's having a good night you know work. I actually have to. Yeah I know I know women don't generally like kids at certain women. Just enjoy the attention right. That they get maybe they largest border they are we better and really have a good time and then in guys make decent looking comes over and you know plays it nicely and in his being the odds. Well I never are permanently barred her I had no way out of voices are answered. Yeah some might negotiate and coolers and again not lying though not appear outlined just a question went around five and I may have a mall. OK okay what about this an area. There's well there's she's hanging with one of her friends. And you want to approach her. What are the do's and don'ts of approaching a woman who was hanging with one or more friends. Or yet talked to the group to Generale and engage all the women agent you don't cut her off you know like you don't put your body in between the two. Have you talked a mall as if you're not trying to pick any of them up yeah it is trying to vehicle did little that I is that I am I gonna get on life and honor yet. I've seen it where a guy tried definitely tried to pick up one. I've also seen the idiot if you tried to pick up to everybody. Try to pick up everybody who's so overly flirtatious with every Borough down turns everybody off its own a lot of laid out east I don't play gave sad yeah you gotta be an acre you I mean just and I like. Net just dug norm and everybody argument normally the group of people yeah. And then all the weed themselves out one of more warm up to you if any of them are interest and right. And you'd have to be what does differentiate what is the one you are trying to its two girls. The one you're trying to talk to is definitely not showing signs of interest that get on as. But you think you got a shot at the other. But she isn't your first choice he will really flirting with her. That that mean I'm assuming he's the you're hitting it off with the other person so Manger first instinct was probably wrong that the other ones more. And you shouldn't tipped your hand that you were more interested in London the other item weed themselves out yet. Weed themselves out at a very good if you did did your hand if you were definitely flirt with one more than the other one you are flirting with this now I am whatever loser. Would you try to hit on the other now I wouldn't drop you should politely may in the long approval you may not. If you've hit on the entire squad to it and hit on just one price you made it clear one may not move on now. Yeah that that is true it'll have but if you think again the good vibe from a eight they are making a move on if you with a four got to be over the top nice before. Yeah easily able to tell you mark yeah. Smart guy. You can't recognize who the leader of the group yeah gap. Or the mother in. Japan which is the one you might need to avoid the fifth. Are psyched up to yeah apparently doesn't let you mean blocker. Yes she's the one that steps in and year I am like she knows everything like she's trying to protect whoever you're talking to. Am and prevents you aren't yet. And sometimes they're little overly aggressive. They grabbed her hand and pull under the bats rumors on behalf I mean it all the way from ES. That should tell you shout you look at the prison Governor Brown aide. You're eating you're super drunk or you're out. Now given off a creep provider I'm sorry that person is not happy they were doing just sometimes and other usual green bearing. Nine men and seeing it more than once you're listening to all of there was that. Remote they likened follow phase but page indictment and also rate the podcast. That helps. So all. Right the albeit mystery and it. When you're dating. Scar on your face narrow. One. That you want to be a mystery to your man and so that your interest being to your man this says he's not gonna get bored with you this says instead of view. Playing. And heat then you are playing for keeps its bad about. You. You know playing a game it's like you just wanna make yourself unforgettable. And done. Well to be yourself and you're either unforgettable here forgettable all you figure out sooner or later so forget themselves inside of a relations. Thank lose themselves right and Eminem's song. If you if you go in order to remain a mystery. You keep your own France. And you definitely keep your own hobby. Oh yeah he can't pale and all that stuff that makes it makes Alaska mystery. Even now I know about you and your obvious and your friends but what do you really know Obama have on you probably don't care that. Depends what it is and opens a hobby yeah I mean night in crafting her quilting. Idea wow really to ask attracting is awesome they are making decorations for your adored each holidays that. Just put up spring. Or asking I used a body to let's bring your. All that's that's he would but that was like he's risen on hand and bodies in down Arnie risen under Lou on the fifth up. The Nevada a few. Now you have a refund and he's very that is these are gonna take on eastern R&R studio we released to read and how many weeks band aids about a lot of political. That. Value women who are bit of a challenge. He is wired to chase that could be case. That's exactly what he wants so that you don't necessarily have to disagree. We don't want to chased you guys give up under people like you. And it evil wizard and you guys it is Iran not gonna keep chasing he enjoyed being two days. Yeah I love being chased than chasing we give up we assume we aren't interested. If yours vero lake at colony like column I am busy. And I guess that's done went and ask again. I'm chubby ran Al bother her yeah. The