Be With Someone Who...

Monday, October 9th

In this episode of Off Air we got the things you need to consider when choosing a partner, plus a Matt's Odd Facts Corner all about giving the finger!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to all their with the remote. And he got here soon. And there is all kinds of is viral video is just about every day I seven Beers there was this would be with someone who does some things and one of the earlier. Podcaster part of his podcasts I told you. That people give your divided attention somebody's race you do that tree. Yeah this is. The number one thing that I agree with. He was someone your comfortable being weird wit. Everybody's a little weird all we have quirks unique qualities. Rest of world might not see them fear being judged although all lot of bars or out on the air. There's an hour is it being weird though and having somebody asked why did you do that. Yeah it is Ella all of Canada. Thirteen yeah. Quirky and weird and you should get be silly around them and let run around naked dances and stuff like battered. Lola on a yard Marianne means an aria this weird stuff it's weird odd stuff signaling they committed the well yeah he who need to be with somebody special and yet you leave the extra special and silly airline ever deleted he's got to do that with the friends do not the naked by a we're with them like you know I would view the really good friends. Well I I mean you are my kind of weird you guys are kind of weird it may. No only Nicky gets it now. He dances we yard but not all we're close we get paid to be weird. We get paid out lauer we are in this to be out there and be judged. Tasted that Tribune have danced half naked or network. View he had I was I was I was more than act. As for charity that was for charity and it was maybe three quarters naked and I'm proud to say I have never. Let's think back. Yeah that's ever discovered thought actually I I'd rather read negative dressed group it's gonna as a woman I think it would soon. Apparently. On the advances Ruben Studdard are kind of yeah. One does sound more sand and yeah that's the annual revenues that are the American Idol and and again and I I have no pride to stand on an idea you're done. Let's see what else we got here he was someone who loves you even when they don't like you. Yeah that's what you're not always guarantee delight them you may discrete equality may hold different viewpoints the world to get arguments about the only year children whatever. But you still love them. They even though you know like you'd think they're certain it's that you don't like him once. So there ego does not to be perfect fairy tale well course so yeah I got that. This is obvious being someone who's honest and loyal all right whatever the Mountain View that as. Is it really you have to. Matt yes and write to me that loyalty means a lot to me and so dishonesty. That would mean a lot to everybody I mean is that an obvious one though you don't wanna be married to someone to be was somebody's not loyal or honest. I'm just putting something on to someone who went spoiler out the net so I did I appreciate all. Yeah as it should be the baseline. It should be just eight saying it should be like. Watching yourself that fertility. And hairy as at end. Worse that's at while I should have been added am I read it out actually out right but you're not better and he thinks I'm 800 now on the live with the back. And let's see oh I'm Morris saying and it's another crappy one. You someone appreciates you truly arch accord and never it and of course yeah yeah every every Larson doesn't ocean beyond that but that's the thing that's at its. Like being have married to someone who's loyal and ours is like those things that big dating tips take a back. You know these are things that brush your teeth are things that should be just understood they shouldn't have to be an a list. You know right but sometimes people get tripped up must be content to be at bat and hit it. Actually talking about you not like a guy you nibbled just now all of them did and now. You have paying lip out quiet and isn't it. People get caught up. That our budget has just. At 1079. Delay always. 2000 dollar fortune or time each day getting into winning every weekday at 9 AM 11 AM and 1 PM and 3 PM when we give you. Ask ball four times every day Monday to Friday so Lee the umbrella and and still can make. Hendrick automotive group insurance estimates. That seven it filled lake Thomas. That's your. Timetable where you are and next morning. The timetable. Best for your body clocks. Is to wake up at 645. That's been seven or nine hours sleep. You know somewhere in that raised and how long sleeved. And you know it's a myth that we need less sleep as we get older I feel like I need more sleep that night you need but. That that you know ladies that you know it teenagers I got my hours I need more sleep I've come to respect me more maybe that is it. I I just. Like I look forward to it comes Hawkins. Writes this is six point five you wake up seven you go for a run. Which do Carty on a fast its at fasted state before breakfast. They say a small increased amount of fat burned. 