Bandy's Kidney Stone

Friday, December 15th

Bandy's dealing with a kidney stone, so now he's gotta bring an embarrassing gadget to work every day! We also tell you how to deal with fighting during the holidays and what women really think about men's bodies.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would that remote. Seven and a link as podcast you know an exterior. We talked about all fare better communities if he's on grounds. You can look like a little bit bat on there Baghdad. He has had cutie says there few days now you get them off and for relative often. Usually. Once once or twice a year yet and why it seems like worthy here. He's had other health it's hard to keep Travis Saturday got that collide is the coal hole Colin blue suit Colin mentioned nods and then there's an adrenaline and that mental illness or you mean there's not going on new in vehicle accidents but. Of all the people who I would like to get a Christmas letter from if detailing their now you are not one of those began on analog to unhealthy and in my head and lead than damaging prostate cancer aren't dumb man good news I mean the good news is your didn't brings mappings still there's still work well yeah as the rest of my body that some. All of parties and amassed. Aggies layman's terms doubtless depression name you can read about it surged through his FaceBook page on said the kidney stones thing. He is had to recall mining for gold. Did straining straining my urine to find the kidney stones so the doctor can analyze. What the stone is an acting pigments and prevent it. Today I forgot my strainer. Amid holding my Blatter for quite a long time. You used anyhow I was hearing canyons. Has payment and any Mohler I have some idea. Right or any goes the other doubt it is just kind of oh well I'll. But it did Michael barely felt well so what's gonna come I if I was wearing them today I did not stay at the Libyan. Yeah. You want it. And. That that. It does. And I know you have your dad brought up in Washington back to Linda. When yeah. And let him keep it took a hard to tell the that it did a survey of anger or anybody could do is where video and let me yeah. Sorry ukrainians like you eat it. That battle that that you think that you know minarets yeah yeah. Yeah in this day and age you can't do that like he used via a little. I never read. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Do I know you would never look we're you know hasn't seen them as being heard. I'm mad men happens so hot hot. But I okay here would you work but that is other choice listen to save it now water bottles so would you rather. Lending your pay and you know to be through our have a bunch of water bottles on the table fully there is no and no. Check politically. Am big he's got but earlier this up on the town or is it any Beatles the demise and how little they I'll like it begun his peers your. That there is here you say you're in trouble. I think that if. The best for me and you do it if my options are in Sydney here surrounded by water battle bottles food heat or yeah. I want to go to hell home in America. Are not friendly. Hello how are you. You you and your what he called the hat like a winner had no I don't want to compete yeah I don't I guess maybe people. Act hack. That you better take it John we don't do that bothered Syria mug there. You. Are. Him. Three and half of. All there was. Ramones like and follow us on FaceBook you'd. And Betty dot all right. Bites during holidays themes by ache we have the same old fights with the same old people over and over again soul. The question is how do you break the cycle. And you can't just say ignore it. Use that bring it up again. As as as me and the same old fight it to you quickly could you all I gotta agree to disagree even though I know. That there are certain topics I cannot discuss with certain people then then I also know that many of us. That could be ability to walk away when those topics are introduced yet. I'm I'm good at and now. I am I have to see it in person and I remember really you're telling me that no good. You're dead could bring up a political topic and you could completely disagree and you feel like interesting point you dad. No I didn't say I'd say that might but I wouldn't I would walk away. And my back. Really should just. Real I don't know sometimes I I actually a much better when my dad and I am like Brothers big Bavarian my brother title. They the other side and then like after have a guy like siren and it is to the other side and that it does not like guys and both. Also are trying to break this. Just imagine what would be kind CA yeah each yeah and it and my wife and my mom discover they all hated it ain't yelling at. Step one and you got to change the city. Timing and body language are everything he had the same fight like your hungry your tired. Nothing's gonna happen so by the nice quiet time when they won't be mean eruptions. Or make time by taking a walk. Together or if he feels something brewing. Change of