Bandy's Awkward Psychiatrist Encounter

Tuesday, March 13th

Some people are really, really bad at small talk...Bandy is one of those people.


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Written any bill O'Brien is here. ET all awkward encounter earlier this super awkward encounter I am holy struggle with small all that's no secret through. That today I was walking. Down the hallway at the medical center leaving a doctor's appointment and I bumped into my psychiatrist. Who is the nicest guy in the world he's kinda quiet but he's really cool and I've always wanted to impress him maybe even because friends. All I've bumping into them and he sakes my hand and ask me how on to win and I've got varied little to say other than on doing so great day you know. I'm I'm haven't had a great time right now. And then we walking get on the elevator together. There's island yes so now we're trapped going down the elevator and all I can think I have to say is. I wonder there's a band aid on the form no matter and so I sent wonder how long campaigned he's been here. On Mac and then I continue to babble. And all I can give out this I need to make an appointment to see you soon. This is by psychiatrists. It no matter and it meant a lot exact. Luckily so happy as well of course the answer is yes we part ways and of course in my typical main rice are over thinking it because that's my personality that's how I do that's how you wound up. At the psychiatrists aren't exactly so the entire way I'm walking to my car in the parking deck I am completely obsessing over our exchange in the elevator and in the hallway just. You might anxieties that level two in the I'm texting my life like oh my gosh he's a straight into my doctor and we have the most awkward horrible exchanged. And she's like you need to make an appointment to see him. And agree I know I know I know he knows I'm happy you know we've talked many times about how awkward and socially awkward I am. And there I just prove to the you know little self fulfilling prophecy. That with my anxiety I should probably go back and maybe see imminent professional manner not in the hallway where I'm talking about dirty band aids on the floor. I tell you your medical professionals and me. You learn teachers yeah yours or your kids. And I would also say your co workers. Bear any awkward to see in outside of where you usually see exactly. Exactly especially with a doctor you're not sure if you should get into medical stuff with and or if he should just keep it. Really lights in and not bring it up at all because you know patient confidentiality. Can't really talk he can't really talk about it in the hallway it's not a good place. They're here on the elevator and somebody might get on it's as I I have been worried about it all morning long.