Bar Soap vs. Body Wash

Thursday, May 17th

The great debate of which type of soap you use continues! We've also got another round of "Would You Rather?" and ways to melt your woman's heart.

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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there with the remote site in the studio that we are spotlight people wouldn't have the right. There okay. You know in the world these days presenting your body lodged bars I was saying I believe that. The bars are far kinder to the environment. If you don't have all that plastic most of the time that our rapid. It's got a rapper but box is that they come in X recyclable and it's less. To recycle bin those big giant. Models but. Body wash verses all are unhappy number and as I got I believe we've gone. As. 60% body lost a lot on his ire seventy or 80% annual look at it when you look at the shelves are still a lot of bars out there. Well yeah but there really is like load down hours or GAAP as does cheaper. In right so okay. They they want to put this stuff that they want you to buy it I all right so most people are modifying that Ed doesn't the most widely used means that there. Bynum added creamy guy. By the. Wise and curses. Are. With the hope. I'm doing it attempt to get an actual answers that. This 12016. 53%. Of men we're willing to wash their faces was are so compared to 36% of women on nearly 60%. 8220 floors. Use. Body wash them well. Like mainly we think about it like soap commercials now you get like the old spice commercial but I watched you don't get the possess fully clean bar. Ride her and that person about my dad the other all pushing the Moneyline I'll for the well exactly. And people believe in this survey must be a leader of our server is more germs than elect. Yeah Carolina all the people are people. I don't know if that's true or not I'd I'd I'd. You could see. As as beta and I talked ready to see the occasional parent are so. Yeah. And sometimes and lo and most of it might be yours but that's still grosses me out that you are gonna like that. Work out place at the community Marceau Laura actor and returning now so you wouldn't do that no this delicately do community bars yeah. No doubt to me it's one thing the community needs to be selfish about it there I'm done at that. Yeah. Immediately but it's a community bars of soap and act college early some will leave it behind you use it. And when I first went to a fitness place back in the day there were bars so. Yeah that man what we're about where you been living at the highest. And that helps people I think it is normal that the that the there was a moment and yourself or maybe I'm just picking up little's little pieces on it and using it that were down by the drained soon. Well couple hairs on that is so you even like to use it your wife was using it Mel I don't care who that who's hairdo I never used to reach wash cause I was always straight to body down mom still straight yeah. With body Washington area not only in use of body Booth you know he's I know it is he's putting your hand just put it in my hand. What do you have or what about the explanation of the pulling I can do when my hand but it's really hot then get a project manager. Polls and Stubbs. All. We know everything including your hands are lower. I. Night in the whole of Africa not in that's terrible. And interacting it randomly cracked cracked the even crack hitting a billion us. I used amaze me about my ex has been a mean bed dude can make a bar soap and a washcloth completely disagree you gotta get a good friend and like yikes we look at day two on top of it though not a where you know where clean already but who. You know this guy may exempt. Appoint. That body whale washes a scam this person wrote. Because the first ingredient and nobody watches water the first ingredient in dove beauty bark is the technical term or soap. And the body wash the same body wash on Amazon. Were 73 per bottle a beauty bar about ten. And they figure that in our last twice as long as the bottle bought it watched TV escorted out yet more byways lot of body. You can make your own with a Morris opened some water. Pretty much has put a blunder into that they know they got no body lies a I used to do that. I I would. Have a like it you get down to that little tiny piece of soap yeah again and I didn't wanna throw away is what saved little tiny pieces of soap. That's ridiculous TP yeah dungy I wish I did put the sliver on top of an old thing adds I had to see right get out of it. But I'm not like gathering now and then. Putting him on the stove and melting them into it as well my aunt who is who is also very true was telling me how she does that she makes her own. You know hand soap at least Viet Deborah that was a thing not a phase for awhile or. You make their own subtle yet yes that thing I don't know Conroe so Borough president governor of the dead I had to and so better. Yeah you. Yeah I mean look there's room. Well any further probably might be a ceiling and tells him. Good you did so on camera community thought Colorado. And had one of those Extenders