715 C in run burial on corn this thing. Journey back in fifty minutes. Only a fifteen minute run yeah I don't I don't I don't handle that but that's apparently out the door. It's but it is yeah that's exit fifteen in your breakfast. They said thirty minutes or their nominees that anyways some good team breakfast. 730. At your fifteen and so this is what they do it. About fifteen minutes waking up fifteen minutes going for run fifteen minutes eating breakfast and then at 730 SX. Wow you're really bad and shouldn't have hit it really is I looked at schedule about 45 minutes after waking up. Is when you are supposed to do it. This year your way to get energy. Rested and male testosterone levels peaked in the morning meaning they last longer in bed. So from 45 so the first 45 minutes of your day. I do running eating breakfast wondering why. Only need the last longer in the morning do you wind on Amir and things. Just get this isn't placed. But they've they've they've they've carved out from 730 to 945. To debt to work. I vetting on how long you're commuting getting ready is you've got a little wild and have sex. And for people who work nine to driver 830 to five this early doesn't work now I where you just move the clock as needed I guess Lou and upper back. There's no way he would even try this so you need. Like when you wake up you got 45 minutes to run. Eat breakfast and start doing. The fact that that is an immediate Greg I am I'm Rodham Ed Bradley is that had he I'm too tired to work and go back home get some sleep. And then. From the start of sex. Until work you have an hour and fifteen minutes. So start it. Out to two hours and forty by the time you start sex. We get to where and then I have oh my commute via T a QB and get ready. It's out orders a half hour any day cap app are you ready. Right yeah you got about four minutes they make how you Hannity. Or work. Plus commute against additionally data shall artists I caught. Up. There's cents us or off days on to get ready. I'll take now Loria then that's app arm. Network status of those an hour and a case of that on the how much time that night imported by an event scheduled give you a 45 minutes for sex does that include Matt Ryan my breakfast as well no it's just the that's part. You you weigh you because you've got definitely get a fifteen minute wake up at fifty minute run a fifteen minute. Breakfast and insects like forty minutes half hour. And tonight then get ready and you end up to elect the circuit or you wake up three hours after the time you wake up is when you're. Like most focus to evaluate W reacts and does seem like a lot jammed in there. And so you work and then you work for an hour and then you supposed to take a break bird while. Yeah I mean after an hour of work and then he wants 1215. That's exactly when my dad today don't obviously he had he has certain time. Easing at noon dammit. He's eating at five and this is just the way it goes. And we can tell he's getting crazy about it there and they are very new for lunch it's like 1030 on NATO led general figured out what. We could tell it it's really CEO like really anxious and he's dead as soon 1130. It's gotta be noon five. You're dead so you yet now I've I do like to be a dad yeah you're right I do hello night I bent a little less of your schedule. Rules. And I'm not to land. I don't work days apart rousing got to do it around. But there's certain look at tomatoes that means that affected me in the mirror. And no and Emily and call amount I don't like I don't know I don't know why is the largest they decided to pick you. You see lunch at 1215. 330. Your Willis at the weakest. That was don't have a big snag don't snack rot ride out through it that's that your Yeager or didn't you can have a snack was going to be healthy. It's 330 people tend to go craziness acts yeah. Six have dinner. Keys is Cecil weight loss they say is eating its exact times everyday. Much talent whatever. Only god this at the same time every day's coffee. And that's because of I don't mattered at that time. They're hitting kicks then and I use ice and headaches and country I'll never get an expert if I don't have my coffee. Between. 7:30. And 8 o'clock. By nine I have a headache and by ten you don't know me and a lot of coffee and I don't really have. You don't feel the difference we now have your coffee or less and that's why I'm tired I don't get a headache and. It is I really didn't have the coffee did you don't you're gonna feel the you gonna get well where's our pick me up that could be a problem I don't get a headache. So anyway and now you're better than me. Just falling asleep. And you're supposed to lift weights at 630. PPM. I guess that's these girls led the most Trout heavy as mavericks looked at our behaves yeah I know would and then I go to bed at that 1010. 1010. The only thing I can keep up with is lunged. At 1215. And dinner and bedtime it and then I might bag Tintin just sounds too early for me there's some sort of I had our hands go to bed welcomes the the BC's news edges on at 1035 with me at Steptoe and of course so let's make an eleven. But you can answer you back up your sex that article I just bring. On a Blanquita does that I'm thinking about it I just do that. But don't gets 7:30 in the morning and haven't section. 