Bandy's TMS Treatments Are Inspiring Change

Friday, February 9th

The groundbreaking treatment Bandy's used to help treat anxiety and depression is gaining traction thanks to him sharing his story!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening dot com there was that Ramona. Policy or do anything we should. Please Andy's story about six fast and how his story has affected. Veterans crossed that Amanda. Rewind to last summer. Passerby tried followed the author podcast or discussions it FaceBook posting a blogging that Andy has done. On so let's recap that would you have done this past summer. Last June I started TM mess which is called trans cranial magnetic stimulation. I didn't 35 weeks. Both sessions. Who got mine depression and anxiety impartial remission and doing very well it's kind of like Zack exact. I hated it's electromagnetic. Waves sent the root you don't feel Latin actual shock it's more like a heavy tapping wouldn't Packers again a woodpecker on your. Scalp. But it's it's not nearly as bad as being shocked granite Sally Field days of yeah they put Jim math on this issue area and there's none of that there's no memory daughters. Very limited side effects which is why it's so great. But have a friend who is now a doctor working in Virginia as. A doctor intimate VA hospital in Virginia and she said because of my story. And all the information she got from my blogging she did some research on T immense she's apparently on a comedian some influence with the VA hospitals in Virginia. And now she has successfully pushed to have TM mass clinics put in each medical center. Mays in my opinion maze game and yeah and why that is so incredibly. Extraordinary. Is because there is such a stigma. On mental illness yes. And the vote this through my known as radio class it's and people don't show up for us to talk about our mental illness. So for use to. Put yourself out there. To let people know what you've been dealing when it and then to tell your story. Which such depth and and honesty. The observer picked up on it multiple TV stations in town running the country. Yes it just grew. Because there are so many people looking for hope. And depression is such a disease of hopelessness. That when you open the door saying this is what drives however suffered in this is what I'm doing. It was absolutely amazing and now to see the ripple effect may see how. Your honesty in your courage your goat has touched so many lives now hoping our veterans. Rent and sneezing and is a man who might up more than that that. And morality. Are proud all of the EU and it all started with a stupid picture of me at some device on my head posted on FaceBook. It was a good thing it looks stupid now. Yeah think it's. The usual yeah it was Israel done little. Saying hello so well the gonna pee my pants after my first treatment was great yeah. Little joke I made you're a superstar. And then emerged is ruined the so much more and that has this crazy to ameliorate that means not just crazy that rate EU's eight. Let's. That's all I do want to I really want to hug that I know now I know them ask you are my world there's so pleased. Mac morning. 1079 the link has blown up the box office literally. But seriously SS yet we should probably get rid of the evidence. Listen at 730123430. This week is we give you the tickets that didn't. Big tickets to. Why can't show it. And Portugal the and whatever shows that aren't Miley smoldering gal she did on the details and once in the ninth only got. From the station that knows its way around a fire extinguisher Charlotte's best man. And 10798. Links came make sure your raped. I really helps as he rate the pocket that really helps us. Mistakes mention avoid Valentine's Day Wednesday carried away with all the Valentine's Day merchandise. Everything you get them is like that. Hardship toxic to any artistic LO RE LE and necklace art and shape aren't you don't by themselves heart shaped necklace is it's always a guy itemize hired by her half a heart and I have the other half art all man and that is so romancing a picture of mine weenie. So a fifth of active and then as you say it is hadn't. I don't do that either visually people they've memento like that even even guitar giant moloch as is there to exit here with you any advice to women were digging for a mad man was admitted to. May you would Gilbert we can't eat it and I don't demand and Clinton on them for lunch it's even at its heart shaped hole on the. On letting a greeting card do all your talking guys don't do that. And yet he had to get to the Ballantine car's gonna be just can't write you know mr. Harris from the bottom should she she could. No formal. And a lot of guys do it in even though if you're that type of person like I am who spends. Link just. Like an hour in distort trying to find the perfect card still need to write at least a line. Well there's no perfect art none of the cards really say I'm not gonna lie I don't take a lot of time fanatic art. And what I'm gonna right on the inside it's going to be the real thing and all the cards basically have the same crap. Yeah I love you. Hit it that you're beautiful I'd rather hear my words as I just a generic. Kind of thing and you get my card. I never thought about that I just pick one out cheap one okay yeah that I write some things on the inside ride. Want to indisputable why I never thought about my that I went into the clearance ones that say happy eightieth