things don't go all the way down here Biden beat snow on Kansas City. Expected good thing he analogy have a lease and a dog. Edging dollars in write it bounces right back because of that so now you're you're exactly your feet and in his leg of action. That he could get ideas that are. National unity. So I would suggest me some women sitting ninth delaying his silver. Sir you. Vetoes near Boston to seats. It's your chance to get up close and personal with the music. She's our leader who. Go to 1079 killing done. Private show for you. And so on its best and X 179. I need the link right here. Guys feel about the set list of worst places for a first date. They say museums terrible because you have to whisper. Oh yeah the wins and had Zeum clutching at school lets you know whisper about whatever is on wall as opposed to. Talk in which. While getting to know each other. It's a conversation. And the key is conversation that makes it easy narrative writers try to stay here like this I don't like this and it. Yeah average not saying like yeah yeah. It's like. Growing upper what you lecture went and you have to be into whatever the subject matter the museum is otherwise wire we hear. We just pretending numbers most pretending that we like stuff we don't then this is no war why are we on the first day I sat back. I don't think museums a good first date I don't even though you say you don't have to whisper. It just I think is more awkward and dinners. All one. It's perfect especially late let's say you met on dating site where you both. Like you raise your. Love of museums art I don't get me out perfect. I guess I gas networks then yeah if you're both intuit. Worst first date movies. He said that for every two hours you're not talk and whatever even if you. Go out afterward to discuss the almost felt like it's not in it to anybody up over eighteen. Well yeah if your teenager Adam. Third day out of first day. How are. Gonna talk about after the movie producing properly for two hour and a. With a stranger. You're laying back there are constantly doing little or show up in the theater at the same time or. There has to be a point when you get to the theater are not going to get used me and then Bobby at whatever time or if you have nobody does that only drives together it's usually dinner and a movie you Bonnie someplace you know. There's and movies if you do move there's a same movies first half the visit is as bad agri. It wouldn't be dinner and a movie. Then we don't like it that's it yes so you're basically social and then you sit in silence for couple hours four hours Qaeda in you have the yen then if you wanna talk about an hour and I've now I gotta go somewhere and have drinks or something and so how long is this date plus a beat aren't interested. You failure trap yes you are one of the persons a loser and. And I had to go to a movie Adam yeah I gotta give me that point. He don't want it you don't be stuck with some smelly guy if if. Nothing happening before the movie you have an opportunity to be only goal what would Teddy do the movie I majority committed. Well there's. I'm sorry on the first day if he's going horribly. UN I committed to anything OK but he don't feel my car you're not but you'll feel guilt. I would feel guilt says it all depends on how badly it's going to look at there have been times when I've cut a date sort. NFL no remorse nor is different then not. Actually going departed date. If let's say. There's the top one note. I'm not talking about a no show I'm talking about you show up you meet the person you realize yikes this is a bad bad move. You gotta get out of it like and I sure but I don't bucks for something a little ugly. I think if you said let's do dinner would be so yes and during dinner and a movie or on to a dinner and a show we have tickets to. Most pivotal too guilty to bail. Before they get to the show they've already committed to the the two tickets to the counts are all I say don't implement and it you're what you shouldn't today and again and the guy definitely would. So I like being denied the kind of deal Weaver's no way were sand. I'm what is set up to date right I've got the tickets I can't say on you're now not invited to go with me at second part a which I invited you to. I'm remains in both southbound I realized until well I'm out yeah we can't come to the movie premiere of the show the play whoever it is they learn a weird position guys your birthday party. And I figured they can't find it's your birthday party benighted and walking around talking the guest and things yeah does that birthday parties we are playing out of our first or adults. Or a birthday party to big number. And you don't want it you'll never get to know the personality. Now why a lot what's the point then you'll feel guilty about not talking to your friends yet. I think of that person's say anything where there are. Other people you know is a wedding a waiting now. To your favorite. Bar I mean wherever it is if if you know pretty much everybody the area you're going to feel obligated to talk to them. It's an awkward position to put your first data and. That