45 minutes a time to wake up that's important thing to remember. Listen to Bob and Jerry are you doing it he Nokia beyond time food as they pass them ads that tell that ports 45 minutes and here quicktime. Disks it's. All fairly remote. Long term relationships. That some things you may not know. The story get into the disaster. Matt noticing this page are individuals map here is how labored Bryant during 2000. And on the man Mona page you're still laughing about the went from the other day. Oh yen and the Poodle who scooter Jackson toddler. He's such a little jerk the Poodle as a toddler trying to get on her little scooter and then put a little comes along with sister out of the way yes. And right off on the kids scooter and your mom loves. My mom loves it. And I'm part of the reason why is because there is they don't approve. I own a brutal number one number two there was a Poodle you since the all the time downtown Beaumont who wrote it's legal mind and there's dogs all around land riding scooters. When you're first of all anybody. With a person let them. I guess I just barrel. Scooter. If you don't see poodles Errol very often but it's just weird and it was a thing Lisa's two times outside the circuits. Right exactly on the backhand but now we got to snake thing it's like videos on six foot snake Stockton is only as toilet. And his neighbor has to come over pullen Allen his bare hands out we ask the neighbor to deal and a have been right here in North Carolina I do you know what I'm not going to yeah I mean they're doing now learned or. As living and there's I don't know I can ask you neighbor Lyndon that. Nobody does limit the snake he knew toilet just have a problem masking. You know I've got to demand and get the dams. But it's not about you Manning's toughness. This is not something you should call a neighbor for unless you know that your knees were that it may be your neighbor has a pet snake on May be borders is snake. They have some experience on its handling reptiles and you know this that's otherwise I'm not villages. Hey do you think it does include snake in my time would you couldn't get it out. Oh. Now the Rogen yeah or North Carolina they take care of their own that's right. And I've never flushed it down six foot mansion act. Out of the break that puppy out. Anyway you would actually you wouldn't hook and they go to the doctor so that's I'm not. And we desperately deathly wrong with the but the record is for human. Google know and I'm not a good look at them. And the next thing. And let them sluggish even little influence. All right long term relationships. Muscles says there's a basic need to know you don't panic when it happened. On the question during questioning whether your relationship is normal toll normal to have doubts. Don't feel guilty when that happens. Occasionally I doubt might pop up. And in in a long term relationship. I had doubts and while. I did apps on at some point in my life you damn am I. Meant that. They've made it wasn't long lasting it was like a week doubting but there is you know a here nauert it's usually. When they got couldn't watch football or something it's like it's something like that and. Real alert now. You want to have I am right here are I play well laugh aiming to think that something like that they can make you doubt it. The I'm not I'm not joking. And then there was a lack of understanding and empathy. But. Where where are we where's our listen that well I'm I'm I'm them. I know you're telling your room I don't make the I I know you bet your heart again you don't an outlet. I didn't eight feet and it. I mean it's just like Demi thing. That's EHE eight at its attitude and that's why I'm sorry if I wouldn't trying to. But listen. How are you married somebody and they said you cannot shop. I mean unit and it's the same thing. It's it's your thing that you have passion about. Yet it is so you would doubt your relationship if somebody said you can't it's volatile Garnett couldn't you couldn't shop sales. The rule in certain people there despite what you Black Friday. Obviously. If you tell me I can't shop for items on sale obviously you're not economy and a Miami aren't as the experts like my football but anyway it. That that was it felt we an example but that's kind of the same. You go and experience temptation at some point in a long term relationship. That's probably normal. I mean it is exactly the at a certain point. I give up not really tapped shot you know. The aids if you if you. You know you're only 10-Q did you feel like you have a shot and I don't have a shot like it's like if there's chocolate cake in the house attempted attack particular lot did. I know we ask to be as some point you think I can attack protects the right this minute. We we aren't talking about it looks tired right. We're talking about Rihanna is cakes and outnumber good evidence of a pain because you like all right. Time now wait a minute. Oh. Confidence in a little. Yeah yeah. I don't know what it is they opened. This begs the cigarette idea is isolated that aren't about to meet the chocolate cake yeah. That's why it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with now. You can. And eleven words. Yeah. The bosses pay me he's been known to pretend to tie his shoe. To get out of talking to a bar right heel ducked into a doorway. Amber digitized Q&A. Boss walking down the hall anything to avoid. The conversation or even eye contact us and ended to be buried in doctor assault