Baby Cake Face

Wednesday, April 11th

Who knew watching babies eat cake could make Ramona feel grossed out?


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there where there remote. Unlike any follow on base we. That's that we got this stuff like that is. They site doesn't like politics. Also radio contest against Iran via FaceBook and there is a president baby I'm gonna get I have to video gallery yet. Of a baby smashing takes a little babies vs cakes because it's like the you know you do it on the first here are denied not to. And realize again like I know I know first birthday the tradition for many is it gives the baby is. Either cupcake or small piece of cake or whatever these people asked for that. Are giving me. All. We do need they be sheet cakes. Or she tickets go on John I mean did the first kid. I mean he literally has our entire head inside of a cake. Wherever and and then this bothers you yes do you even know why it as it isn't the idea of a messy that bothers you. It's the mess for me it's it it's so much mass wedding evens. I where do you even start to clean that up it didn't really care to baby's face to babies and it's all over it's good. Everywhere babies make a lot of messes. But you. People keep their baby for making this much of a man like when a baby ever seen all the video reserve the baby Z and spaghetti this big there's one baby who has decided to hug big cake. Like it's a stuffed animal a hi. It means they did and did they are not given it to some of these kids like a cupcake. These are Big Ten Big Ten. All would you eat that take no letdown and it's not near where the baby put the fate Alec and outsiders that they may take you seem too much activity you're gonna call this cute at all now. Well it's as it always bothered you heard this the new thing in your life is it. Really started bothering me a couple of years ago people started posting these videos on. FaceBook it's an last week. My friends posted what are the videos is like. Legal and into the weekend and it was like this baby. Like that ahead. Like fistful of cake and the baby was just smash in the cloak could happen. I am quite. And don't we just. And your father died too badly and it gives me anxiety let me busting it let me ask you this is a matter of the take is like Shockley take all of their hands or outlook does seeing Mars or op. Because I it's kind of weird to me to take any colored like a green bluish type color too yeah debt making it worse. And visit debating grabbing her to smashing her face hitters or worse on that. All of the above and at some thing about the baby with the fist in either the baby who's going in face first. Or hurt the baby who's just got to fist Apple's. But there's one here with a tennis just kind of leaning govern not using hands but like nibbling on the front of the big take. You know I am I saying I know it lesbian gay and yeah. The first one is the key and that is snuggling with mechanical and he's got a lot next to his head and he's gonna. Hey I'm like yeah. Now we're the blues like the blue cake the lever that tender outages in that that's lieutenant. It is again the U much. So what do you would not allow like MI a are about to take you guys went which are facing now. Emerges like a better something now. It now now we promising cleanup I an elegant weddings when Brian group's mandate in their face like NN. And is Edgar Bennett a food fight. Now he had been like it. A couple of my friend has Gibbons who's going in this out I believe in breaking things when your may. And it or. And I think the food. And knowing anything it has to be. Prize major clean up I don't let's not major cleanup. On looks like it you know I mean anybody is a baby B the babies have been this much of amassed just eating. You know what I did anything in this conference preventable. And is preventable. If any. You've got me a little clue that he did you know like rag a friend who has. On the I believe it's a Latin last summer day before school. She allows the neighbor kids and kids and whenever Nagin take food out of the refrigerator. And go in the yard instead of food by. You'd be out of your mind here it is. And don't watch it. Let alone take part and in. Man suddenly better about it being outside. That help mile and a eases a little bit but yet and everybody gets hosed off the end they come back in cum in my house we throw those clothes away we never use those rules when they took these. I just I don't like I've ever heard any I would his leg. Lettuce in my again I'm going to end the lives of all hands wash shirt and I find lettuce at the bottom of the ad you know when you think that B now I would not think you'd pick. Pick lettuce that's like not everything you'd had some pick something that's more in store or rolling a raisin. Every race. Now because like I've got to have you ever watch closers and gum and there something. Mean is that that's not that I can't rate is famous some sort of food that has happened for mom Robin. Or something that's not. Food for them and we get tomato hours and it to you Linda left festival in Spain. They throw tomatoes and and a now. Any unit on Alan I'm IDF. Oh and to males yeah I can be fun OK I got one end. There's a seeming Christmas story where she says he'd like to piggy are Yankee lots at seeing increased that a little ditty that could younger brother he's like snort in north. He's got mad Qaeda is on its face and volume they go visit him snorting a mop is knows and so now he's got mashed potatoes in his sinus cavity now I nominee map pockets samarra. Then you'll be by yourself and as a as a you see that tell montage of babies in case that that's weird and you know there is a whole adult site. And like people aren't watching when we couldn't run women's gymnastics and a handle you know yet okay but the right amount money. I would I would sitting with a reddish. Yeah it's bad. Yeah. We'll and support our domain and I but. And yeah they look at all Eddie yeah. We did. Agassi and advice is someone you