we regular bars on here. And a good place or first here are these are all bad days yeah. The others one advantage to the getting into the regular barred some point quickly because you're gonna come off as popular. And Arab it was a popular purse is so you walked in like you much about. And by no usually don't like a lot of was horrible with alcohol and you know moment for more often not the person is that how this course is well liked there popular and then people are drawn to a popular person it's a survival of the that is kinda thing. Okay yes this is the cave men pop. Opulence of forty dated may babies. A lot of good first date place a place that sort of things that were second or third and yet predict and generally yeah Aaliyah made ordinarily. Any bigger break up. So what they know we are bargain we are bars anyway. Even the first date big hi to Al Ahmed Maher wars indexes. Can you somebody's got to own little I mean it's it's establish treadmill trying to steal it and now you can't steal your band actually. In that you are banned. I wouldn't pay I ask you have to be banned unless you know what I. I'm the only place I've ever taken a stand on is church. I took a back to your church I claimed pitcher in my divorce doesn't seem very Christian at all. I don't Jesus might got to prove it but I didn't consult Jesus on it I just claimed church and I was allowed to judge. Listen. I'd like did you urgent matter I was claiming detergent I was not giving it up Lowrie ago. I don't wanna see him there that hardcore man and that was going our corporate records. I am not saying it's right and I think I'll we'll. There are things don't do ice skating or roller skating on the first day in the first is not. Good added whatever they game bears that you have faced plan and you gotta walk around an injured party. You see it on a reality show I'll first date don't do it. I don't need these reality show goes skydiving Delk will end and do any in the dumb things the ropes course obstacle course Ariel again bungee jumping India. Everything I've seen on the bachelor wanted to it was on bear dating site I'll go skydiving and I out. Okay big event and rarer are talking about in general general yes yes general and general or not do you know. Do whatever you came to get to know the person the most time I get to spend talking with them about them. Not about a movie or not about whenever you can't invites. When I got to you know we medium and A today hey would you wanted to date me when I get a skydiving yes you can't let the bad idea bad idea you can't add real las fast food. Bad choice since that's a little here adults papers they Debian fast food. And. Otherwise have been need the head under the beat Italy swimsuits. Necessarily and finally a when I had a what club loud club in IKEA and you can't talk yeah and plus one of the persons or you might. Chrome off pure it possible to do list because they can't dance well there's Mort it does it's. That's Riley. Is just off there was met her. On Wednesdays we do they would you rather Wednesday. And so to get space like carrots and point. We discussed this one kind of forgetting where you'll land that is the 28 faint pointed fingers at 28 froze. Question. I there's your question meets fingers there's no question to me it's to those are that's our visit to hide those puppies. I want you think I get I did with 28 fingers study extra fingers how do you think you know tiger. Distracting is that when I use my hands and I talk but they wouldn't listen to me ever gonna be like. End gonna see the club hoppers on your feet that's okay regular students. And you'll be wearing heels Vegas beat amber you're doing that I would rather not wearing heels. And hide by 28 dosing gigantic. Well where Mitt is here. The timeout Google now there's a ball that's. Check it tiger all over the pirates agreed to play the parent fastest typist ever now to the piano. Massage people. I agree besides there is all are now there's no event. I don't think it's so much extra nail polish and now. All other a lot of fingers it satisfy a man in charge me extra. Double this Tuesday night really get a toe fetish guy ever really got a great I don't want that guy the eight teams document pieces of socks I don't want. A fetish guy sort of guys that love me because now you know like you eat more than any other ticket he's in Nevada along this area like where he likes it ugly feet and I've got ugly feet and I am a life that love me in spite of bad defeat not. Be some creep berg who goes around. Looking for women with an ugly toe I don't want what every just throws that it is a bonus everything's going to me like you Ozzie and are they don't grade does it take to beat up on only crowd gets really it doesn't have to view for years. If you wanna see Ramon his feet. The FaceBook pages Mona Holloway Hampshire and your pick. Could you wanna see a drastic. Would you my. Unit it is armory got on the read it off are you wearing someone else's dirty underwear someone else's toothbrush. Wet wearing someone else's dirty panties. Or someone else's toothbrush. I'm full. Though or how long were they