on my teacher noticed is that problem itself. It's it is way so. Month ago may be you know you may have heard the podcasting. On the air that. Doc decided he's been dreaming of this for a long time now days it in the third early thirty's decide it's time to get a new wardrobe yet. But all he wants he didn't like get a charity aired a shared there alas I live near us last night parents lacks no. One trip I think maybe a second trip was added right in my right to the second I yellow as a second transfers tripping got like thirty shirts and pants. The second chip to get another thirty starts. He got sixty. Knew who she heard some. Thought. And like. Your honor he had been very special inspiration. Because. Today he's started as an intern. Yes bad guy in jeans and T shirt to ladies yes but now he is older. Yes and we have not allowed to copy a new owner but a new may to ninety right. And the new management team is changing things. Right and wanted to big changes. In they took an area that had a bunch of cubicles. And also our water cooler and and they may then into a little orange area right there so wide open it to open opened so. From there various offices management has a view of who is coming to get coffee in the air right. And and dock design is not a pop we drink now docked outlawed is water. So he told us that someone that was the inspiration right one of the ways than picking up the boss or use. The big of the one of the big bosses would see you now for the first time and one of our big bosses is very logical source he does like clothes. Yeah and so. Doc does his big plan of salt make oh lord everything like that integrate plan. Even. Like initiates the new carpet duties on the Raila. Tired eyed the new boss. Purchased any either how do you hear eaten plush robes would lounge area yet and the day that the rug was. Unveiled. A dock shows up now doc never ever ever ever. And you're not exaggerating shows up unannounced and definitely is not going to initiate. Any I don't know. In Iraq as you know management no no link as I'm standing here talking to the boss about the new rug and our HR director. That comes over and he decides he's going to try out the new rug but its own huge and I and I don't hear that story don't. What does he take issues off. Take your shoes off he takes off because he thought by the way I knew some I yeah. 00 and is shocked he takes his cues off and he's like this is. Yeah taught voice as this. Are there other people walking on carpet area. Pat Courtney and the new boss at. And me and eastern zone and he and I don't want and I really just it's just another walked I think tennis is definitely. But I totally limit but yeah. Like. Because he's not gonna say a lot like wow this is a great Ryder. Just like in this without gonna take a lot to do Saturday they just come naturally none not railing was a good organic moment knows. Everyone else's take if she's often in our outside I took mine off Courtney laid on the rug. Amare program dot dad's doing his sock and. Yeah I'm joining in this is my big opportunity not only to show off my outfit. I stopped. Fox pretty fast very particular about his feet too I know saving them for marriage are trying to get tickets Sox have been grilling on our minds often bear into a series indelible moment for me because later on. You guys who left in just two of us here in the studio us adopt. A hot topic. I do think it. It's amazing how people are listening thinking that we're exaggerating there's now this is a true big moment it's. This. Is. Now amazing. Amazing that aside this is now that we have this new rug. People trades and all were no you want it now. Motivation. Yes gaining water from a water cooler everybody has been then yes yes. Is doubtful that now because last night they knew the water cooler so I. Like is literally. It's feet from the door. He out there and you know love. Now NBC and I managerial you know water there's no way management would see them now they happening got a wealth so now his new clothes are just. There's wandering through the streets placing it on us now. Nothing is likely waving he's beating me. See I've noticed he goes downstairs off into the microwave. Though you know that is yeah that's that's not that's always been my goes to. Microwave bureaucracies I've got to get it close to the microwave upstairs that Nixon the mosque is not so bad maybe there's a you know what I did take my. My lunch game and not see it. Hagel weighed beanie weenie divide them mentally it's incident. Element isn't so I know. If I could not believe but I although watercolor inn was out here. Yeah I'm now owner in years do you still close and rappers in your returns and think that the Obama distanced itself back yeah. Now I'm married and go naked covered in water cooler and. Each tries all Arnaud big moment but your big moment and I think our. And you're unsteady pounded the crap out but yeah. You love. All there was. They get ready for an extended minutes I think it's cool. Oh what's on Munich. Raindrops. Are shaped like hamburger buns are not tear drops. About that imagine what that's supposed to look like leadership players so I'm going practice and peppers and blood and mocking them for their tear drop that's news to it did you have a hamburger my competitive underpin that I can't wait the year out