scenery. And don't kill me. I like you're in your apartment or your house or whatever so you feel like a little anxious little on edge right to stand going for a walk right. Amok I new Europe to something yeah. Do you moment to them I'm amok to not wanting to fight this year I have never seen my like go for a walk. My life so she said I don't know what I'm going for a walk you're. On net over the bridge. I did something not. He is all the time that you and say run he said going for a walk and precision global run it's OK she's AG global walk up the. Yes yes I think you'd have gone than neighbor to cheat. Lawyers yeah. India and Powell. They take on your coffee and out of the the question I want to tell. I just look at it it's a curious may be yearly says be suspect of curious to see it retired. Navy how. Lot of rotary admit that wasn't big walk you don't let Dan go nobody stands as a eight. You never know many Indian islands Spain which you think it's weird if your wife Mary just said bumper lock. Yeah could be your. I agree that media again is a edited I'm relief permanent deferral walked in and a cat you if you thought it was our it would freak me out. And so I would insist on coming along so when did you know. Believe fight with you yet she's going now she's taken a branch she's getting new perspective. She got back you know what that was is. She's come on out there and demise of the battle strategy is on the fight it's gonna ensue upon her return as president in the meantime I'll be sitting in the house. Thinking oh my gosh what's wrong what's it I don't do you can't load your gun. For the argument because you don't know what it tight ends don't tell her yes I information and talent ammunition and I'm just wondering what did I didn't think she sits around. Just looking for ammunition moment but nobody you know something's about happened yeah it. Is a formula her arguments. What you're seeing as she's got to go out basically dig deep breast program and come back and had gone. I'm not arguing it that's not a panacea operate with a huge hop and things are following. How annoyed that men are men and I guarded green behind her I just wanted to bring a right you're demanding I thought up with rock talk. And I didn't know. And deep hole. I'm lucky and stay in it but how do you know that she's even. Boiling that's good we are to go to it's rare disease alone for a long gash and then wait wait until only people saying that no no one does. And lesser exercising. Right and you remember I don't like it when mine. Wife gets up and leave the room yes there's a house Gina Miller and Alan and I do you know tornado. There's your mind goes wild regularly you're not need. One billion notified about how hot and an advantage about why she's leaving but I I I'd like what we're we're we're just not there. Yeah in order start talking to the seventh not just a week after that it what are our dog and we like it. Even I even had not at least I have a reason. It's apparently get their heads up when you leave I didn't. Ever and. Why doesn't do enough room against you quiet hey. Sweetie let's go now I'm material and it didn't leave any time it won. I address my kids are announced. And it's not a seven year old a twelve you're gonna go somewhere that doesn't bother me let me look at what do you think she's going and why does that bother you that she's going to matter if she leaves yeah good. And though about the defense you know the ticket it's okay and how she gave it is weird yet leaving the room and album you're watching TV's yet leave the room. Because yeah when he got to know about pausing that's my continuing. Strategy Jeb indignation as he's okay strategy when you leave a TV show us today laying down TV show but. Okay we're sitting there are eating or something had to get to personally being I don't know just. And up to go to make sure you. Took a step five of the why shareware Intel and didn't up or is that what you need to look what about when well. Guess I want your help. But they still like the way. League matches I think they I don't need your help I think we're wiping myself and that was but if you turn around or not they are just Barea and satellite reader just meters. Needy not much needed. I don't need you all. The more how much can I. There are gonna look. Am I gonna TV I'm. Yeah I I yeah. Yeah I have a I don't know I don't know academy an example. They rogue actually I don't doing line jury. She loves veggies. So let's say he wanders off. And she's gonna get veggies decked. Well one of I want it pretzels. I need to know you're going to and that's why an American gets about Obama wears you don't because he does left and now. Then again that was a. It I know it's all of my view in your snack. He can't does get and maybe. Itself you do have to say on TV you have to you do rafter announced pause it or keep on watching. You have to make at night it is while I'll Camelot I'm for that and you should. Ask your significant other you're going first snack would you like