wearing panties in and out my. I don't. Or how. I'll go for the kids browse the warm one day I go it. Want to they boxers or briefs. Brief study what anyway come to its featuring being and he too. Along that that the bong you know most of the toothbrush is used by a meth addict. I don't care then I don't and he managed over used to live at. Key element of a bloody toothbrush or bloody underwear which it did. Look a I'll just that and it's like on your I gotta go bloody underwear related right. Is off listen. I don't play where you feel the and I think that and I have decided that I I have to mentally go somewhere else it's if you grow. Manuel was growing up in anything I am going to start gagging theories and. Would you rather detect when people are lying. Or be able to get away with every lie you tell them. Or. Is I think I definitely would rather. Know when people are line. It's much more advantages to that then being able to gave way would every lie unless July's town like stealing stuff. I mean you know voted banking on. On money you say yeah have a billion dollars in my calf there must be sent to take some. That's the only way it uses an array of really help here it is again but telling someone that is that somebody's lying you got. Lot of advantages that the workplace in which there's balanced and think but do we really want an order spouses line probably now the OK I changed out of the Thomas they'll die and get away you wanna be a deadline Allah I been good lion I would align him a profit in. But you don't know him you don't have a Marlys. Tell you the truth thread there or not. Wow I'll back good it you don't know what superpower I just accepted. Words. You were rather. How the along the I got a would you rather be forced to dance every time your music refers to sing along anytime you your song. Oh wow I love both of those me. I have to hold myself back from the singing thing. So I think I gotta go with singing. God gave it. Woods who let's that they had somehow they both yelling thing. I can maybe go hide behind doors on them like excuse me I go to the bathroom. The Baltimore annoying when some advances are sings definitely sing and say no wait until they allow someone who just arts dancing out of nowhere it's very uncomfortable who starts belting out a song and they can't sing GAAP. And we are those people look. It's the year house tonight your via. Arms are misplaced my stuff. We got it would you rather this is an interesting question kind of which you rather be killed by a lion. Mark hurt her I got an hour and if you and it's an army to tell you how they kill. Them. MO would crush you alliance would slash and by your neck probably lions nine that they bed we check and they bleed yeah. Usually kill people won't bite and they normally go for the header wrote propose. Always tend to be fatal. Enormous teeth two feet in length. They leave puncture wounds of the diameter a beer can and go for the middle section had a bye to clean and asked. It sounds quicker. I'm like Cingular sync somebody account now they're just like walking around and looking. Many gonna have a half a body and left for awhile that's is in the movie I think a lot of the movies that this. I'm thinking of chicken savings from her time there a guy walk around I'm gonna lion and a over the head and to have a chance of survival against know how much how to survive now. But I think you've got a better chance survival with the line and then you do it's not. To survive. You and I just add to Sydney would you rather die area and it wouldn't be still got doesn't mean you're not all that. Would you rather is about Dell. I can't vote smartly and it's clean fast wild you look at the other half your body like have Emily you're on Larry in the air like bleed now. Really really terrible plane of claws and dear to your flesh was Eads say a hungry hungry about. That may not get an early in my little if you're listening off there with mess and Ramona. Any year occasionally travels a lot. Of the flight attendants and here's some things you need to say to hurt. One of me is you make me feel a command. Was as close as a. Why would she say what is the right direction and I'm Andy I don't know she'd be confused like why is lead going to work making you feel like a man well you're acknowledging her femininity and make you feel like she's doing a good job being your will and just think the other way around you probably like to hear from her you make me feel like a woman. It didn't really now Aaron. Very mean to me Adam and I'm I'm feeling myself right now like a man that's the different than it does make you feel main thing. Nothing can make you feel like a man. Mean I commend you know an Irish haven't. It like down the definition of an Angel of a man is is changed. The only. Everything I mean is your definition. Or amblin that are doing an analyst Alex Cora Jane yeah you know a little different I like sports. They got back on forming. Hanes that's kind of manly you. Mean if I had to start by name things I guess that would be one. But building stuff would be one to you and I don't think about meadow and I know