birthday grandma and I caught us and us. They marks and out I never thought about a blank and honestly he via blank ballot I think our kids. And I never even thought it. Viable candidate for any occasion. Really am bad they still. Why do you buy another sub blank cards I know that you saw let's say happy Valentine's Day on the front that's it. And it's in a little section you don't says well that's like pulling guards. We better say blank Valentine's Day cards are not gonna five million outlined in section how do you go wrong I never knew you know I'll tell you what are you kidding I'm not kidding. Indeed did you go again knew about the old. Mean I knew you gotta thank you Carter a blank birthday card main even I didn't need to get a Valentine's Day as well as it you know what is really are and does Vega not cards light note. The hardest thing to do is to pick out a valor pick at eight. Hard for Father's Day or his birthday. Impossible. If you only get too cheesy they don't like there's not real and they're never funny now you've got to really weird place to go we abide it got your data Clark. Are you admit that it's always hey thanks for being such a great Dan who fixes things. Caller and me and then you have the dead he doesn't fix the media or what I've found is that if I find a card it has a nice. Picture on the front. Message inside is down. And a like the message inside. It's like a super weird. Picture on the outside. Yeah they're you Haggar especially sound on that went to talk about like crack addicts. The funny. All right so you just panicked and got her skyscrapers got some really they win the mile cracked. Bat. Also guys that say don't wait to the last minute Natalie really goes you're welcome dinner reservations I would think. I mean you don't wanna wait the last minute anyway because you're on the way home stop CVS Walgreens does something. Both figured apple sniff that maybe a minute. Also. Don't show a lack of interest. We know I'd be treated like a princes and Valentine's. Don't say some like we're not do anything for Valentine's Day are we that's what I said. While I'm gonna go home I was using that as a suggestion I'm gonna go on the direct to home wrecked at war on a surprise it was something genuinely mean that. Either way you win the it's a win that's. Everything's about winning and everything's about all the competition didn't he say then when you're hearing your legs. The competition tomorrow. When he hear from you guys and what's the most romantic gesture. You have ever fall off like these folks and we will vote. Then on who pulled off the most romantic gentle and busy and we don't remember things. The other mistake you guys should do is not just forget about the quality itself. I don't. I'm art like everywhere you go you can't stand gas or groceries. But on one hour happy knowing that it's Valentine's onion and then. Bowed to angles is about to have heart shaped biscuits. You may not forget about a valid due to go and on the parlors they have things spin it adds an element of I'll go into. In the nails. That's a path that out of the plan around them and make. All there with Matt in Ramona says every day at 330. Yeah news that he wished one of them from the week. Police in Scotland are left embarrassed after 845 minutes standoff with the high here on Saturday night. It all started when local pool local farmer Bruce grub called the police department to report to present some large fearsome cat. Was stripes on his farm grew. Movie called it the fright of his life guy. The creature appeared to be crouched on the ramp leading up to Grubbs barn which was full of cat also he was worried about them as well homeowners afraid of squirrels. You know this is that tiger written. Down I. Understand the friend of his life you'd think they're the tiger. He. I'd be concerned that I and I'd I'd in my life. Alone he's come off and cannot. She did OK I'd like Kerry and Baxter mile below that is that's right of your life easy isn't it a bar and orders tiger and I'll give you that. And disclose the barn door. They can strap. Officers immediately dispatched several vehicles including and they armed response swat team to the farm. And addition they contacted in nearby wildlife park to check and see if any of their tigers might have escaped. That's only wake you have to do is you were the first thing got to wonder how it at what it. I Brian Scott and Bryant so they came up with a solution that might be the end place relative to keep better track tigers yeah. But yeah. There was a 45 minute stay and often which officer hundred trying to figure out a plan to subdue the tiger question. But it turned out it was just a giant stuffed animal. They averaged actually get to the all those people are fooled by. Maybe it was a tax to Jeremy and I don't want to I saw pictures a giant stuffed animal that you would win that carneval no pero again. They even get to the point shooting it now owners who say that I don't know how they finally discovered it almost an hour later but again is some binoculars. Are. Some things I don't think it's nobody's yes I know yeah. Prior shot it was a very aloof tires as he usually very aloof so wasn't moving at. All I'm not doll it's a stuffed animal they don't loan it out and does lie there haven't pinpointed who set him up. You know days. They think it was some prankster. Iran had no idea could definitely a low level franc yen prank or got to be like why are they