know. Crowds London and yeah. The ombudsman. I would have I it's the right amount of money. Concern coming along our whole pot but you don't seem means look at look at it. The Indian standards. The couple. I didn't play my Sissy idiot FaceBook yeah. Yeah I'll pack. Days are warning on this spring is in the air. You know what that means. Your season is Sears. Gosh knows I'm sorry I tune in at 7:30 AM. And Jason Mraz. Well until the from the station now once you party all summer long. Hormone is a big. Shot. We're proud about it. Majors that count hobby who can shopping as hobby I counted as a scale I'd never thought about well and is did you get a steal a hobby. Hillary I am mass they ruling it out because I like calling it a hobby I just think it's kind of like. Telling people your hobby is watching TV it doesn't get a lot of respect. But is there should yes it doesn't but it shopping. I account. You're a voter hobby of Colombia. Shot and you leave be or not it's it's not a hobby you're going in and buy something specific. Or we go grocery you have to pleasure. Acute and hop and do it on our regular basis it's a hobby I like the latest conversation if you are actually buying like you know I'm going to buy stupid. That is not a hop and it. We are exempt adolescents really good stupid (%expletive) and you go every day. And different stores don't buy the soup and a fur storage and yet the second start. An hour ago and a hobby or cheat your costs. Again yeah you definitely haven't. So there's some things that retailers abuzz FISA they don't like. Targeting more than the allowed number of items in a fitting. Yes yeah that domain we have to conference. A different person like when I worked in retail. I worked in the ladies' department at Kmart for a couple of years yeah I marked Lane Bryant. For about a year. Don't. Don't make me or Zelaya edges and I just wanna dig in six yeah well it's history. What is the F series and now there are some places will let you taken up to eight. C'mon what are what is the theory and not being allowed to take in. A signatory control. You know sometimes people who take it a whole bunch of stuff just leave it in the fitting rooms and it allows them to it allows them to. A count how many are taken into make sure you're not stuff and I'm publisher yeah. Downing your patient they give you like a Carter sometimes they usually end or some that never had have a little white board so they walk key to defeating room with your staff had no right. Mona five I know that mode than here and she's got five night. But I don't think I've ever been in the how many items in store before. The store and I don't think families like I don't remember seeing a sign about items. And you haven't apparently is on plane Whitewater special man I don't that's what place I ever shot. Well you know it is easy never alone store and I don't try things on any other store. Well then your whole arsenal a little bit. Know a lot of times Coles is even have a fitting image and yet yet so there's about the to play such I don't know how they illustrated I guess with. Inventory control taxes yes on so you let's say. When you leave clothes and a sitting there returning them to the tendon. And there's no attendant I still walk around them thought fines. And I'm to leave and living at Italy's media a lot of places have a rack right outside of fitting room media hang things that. Expected to put it back. Also it's just darned rude deleted treat it like a teenager's bedroom right and just throw the stuff you don't want on the floor and leave it there I attempt a full of some sort. Put him back in the hangar but then I I like to find somebody and saying. You know. I'm not gonna put us on where I got to from the guys. It does it's its ascent and it's not gonna work you're gonna have to come and reduce this is I tried my best. The mess you know rather than how do you come all the way over here like help Leo that. What you idols that we immediate you let me put her back in the popular would you rather. And oh my god I'd rather just pull a Greg gravity just. Get out of our story. Academically I'm on my explanation yeah. Hi my name is Matt here and if that. I said yeah. It's as if there's no attendant there's no place to put it I don't wanna leave it in the thing can I warn you of something. Just to see your future you know you're becoming your dad right well I you dead use me. Over explains standings and tells people too much right you know you becoming imminent for nearly a right to do my CNET that scenario there's no attendant. And there's no place to hang a stopper but it. Are you buying anything at all. Didn't let's have a bunch and I go to the front again and again you know let's I am not buying anything the you can give it to the cash if years. Not buying anything and you feel the need to lug it around historic. Improbably just take it to the front we see someone but I'm not an asset should I get around our because now I'm not thought of somebody is on the department. At its Oklahoma salesforce they were assigned to the fitting room that's where they would beat out mother somebody around your bringing the close to them now at a time when they. Maybe they're supposed to be tagging stuff right now I ask you got to take. Take that stuff. And they don't presumably you omitted due to this. Think it's a take it an affront against say yeah air so they just buying. Would you buy it at that it doesn't fit your crap Sox. Lose as a as a as the I've found a conundrum to everybody and Alan. Land your last summer they worked there even though they have a name tag guy and I you need somebody to break on that you don't really let there's. Pentagon like. Move around find named. Him in. Give me their duty for me it's the other way at 90% of the time I can be historic because I'm carrying around so much stuff and I've been near so long people assume our work. What you Wear red. I have worn Graham Reid did I have worn maybe lose your shirt and Wal-Mart yes I have been asked divide worked it