anything from the kitchen. And enormous simply act just announce I'm going to the kitchen and it probably. At. What she's going counsell grounds and he's going upstairs only in the batters out. Anderson I anywhere. Yeah the and a little we're gonna talk I did you talk to the kids and went up about it over the so that's something that unity carefully plotting that kids them go against you. Lincecum now that I know in time daddy and left the room. Act back don't know daddy and years where every got these things will continue to manage the for only when we know now is just walk. There's more to come tried to there's a thought I. Met. I. Am not going to happen on its off there was memorable. You can be shocked to even exist I think probably be a doctor there's that was I bring them into these guys and and Dan probably went through it wouldn't think about their bodies remain in day and it it it turns out. You wonder if you think you wanna Holler okay. The Who or what can cast a group of women you wonder what they think your body guided them. The idea Camelot is a good idea if it. Like you know I feel like. Let's say a lot by them and they don't give me a second look like a look back and they're not looking back I remember a desperate government turnaround. Smith yeah I. Didn't look ahead. And we hope to get around him and a hundred under the double bind them. It is arguably yeah the game yeah yeah I belts and I thought I was almost naked. I may have a friend who I was gonna meet at the mauling Estonia. And she said oh I'm taking my Sunday it is haircut at the mall news. You know drop off this package for me. So she's actually in the barber shop with her son and I fell like that out piece of meat and each idol and my dog stand. Hey how you do win. In hander the packing and we chit chatted for public literally. Sixty seconds and I felt like. Such a piece of good for you know I. Like hey I'd like not a did not. In about my body like oh god this is all really but to be fair guest is largely low hub of I really I just didn't I didn't get. That feeling that you do to walk through a group of women mended and Eli they're going well ahead a long and it. We haven't been identified as long and we'd like yeah. It's it's like it's under think you know but yeah it happened the night night. Like I said decent things even table and whatever. That's being noticed ladies it will hurt yeah. Along the line some and I mean am I at a corner mind that Jim might take somebody like coming into a diet needs to lying. Yes I want to be object defied work yet while work. The jam. However. Fast food our Internet bus station anywhere I'll take him. I don't guys. Just by women or would you take it from other guys I. On anybody. And I could tell anybody. And also academia zoo animal to me kind of cute but it might be interested though not well. Honolulu and Apollo. And a really bit the little human body and but it is another interest that yeah. Yeah. On the demanding a cumulative. You didn't need though disturbing. Many local districts around the kind of desperate they bunt. They that the the study that found that upper body strength. Keep factored in attractiveness and that ladies laden and most mammalian. Species I have until lately he. It all about the shoulders bad days today. Wide shoulders. And greater hand grip strength. Man how do you prove that to once again. You crusher when you shake her hand and hand and pretty grabber shall learn blankley and then you do that you'd you'd do. Grabbed my shoulder and press into it that's only when Yemen not. Helping you not help trying to get a I think you know I don't think let's hope when you like. And then Muehlegg run around Steve 'cause. All puzzled all the serial killer blow. That amount to do that president. And I wanted to leave scream in pain yeah. The way you have that this. Rest not your shoulder and I angle where it may get word to use dream that lot of redeeming I have had come a roller Miller's rollers and teen so I can really get area. I look at inflicting that pain ever does damage has been suspect is thought to hold off. And I guess the backtracking a bit yeah I. Yeah. Yeah I did that triggered mud and it's and it's not a twist didn't tell and don't love. Her just. All that's called love. Kate soap opera but. Contract of a man's body. They just a personal I think it's evolutionary. Like the ladies. I needed to cave man to the fight the other tape man again aspire something. Are you talking a good. Incentives but to speak I am on the sizes as pleasant. And so they they they think there's pretext obviously strong he looks how tall he is and how media says that the Big Three. The effective strength there was total yards but none of the 150 women in the study preferred we commenced a well starting job it. OK I know you guys would like to be addictive five that you have it. Do you believe that I'm asking Matt they Andean dot do you believe that when women looking Q they see a strong man. Now. Nothing on the Nottingham doctor Zeev