scene of mysterious and let him with the those jumpers he gave up two calls waivers are harsh. You're radicals to two tax whoever stating only that overbearing guys who don't take no for an answer right so. Let's say one. If things that they say they helped you remain a mystery is early into the relationship. You make sure he knows that you need your meat. Because gonna do a couple of things or you. It's going if he. Fights in the meantime saying that he might be too controlling right yeah but if he's got to control and he understands that your meantime. Means he's probably gonna get to keep time and that is attractive to him. Yes I would say that's absolute right but I am not sure what they call it been a mystery image just plain brown noted clinging GAAP. And the ground were again and the guys do the same thing you know sometimes you you know. You don't make that deal. And then and then later crimes like lives that we negotiated that I was gonna be on watchable it's it's Baghdad. For some reason I didn't make that usually I watch football every Sunday bloody elevated saying why president and things dollars and OK but not now. Hard to get play hard to forget don't make it easy for a you're saying no please make it easy for me yes. Has played and you if you wanna go do something else that's fine but don't like oh I don't know he and a good. Hey you're better if you want to remain a mystery you're better off. Grabbing the book. In reading in your own home instead of watching him play his favorite video game for hours. And I know we can't. Yeah well why it's. A man play video games I don't animation mysterious again I think they just you know lays the ground work for a listen this is not how it's gonna well I am here Friday night checking in on you like all your level 500. I don't mind that but yeah if you are the kind of guy who's like look watch this move on your media game dude yeah do you tin. Yeah barrel and they grow lump. Yes the funny move well I flies up and is definitely how many funny moves can you do. That is going to be some funny ones out there Galileo what is pollen down on them and that's got to be a rarity felt some wandered up and so they don't do that video games in the moon I never thought about it. You're never j.'s yeah avoid man in me being grand theft a lot of that broke open Aniston's friends like that adopt a political link those with. I don't I don't have good advice of his battered oh I'd call him being him. Nick yeah. There is really having your own life as well yes your own person at an energetic in the rules end and frankly. That's not necessarily in mystery factor is that have my own life factor and have a guide doesn't want you to have your own life he's not for you yet and you do lay the ground work for him to have his own life you get and you gotta really. The your life thing. Let's say you're you're you're girl your life you wanna in my life his leg and a seven. Because it's always gonna go to NASA never gonna go up little so crank it up of its really not and if it's really like six things he's do you do yourself with. But you better say today. And then that way you don't go down six and a good place. It's like watching football all day Sunday while you're dating. But then knowing once you get married you're only going to be able to watch your team but you gotta make Iraq but yes so you start out watching every game on Monday night Sunday night all day Sunday yeah Thursday night. And they know in your head that this is going to you're gonna compromise and eventually. Kenneth Starr hi yeah yeah that's funny yeah. True got a chronicle only get down don't do this I don't know vigilant and children were trying to teach returns me. Gospel we do I mean you got any the pro woman a woman's got to say you know. If she gets together whether girls once a month you've got to make it at least twice on me has eventually it's been down that gonna go out so you you've got to make it up making higher. So you don't Faisal also even if I only see mad girls change it. They ask you about girls every weekend Albania like I find no end sentinel company and a skit Saturday. They're shy of their shots Saturday and Sunday with him. Yes so I go oh yeah art high yeah it's like negotiating a salary always go and hires an accident that's been hit OK nice job Saturday and Sunday from sunup to sundown mean knowing at some point it's going to be one of the other you know but she got to shoot even if you don't do it. Pretend that's what you did yeah. Only death. But yeah playing got a one game it's okay it will do you as a visionary I mean we know the ad has the ending is not a game that you don't hear your views its duty when went for everybody yeah yeah. I give a lot football we get the hang out on Saturday I would rather. I think and I and it looks like negative lied looks like I gave it. Up but I really didn't actually Robert I think but I'm not really count but sometimes you really are good guy I mean you have yet but I really am not real I am not really lying but I'm I'm I should say this. Don't pretend to do it less than you do. Right that's Raj where. A particular it is okay to miss football to go with her. Two armed flea market on a Sunday if you really wanna watch football watch football right they'll dole just you know comp. Minus compromise early and not too early to know Lou Lou. President really and if you watch it every day come you not being yourself. You and I got an Ohio and a lot of times you'll give in because just beginning to date. So instead of football late hour might watch by I've beaten and now the bar said it's fine. Why you took you never go back update or down and you're gonna go less and by the time it's also indict your like it now and is it needs his leg and a half time. Yeah it's really a you know you watch football six hours they've bumped an update later days they got a little leeway. To. Laps girls and women men and women you're trying to look a little early and doesn't like him to stick to that they. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. There are some actual body parts and never knew you had need Intel humanities. You know and anytime you put to any kind of body part and you rat hole laughter at I kinda giggled. So there is say that's a lovely thought that the eyelid hole. We've been extra hole now that she giggled at night when what could you. We want to do with. And you take certain well of course without the I little's very small. Unfortunate thing if you Tug your out of its fate is now recognized that if you tell your op or lower eyelid away from your rise. The C a tiny hole in the inner corner collect green mower went boom that's a doctor's. It's the is that spot on your lower I related and they help drain your tears in anybody who has contacts is seen really gap because you've seen and you get up early and you start pulling your island apart. Group that are on the dead David bridges kid's name on our school bus you could. The inside out I learned is I hope. Look them up I think on every bus few adults I've not seen an adult. Content. Attire that you want to kid on the bus who did that kind of thing because that's high teens met recognize well you know right now also wasn't. As. Need of the spotlight as it was early later. For a bit and so you're okay would blending in. Second a flying under the radar but all I can tell you became an adult said yes started doing yes weird things to get detention like right. Eating bugs and that can say yeah. You should Google and it is there some good pictures of people turn islands honor I'll alongside now because you don't and I said as it's a second ago. Since David bridges I don't think I've ever seen it done. What you think somebody at a party somewhere along the line. That putting as much. Right I don't think it looks. Had no it's just the adults and even go way back to college days I don't remember anybody doing go to places where adults are. Lebanon. That's okay and ultimately agree that if there's ever and at the morale. No I'm Todd. But when you think I mean they've remember this old trick or something like that I haven't seen it since I was on the school bus. Why are pretty what are some degree. Tell us because people are no good stimulus on the school bus and they're like oh okay big deal to bring it back man managed to regenerate Billy in the third grade could do that I think. I don't think everybody could get from outside not a body you do like everybody did yeah you could do that you just have to and it got to carry out. And Google instructions if you know how do you really yeah god Abdullah. Thanks very Eisen. Body here. There's the sometimes missing an arm muscles. 86 were sitting humans have it it's callable merits longest muscle. Elbow to the palm. You touch your pinky and thumb tighten your wrist muscles and muscle pop out in the center of your wrist right under the ball any and I clearly had a really don't think Ramona act and act now you are and I'm going to body shame you. It'll handle Pullman some of the I don't feel yeah they don't have the sometimes missing I'm also going to gonna go me cry don't feel bad about president. I feel saying for mocking you it's helps risk flexibility. Thirdly no consequence of you born without went. They think that back in the day. Prime minister opens in threes feels like it tendon it's very hard dies. You know I noticed that people are but it never with elegant and ever. Amber but I thought it was I didn't notice it because when you're giving blood. You know when you may have this like when my leg of his mind it popped out really well I've got that then. And a it's hard because you've got that kind of fun year that are. Employment needs something to say knew about it and there's also boggle my arm muscles peddle your arm believe it or not we have glow of the darts. In. A Japanese scientists use ultra sensitive cameras. Discovery humans actually give off lightly got firefly. You blow the most from four red cheeks and neck. Late at night it's banked. Right as of late afternoon is why don't notice notice it. Bio luminous. 1000 times too faint for the humanize and I'm gonna say we can't see people on the target and I can't see it. Even though we're blowing or not really glowing words flowing if you have. Like has surprised. If it is here like. I don't buy that and are down hawker I'd try populous if you count the I think it's interstate. Okay how about this the ear muscles. You have three year muscles three our particular muscles associate with your battery here. Some evolutionary thing like attack has them but you we really don't need him we happen. What percent of people or able to do via wiggling in the years. Is. It's. Anybody do that yeah I can't you can't you can't. What is. Yeah I would say like 60% of people even though seventy tend to want. Real in my unit. Nobody if you keep doing that you're probably using your new man must. It looked like he keep giant net gain gain an immediate. And obviously that might be it could forensic the last yeah. I was really high just because you do it. Yeah I got interest I never thought I was telling itself becomes easy to assume in my doubled to income I always thought his normal. The last call that. Element at the you are ashamed I'm afraid of and the republic day pulling the. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 the link dot com.