pretty much every store Gergen and our generational thing. Perhaps it is yes some neighborhoods I wonder yes although the one that where I accuse him of making a racial in that she wasn't because there was action when rating Jackie at target that's lamb almost always afraid to ask black person they were. A policy gotta like that. I'm not asking it is because you're African American Linda working in this predominantly. White neighborhoods. I ask you this because you're actually wearing the uniform and a half the president definitely there. I'm mad here let's try not to explain Dubai government for the way he's black like yeah I don't. Mean I've started explaining to my right right yes that's an idea. And damage that I do have a black threat to that so that's what the that the reason why I could not do about it said they have heard these stories of a divided doing missionary. Yeah. Little Arabic and cried and I are actually his folder. Vote and I am as a percent of its. I did not know I didn't know there was a limit on how we're going to try it. I don't waiting for here is that you actually went yeah. OK if you don't what would you do in this sort of yeah. Pass it. He found them on the Internet so little they must be true Mets thought that. How fast corner that doctor and injured do CNN. Disney World. I think get Daytona does for invading knows the second. Largest purchase survey explosives in the US and US department of the battle first fireworks fireworks show it's pretty current. They're doing multiples for night now on each park thoughts attic race that the. Like you're dying for their overnight pretty good merit. Vin diesels FaceBook pages more likes and any other actor and he runs it entirely on his own. Hot gas is why I went against him is that the most either he's so humble itself on the the. It was a very bitter that he is a star of. Well when you think about it no but by just a quick out that your head. In hackers they've been diesel probably I was most Indian decent Daiei was gonna say Iraq honestly the rock can be ago when. Eight minute and. The derivative of that. The zero. Psych ire towards that they're at that panicky candidates. Don't worry I'm I'm not done painting now year old corner and my hope the Internet I am local effort got the wrong think all right. This is this is correct the most common banned the name is bliss and an epic. Earn no room Vick admitted the ruby Cuba in 1974. It took over to them over a month to solve it. The current world record holder. Sold it and six point 85 seconds. They're jammed the dude makes it takes a month assault and I was even know. When you Nagin that it solvable dummy. I'm making this thing and it is okay you look well look I'm the money has been like for years building isn't now I had to take me a month even exit. Don't ever rapid. Edited it'd. Now about this one now about this kid's the average smoker who loses two teeth every ten years. Loan to it's. A lot and it's you know that's that's what happened this folks gas at a reduced outlook again I think county thing yeah no I'm not I'll let you in. Yeah counties South Carolina meg guessing Downey you know experts added. This is one you definitely have to tell your friends if they don't get a laugh every time it's a fact 63 earnest could fit into your race. He says often as you anytime you get a chance he likes being Iranian militia who doesn't. Buzz Aldrin left a copy the playbook of Playboy on the news. Yes basically go away yes. And yes it does did back when Kim Jong ill is alive as official biography on North Korea's website said he never pooped. Then bat. That are being made as a sign of weakness as well that's True Blue monster that's a good point. I'd that telephone via the fear of making or receiving telephone calls. All that could be me I might have it yeah I might have it. Avant monologue. And I heat. I know I'm trying to life and so nailed teeth are the hardest natural material. So I Sunnis aren't like viewers are diamond I but I mean there's ought to go take him not me and cut in eight innings this LT amity and Arthur a little. I champagne was once used issue polish. Hall in the sands is shiny bubble the I personally thought he can drink it. That is a double right so good actress. I'm drinking the good point I humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy foods. Or roller coasters that matters. 08. Wonder how they tested them and out really only elephant on. I don't know I'm doing that I don't I don't like it. I think that what they do what they've figured out though it really is that the humans enjoy spicy food because it maybe a role factored. And it tested in animals don't seem to have thrills. Did they say it's like I threw it tried like crazy to get them all thrilled. They did things that you would think could be thrilling and animals like this is you have played a big daddy and ended it right they'd have the capacity for thrills. So Leo it's impossible to hum while you hold your nose ahead try it right now. And it's I can kind of do. It's a version of harming the there'll. Mrs. that is that is. And signed pass salamanders as large as humans. That's. And you look that up with a pretty big pretty big there like 560. All right. Up pizza I used to make more KL than any in the US. There wasn't making in the saudis to spruce up a look at the salad colors would be around barred stuff and some dude. AXA Asia Ghassan said suckers by this. And that was that. Kyra cockroaches can survive decapitation. But that in your pipe but. How long and who's doing that lose I go you know what I wanna do today let's get together and decapitate them on a lot of. Now they needed and guillotine member that I tell you they think of that and just get that despite mineral DDE. I now know that. Everybody has those little cockroach guillotine. The video they have a huge environmental while Martin's the a little of what section is and sporting goods. The coverage PG Centennial mode man you should try it sometime. I've Harry's sinister the other