and I don't now learn now. I. Not a good memories and existing isn't it sentiment are going to mention it. Superhero passes the muscle yeah that would be cool and it's an elderly man such as these children. Back to win earnest it's best they were on like in dynasty stuff that everything be Arthur and they aren't good looks at the I think it six primaries are all right I think. It was a marine you know things I don't think yeah. Attack and no man's meets again look anatomy if you're lucky to get to. And you think Lee Wilson on I don't think I'm good week though either I think they just on not strong. There's there's a there's somewhere between live strong isn't. A minute yeah well I mean I can pick up banners. Oh. I didn't I bet not we may didn't. So. Okay can't say no more I think they look at me as more than week but less than strong you all of it here you know. It got that. Carolina. It. Didn't either. A death into the probably. Is looking strong was as it is more important and taller lean. And as 70% of the variance in attracting this all about the upper body. And so we got there working. You know not running you bet dynasty dressed differently against his old fast app I've got sport coats. He and Rachel yeah look at that that's what makes most men looks so amazing ensued they don't do it now that album is to have a little bit adding older. Some of the guys around here have usually at bats I don't mind I don't. And it reminded. Fellow panelists and let people know just coming on an even we should look now natural saw that. Only live about it and natural natural flow out of it. At least I think it implants. I Laura shoulder pad jacket yeah. Brag about the win is this. The world that yeah. And women don't care about astronomy yeah yeah yeah I don't sitting in and it's another thing all these soldiers are naturally and yeah. No files averages are not here on monopoly. I do a weird sense of beating us. A. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with met Ramona a. All right and have we been talking about people I don't know it processes on and they use on bath does North Carolina town is so Stacey and it smells of Cadbury. And now it's official because North Carolina have. As finally acknowledged in North County division of air quality bug you about Wilmington, North Carolina. Like tag your current DA. In our town division of air quality is received quote several complaints about a cat urine like odor around Wilmington and it's investigated the cause or causes. The cat urine light. It's a cat. It's if it's like it is it's male again know that smell Brad supervisor somebody. Issued a memo are many even he has detected a quote beat cat odor in downtown Wilmington now if you say. You detected they get older you just detected cat position it's if you think it is nothing ain't now now. It could lead to anything like this now to look behind their dad. I don't know I don't know about I know that caddie voters have caddie is gonna chatty letters impacted downtown time to time and in my personal experience voters seems to bury. Sometimes it smells like York check you hard to me and sometimes it smells similar but different there's a pure tag you aren't. As you get on the streets yeah totally dead and it was something little began to. Have a population stood at nine on. The Wilmington and I'm like okay. And my little. Bit. Yeah this is discussing the. Don't think the crazy cat lady capital tonight Carolina base it's a nice you know beach here have talked about mean I've heard yeah they're like universities nice they said that the and state officials thought the source. Was. Or trying to industries but they did all their investigation and it's not it. They have emissions. And they took the camel as they are not associated with male cat PO under usually what I thought. So it's like to have a bunch of things in this dire plants are not really shore. Believe it's. But he I don't think they'll be able to pinpoint just one thing the whole bunch of things got Hingis again today a perfect storm of nasty. All coming together to form this cat he. Now in that or there's a border who's gone undetected this cat. While those nightclub and when the wind blows it's like oh god we're getting it today nab the cap yeah. As so well let's see it makes. The colder it gets. More dense air track owners and pollution near the ground. What are you by. Chairman of their county commissioners and I do not know the origin but I have smelled the same. Most children and yeah that Woody Allen to the event. For many years. And government got me haven't hit it to the visitors to edit. You badly and now. You know opponent and sorry if he admits that all of voter cannot do you get done. I'll. He says that this woman Lauren on FaceBook says Ian smell and tomorrow. It gets so bad that I have to turn my heat slash AC gossip my entire house doesn't like cattle are homage. On another one on FaceBook Kimberly says my and we smelled the ammonia smell passing by a vehicle on Thanksgiving. It