that all the old traditional I can't build things against fix things I like sports. I can't use it like mainly the fifth that's now. Is that raw data analysts in the exact plus rocker. Country music entering our air yeah children lose your Taylor Swift. I I guess I know I'm just trying to. Exceeded standards. To narrate and thing that it event that Baghdad. Other than sports I got a really. That was Springsteen has an enemy and beard growing beer. That I don't know accomplish anything until I got protect her. I mean I'm not sure I'd be I'd jump in products. Are you for the kids but. You know in its regular bullet July. To. Pack yeah yeah boundaries on the must scamming you are not closer in the way of good things. You have to of course that's not true but I. The united of course is not true but I I wouldn't think I never think gash on such a great protector or provider something like that I am. And walk out here. And the ad guy goes out of the bushes are you going to jump in between him and Amy I'd like to think that I even if David wasn't Amy. Just I'd like this don't the back come back at producing you'd like to think well I have no proof. It's never happened but I I like to believe that it act in a certain way no one knows don't actually happens whether he'll fight flight or freeze. Yeah I like to think and my fantasy and beat the crap bad guys. And then have his big decision to make a call the police or not I'd. When he knows people are going to be mad that I beat the body jets took the whole thing to look. At. I thought bowling tournament is that because I had to be a map Brandon and they come after metres more more than I can handle I know in like three. And you never think that deepening your beating the crime solving ways I don't think it. I think calling the police is a good thing yeah. Then I'm like I said and in my head might have what it is other blood to pit again it's Nam and this is just a. Let him get away limit on how he's he. Can only take three gang members the only verdict. So article forged but if but when that sort gangsters Jones yeah. Yeah aren't that page or goes off on the fourth I put my time better get out of there. If you Sadie or. We'll see you shaking your head that means a user. We get Sadie I believe that big Indy would. Jumper right jumping in there and try to figure saw the fight. But I also think that. Most definitely his wife Mary. Could take care herself Rihanna. It I have no doubt. That if they do instead to Mary CB like sweetie don't you worry about it I've got it at any here's the thing I believe the your wife Amy is the same way like. I hate it means I have to do I have witnessed it with my own eyes and her with your buddies. When we have a BE at that one point where almost to the middle of a street fight. During taste we actually had an on again. We were squash and yeah you watch it without the iron about a mix of issue and a when her hand was pregnant when Rome and very Amazon the guy's face like you. Ryan hi Angie has stood guard at the hospital against people who shouldn't have been there where I definitely Howard. Like what if Obama gets this money or not is another hour hour and a really good at playing maybe like I say what you want as. And I didn't and also an ounce on the alarming sign in Baghdad in a anyway enough. Would these maybe even if I got things to us and how. But it is abacus I can't stop thinking. At that might be okay. This is. As you think you're going to be a Europe okay it isn't is it worse to do a text that says. Where did you do to me just can't stop thinking that I've met that's where is right. That's and he is just I'm thinking about I'm thinking about just an hour against you. But it works yeah those are. Were not a god can't stop thinking and right. As on the Internet and now laying low Psycho I'm in Maryland. That they can and Nancy. But she knows that's not true she knows how in my mind Miller can't I can't get no sleep thinking about everything. It here on guard go for one thing do another. How about it teller row you turn me on so much. Launch satellite upset but here's what's even better yet you did yes it would ease of warm voice and you look at derives. Spaced out already mad men receive your I know I can't look Ernie has ever reason or when or why she turns you on. That a yeah no specific like that like a sexy dress she wore one time. I shall. Let you turn me on so much man. Yeah you're hot today. They turn you turn me on now it's really hot wing new blah blah blah they are you where do you consider that's when. When it's hot I get a Boeing going on it and I'll say to turn around me all right and don't say I got a boy you're yelling at. This is stupid says you could even get a little. And saying you turn me on so much and you call me during the day why don't I don't the first half would you come later in the day. Is that we're not encouraged that they want is a dirty every evil into this thing I don't understand a writer and let's. Wrote that what makes that like not be who you call me and the little. And right now yeah brings. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.