regularly go to raise survive it a needle has in fact. I say you go to a prison and make fun of people who have a tear drop out as an iffy this is mayfield is problem mileage on here. You need hamburger buns and if your guys who didn't. Until the sixteenth century. Sharks were called sea dogs. And oh yeah and sharks really anything even a fur coat or suit of armor yes these are things he patterns sharks. Stomachs license plate tires fur coat or societal would you video cameras can a malls. Full senate steel armor and helmet at all. And elderly did Billy goats of this heat back. Maybe those are just like rogue shark rule about humans who eat practically anything that's true but I understand. Don't try don't like roll a ball to your and a mole Egypt's. And they mood ring and the thigh master were invented by the same guy Joshua Reynolds. Why do them minute but. Those side master was a bit by Suzanne summer no she was just a spokesperson. No I'm not buying mood ring in time master invented by Joshua Reynolds who also happens to be an heir to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. As if he need more right. Many can make a mood diet thing. I certainly didn't combine them and you're I don't know happy they did. I'd trick birthday candles that reignite have you below amount yeah and then only legal in Canada since 1977 point something aren't illegal. The legal. Yet Vern Troy aired many meat must empowers you act he was raised Amish. Yeah no lol yes I even heard about man rallied as did. Vijay he's given any help raise and a barn. Yeah I think that. Let's see here and also when a fire your way today on blow your mind too much. Groping. Is when you watch someone eat hoping it will give you some of their foods on broking. Now I that you probably the chairs are good for your eyes that's World War II British propaganda during the battle Britain the brits wanted to keep their radars secret from the Germans. They started his campaigns and now we don't have any. A secret that radar radar does he care it's all day. Actually I'm I shouldn't say that again I'm. They determined that we don't have rain apparently did the Terrence is and yeah it exactly right. Yet the horn singers you know like to welcome warns the horned bangers Lou did you did you shoot those artist somebody in. Italy and Spain Brazil Colombia some Baltic nations it means hey you wives all our. A okay. And crossed fingers. In Vietnam that means well practices is symbol for female genitalia. Hey it's not like. Who fingers crossed for good lung out now and thumbs up the Middle East means up your butt buddy. I can middle finger and I don't think you're not up your light. And you'll stymie the middle finger was up your bunt. Well yeah a good market isn't about the same name. When I'm in our own yeah. Ten minutes or not they're not. Oh yeah. Maybe you're only a regular but many. And big league you don't mean I'll abide his view that I've been interpreted all these. You guys can stick his finger up your mind. We need only come over there and put his runner. Up. Oh yeah so now will sit out. Now it's not the same thing I have never ever once got the finger or given the finger and hopes that I was shot and someone's rectum. So what. Are just a few like agitated when I say that you're saying. Do you think it's up the vibe it. Oh my god I just got to be the finger. Otherwise I have views that out about. The change its enemy has figured. Yes that unanswered questions and trying to iron there and you can't pay its bets and you don't own any. You are saying someone flips you the finger and means I'm gonna put this and you try. And yeah let me jump about it. We don't want to write. The bit that is the same the same thing like at. And they said it means up but. It's widget. And it turns up the middle fingers. I have never ever once said. But to god that I wish I could come over their put its did you. Look at. Think people like giving them a bigger than swirling around like. There are a us. How did whatever they are not candidates Rick did it ever. You have idea. Toronto steeped in the Laura and I might add value. I'd talk to you know it didn't look calm about it and as passengers among you I'll in the Little League. That Chester is usually used are expressed contentment can also be used humorously our plate full eight. We have little lately let's all sign of disrespect harder on provide there's no mention of it and all this is a some say might mean testicles in some cultures but no mention and on Wikipedia the bots Jolene Ramon Navarro. And as a human right to but yeah this is just assume a puppet but maybe I mean every right haven't read the whole thing. Yeah maybe maybe you know you may be somewhere Dusan further research edges on the middle but I just telling you you you may be somewhere your right history I am just saying I've never thought about the but with the middle finger and I have you know bell Canadian doc and I in the their hats so. You've been raised. Even heard from doc we don't know if he's butter no but he's at number. Things back in the. Nobody. Carmona said. Telling him to bio blood. When you give me a minute there it I guess they believe views about it and then and then threatens the you feel threatened and you're both. Or physically. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.