fell in my sinuses were on fire on growth as soon. As I couldn't this woman says he's been selling its nuggets and sleaze. They continue their investigation and some on Twitter said consumer explain and you are a large swatches of Wilmington smelly cat urine long swatches. Opt out of as a pleasant malaria deficit with little. Ramona you are. Bothered by the commercial where they aren't smell blind that the caller is those long lines and knows line yet when it which it. Wants me because it needs from freeze commercials of the people are living. In states. Jewish and they don't know it they've gone nose blind so it's like. They're house. Like to people who walk in like it is a giant toilet or eighth and how are beating and who has not our and they don't know and they have no idea. So recent and it it bothers me because I have a dog. Yes and isn't only loosen me if and so I had a friend visiting from out of town and I know she is brutally honest. Yes and I said Randy I need you to stay at my house I don't know if I had gone nose blown right now I'd like to have you smelled. Puppy. And mothballs. That can be my new business to have another dog guy you hired got to constantly house. At a bit. At that you don't take well. I'm a dog too and I always worry about it wondered as I can smell when I'm closer. Meets the dogs I'm gonna die a dogs and Alex Alex yeah yes but I don't want the whole house dogs now so. You know I don't worry about the cat allies always ask anybody. My house now did you originally certainly I don't I don't know. It doesn't hire me in my come yeah I would add that probably wouldn't hire you know I would get a guy that was like Su percent Jack. I he had that. He passed some sort of sent. Like immediately breaks like he would work for a fragrance company why exactly we had a dog who can smell. Test but they and get bomb sniffing dog but he's spells of dog is that if you bring a volume real. I have done. Better at. Yeah it's not a benefit good bad spell and you bring the dog in you like to keep snow leg and I know on my dog ears don't come. Alan I find that big business and have a dog this meltdown that. Now and not just kind of smell. Every now should be remembered Don and only talk about bombs and drugs and money at an underdog about smells her lights and everything. Here and there has done is not a guarantee. At least a little and it's a number. So many good idea that Iraq. I just don't. And humidity is. Light up for you. Their phone becomes off limits suddenly she. Yeah. I mean it's not like. I I'm you spending was up when I realize that I never saw my husband's phone charging. Yeah ever gap and then one day when I was vacuuming I had one of those. Those little accent tables to put out. A tablecloth over written and I was vacuuming that lit up the skirt to the table to vacuum underneath. And I saw his phone and she managing hidden underneath that's a. That is this suspect Carolina how similarly out what your house the the that was the only outlet in your house. I'm gonna pick out exactly what you know and it even is it like the Ding goes off the beaten Texas and they scramble for it really fast yeah so you couldn't see who I was something going on. They'd just be obvious they might be in union the un friend you or delete there's so most of media accounts. But you think they're totally off the grid. But then you find out from somebody Gaza based on face yeah. Why would you guess if you're a line is the rule wife or spouse or husband or whatever yeah Annan Annan. FaceBook here. Is that how account outsourcing cover how do you think you get no play with them trending on the that's ago when the the dating Sadek its east all right NN. Because there's you know you might I just I forget. Well after your married. A lot of go Canada go into visiting a classy maybe it's a prelude to months since three months and now I'm sorry this one's weird. And and a lot of the dating sites let you know the last time the person was on yen so I'm not a time and it is only. He was aren't mad that haven't. Would dig out I don't Robert don't just tell you. On there to tell everybody I'm taken into. The that's done Iraq saying this is one Riordan and it's a really tough call about paranoia here they say this on your part or maybe seeing a used if they seem nervous around. And a little jumpy lately. In aqaba the could be just stressed out. That's that's come a gray area and they seemed just nervous around you and on other people bring it up to them. What they are easy and a little nervous. It's a I'm OK yeah. Is one and that. That's a little. That's a thin line and the needs of the other signs along with that went down on how they're going on unexpected and unexplained trips I'm going under is leaving now he. It out of me out of doing that thing that I do you news it now as receipts as of their home by daylight since you know animals and frequent flyers yeah I'm going to Hawaii honey and all by myself I remember reason and I can tell him saying why I. My friend he is