Wednesday, March 15th

Matt and Ramona Talk Beds For Kids


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Daniel Fogarty is well that's the founder of beds for kids furnishings futures. Bad for kids dot org to get that Altria explain the mission of beds for kids. We were good children and families that are transitioning out of homelessness so always tell people get after counting give it to us. I don't know really what we do as we take furniture that's gently used and our community. I'll bring it in we've got thousands of volunteers are common throughout the course of the year help us. Get it all prepped and ready and we take it to families that are transitioning so. On there's probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 17181000. Kids and CMS schools. Not the homeless category bug kids that are in current housing that don't have. Basic place to sleep so these kids here. You're asking me go to school wake up behave do all the things that we ask kids to do Clinton but the night before they're going to bed. Rolling out the clothes they were school that day as their pillow. And so where were able to to step in and on offense like what we're talking about here today are things that are game changer for us to. You'll walk in and and really low on those kids and say we believe in you and watch what they can be in the future. Daniel. You say that. You want people to did Abbas they're carrots and donated to you exactly what types. Of things do you need the peace camp. So we do essential furniture so on. Average delivery is a bad for everybody in the house couch basic living room furniture so end table coffee table on. I'd Dresser for the rooms a desk kitchen table of enough chairs for everybody in the house so that in they may have a bed but if they don't have a couch they're eating dinner on the floor. So on yes it's bad for kids vote when only. Delivered those first few beds we said there's some problems here and not. Two guys that co founded it was me we've we started really brainstorming and seeing how we could better the lives of the the clients that we had to work with an amazing people so it's just fun to be a little walked in and take what was in your house last week on that you may have replaced accounts but that's still in great shape or Dresser kitchen table on. Camps whatever it may be mattress is we do take matches they've got to be less than eight years old no reps stairs stains things like that. We believe indignity and don't want to jump a you know and if if your thought is I should take this to the dump. And the neo know it's easier to donated that's not all we want we want equality items are wasting your time yet probably very much that. If if you give someone junk you ascribe value of junk to them so we're. When you walk in our warehouse here SE things that you're a man this is really nice and I love having. On. Clients that we deliver to go up as the nicest I've ever had and that's what we really Wesley. Explain a little bit about the journey that you went on how did you find out about. They need when did you start and how old pitted bill. So 2010 there is a group of guys that. Her friends won album how to count they're trying to figure out what to do list. I connected with the Fam lane went to deliver the couch and mom and three kids and there's no furniture in the home whatsoever so. On the guy about any attempt really started asking a lot of questions admit and then the business world and Tom it was a senate place in my first I was a jerk for lack of better way to say that ends of the unjust to snow may do some different all my life and through that and I met ten then I'm Brandon you're the other co founders and we we all got together started planning and thinking and our first year I mean we're in my garage the first few weeks lap and we moved to attend my thirty storage unit and that lasted seminary Munson. And a guy donated a warehouse for us to use and how so we went from 286. Kids the first year. Tony sixteen we delivered. 18181. Minutes and two warehouses now. Yes so you got the Charlotte location as wells ago lake location in Cornelius that's serves. Northern Mac southern hired bill into various counties. That's wonderful. Now. Youths say you grew out of your garage and now hero 593 so the French we donate his subscribed. He value and that cannot sit next time right. Absolutely year counting will love our little receipt relief for you when now when you donate so. Aaron we've got trucks that run all day every day some of whom are delivering some Omer taking up so. I you go to beds for kids dot org you can find that information call and choose an email. And we can set up time to come pick up anything that you may not be able to drop off so Tom we love it when people go off got an end table on a lamp and they drop that off it. It saves time and gas but if if you get a couch and dressers and all my mom are dazzled roll up to your house and there there's some of those the coolest people you'll ever meet. And now they they love going around doing that every day you're not. Opposed to monetary donations absolutely stunning and on that. And who sheets in new pillows. New bedding that's sort of they asked renewed over those things. Right neo Garland so you can see kind of breakdown of what it cost from from 2.5 dollars for just to bed kit which is sheets though are trying to get all that. And it breaks down the cost of just an individual bad to furnishing an entire house so. On it it's just really. I love the sovereignty of the Sheryl we do our community and on in our motto we've. Raves it's five years ago I think we first met on your own boarded a child's play right and now. And you know helped so many of our children because they are. Homeless children in Charlotte schools and as they go from homeless to having a place to stay. There's a deal absolutely it's something that so many of us take for granted that act is considered a desk or. Kitchen or dining room table and do homework these kids don't have that luxury now. We are so proud to be partnering that you intercom Charlotte that's our parent company. Our employees. Were all getting together and we're asking for all of our listeners everywhere. To help out. Tell us more about that. So I still like I'm kind of a radio DJ this weekend goes. I had a real good and daughter was different Iran has radius shows but we're going to be gathering on a Toney fifth of march at the arboretum. LB and all kinds of stuff I think I'll have done the all called to everybody is on air here and in minutes I know yeah coming out. And it's going to be a great day come by meet folks. We've got past couple the Panthers are gonna show up we've all kinds of fun stuff and I believe we'll even have Cornel how all right I'll take on any dumber sanity you can't have a party with. I'll click on any cancer but yeah. I'd like to see that hot beds right there. Just. And I was able to talk. Calculated quickly. Did that escalated its eleven to three Saturday march 25. Arboretum shopping senator. You can fight at all in items that they are taking by going to the web site beds for kids dot org I'll also I don't wanna some and idling dot com. Housing monetary donations as well. Belushi is like his that are new which you can buy rate there at the arboretum there's a walk come on over on all the personalities from. All the Entercom umbrella of stations of the Athens he sport's elite BT news talk. And of course when a seven on the link will be out there are various times. So again. If you wanna check it out. The information homeless and like dot com or go to Iraq directly to Bob beds for kids dot org and a house that's giving good day yeah isn't great way to do year's spring cleaning. Absolutely yes. And in a very good excuse to re decorate. On top air America there there you go currencies and realized you know we issue dear to donate that and she's relentless need Batman and donate yeah. That. Let us do it. Who had died Hagan thank you now really appreciate doing a great thing is you proud. A community should be proud and in this stuff will go to. The entire area right now are just Charlotte Mac again and. Where were spread out all across the the region and nom we can do what we do without you as an invoices and that's been huge for us side I think you guys specifically burial and Aaron Thomas and been a blast to get to do this and looking forward to the 25. It is cool all right guys say it again and what to do William Morrison and I'm going dot com get all your information. Amanda Mona crew will be out there as well. Obvious area Italian or else I'd Daniel thanks Matt appreciate it thanks botched.