know Bruce grub is this crazy person from. His wife left it there for Valentine's Day here in and like oh crap. You seriously he bent and speaking of that you too seriously. There's that video up we talked about. Previously this week about. This rabid. Coyotes and Connors dale that attacked. It sort of attacked it it did attack. The family inside the car might eating through the car. Here's the guy backed up and ran away and they can get underneath dived she couldn't eat the car obviously rabid and it was an act crazy if you that are scared. You say is caused a what the word whirlwind. Whirlwind shockwave shockwave that it shockwave in your neighborhood right because I posted a video of the rabid coyote and by the way I had no warning you people about. The danger of the coyotes four years now but. Well you're here aren't there any and I rabid animal I've I I've posted about the are rabid coyote. And then I eat commented that I have. Recently seen. A coyote again in my neighborhood of course you're out there almost every neighborhood and then we'll tell again one of my neighbors like oh my god you saw a coyote in our neighborhood just a bit. So I don't Ramona could have been just as daughters. When that's what you guys said no. Aren't talking about bike coyote sightings and then and then all of a sudden. It there coyotes. So they yes yes so. At least. I neighbors take me seriously. Theft. Last night ate my neighbor wanted to know you can win that we're first of all we're trying to keep this away from my mom. Because my mom it will go nuts. If she finds out even know she your dog does not wander out by itself sees its always on a leash and don't coyotes coming up the planned port port. Beating a coyote off of my dog. We got a plan Portugal dog because he's not gonna go after your dog it's on a leash. And your wit. This rabid coyote the bottle and said it video and yes. What's flowing at a fence to get to some rabbit in the family drove up in their call Robert Bradley hospital and all credit to actually turn could. Similar vehicle but your plan. I have but my mom's Kate. I at all. That's terrible. Go dogs and the rabid coyote was chewing on a car. The content you want McCain media McCain and the winds we did so that my little dog can get back to the howls. And hopefully it'll be enough for me get towels to open a time that you're gonna walk around retain way. I can't and did on FaceBook that she saw a coyote over by the new Harris teeter in Belmont. Why would everywhere. So my neighbors and I are really so much stuff that they're happy go somewhere I blame. Four at the coyotes at midnight hurricane in the neighborhood. Tell you what our plan isn't a John. Putting him at the coyotes will be handled. In her motives neighborhood because we take coyotes seriously we we had neighborhood of tiny dogs an outdoor cats and I don't you don't want them to become coyotes. A lot of neighbors have goods have taken it seriously to no avail. Well I believed to you I spent all this money and they don't want to get it wrong but yes he gonna do this throughout the gun. Though they had professional trappers so tiny Sig didn't. And it was a big controversy because they'd better just wildlife man. There's violate doing their things and now wildlife we're taking action we have our own TSA have sort out. It doesn't by the way I looked it up yesterday and there's been five coyote attacks in the entire united state like deaths. And again I'm not even deaths and attacks just invite this next one won't be. Gas Belmont village really my North Carolina now did they know. At its word spreads they'll try to break through the perimeter gadget you keep your bitter remarks and it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona how right rates and come in on the I guess we appreciate and share as well. Adult films are all the grades. Yeah and and you have aged. Interesting stat guys on the percentage. Of men and women that watch the adult films. At work. According to this news survey. 85%. Of women stayed Baywatch pornographic movies at work. And eat or 9% that I hit ours set a two way high. And it's it is really really with 80% you're lining up your female coworkers. And Cold War era. Have a wise or do you watch point where I am not believe in this I'm calling. And not to resemble I have to assume there watching on the phone with so many people working cubicles that's really hard to sneak it. Bet Jack I don't see that that's my analysis yes watching at the found other in the tele. In the same survey. Claims that. 59% of Lynn. The less. And now obviously I did all of this two time cup I could see more women and men and adding but they're July. Next I think women. Feel like the guy at home. In his probably less a shame on me I'm watching boy earned. Him and him and and women are like amnesty and I want to. Throw those she's taking tumor John yeah more comfortable. Yes they should do would you not gonna get caught there. I should you take your cell phone to her call our. Right well she is taking it to work OK to Wear. Right she is watching porn but it's better to do it around. My one word right yes Chrysler Mohammed received a mom she would prefer to do it. Among circle where yes yes that's my theory we do that here that's ridiculous now. It makes sense to me OK and then they got a lot of feeling ill rather jobs. You rather watch porn here worked a much at all or may or may answer your just like get them what's he