now separated from her husband I remember several years ago would you say yeah. Don't he uses all the Spanish news reports Bardot he really likes and his he'd purchased a really sharp clothes and oh yes he's going to this. All of them to get a little AA because I always read though there's other articles that rightly be starts wearing. A new Cologne are now he starts buying new clothes and come on man. Every once in awhile got size pic of the game to McKenna by and I certainly earned it yeah you can get a sheet and on the Els is about the unexpected and explain trips to go the other way around to. Like give your partners saying you know why you should get out more. You should take some trips you may be I go around the world didn't. Do whatever but I am encouraged aiming to take girl's trips and I'm not trying to cheat is for the TV to myself I'm now it is different and if Odyssey guys saying and that org girls saying c'mon man you got I would hear you anything in a long team time. They accuse you of cheating in my ideal switcheroo oh yeah after accuse you first just to get jobs. Game and yet the how you react in the and then see because. They're feeling guilty sun they've made that could be assigned. They're dilly capping and you're not reaping the benefits there you can tell they're all happy bad not use given around the house for no apparent reason. And he'd think that you know to be happy but it if they're happy and distant. And right demand offense and new templates are okay now that one is that. Worst a ball that's the biggest gray area more than jumping around as they. And yeah TV yeah. Being happy that. Reason. And yeah no reason to be any worse right you can't look at that as a sign like you do that the. Beauty I mean I don't goody your world dammit. That that would be my wife though. If I mean Germany and cheating but you were suddenly happy. I. And did either words did you hear they're going I was running around the house Italy happy. Goodies you'd be amazed at BC I don't think figures tell her up one boss who. Asked us to redefine our characters no name you said you were jaded and cynical just. I'm plagued. And Evelyn. I have not been happy party that take our word for it yet this is not an act on it. And they've not he's full of people in this room have very serious psychosis. And fatigue and a book. Big others. Yeah I'm sorry you just killed during a dishwasher I happen muscles that's and I I don't kill soles in my just hope. And the same thing but it does it fit on the your sex is lacking. All right. What that they mean mainly it's a suddenly changes are racist. And in singing and and Eckstein and not having a mountain. The good theories but that's as some wonder about and so I just kept the Barlow. Tonight. And hundred elements big nods to it. I'm exaggerating exaggerating exaggerating but it added that the don't get that observer guides. Charlotte Observer guys in here Tillman. And literally went back to be the peace that's on the front that I haven't thanks a minus two. Is alive by the way you gonna lie entries. And that is a cool looking to tell you when I did literally a million dollar and I could've had just yeah. You know doesn't help that they got on the mound again or deal wasn't and allows you to double down on you're seeing the I had a wonderful life when I. I'm gonna die. And do it even nice ladies I wanna know about it really move and I know. Of these spell Cirque you know relationship. Partner is not in a compromise they're never seeing your side they've picked fights that could be something. Now the answers animators 'cause they're bureau on the owners keep backing out of plans. Busy in my body all the time. Could be something. For me it definitely would be don't use regular but he minutes. When did you get frenzy. That's always good observer I have a friend I'm. That. Man I have I had and I don't buddies at all kinds of Buddha belly. I got buddies and you know what's really well I think that the I would believe. Are there any plans for the future without you in my mind that's not make a glance at if you journalism doom media doesn't agree about that and and then this is a good one. It's partner tells you is. You might you might be seeing is one of your friends tight race team. Yeah that was. I am I say sometimes a guy or gal is wrong they just have an instinct there's something in. I'm ready for nine got. Attitude in his friend maybe what your friends could be wrong. But if his sprained his body. Those you don't like elderly and he told you that I receive it no I told Amy that I receding. Yeah that's a guarantee a yes or anyone in Cleveland came into the bank army is ready and sleep and Communist people's. This you know they can't be one thing is aiming to get I want to sleep a bit plasticky and his wife Jamie the bells because she's somebody else. It's generic just get a generic yeah. Friends change yeah. Generics. At big minutes. Parenting when he knocked brother. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.