day event at sickened without its head with its head cut off the survivors bring. What is Jewelers. And make bridges did. Sadly I do remember Emmett a madam I don't read remembering. No was shocked that. Was that doesn't like. Hello Mike I got a lot of them are what America like the record holder that was like three year eighteen months attack. And that was one just a while in the forties yet and it was a couple weeks ago when an England on the side that might have been chuck him that you just have fans in advance is a fantasy and I'm so glad I didn't remember because he's the only guy I remember that stupid chicken and met with pocket and our entire amount as the old chicken filed away to an accident or decapitated actually not sure which ones like yeah. Author and removes a right to seek news. You're gonna make guy Mel is you're both ways obviously. A guy news is that a girl or girl as a guy. Eight get your chips it chips in its ellipse and sensible shape. Work them out little bet that's important because chaplains. Are not usable. Monitored but when it that you went there not bloody. Really cannot be ready if it was me of the leg and now he's like and I'm a lot mean other priest that was the appealing let's is a problem. But did you ever get a little little pieces I see right now you too and some coffee left in office. As make me a little queasy you don't pull up your skin glittery lips it and I'm not is open if your diet. Kinda done. Yeah and and it's it's not it's not good to get along when it will be bloody and it's painful. Yeah. Not pleasant she was trying to do that now. So yes it keep in my moist I guess you could. Asked to guide in a bar and let on it's got. A and and bad breath of course at the idea that her. Although I think it's I think as a man or woman and you're on a date of the persons in some states you're glad to say. Home. If you wanna kiss me later lay out the onions lady that I am evading tax romantic tax lady put up whatever it is if you had to tell the person you're eating stinky food and. I don't remember I wanna kiss you later it's not meant to be. Entity that ID if they don't care and you have to tell them on the first date that they might be too stinky to kiss debt is mammoth. Be that meant she wanted to distance there's the good news. Also slow down don't rush. Enjoy the sounds of your partners breeding. Still mile one another and just be as you're taking pleasure when another's company to make out session will just happen. So. But you gotta getting close right. We got to move in a little bit yet to be getting at break even went dot admiral to which was inevitable as a breather like some sort of their mouths and their. Yeah. He got a moving closer that's usually like. Maybe put your fingers and there are built their belt loops lament a little bit now wearing bell and us. And was your fingers getting about his waist band that guys is an announcement and legislative. Here though but not all the way down touching things are not eats it just his color that but you gotta be close. I keep uninteresting. They say astray tech analysts we Boren. Ten seconds let touching nothing going on yet. At some votes to pass often are tong and notes on his close lipped. And where you know debate mega delegate team. That rotates and different things and yet you're just like lip on lip for ten seconds Damascus wall. Negativity you gotta make some movement also get smashed two parties that well I'd call it matching earlier we looked up Mac shares. Note and that's when you don't wanna do that now you know what it is or how he used it's so Google Maps and yet but when you've had your own risk. I cement and web sites that came imagine again. You are amended to just yet you don't like this means in a movie where they're alive. Really liked it. All of a sudden they realize they're attracted and they kiss like. Animals like really hard and they fall really hard on the bed yeah like I am I'm like oh man I'm in on a multi son Anthony moment ban there. Yea but. If you get like a little heated and hammy it. Some point in me that have been met lesson to everybody start with the needy women aren't used to organize. Soft yes your young young it out there and. And don't get Jamie yeah it's Ginobili should be damned anywhere I am sorry if you're young and out there any you're listening to matte hair out or kissing advice I can tell you are one misguided young and there's an information elsewhere Yangon and nibble on the lower lip logo like on media YouTube and you know us. Our manners and shot again soon. Before mayor. All they say we era making. Hard money get your hands in on the action. Maybe you start now with the arms wraparound Hammond. Maybe. Three league cup in each other's face that's where. You boot your hands rate dipping and has that your partner's back and children are bringing us to their hair. I love grab these gay bandied Yankee game we do simmers. And which partner is there soon. Danny yeah no way he's had me literally created yeah. Don't have an Arizona. It rubbed my fingers or somebody's here's my van and down my back and shoulders dead you don't like that now I don't we go like that from that is just had come from mad men and not that early on necessarily. I'll idol like it scares you want all that up first is they couldn't resist. 'cause you back Jesus and yeah. No it's just that period yeah you're gonna go in for the Atlanta rugged big into my hair that's my banking that the Clinton in my lower back in rentable moment. And my going to be a tough day Aaron now to the Obama. Oh. Traded floor yeah nightmare. I save everything up a separate thing yeah. Lohan back to. Okay oh yeah. And seeing back there isn't. 1989. Technical gear. I'll put it today. Competitiveness and yeah exactly. The Marlins like time. Now plumbers crack. Feel like you're like should particularly creature come up outside of the things. And tell your friend. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. 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