doing watching what. Iran and Roger Roddick thrillers where the puck but at bat and now that it's birdie I mean obviously the numbers have gone up. I used do you really to 85% what I do I I don't believe would you even though it took a poll. Actor as an amateur title. He should not sure that they and it's would you by 50%. Now you would even by fifty to forty. I would go. Thirty tops and and I know I'm I'm going into the. Like Leno high teens and I guess it also depends a year it Japanese style. Right Winged Foot to be able. Just like. No erotic thriller like who don't. I don't see the boy and girl parts. Which you see them counted doing it rolling around but you don't actually seemed to stop. And somebody who might call that more and some other people might think you have to the I think when that thing to be torn knee yeah. Right I mean that's a that's that B. Definition because I like him the judge you talked about it he's like well it's up to the community decide you know what what is. So I think it might be the same thing some women see something is formed which the guys don't like that's. This is just. Flooding and electrical system I don't know how much you need to continue to call it porn. But I say it if you surveyed me. End. You say Ramona do you watch porn at work I'm going to say hell now it's it's not about the definition of pour out if I think it's. Let's say an older woman she might consider a love scene in Young and the Restless porn. And certainly might say yeah. I just quiet guy everything. What do you do it and get sick here why don't see and yeah that. Is the key. William machine always when he's got a sauce. Oh I don't know him that it was born she would you don't want this might be other countries through a lot of other countries and watch partnered. Really ask gather some really big point. I think 59% of guys that's not claim not gonna I'm not gonna question debate I I could believe fifteen opposite amend. Watch porn at work but I would like to believe that numbers high that maybe it's really like 39 now. Well no I think it would have been is like this it's a. Because it's a job. It's like. There are three main in this room to let you watch porn at work you know. I had seen some of people sent you know it was likely probably. That's why I don't even suitable and it is important that he. What did I do not did not know I I swear I've never looked at something for the purpose of being excited. So that. It. It's dirty you want to or not it a little something on shore increasing. HR department in a Eric Bell would look we're not having defined by HR like the Tim Karr dad. I hate. No real purpose of answering nets. A charge appeared. I don't yeah she knows something and do what you're hard at it of not getting turned on gives you no way I'm not talking about the. Question is did we watch it people watch porn alassane if you think about it became part of machine video at some point you're like a lot of people have seen that work. So a lot of times it's not like. I sit there and corn Qaeda or its citizens it's about like a bunch of buddies around like check this out so and so is doing now as a tech at the sixteenth the self. So I could see but I'm just saying that. It's not. Like you say guys watch it work it implies. That they're like an. Ran. Visited the amendment values. And watch him but he was that. Night with many are not emotionally. I don't know what I'm saying big and now you quit. All busted wide soon learn what I'm thing wasn't himself. Make it okay I'm not sure. Susan is it OK but I said I achieving a high number of guys count the times they gather around to look at commodity. You know the world's with girls are the largest boobs and a world or something like that you don't translate to may be numbers hired you count all that stuff. On the basis audit when you say we're number guys what weren't you assume it's a guy in the corner like. There's a that. You do the I want no part and I couldn't really really gross right now. It was dead people had been caught watching porn at work whether or not they were turned on and that we don't now it really does it matter. 28% have caught someone else watching. And I am ahead I caught a guy watching it where. Former boss at a TV station was fired because he was caught watching at work. I don't see was I'd and those numbers are probably hide like you wouldn't surprise me if more than 18% caught somebody. And mortar tardy precinct caught. Ever brought by. Watch we not caught. Cut the saying I'll probably detention a little bit much different now and also. Get on FaceBook people do that whatever it is still that it's. You ran into the big crowds and pornography green paint. Do you got this big potential DV into the world and somebody is Manny how does that celebrity boot does that count as foreign. Gonna get a yeah it did get the start giving you know what OK then what about. Not every being now about Levy being. But celebrity moves and I can see the number being really high is what I'm saying as opposed to an excellent don't. Right I mean that would be really I guess he guys being 80% or something like that. I've seen naked. If you're watching doesn't that mean you're watching any video. I see it not sure if it. I guess I should definitely look again I don't know I. Yeah I got back you know you've probably plays for watching and pornography at work is. Based. The bathroom yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.